April 04, 2008

Two years...

After getting out of the hot tub tonight, I started talking to my mom (or an empty room, depending upon what your beliefs are) .It’s something that I’ve only done a handful of times .Right in the middle of it, I realized that today is the two year anniversary of her death.

As I’ve mentioned a number of times on the Float-e-cast, I think of her all the time. In some ways it seems like she’s been gone forever. The other day I picked up a journal of hers, written just as I had graduated from high school and moved out.

Man, do I miss her…

There is more forward momentum on me leaving the country — at least temporarily. I’ll be going to France and Africa at the beginning of next year, if all goes to plan. My mom would be really happy, since she was really concerned that when I joined the academic hoop-jumping again, that I would lose sight of my art. This will be jamming me right into it again. Puppeteering for television was one of my big dreams as a child. I would say that was one of my big dreams as an adult, but that would only be a piece of the picture. The dreams of adulthood are much more expansive, though they definitely have puppeteering on television in there somewhere. There’s also the issue of friends, family (including having kids, of course), being generally inspired both creatively, and by life in general. — that is one thing that academic is good for: throwing a damp rag on inspiration. The only things that really get me worked up in academic and are the people that I meet who don’t quite belong there, but somehow ended up there anyway.

Speaking of: today I had stupid day of twitchiness in class. One of my classes — the class that I spent spring break writing a paper for — as 650 people in it. The way that attendance is taken, and the way that quizzes are taken, is with this little remote control device. The professor will allow the cost to discuss things during quizzes. Today he quizzed us on the books that I did my paper on. I’m not sure, but I think I got two out of three wrong. I’m a genius. It had more to do with my Swiss cheese memory sieve than anything else. The only problem was that during the discussion of the questions, I piped up as absolutely certain of one of the questions, which turned out to be wrong. This meant I basically dragged about 200 people in with me. After the quiz, I grabbed a microphone (which is what we have to use to address the instructor), and asked him to clarify the question. This further pointed out how little I retained from the reading. Then I sat in my chair and Kuwait and had facial spasms and of lots of headshaking, as I chastised myself. I could observe it from the outside while it was happening, but would then get pulled right back into it. It was interesting — basically an OCD twitchfest. Thank the Lucky Lord that I had my time in the secret society/cult/what ever you want to call it. The simple Swiss Army knife of their spiritual tools are great for such compulsive brain squeezinz. The heart of it is, is that there is no real problem in any of what happened. And it’s all just made up brain seizure cartoons.

Anyway, as I was saying before I so rudely cut myself off again: I do miss my mom. I have a grandma who just turned 89 yesterday, and I forgot to call her for her birthday. I’m a genius redux. Every now and again I sit and think about that: the idea of having another almost 50 years left in my life. I seriously doubt I will get there, with the amount of caffeine that I drink, and sugar that I pack down my mouth hole.

V is in Florence Italy for a work conference. I have the house to myself for a week. She’ll have the house to herself for six months, starting at the end of the year. She tells me about 10 times a day about how sad she will be, and how much he will miss me. She wants to make plans, or explore certain ideas, certain what-ifs. I just can’t really go there, because there are so many variables in play that I can even begin to process them. If the television show goes exceptionally well, and this turns into a long career move (which, honestly speaking, I would love), I have no idea how about will play itself out between us. Only time will tell…

It’s time for me to go draw something. You really should start posting some of the stuff to the Web, given that the last float-e-cast album art has been in my illustration pane for 1 billion years now. I’ve been doing a little drawing every single night since the beginning of the year. That IS how Candycartoon got started after all…

I’m tired. I love this dictation software. I miss my mom.

Again: I’m not proofreading any of this — so if there are any weird turns of phrase, or bad spelling, blame it on Mr. Computer. He is mean.

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March 26, 2008

School ruins your life

...and boy am I having one of those experiences right now!

This is ridiculous. I'm a five page paper due for a class, that I've been working on for five days. I did all of the reading long ago, and I thoroughly understand it. The problem is, that the instructor wants the paper written in a very specific way, conveying very specific things. We also have to have 20 citations listed for it to be considered complete. I have write-in probably about 20 or more pages worth of material, all to no avail. If I didn't have this dictation software, I would have the worst headache in the world, combined with shoulder pain that would feel like I had a screwdriver and bedded in my neck. That is the one bright point of this whole experience -- that I don't have to suffer by typing. It has been pointed out to me on numerous occasions by Kevin, that this is just a hint of what's to come, as far as grad school is concerned. How am I ever supposed to get through that? I can barely even imagine taking my GREs, much less slogging through masters thesis hell. Fuck that shit...

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March 22, 2008

If "Finding Nemo" happened in real life...

I am spending spring break writing a paper, and I just came across this funny little fact:

In real life, when the female of a mating pair of clown fish is removed, the male turns into a female. One of the offspring then takes over the role of the male in the mating pair. So, it occurred to me, that Nemo's dad would've turned into his mom, and he would marry his former dad/current mom, and start some mad Oedipal hoedown. Boy, would I like to see that movie!

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March 21, 2008

School poopy droopy moopy shloopy

Midterms week is over.

Now I am on spring break -- which means that I have the good fortune of being able to spend the coming week working on a paper. Yay!

Today after I got home from class, I was eating lunch, and watching "The world's most amazing videos" on the TiVo. As I was tromping into a frozen burrito, I was watching a segment about some firemen who almost get chomped up by a fire at a house. Just then, I smelled burning wood, and looked out the window to see a cloud of smoke drifting off into the distance. I hopped on my bike and went looking for it, ultimately finding a house that was engulfed in flames, surrounded by fire trucks. It was quite dramatic. Somebody is really bummed tonight. Then I went back home and chomped more burrito.

Today the gym, I was struck as I often am, by people on the ab machine. In this case, there was this quite heavy man laying on it, and he was positioned (as so many people tend to be) so that his kneck was right at the place that his midsection should be on the machine. This means that the work out that he was getting for his plump abs, was actually basically just an exercise for his lats and triceps as he pulled his head up and down. I have no doubt that he feels that plump abbage tightening up tonight as he sucks down a pint of Ben & Jerry's. Good for him!

Still in love with my Dick Tatian software! Dick Tatian, he's my man! If he can't do it, I'll eat a can!

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March 20, 2008

What the hell?

Does anybody have any idea why apostrophes in my last entry are being converted into that ASCII symbol crap? I do have a tendency to let you use the m-dash symbol, which is evidently not blog-friendly, but there's something going on with those apostrophes.

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Oh boy! Excess blather! What fun!

Obviously the Float-e-cast seems to have taken somewhat of a permanent hiatus.

As probably anybody who’s reading this already knows, I have gotten my hands on a piece of dictation software that allows me to just speak into my computer instead of actually taking all of the energy to lift my fingers and slam them back down again on the keyboard in order to make words for you to read. This means, that I am likely to journal for a while in a manner that I have not done before. I have no idea why, but I have this compulsion to broadcast my life to the universe, or more accurately, to the 1 ½ people out there who can raise enough interest to actually bring themselves to read the drivel that erupts from my flappy mouth.

I’m taking this opportunity to procrastinate in a much more useful way than just surfing the Internet endlessly, as I am prone to do. My full-blown Internet addiction waxes and wanes, and since I’ve gotten this software, it has much less of a grip on me, because I have the compulsion to commit my words to the screen, rather than just sucking up detritus with my eyeballs. For some reason, I have a memory of being about 11-13 years old, and watching an episode of Gilligan’s Island that for some reason led to it strain of thoughts that culminated in me thinking long and hard about how great it would be to be able to just speak and have it automatically get written down. I still don’t have my bipedal robot that I was promised as a kid, but I do have my automatic writing machine, mother Fokker (can you tell that the stupid machine doesn’t like me to use expletives?)

I just have been reading a bit of one of my mom’s old journals. It’s the one that I’ve read the most of, which means that I have read much of it at all. Part of the reason that I continued to pick it up, is its form factor. It’s a real small book that she bought when we lived in Japan. It’s white and light green with a cartoonish picture of a little girl, sitting down, holding a bouquet of pink flowers. She’s wearing a 70s-type hat and bellbottom overalls, both of which are green, and she sitting on some grass surrounded by more pink flowers. There aren’t many entries in the book – as a matter of fact there are only a handful, but I keep being pulled back to them over and over again. The two most significant entries have to do with me moving out when I was 18.

I really miss her. I think about her every day – multiple times throughout the day. Sometimes, it feels like I’m sort of aware of some level of thought about her all day long.

This is sort of off topic – but, it’s interesting to me what different parts of me come out when I’m “writing”, then when I’m recording audio. There’s something about the written word that doesn’t make you feel like quite so much of a blowhard compared to when I’m speaking. My more serious podcasts – aside from the one the night my mom died – tended to make me feel like I needed to roll my eyes completely out of my head. There’s something about the act of recording my voice when I’m being serious, that tends to make me feel as though the act of doing so, and posting it online, is taking myself way too seriously. The Goob Lorber knows that I can certainly take myself way too seriously, which is completely retarded more often than not, and the last thing the world – or the inter-web – needs is for me to share it with everybody.

Anyway — I should be studying for a test right now, and I suppose I will get to it, but there was something about the act of reading a journal of my mom’s got was really taking me back to when I was younger, before I moved out on my own. It’s amazing how long ago that was now — though I’m sure any of these pipsqueak 20-year-olds in my classes would not find it that amazing — and it’s also weird to be reading these words, knowing that my mom had such little idea that in 22 years she would be dead, and I would be reading what she wrote with her dog on my lap, while sitting in San Francisco.
None of us really know how long we havw, you’ll be reading this and thinking “wow, little did he know that in 20 short minutes from when he wrote that, he would be laying at the bottom of the stairs with a 3 foot piece of rebar protruding from his temple…”

I suppose that I should get to work. Welcome to what might very well be the beginning of a word-caked blog habit of mine.

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February 20, 2008

Infrared LEDs make you invisible to CCTV cameras

Let's take back a li'l of our anonymity. (via Boing Boing)

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September 28, 2007

Thar be a new floaty

Yo daddioze! Since I have been doing such in frequent Float-eez of late, I have started an e-mail notification Of course, if you be subscribed to my show through iTunes or sumpin' you'd be informed anyway, but I know that the majority o' peeps listenin' download manually fer some raisin. So—just to letcha know: I posted a new show.


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September 01, 2007

Vic's new dragooon

Here is teh late late late Xmuss prezzie

Click for larger image

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August 27, 2007

Me n' my lil sonbrother

Click image to magnify, daddio!

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December 29, 2006

Chreezmuss head

Victor'z Xmoose head.

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December 14, 2006


Ah wuz serenaded bah mah own damn self!

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September 28, 2006


Me an' my li'l sonbrother

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August 18, 2006

A bit of what I love about life

I am in love with this

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June 07, 2006

Cute, but annoying!

Lookin fer the toy!

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May 24, 2006


Click here for a fun thing that I ran across on Boinboing

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May 13, 2006

Funny Sheeeitt

Oh man...My sister sent me a link to this (warning, embedded video that doesn;t seem to work in Safari). I laughed and laughed and laughed...

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April 25, 2006

Sleepy sweetie

Capote sleepin'all cutie-like.
(Am I makin' you all vomity yet?)

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April 23, 2006

Mom's memorial service

If anyone would likt ot hear my mom's memorial service, I have posted it in its entirelty to her site. Click here to listen.

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April 21, 2006


Bein' as how i'm all into teh cutiepieness these days, I thought I'd post this..

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Bad doggy!

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April 19, 2006

My Li'l dog Codeine

Click to enlarge

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Click image to enlarge.

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March 25, 2006

Human candy dispenser

I just ran across this pic of me at Burning Man last year.
Unfortunately the candypack is hidden from view..

*Click for larger view*

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December 20, 2005

Me in 1985

Click here to see me 20 years ago, at the ripe old age of 17.

Me then.

Me now.

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December 10, 2005

The ghost of Meepmuss past

A trip down Memory Lane: meeptitle.jpg


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August 20, 2005


Click here to see pix of my finished spiders and flies at the venue, and here to see a closer view, plus me with a giant neck I wore to the event.

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July 28, 2005


Here is that church I mentioned in my podcast.

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July 27, 2005


Click here to see the first spider I have assembled. Those are coat hangers on the bottom left. He is unpainted. There will be more that are over twice his size.

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July 07, 2005


Here is a picture of the mushedness of my car:

If you dunno what happint, you should listen to my podcast dood.

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May 25, 2005

Li'l chunk o' market research

Which of the following designs might you wear on a shirt (If you like something about a specific design, but would like to see it a bit different, then please elaborate):





E)latewerk.jpgThis one will have the "candycartoon"part removed.















Also- if there are any designs in teh past that jump out more to you than any of these, please let me know. I am putting together a line of shirts.

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May 23, 2005


THe audio protion of this page has a deal for you! Yes! YOU!

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April 24, 2005

Add Dicked

I have always had this feeling that there is a good chance that some day, I would get sucked into MMORPG addiction. The time may very well be on the horizon....

At my art show, one of the people that approached me was a guy who is evidently working on the next title from the person/company that brought the Sims. He said that this next thing that the developer is doing is really cool, but he couldn't tell me anything about it other than to say that the stuff that I had made for the show really brought that game to mind. I had forgotten about the exchange until today. I ran across a link to this article, and I think that if this is the thing that he was talking about, I am gonna be screwed, on accounta the fact that if the thing is as cool as it sounds, I will be forced to play it. V also said that she would be powerless to resist it. We shall see...

Speaking of my show, here are a few pics of some of the stuff that I made over a two week period for it. THere are a number of other guys that aren't pictured.


The guys in this picture were taken from

this page from my book

Here is a pic to give you an idea of the size of the creaturezz

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April 14, 2005

Art showishness

I have spent the last two weeks banging out stuff for an art showing that I'll be having on Saturday. `

It will be at a party event, which might actually be fun. It is a puppet-themed thinghence my involvement. I'll have some stuff for sale too sell also. Here is the info:


You should come, don't you think?

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March 25, 2005

New Jangle

I done finished the first (and possibly last) video for my new jangle.

I was hoping to use final cut pro, but i seem to have lost my insatallation disc, so for now, I am stuck with the super limited iMovie. That li'l girl voice singin'
"la la" in the song? that's me. Thank the goob lorb for digital toolz.

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March 20, 2005


Okay- so I had to tinker with my eeteefeetie video some more.

There were some things that bugged me about it, so I went in and tinkered a bit. There are still some things that bug me about it, but I am gonna call it done.

I haven't done any new music or video, but I will be doing more when I get back, and get the right tools in my hand. I may try to get to something before I head back. We'll see. I already know the next thing I'm gonna shoot, and the songlett (jingle?) for it is already done.

My mom is holding up well. A friend of hers from one of her stage four cancer groups gave her a whole range of herbal products form a company that she is helping to start. We will cal her S. S said that in the last couple of months that she has been on them, she has felt better than she has in decades- never mind that she has been on several rounds of chemo. I don't know how much the stuff costs, but it can't be cheap, and she just gave it to my mom, since she said that she has been such an inspiration. I really almost teared up when she gave it to her. So- It's only been a few days, and she is already perking up a bit. At this rate, she'll be around quite a bit longer than we thought. Or- at least feeling better while she's here. Faboo.

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March 16, 2005

New crapola

Editing video with iMovie is a pain in the ass

But it will do in a pinch. It takes about 200 times longer to do than in a more advanced app, and it looks crappier, but it'll have to do. I really want to change the brightness of some of the fonts, but I can't bring myself to do it right now, since this 37 second video has already taken me 2 days, and to just change the brightness of the font will take at least an hour, but probably two. I need to be working in Flash or something. Sheesh! This is retarded.

All the music that I am using in these things are just quick one-off things that I do without any thought, or plan (can you tell? Heh.) Do me a favor... The songs are such crappy little farts, that they really could use a listenin' to with headphones. They need all the hep they can get.

My mom is holding up well. We went to the doctor today, and it went well. I do think that she very well might have quite a lot of time left. nobody knows, but it would not surprise me a bit. We had a couple of hours today in which we (well, mostly me, actually..) thought that we lost her purse, but we discovered that we were wrong. I was doubly upset, since I pulled the boneheaded maneuver of the century and lost the new iPod that V gave me for Xmuss. That was painful. Still is. I am not giving up hope on it until I get back, but I fear that it gone forever.

Speaking of V: she is in Tokyo, and we have been video chatting to keep in touch, which is super great. Man, are we vastly different creatures....

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March 12, 2005

More microvids

I gots me a new one minute songlett to do a video for.

My pseudonym for this new project is Captain Fagmerica. I will save the worlb, you jus' watch me(ep).

For my mini projects, I'm using iMovie, which is suuuper frustrating. I forgot to install better video software on my machine before I left. I am using Apple's Garage band to do the music, and though I like the interface, I must say that it is a piece of crap processor hog like a mofo. I am working on a 667 mhz G4, and it just grinds it down to a halt after playing 30 seconds of the stuff that I'm making. I got spoiled using Ableton's Live for a bit. That is a sweet piece of software. I can hardly wait until i am makin' the fat bux and can afford that fine app. Perhaps when I get my Mac mini, I will be able to hobble along a bit better with what I've got.

Today I also designed the first of ten masks that I hope to rough out while I am here. When Miss Merritt gets back into the Bay Area, she and I are planning to collaborate on a gallery show. The masks are for that, as well as a solo show of me own, which will involve illustration and sculpture.

For some reason, I am feeling more inspired these days. I needed to take a new direction, so the li'l music vidlettes are doin' me right.

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March 10, 2005


Posted me a stupid li'll video as you can see.

That's Cody. teh-1.gif Cutest Dog in Worlb

I have decided that I am more interested in posting videos and music than illustrations right now. I could write a buncha crap about my life, but I'm sick of this bloggin sheeit. NOt of blogging per se, but of the fact that I censor myself so much. It got so bad that I went out and journalled elsewhere, and let me tell you- that can be a petty vomit pile.

Anyway- my mom is still on the gradual decline, but holding up amazingly well, considering that she was supposed to have been dead by this late date. She is still up and about about and in little physical pain. Her mood is good, considering.

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February 22, 2005

Foamy goodness

To any of my peeps in SF: If you see any couch cushions that don't look like they've been peed on, or rained on, could you either grab them for me, or wrote and tell me where they is?

I will come and pick 'em up offa yr handses. I need teh-1.gif foam.

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February 17, 2005

Re: VD

I know that a lot of people hate VD day, but when I'm really in a relationship, I like it quite a bit.

I was up all night ( until 7) decorating V's place with with all manner of things (I'd go into it, but it would cheese you out. Suffice it to say that it took 6 hours, and I didn't even finish, because the sun was coming up). I am all cheesy like that. When I woke up, I went into my office, and V had done up my desk in a similar fashion. I even got a ring. It seems to me that the people who hate VD the most don't get it. It's like going to Burning Man with a chip on your shoulder, and getting pissed that you didn't get enough free glowsticks and bootay, but hiding it with a vitriol sammowinch.

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January 30, 2005


My mom has been back at home for a few days, and as usual, appears to be rebounding nicely.

Her leg is still swollen and pink, but the pain is gone, aside from a bit in the morning that needs to be walked off. She tires more easily, and is a bit weaker than normal, but is up and about and doing well, all things considered. If she continues like this, I should be back in San Fran as of Friday.

I have been spending my days working on making her place m,ore comfortable for her, and my evenings doing Japanese. I am being pretty aggressive about it. It's nice to get continual proof that my mind still works.

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January 27, 2005


I'm sick.

The hospital has gotten the best of me, and I have as cold. Sore throat, run down. Bleah. I started coming down with it yesterday, and have been eating tons of vitamin c, zinc, and Airborne. Today, since I am a bit farther along the path, I am gonna wear a mask, and try to talk my mom into it as well. In addition to washing my hands about every five minutes, I am bringing a squirt bottle of alcohol to the hospital with me. Everything is gonna get a squirt- except maybe for my eye.

No word on whether or not my mom is heading home today. She said that her leg had a touch of pain when she woke up, but is now fine. Any more than that, and I am gonna insist on them putting her back on the antibiotics. I got her some major pro-biotic formula a few days ago to hopefully counter some of the negative effects, and hopefully that will help. The stupid "professionals" at the hospital that she take her meds in an order that she wouldn't if she was left to her own devices. If her blood pressure dips again, I am going to raise some hell.

Everyone at the hospital comments at length about what a great son I am, but to me, it's just a sad commentary on the quality of relationships that people have with their kids. The only reason that I am in there all day and night, is that my mom is a very loving person, and actually cared to foster a real connection with me as I grew up, rather than being overly concerned about me living out some fantasy of parental expectation. Unconditional love and support goes a long, long way. I just want to make sure that I can support her to the best of my ability through this process, since I can't really see a single thing that is more important in life.

I'm about to cut out of here, to go on my usual errands: Get my mom some ice cream at McDonalds (which, for some hideous reason, she and I are both partial to), and some movies. We watched three yesterday, all of which we enjoyed. THis movie feast has been a real pleasure.

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January 26, 2005


We were under the impression that my mom was coming back home today, but we were el wrongo.

Her blood pressure, which runs super low normally, dipped into the dangerous zone this morning. When it gets into that zone, stroke is a serious possibility, so they are keeping her a bit longer to see if they can adjust her medication to keep her within a safer zone. They also say that the tests that came back for her leg point to it not being an infection, so they are going to take her off the antibiotics and see if she continues to get better. The pain is gone now, so aside from this blood pressure issue, she is back to normal. I'm gonna rent a bunch more movies today, and head back to the hospital. They have let me cheat when it comes to the visiting hour rules. I have been getting to stay 3 or four hours past the routine hours- up until my mom goes to sleep.

I have been continuing to snooze with cody, which has been great. As most people know, I have a penchant for stuffed animals, so sleeping with a real one is a treat (pull your mind out of the gutter, you perv.....)

I have also started to go to the gym after leaving the hospital. I am using the time there to push forward with my Japanese lessons on the iPod. It's my goal to be mostly through with the first set of 30 by the time that I leave. I can speak more Japanese now than French, and if I was plopped down in Tokyo, and nobody there could speak English, I could communicate most of the basic things, and quite a bit more. If I can keep up the pace, I can catch up to V, who is almost halfway through the second set. She has opportunity to speak with clients from Japan, and they are all amazed at how fast she is learning. She aims to be fluent in a number of years, so I am using the opportunity to tag along. I really enjoy acquiring new skillz, and am pleased to see that my mind still works fairly well, even though I have massacred a significant portion of my frontal lobe over the years. I wish that I could work out and do 3D modeling at the same time as well. That's another skill that I would love to push forward on.

I have been going round and round about getting back into school. If I do it, I want to seriously press ahead to get my Master's degree, and pursue being a therapist. I am closer to that path now than I've ever been, but I can't shake the nagging feeling that embarking o that course is not the type of path that I am attuned to. I have a great amount of respect for academia on one hand, and on the other, I think that it's just some elaborate pantomime that is not for the likes of me. THe biggest concern that I have is that I really feel like I am at some sort of crossroads, and that I want to engage in something that will likely have a future. I know that most of that impulse is illusory, but there are really some practical aspects to it which can;t be denied. If I had a history of being able to apply myself effectively to my art career, I would not be considering the academic path, but I either have to shit, or get off the pot at some point.

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January 24, 2005

Bouncing back

Back at the hospital, and my mom is doing much better.

She really can rally. no doubt. It looks like her leg had an infection, because the antibiotics appear to be working now. The only problem is that they have effectively messed with her digestive system. HTe last time that that happened, she lost a ton of weight, which she never really put back on. I have gotten her some yogurt to hopefully help things a bit. If all goes well, maybe we can have her out of here in a day or so. I rented a ton of movies to sit and watch with her, and brought a bunch of food from home, so we will sit and veg out and hopefully we can get her to pig out a bit.

My little canine brother cody, slept on the bed with me last night. It was cute and cozy. V doesn't like the thought of him getting bed duty when he comes to live with me, but I have promised to keep him well laundered.

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January 23, 2005

Back in Coloradooooooo

I'm sitting in the hospital next to my mom's bed.

She however, isn't in it, since they have taken her to get an ultrasound on her leg. It's swollen and painful, and they think that it's either an infection, a blood clot, or and autoimmune disease. If it's the latter, then she might be even more screwed, since there will be nothing that they can do about it, and it might get worse. This sort of thing is something that i didn't really think too much about when I originally pictured her progression of the amyloidosis. I didn't bother to think about the fact that as the body is attacked from one direction, that it just opens up the doors to all manner of other diseases and problems. If this thing with her leg doesn't get better, she will certainly need full-time care, since she will be unable to walk or stand. It's just a matter of waiting and seeing... It's good to be here with her, and to care for her. Certainly less frustrating than trying to do it by phone. I'm her personal medical attendant. Making sure that the questions that need to be answered are, and that when she needs something, she will get it posthaste. Yesterday, I was listening to a radio documentary about new, nasty, antibiotic-resistant bacteria that are hanging out in hospitals these days. I have been the hand washing king all day because of it. Nurturing my own little case of OCD.

Things with V have been going very well. For those of you that don't know, we broke up for about 8 hours shortly after my birthday. I was absolutely convinced that there was no way that things could work between us, but I am very happy to have been proven wrong in my original assessment. I really would like to see this go the long haul.

Last night we went to a couple of parties- Locko and Richardo's birthday party, and then around ten thirty, we went to another one. I had to drop my car off in my garage before we went though, and managed to leave my garage keys at V's place. This meant that I had to jump the fence to the back yard. While I was doing it, one of the guys who works at the pizza place next door came out to see what the racket was all about. I hope he has better stuff to do than to follow my lead and hop in my back yard to explore the hidden treasures of the garage. I hope that they don't steal my broken shoehorn.

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December 14, 2004

Work prollemz

I have a loud torch.

I have a loud torch. Everyone has commented on the fact that it is super loud- louder than normal in fact, since i run it extra hot so that i can work fast. Everyone who has worked with me has always complained, but since it has always been my shop- or at least a shop that is equally shared, people have just dealt with it. Well, now the situation is different/ Today,one of the guys who came in to work, had to leave, due to being driven insane by te jet engine of my glassiness. Fortunately, the guy who runs the shop has an extra torch that runs quietly, an is willing to let me borrow it. IT will undoubtedly slow me dow until I get used to it, but I am willing to give it a shot. It's either that, or work the graveyard hours- which are my favorite hours to work at home (plus, the only hours to get in some smoochin'!

It's a pain

There is so much to do for the holidays, and no time in which to get it done. Between going back and forth to Colorado all of the time, and work, there is little time to make things like I usually do. Hopefully, I will figure something out.

My mom is doing surprisingly well. She has held ground this whole time, which is faboo!

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December 13, 2004

Breaking something sometimes fixes it

There are times when breaking up is the best way to stay together.

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November 06, 2004

Cameroon in Colorado and happy things

I am here in my mom's living room, chatting with Ben and Gwinne in Cameroon. I love technology.

Tonight my mom and i went to see The Incredibles, which I absolutely loved. Pixar knocks my socks off. It was great to have such a good night out after having last night being such a crappy one. My mom really bounced back. As time goes on, it gets to be a more and more delicate balancing act in regards to her treatment versus her symptoms. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that everyone can cooperate to keep that balance all the way through.

Tomorrow I go to see my dad, and step mom. I believe that one of my stepsisters will be there as well. a reglur fambily hoedown.

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November 05, 2004

Mom blog

I setup a blog for my mom's condition, so that her peeps cvan easily find out what is what. It is located at patupdate.blogspot.com

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Ne Gleck

I have yet again, been neglectful of el bloggo.

Yesterday I spent the entire day in the hospital with my mom. The day before, she woke up feeling very nauseous, and by the time we had brunch, she couldn't keep food down. She was in bed the whole day, which is not the norm for her. Yesterday, she awoke, feeling the same way, so we went to a clinic, where they ran a bunch of tests. Evidently, in the ongoing quest to keep her lungs free enough of fluid to function, she was severely depleted of potassium, which can be fatal in her case. They had her report to the E.R., where they shot her up with the missing stuff, and admitted her for overnight observation. She and I had rented a movie earlier in the day, and I brought my laptop so we could watch it. I sincerely hope that I am there with her in this way for the majority of the time that she needs to be in such situations in the future. It meant a tremendous amount to both of us.

The doctor actually is going to release her at 8 am. That is cruel and unusual punishment in my book. What ever happened to noon? Bastard. Both my mom and I are vampires. We will melt or something.

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If it's true,

this says it all...

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November 03, 2004

We are so fucked
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November 01, 2004

Mom and eyeballs

Okay- so I haven't been really great at keeping the blog going full speed.

Fortunately, there's nothing on the line as far as that goes. Last night, I ended up going to the Castro with leila and a gaggle of her boyz. Had a snoot full, and looked at lots of crazy, drunken/drugged revelry. It was what it usually is.

V and I went to a party on Saturday. Unfortunately, I was too busy being in agony to enjoy it very much. It seems as though i didn't properly clean my spooky contacts last time I put them away. I was then dopey enough to leave them in for a few hours, even while my eyes screamed at me. By the time the night was through, I was pretty incapacitated. I awoke yesterday with my eyes glued shut with goo, and when I looked in the mirror, I knew that I had better go to the hospital. There, I discovered that i am the happy owner of some new microbes. Yep- got me a case of pink eye in both of my eyes. Now I get to put some fancy vaseline in them, in order to go a killin' my new pets. Yuuuum! Right now, I look like I smoked a pound of pot. It's charming.

While sporting these fancy peepers, I am sitting in the airport, waiting for a plane that will take me to Colorado. It's my mom's birthday today, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing her. I'll be there for a bit less than a couple of weeks if all goes to plan. Then I'll come back, put in a couple of weeks on the torch, and head back out for Thanksgiving.

Boy, am I curious to see how the election debacle will turn out. I'm sure it'll be pretty decisive, since Diebold will be kind enough to hand the whole thing over to the creep show that is currently in power. I have so many friends who talk of the frustration at trying to have a political discussion with people who are supporters of those fools. I just can;t bring myself to do it. The evidence is so overwhelming that they are recklessly messing with the world in a greedy,dishonest, hubristic, foolhardy and dangerous manner, that one obviously would have to have exceedingly powerful blinders on. Blinders that strong, are impervious to influence. Fortunately, there is early voting in California, so I have already made my dissent official.

Last week, there was a gentleman on the radio who was speaking about the way that our society is set up. One of the things that he said that really stuck with me, is that he said that our system encourages people to want what they don;t need, and to not want what they do need. I definitely agree with that. I was having a conversation with one of Leila's friends last night about internet connectivity in remote places. He was saying that in Alaska, the government subsidizes telephony, and consequently the internet as well. It's interesting to me that phone access is seen as a necessity, but healthcare is not. We are all insane.

Here is my plane.

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October 28, 2004


As anyone who knows me can attest to, homelessness is something that I never completely rule out as a possibility.

It's not that I ever plan on being homeless, or that I glamorize it, but how many homeless people originally set out with that plan? There are obviously a number of bright, talented non-addict folks on the streets who never would have imagined themselves there- peopel who have lost their way in life- who have lost their support system through random events. When I was in college, I was fairly convinced that this could be in my future for a spell, after I left school. There was no fucking way I was going to enter into the working world in any way that I had seen in my environment. It felt like pimping out my life to in the ways that I saw around me was inconceivable- voluntary slavery in a way. Now- this is largely because I had seen nothing in the way of an imaginative, industrious freak who made a living at being just that (which I obviously have at this point in my life). My rule was that if I was going to suffer, I was going to do it on my on terms. I figured that as long as I had a sketch pad, scissors, and a hot glue gun, I could do alright for myself, and things would sort themselves out. Eventually I would climb on up and thrive. Obviously there are many more niches out in the world to make a living than I was aware of back then. My homeless contingency plan has now been pushed up to my later years, since one never knows how one will end up as the autumn years set in. In that vein, I was pleased to run across this. It makes for really good reading.

I gotta have my morbid fantasies- and homelessness tends to be one of them...

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October 27, 2004

Braim wash

In order to make my day at work a bit more tolerable, I usually play little mind games with myself.

Rather than have a big pile of prep work, I split it up into piles of ten pieces, and just focus on one pile at a time ( I usually do either forty or fifty pieces a day, depending on the piece). I reward myself at the halfway point with a quick lunch, or a snack. I also time myself on each piece, and do my best to stay within my allotted time. It halps keep me sane(ish).

I booked my ticket to go out to be with my mom for her birthday. I'l probably be there for a bit less than two weeks. I return to hop back on the torch for another two weeks before heading back out for thanksgiving.

Man- I can hardly wait to get my hands on a new machine and a copy of Doom 3 when it comes out for Mac. I will never be heard from again...

I am such a dork.

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October 26, 2004

Missed callz

My mind is slipping.

Among other things, this leads to me forgetting to bring my phone with me when i go to work- which in turn means that I missed a call from Merritt.

She and i have talked a couple of times this weekend, but for various reasons, we had to cut it short. Typical. She says that their bikes are being held in customs for an indeterminate amount of time. Could be a day, could be few weeks. She is very happy to be back in the states, though I'm certain that she will be less so if the election goes as many think it will... It is so good to talk with her though. We have two years worth of conversations bottled up, and I'm lookin' forward to uncorkin' it.

After work, I headed briefly over to Dave's, where he saved the day (again) by getting my iPod up and running again, while I played a demo of Doom 3 on his machine. I am officially stating that i will be screwed when I get a machine that can handle that game. Plus, I'll have big, awful nightmares.

Other than that: Glassblowing= Suckass.



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October 25, 2004

Workplace mints

Since V and I got together, I've practically lived at her place.

I think that I've spent one night at my place in that time. I have decided that this week, I am going to begin staying home with some regularity, so that I can get more done. As hard as it has been for me to motivate recently, I think that it is even harder when i am not in my familiar work space. I am very space-specific when it comes to my creative output. The next big challenge will be to curb my web surfing. That one is deadly for productivity...

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October 21, 2004


Yesterday, V and I got into a short discussion about retirement before I drove her to the airport.

She of course, is setting herself up to properly retire- like my Dad did. I on the other hand, am completely SOL in that department.- Like my Mother. I spoke with my mom about it today while we were vidchatting. We were talking about how she and I both have embraced the gamble in life. SHe said that her dad would often tell her towards the end of his life "you act like your never going to get old my girl, but just you wait." In her case, the gamble paid off- just in a far from satisfactory manner. She did what she was compelled to do, and stopped working the jobs that made her miserable. If she would have put things on hold until she retired, she would have lost the bet. It's obviously not as though that has had anything to do with my choices in life up to now, but it does illustrate a bit of how I feel about life (though I would not be surprised if irony serves me up a long, long life..). At his stage of the game I will be screwed in my old age if I lose that gamble. This is something that I am aware of on a daily basis, though for whatever reason, I still pursue life as i do (do i feel lucky?) It makes for a mighty meaty life sammowinch, all chock fullah worry bits. MMmmmm... snacky!

All I know is that this has always been the way of my life. No big plan- just a series of choices that unfold into more choices, that open to others. Perhaps I am getting to a point in my life where I need a more far reaching plan, but that is a very alien thing to me. It definitely has its appealing aspects. I know myself well enough to know that there needs to be some sort of organic way for me to get to that point, or it won;t take. Often the more abrupt ways that i make shift like that come through some very difficult paths. Things do seem to be pointed in that deerection these daze...

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October 20, 2004

Werking in a coal mime, mowin' clown clown

Honestly, I have a difficult time motivating for much of anything these days, but getting my ass on the torch is proving to be a real bitch.

Luckily I like listening to public radio a great deal, since that's what I do all day when at work. I do still find myself being flabbergasted from time to time by the bullshit that I hear flinging out of the presidents mouth, and it still makes my jaw drop. I must admit that a recent article in the New York Times did help to clarify my view on GW. Also, a couple other things that have been of interest: like the interview with Filmmaker David Balsider in which he discusses his documentary that is sympathetic towards GW's "faith based" presidency. Another is the Morning Edition piece about the political screening at bush rallies. Thank the Lucky Lord that that man is out there fighting for freedom and justice! He gots Satan on the run now!

By the way- for those of you who are interested in hearing this interview, but don't want to use the spyware-infused realplayer, you can get a non-spyware version here.

Merritt is back in the states now. She popped me off a mail to say that she is back, but wont; be making any calls until she is settled at her parents place, once her bike makes it out of customs.

V flies to Washington DC for work this morning. I get to drive her to the airport at 6 am. Yeek.

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October 19, 2004

Woe- it may not be me, but I'm lookin' into it

When I first started doing the online dating thing, I went out for lunch with this nice, but very sad and dorky woman.

We only went out that once, but I discovered that she had a live journal account. Over the years, I pop in to it to see how she's coping. It's usually not very well. She has a very hard go with life. Not very good in the coping department, and seems to invite lots of sorrow into her world. Of course, this makes for good reading.

Given that there are many emotional things stirring in me these days that are less than thrilling, I have no doubt that I too could make for some good reading, but alas, I don't have it in me to roll out the mucky mat for yon public. Oh sure, I'll allude to it, and gesture towards it gnash my teef and make "ick" faces, but I have to keep the readers BORED! (Is it working? Good!)

My mom is doing better today. She had been slipping for the past week or so, but some adjustments in her medication seem to be taking hold, and she is breathing easier. As her heart continues to get be compromised, the main expression of it is that her lungs retain fluid, which makes it difficult for her to breathe. That is what almost killed her just before I went out to see her last time. Thanks to the wonders of diuretics, it has been kept in check. I'll be out to see her in less than two weeks.

Yesterday I was back at the torch. As unhappy as I am about it, I still feel very fortunate to have it as a backup.

Keeled me a mousey in the garage. Smush. I put him in the compost bin instead of the freezer. I'm weird like that. Hear me roar.

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October 17, 2004

Mucking about in blinking vegetable snatch.

Tomorrow I go back to the torch for a while.

Many hours spent punching the holes in the Cheerios. Whee.

I sent out a mail to the printer to get the ball rolling on my book. Hopefully I will be pleased with their work, and will be in possession of a pile of product to pimp out.

On the anticipation front: Miss Merritt Moo of Photobiker fame is back in the fine You Ess of Ay as of tonight. I hope that I hear from her before I hit the hay, but am not holding my breath, since she will undoubtedly be overwhelmed by being stateside again. It will be sooo great to be able to blab on the phone for hours on end with her.

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October 16, 2004

Droopy bingo

Today I realized I had a certain sense of anticipation regarding the election.

I am just waiting for that eleventh hour seeprise. What it gonna be? Tear-or-izm? Osammy Bin Blammy rolled out on a stick? Wepunz o'mass distukshunt "discovered" in I-Rack? What could it be? What?

I'm on the edge of my seat. It's stainy there.

A very sad but true fact, is that I look forward to coming home every day to see if I caught anything new (and not hamstery) in my rat traps in the garage. For the third time, I have come home to find the bait gone, but nothing caught. I have moved to mousey-sized traps, which I think is the prollem. I am twisted and wrong. Soon I will have a dead mouse to put in the freezer with the hamster.

Wanna lick?

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October 15, 2004


How many times have I tried to get my sorry-assed blog going again?

Too goddamn many- at least as far as the follow-through went. I have that feeling that I am going to make a go of it again. I am hoping to get back into any sort of creative rhythm. THings have just creatively fallen to shit for me. I still have my odds and ends that continue, but I haven't gotten anything out there in a while.

There are many factors that silenced my blog, but the biggest is that there just got to be the fact that the majority of points of interest in my life were things that needed for various reasons to remain out of the public realm, since they involved the lives of others, who are mostly private people. When sitting down to write, I'd have these things burning hot in my mind, and to try to write about anything else was just worthless to me. Of course, there is still a lot of that, but I will do my best to find morsels of interest elsewhere.

Another thing that was a silencing factor is the fact that I have been feeling somewhat useless these days. Mainly since I have yet to kick-start any significant new projects, while at the same time, follow through with my existing ones (can anyone say "book?"). Add to that the fabulous and hilarious thigh slappers about the combination of me, hooch and gravity, and one could understand the silence of the keyboard.

So- here I go. Yet again, aiming to rev up the blog. So, here's a bit of my life:

My mom has lost some ground, but is still pushing on. We ichat often, so I see her (or at least a grainy, blurry, two-dimensional virtual her) routinely.
Here she is today, with her Dog, Cody.

The trip that I took out there last was really good for the both of us. For me, it made this process a bit easier. To be with her for a month, to reconnect for so long, in person, and to get a taste of what she is going through in her daily life these days was really healing for me. I am going to go out for her birthday on the first of November, and then hop back and forth between here and there for the holidays, until she needs more help on a daily basis. That is just as far ahead as I look these days. It makes it easier.

My relationship with Victoria is still going very well. It's very welcome to in a fulfilling and dynamic relationship. It is really one of the brightest spots in my life. She is terriff, and I feel quite lucky. Since I have been in such an unproductive space for a while, I do get routine pangs of insecurity, since she is so very focused and successful in her career, and I have pathologically been getting little done. Fortunately, I am familiar with my patterns, and I know that this phase will pass- but it doesn't keep it from being a bit nerve-racking from time to time...

I have gone back to glassblowing part time, to help insure that I remain somewhat solvent. I work in Berkeley, in a very well kept and professional shop. It seems to be working out. I am none to thrilled to have to get back on the torch, but until I get a new revenue stream coming in, it's what i gotta do.

Locke has spent months working on a system to figure out which direction he is going to head next, and ther are parts of that that have been inspiring to me. This is mainly due to the fact that I am so overloaded with impulses to head in so many different directions, that it completely shuts me down. I have yet to formulate a plan. I significant piece of difficulty comes from the uncertainly of how and when things are going to unfold with my mom.

So- there's a bit of my life. What I can write about.

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September 23, 2004

Ham ham wham!

I have a deal with my landlord to help around the place- to sweep common areas from time to time, trim the vines in the backyard, etc.,

so when my neighbor contacted him about rats in the garage, he asked me to lay some traps. Today, when I checked them, this is what I found.

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September 07, 2004

This has me in stitches!

Rememeber(a href="http://www.pushby.com/ian/archives/007395.html#007395"> that accident that i had when I needed stitches in my thumb?

I got a bill a while back for 150 bucks. The total was 300, but insurance covered half. I figured that was reasonable. Yep. Well- today i get a bill, and SURPRISE! IT turns out that I owe ANOTHER 500 MOTHERFUCKING DOLLARS!!!! and that's AFTER THE $700 THAT THE INSURANCE PAID!!! Yes- that's right. To get 9 stitches in my thumb cost almost $1400!!!

I don't even know what to say. This is fucked.

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September 02, 2004

Homo is where the heart is

As of yesterday, I am back in San Fran for a while.

When I left, i said that i was going t be with my mom to nurse her back, or to say goodbye. I am very pleased to say that sh rebounded, though I don;t think that me nursing her back had much to do with it. She ujst bounced back. I will be back home for as long as she holds her ground.

It is soooo great to be back though... As I've said a gajillion times, I lovelovelove it here. It's great to be back with V as well. I'm thinking of having a gathering-type of dealie. Perhaps a barbeque. I haven't had a gathering at my place of any size before. I'll have to get on it if it is to happen.

In the meantime, i intend on getting the glassblowing thing going, pushing to find a publisher for my book, catching up with friends, and smooching my sweetheart.

It's a simple plan, for a simple guy.

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August 20, 2004

Up yr Dates

Just checking in..

My mom is still holding ground, though the doctor has said that according to the blood tests, she is feeling better than she is doing. Evidently her heart is continuing to stiffen, and is losing ground, but being on oxygen (which she is on 24/7) has helped her a great deal. TOmorrow, she is going to get on some steroids that will hopefully give her a little push as well. I will be coming back to San Francisco late on the 31st (actually early on the first) and plan to be there for at least a week, so I am hoping that she will continue to feel fine for a while in my absence. Unfortunately, when I booked my ticket, I forgot about a conversation that I had with V a couple of weeks ago, in which she recommended (rightfully) that I book the trip out for the weekend before the first, so that our chances of having two weekends together would be greatly improved. Doh! It's a wonder that i can tie my own shoes at times... I am also very much looking forward to seeing the rest of my loved ones back home. It's funny, because when I'm there, a big, fat moth can go by, and just knowing that I can see everyone at the drop of a hat, keeps the missing away. Damn tehm moths Now that I've been gone, I have to reconnect. It's a comfort thing in unsure times.

V's trip out here was fantastic. It was great to have her out here. We ended up staying in the hotel for the entire time, which, though not exactly financially prudent, was a great thing for both of us. I really do feel that we are building a relationship that has legs to it, and has every chance of going the long haul. Of course, only time will tell, but things are unfolding in a very promising manner. We are disgusting with all of our goo for each other, which I am very, very happy about- what being all madly in love with her and everything....
(goo goo goo goo)....

Another thing that has been very satisfying for me is that I have been bringing my mom a bit more up to snuff, technologically speaking. I have installed a new hard drive in the machine I gave her for mother's day, which means that she will be back up and running with the video phone for when i make my trip back home. Then next thing was that we are selling her old equipment, and using the money to pay for a laptop that I bought her through Craigslist. Now, should she find herself in the hospital again, she will have a decent machine to continue her writing on. THis make me very, very happy. The final thing was that she has had the crappiest stereo speakers in her place forever. They are big, and heavy, and one of them was blown, so they really were just a waste of space. For her, they were better than nothing, so she kept them. Well, a couple f days ago, I went to Fort collins to help my Dad and step mom unpack, and while I was there, I had the presence of mind to check with my Dad to see if he had any speakers he wasn't using- et v oil! Now my mom actually has a stereo that sounds good, and has extra room to boot. All of this gadgetry makes me very happy indeed. Staying in a house with crappy technology is like fingernails on a blackboard to me.

It was really good to help my dad and step mom, and to get to be in their new place with them. I hope to make it down there again to help out some more before I head back to San Fran.

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August 11, 2004

Good news

As it turns out, my mom is doing much better than I anticipated.

She has rebounded very close to where she was before going into the Intensive care unit. If she stays in this zone, I'll be coming back home for a bit at the end of the month. As for now, it's just good to spend some quality time with her, in which we get to enjoy activities together. When I booked my ticket to come here, I was expecting her to be mostly bedridden, but she has been up and around, and even running solo errands. If she keeps this up, she will definitely exceed her doctors expectations. She's a fighter.

We are going to shoot a video for her memorial service together. It's a pretty intense project to engage in, but I think that it will offer some valuable experiences.

V will be visiting for the next four days, as of tomorrow. I am greatly looking forward to it. Having herhere will be a fabulous treat. We will spend the first couple of nights at a hotel outside of Boulder, and then we will go ghetto.

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August 04, 2004

Up Date

My mom has gained ground.

Last week she was in intensive care, and was doing very badly. She had a minor heart attack, but that was the secondary to her problems. Because her heart is being greatly compromised by her illness, it is not pumping properly. On the night the she went into the ICU, this heart trouble had caused about three quarters of a gallon of liquid to build up in her lungs. She was literally drowning. On top of that was the heart attack. She had one more episode like that while in the hospital, but since I have been here, she has been doing surprisingly well. She is up and about, and though weak, is leading a productive life. Last night she started to have some problems breathing again, but we managed to bring her back before things got too bad.

The doctors have said that she has anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months, but we all have experiences of Doctors being wrong. I just hope that when it's her time, she goes quickly.

She and I have spent a lot of time talking about death, and what she has been going through. It's a real opportunity for us to experience something deeply meaningful and challenging together. We are planning on shooting and editing a video for her memorial service.

I have been spending my time getting her house in a more orderly state than it's ever been, which is quite a monumental task, given her pack rat tendencies. The ritual of cleaning is therapeutic unto itself, while providing a much better living environment.

Facing all of this is much easier now that I'm out here, though I am homesick, and I am missing my loved ones back home. Thank the lucky lord for the interweb and the tell-o-phone.

The fantastic date that I had on july fourth has panned out into a very compelling relationship. We are only a month into it it, and are being presented with this hurdle, and though I take nothing for granted, I'm hopeful that all will be well. She (as well as everyone else whom I love) has been very supportive, and is coming out for a visit in a week, which I am greatly looking forward to.

Off I must go for now!

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July 30, 2004

Gweeg awee

I am leaving my home to go back to be with my mom.

It may be days, it may be months, but I am going back to Colorado to care for her- whether to nurse her back, or to wish her farewell. There is much that I haven't written of in the last month- My new relationship, my mother's struggles... I will though. In time. I will miss everyone and everything here while I am gone. I have had the greatest offers of support, and I know that I am blessed.

More soon....

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July 19, 2004

If I only had a reason..

I discovered today that giantturd.com is available. Tempted as I am, I will refrain from buying it.

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July 18, 2004

Gwangz on..

Much is up in my life these days.

I will go into it later. Right now, I have a question for everyone. I am retooling my show for an inside audience. I already have an initial gig, which is coming up at the end of the first week in August. Attaboy has invited me to perform in the lobby for his "I hate Cartoons" film festival, and he wants to list me in the promo material. Prollem is that I don't have a name for my show. Anyone have any ideas?

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July 15, 2004

Oh... I get it.... support some of our troops. Only certain ones. The nice ones. The moral ones! Wait.. do the nice, moral ones kill people? Uh.. hmmm... maybe if they are eating apple pie when they kill... Oooh, I'm getting dizzy with all of these complications.. where's G.W. when you need him?! He always lets God's Simple Truth� shine through me like a moonbeam.....Ahhhhhh...

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July 06, 2004


Tomas was kind enough to get some videos together.

These were taken on the day of the premiere- A.K.A. "Crash-and-Burn day", That in turn was followed by "Failure day", and then "Back-to-the-drawing-board-day". Given that this was the first day, there were many kinks to be ironed out. In the first Video, you are seeing the very first performance ever. I'm bugged by Smutter's floppy arm (which was supposed to be resting on his lap). I have a natural tendency to qualify the shit out of things before I show them to people, but I will now resist that urge.


Here are a couple of them. I will post the rest over time. If you don't have a high-speed connection, you are S.O.L.


Smutter tries to start up his robodork:
startup.mov (68MB)

Smutter falls in love with a woman in the crowd: courting-good.mov (94MB)

The show (that is still in process) will be vastly different upon it's return (the hope being that the words "vastly improved" will be associated with its reopening). I am revising the current script, incorporating Ben's input (which was really the perfect bit that I needed!) I'm trying to figure out exactly who my character is going be.

I've been thinking about the issue of being quick to get a visual take on. This leads me to become more and more convinced that I should fabricate fake arms to complete the illusion that I am separate from Smutter. Less to have to parse that way, which will aid in the suspension of disbelief.

In other news- I had a truly stellar date on the fourth. Calling it a "date" actually seems to be an understatement. It was perfect, and exactly what I needed.

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June 28, 2004

Of new ideas and old standbys

So before I go into the new ideas, let me recap the weekend.

On Saturday, I went out with the microphone, but it didn't really cut it. This meant that I had to resort to my old standby, which is yelling all day. This ultimately leads me to lose my voice after just a couple of days, so it's not really sustainable.

Basically, i just ended up grafting my old street performance onto this one. For those of you that knew Nerf (who was the dragon that I performed with in Boulder), you would have had a flashback or two, since Smutter was basically channeling him. There were no limericks though (which was Nerf's specialty. He yelled at eh audience a lot for so callously flaunting their legs (since he has none), and accused a number of children of stealing the ones that he supposedly used to have.

Working in this manner i found to be much easier than the previous way that I was working it. I still did many of the old bits, but would do as much improv as i could as well.

Money on Saturday was the best so far (though far from what I need to be solvent), but it's hard to tell if it was because of te changes in the show, or the fact that I had a better spot (mister CAN-ada was gone for the day). I actually got a late start, because I originally set out to perform in the bush man's spot. For those of you that don't know of him, the bush man is a homeless guy who brings a couple of branches down to the wharf, and sits behind them, jumping out to scare people as they pass by. This builds quite a crowd, as people just love to watch others get the poo startled outta them. Anyway- he wasn't there, so i began to set up in his spot. Just about the time that I was ready to go- he shows up. I didn't even hesitate to immediately break it all down again, since I knew that he'd just set up right next to me, and that'd be that. Such interesting work dynamics that I have managed to find. Personalities like the trash man, the bush man, the silver guy and the dog man. Even if nothing else comes from this experience, it will all make a great story to perform at some point in the future...

Which brings me to my new ideas. I was thinking tonight of how I could work al of the elements of this into a great stage piece. I was thinking about this performance that I saw on a date a while back. It was an autobiographical piece about a woman's coming out as a dyke, told largely using baking cookies as metaphor (she actually makes, and serves cookies to the audience). Tonight, i was thinking that the autobiographical thing might be a way to go, and that made me think of coming out in the rig, and at some point shedding it. This in turn, led me back to thinking about what Mette had suggested- about me not covering up my face when I perform. Originally when she brought this up, I couldn't think of a way to make it work, but i got this flash that perhaps I could do a show that was a cheating ventriloquist show. Instead of ventriloquism, Smutter could have all of his dialogue be prerecorded, and he'd trigger it. I could be the straight guy, to smutter's clown. I really think that there's something to this approach. He is in control of my body, which offers much in the way of possibility. It'll take some scripting, but I am convinced that this angle is something that could really go over well. My interest in the show is revitalized. I am open to any and all suggestions that people have to offer about this new approach. I'm already beginning to brainstorm and script it. It will definitely be a much bigger challenge to pull off than my original idea- or at least more challenging as a performer, but if I can manage to pull it off, I think it could be pretty great.

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June 25, 2004


Got to bed earlier than usual so that I could get out to the beloved tourists earlier.

All was going according to plan- I was running a tad later than i'd wanted to but was still much earlier than I'd been before. On my cruise down towards the bay, I noticed that my bike was handling oddly in a manner that was reminiscent of a flat tire. Lo and behold! Yay! Fortunately, I had just passed a bike store two blocks earlier, so I pushed everything back there, and bought a new tube, since the old one was nicely filleted by chunx-o-glass. This put me behind about a half hour, but I was still on track to be out earlier than before. Once the repair was complete, I headed down to the pitch that I performed at last time- the one with the seagull poo funfest. And- TA DA! The entire thing was blocked off, and will be for about a week, as they clean and repaint it. That left me back in my previous spot. I've decided that I can't keep setting up there. I'm not certain as to what it is about hat spot, but it must be the Feng Shui, or something. I'm not certain as to where I'll make my place, but it's gotta be someplace new.

I'm going to add a microphone to the system tomorrow, which I think will make a bigger difference than anything that I've changed up to now. I may not get out to perform tomorrow, but I figure that there's no point getting out there until I have something that will make a significant shift. I want to keep mixing it up as much as possible, and avoid repeating things that I know aren't working. Relying entirely on the computer to interface with the audience isn't working, and I know I need to be able to grab them more directly. I had a conversation with Seanno last night, and he got me thinking about it. It's something that I had planned on incorporating at some point, but now I'm convinced that it's a necessity. I really can't think of a away to work smoothly off of the audience without it. Let's put it this way: things can really only go up from this point (is that famous last words, or what?). Canada! Get it... CAN-ada?

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June 23, 2004

A busker in the wind

Another day, another late start.

I performed in a new spot today- under the big fisherman's wharf sign. Evidently, there is a new public art project on display all over town, and this spot is not one to be spared from it. There are big heart sculptures placed hither and yon all along the Embarcadero all the way up to the wharf.

They are all painted differently, and this one is very aptly painted in splatters of paint. I say aptly because one finds that when the seagulls that perch on the top of the sign let loose with the fishy sewage from their nether regions, it hits the heart at just the right angle to splatter in all directions, raining down upon whatever is in the immediate vicinity- in this case, my stuff. Luckily, I caught on to this straight away.

Throughout the day, the old dictum "Famous last words" kept flashing through my mind. Remember how I made mention of the computer behaving like a champ? Well- today was a colossal pain in my ass. I ate up somewhere around two hours by just putting the rig on and having to immediately take it back off again in order to troubleshoot. The first time this happened, I went through this process at least five times: Hook everything up to make sure it's running. Plug it and unplug to make sure that process doesn't much anything up. Then, throw on the pack, then fasten the cockpit. Plug it all in, test the joystick, and......nothing. Just that part of the process takes maybe six to ten minutes. then i have to disconnect the cockpit form the back, unhook the cockpit from my body, take off the pack, lay it down, unplug all of the crap from the computer, see if everything is running properly, plug it all back in, test it, and repeat. The second time around, I finally just gave up and went home, since it had gotten so late.

The entire day, the wind was blowing in a wonderfully irritating way, while repeatedly knocking over the vessel in which happy and satisfied tourists can relieve themselves of their pecuniary excesses.

I had one family who came back to see the second show, and waited for forty minutes, as i tried and tried to get things up and running. The matriarch was very friendly, and supportive. She said that I had inspired her son to get a puppet. Heh... sucker!

Another benefit of this process is the ride on the way home.

Tonight, I stopped for a bit and looked at the city and the bay for a bit, as I brainstormed new material. The view from there is amazing- especially at dusk. It's good to get out and enjoy parts of the city in a way that I haven't before.

On my way home, i thought of a new bit for the act that I think will go over rather well.

I made better money today (which means i made the same money- just with less shows), though it's hard to say whether it was due to the spot, or my new outfit, or a combination of both. I think that I'll set up there for a while and see how it goes. Evidently, there is a guy who does music there from 3:30 on, so I'll have to get out there earlyish in order to get my time in. I do like being away from the other performers.

I had another flashback moment today: when I was a night guard, drawing every night for my portfolio, I would occasionally get a guy who would come into the building with a friend and say: "Dood, you gotta see this guy's drawings. He draws grim reapers and skull and shit!". at eh time, i had nothing in my portfolio that was a skull or a grim repair. I think that the only grim reaper that I have ever drawn was in junior high. Anyway- today, i overheard a guy say to his buddy: "Dood that guy has this monkey that controls him and makes him walk around and shit". Smutter. Monkey. Hmm...

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June 22, 2004

Busking: version 2.0

Okay, so there are many elements in the running.

After thinking about all of the input that I have received, I have decided that the next step that I will take is to push myself into the background a bit more. My original costume competed too much with the puppet and the rig, which is really the main focus. I do need to be a presence, since I am what he's piloting around, but I should be secondary.

So, in that vein, I have put this together.

It's certainly not flattering, it's not exactly neutral, but is more neutral than the previous costume. I don't think that switching costumes, or puppets will be the answer- but I do think that messing with all of the variables will lead to the right combo of things. I understand that the real crux of the thing is how I direct the energy of the audience, but there are some superficial elements that matter to me.

Mette has been pushing for me to go out without any face covering on at all. I am open to the idea, and will try it at some point- just to see how things unfold. She and another person have given me input that I should try to make myself a character in the show. Some of the oinput that I have been given is that I should try playing the straight amn to the puppet, which I think would be very interesting, if I could pull it off....

I am committed to finding the perfect thing to make it work, however that ultimately plays out.

I will also be recording new material to work with. Gotta keep it all moving forward.

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June 21, 2004

Weekend busking recap

Okay: so here it goes:

(Photo: Tomas Apodaca)

Friday, I just kept getting delayed. First off: I was unable to get to bed before 5 am, and then I had trouble falling asleep due to nerves. I got up, and was continually delayed with last minute preparation. The ride to work was rather enjoyable, though I'm not thrilled to have to wait at most stoplights due to the lack of maneuverability, as my bike is so encumbered. I got to the pitch around 2:30 if I remember correctly. This means that I wasn't really ready to go until 3:30. Tomas met me there and hung out and documented it on video and in stills He took these pics. I chose this spot, mainly because the silver guys dominate the main pitch during the day. There is a secondary pitch that is basically as good as the main one, which has marimba players that blast the shit out of the place with an ber sound system. When they take a break, the breakdancers set up, and they're quite loud as well. At 6PM, all of these day people vacate the premises for the performers who do more structured shows. Those folks have a lottery, and they then take turns.

My chosen spot is right across from all of this, and is far enough away from all of the crazy amplification, that I can actually be focused on.

(Photo: Tomas Apodaca)
It gets much less in the way of traffic, but it gets a fairly steady stream.

(Photo: Tomas Apodaca)
One thing I discovered straight away: I sure can build a crowd by assembling my rig (especially making beautiful faces like this!). The problem is that I haven't figured out how to structure a show to hold the crowd. In many ways, it's like my shows back in the day were, because I realized that the only way to keep them going is to just keep rolling. This means that I perform for about an hour at a time. The good thing is that it isn't exhausting the same my old shows were. As with every new show, it's an issue of finding the right material for the situation, so I am only at the very beginning regarding that. The money sucked ass, and has continued the ass sucking all the way through.

Back to friday:

Tomas and I were joined by a seventeen year old gentleman (who was a bit ahead of his years) by the name of Walter. He was in town for the day, because the cruise ship that he was on had pulled into port. While he waited to meet up with friends who had moved here from Philly he offered upsome helpful, constructive criticism. He also was gracious in helping me out with a magic marker when I had the sudden need for one.

(Photo: Tomas Apodaca)
At a certain point, Dave showed up to witness some of the froots of his labor, and he hung out with me until I left.

I ended up doing about three shows or so before calling it quits. When i was packing up, I was approached my a man who goes by the name of Jim Dogman. He is what he terms a "picture guy". The silver guys are picture guys as well. They make the bulk of their money from people who take pictures with them, and some of them do extremely well for themselves, or so rumor has it. I could be a picture guy, if making money was my primary focus. I am toying with it as a supplementary thing, if things get too stupid with the finances...

It was actually one of these picture guys (a man who wears a giant skeleton costume) who clued me into the silver guys dominating the main pitch. In Jim's case, he makes money by taking people's pictures with his dogs. He has a Dalmatian, a chihuahua, and a Boston terrier that he dresses up in people outfits. He in turn, dresses up in a dog outfit, and charges five bucks a pop to snap a Polaroid with you and the pooches. He has done this for seven years if I recall correctly. Jim introduced me to Joe, who is by all accounts, the nicest of all the silver guys.

This is Joe.

He has been a silver guy off and on for sixteen years, and is sick of it. He is attempting to start an online store through ebay I believe. As I rode my bike home, i started to think about what a fucking amazing documentary all of this thing would make. Laura had made mention of the fact that she was thinking of documenting it, but for various reasons, that didn't happen. I have started to bring my video camera down there, and am hoping at the very least to make a short out of it. It's just that street performers are just such great characters, and the politics combined with the personalities would just be a winning combo- especially put into the context of getting this show off the ground.

So-with day number one in the bag, I headed to Dave's to get the charger that he recently acquired. We hung out while he wired it up, and then I headed home. I was beat, and not in the greatest of moods. I can't help it- I want to be perfect straight out of the shoot. Instead, I felt as though I was straight out of the poop shoot- though I did feel good about finally getting underway. Again, I was up until about 4:30. My sleep was plagued by anxiety, and crappy dreams. I woke up at one point to pee, and never got fully back into a restful sleep. Upon starting my day, I recorded a handful of new samples, and then headed back out. I got a chunk of time on the main pitch, due to the fact that the silver guys where inexplicably M.I.A.. That definitely went better, due to the fact that it has really heavy foot traffic, though I did have to stop the show at one point to repair poor smutter.

during a bout of over-exuberant puppet spazziness, I nearly ripped his head off.

I think that the only way to have a regular presence in that spot, is to get there really early, which I am less than pleased with. I just may do it, though. Put in a full day on that spot. stop for about 15 minutes at a time, in order to continue to reassert my presence there.

I became aware that my music is a great crowd builder if I do it right. I never get huge crowds, because they often have to be assembled actively , by addressing them en masse. I might be able to find another way to do it, but I'd need to have variable speed walk cycles in order to move around quickly enough to keep people focused. That is something that I would like to implement. As it stands, I get groups of a reasonable size by doing a bit of music, stopping it- making come sort of mimed contact (through the puppet) with an audience member or two, and then starting it again. When I get enough of a crowd that I can choose a couple to interact with, I launch into my primary bit. It is a derivative of a bit that i did years ago with My old partner, mitchell- which was in turn, derivative of a bit that my friend Lee used to do. My thing involves the puppet falling for a woman in the crowd who has a boyfriend. It is narrated in a nature documentary fashion through a collection of samples that the puppet triggers. He tries to pick a fight with the boyfriend, but ends up falling in love with him, and tries to marry him. I'm not doing it justice here, but that'll give you an idea. Then I go back into music, and l riff off the audience again. I have other small bits in which he tries to care for the children in order to fit in with the community, and other such things. Now- keep in mind that he never speaks. All of the dialogue is triggered from the computer, by him. I'm getting better at filling the dead spaces that occur when I switch between sample banks (there are roughly 50 samples to a bank), by having him pilot me around (which makes quite a racket). Another thing to keep in mind is that, due to the nature of my show, there are dead spots. The first two days out, I loathed them. They are when the self doubt and anxiety can whip up, since performing to dead space gives one ample opportunity to mull over the phrase "What the fuck am I doing?!". This is also the time when societal imprinting that typically keeps people in their place kicks in. Though I am not at all immune to it, I am good at throwing up rigid barrier against it (for better or for worse).

At the end of the day,I got in a conversation with a couple of the evening performers. I got some very helpful feedback from them. So far, the most consistent input that I have gotten consists of the fact that my costume is too different from the rig. It's not cohesive enough to make the quick sell that is needed to grab people. If they can't parse it quickly, you lose them. This, I understand. I'm going to make a concerted effort to experiment with both the content and structure of my show, as well as the costume, and puppet. I already have a secondary puppet that is waiting for paint and hair, and I think that he will be much more successful as a crowd pleaser. As of tomorrow, I begin a push to fabricate white body armor to match the rig. I'm going for an android-ish type of thing to see how much more successful that is. I'm actually pretty excited to work with all of the variables to see what comes out. I'm getting lots of positive feedback though, which is helpful.

Yesterday was a bit of a repeat of Saturday, with the exception of not working the main pitch. I tried setting up next to it, in this sidewalk, but I had an experience that harkened me aback to childhood. The experience went something like this:

When I was in the first grade, we had an assignment to go home and make a musical instrument, and bring it to class the next day. All resulting instruments would be judged according to various criteria, and the winners of each category would win a prize. The next day, as I walked to school, I remembered that I had completely forgotten to make my instrument. I remembered that I had spent some time banging rocks together in a tunnel or a brick hallway or something, and that it had sounded pretty cool. I grabbed a couple of rocks , and continued to class. I ended up winning first prize in the "creativity" category. The kids who had labored for hours, making little banjos out of cigar boxes, with rubber bands for strings were miffed, to be sure. I had begun my path of finding the back door into the places that I wanted to go...

Well..today, when I set up in my new spot, I was across from this homeless guy.

Here's his shtick. I think it's pretty self-explanatory. He's a picture guy as well.

At first, I was wondering if he would pick issue with me for stepping on his spot, but he was very friendly- hospitable even. I still hoped that he wouldn't be bummed as things got under way. Little did I know that I would be on the other end of that. Here's how the average tourist works:

Get a guy in a costume and a puppet and a wearable computer, that he and a dear friend have put months into bringing about. Now, take a homeless guy in a trash can with a cardboard sign shooting out zingers like "I'm from canada! Get it? CAN-ada?", and you will soon have a crowd gathered around a trash can. From the conversation that I had with him earlier, I'm absolutely certain that that guy walked with three times the amount of money than I did today. (Needless to say, I soon relocated back to my previous spot.

Slice off a big hunk o' dat humble pie fer me, 'cuz I'm famished!

I felt better when I left though, as I've pulled my focus off of making money, and more on troubleshooting this thing until it's slick- however long that takes and however desperately poor I have to get. I know that I am on to something here, and am determined to make it work. One thing that has already been a success has been meeting new, interesting people. Yesterday, it was a man named Dennis. He is a gentleman who looks to be in his late forties to early fifties, who has lived in the bay area all his life. He is younger than his years, in a good way. He offered up more in the way of support and helpful advice (more corroborating the costume theory). I had a pleasant discussion with him about my show, and a bit regarding his musical endeavors. Honestly, I must say that that is one of the greatest parts about this job: the people opportunities. Through my street performing, I met Merritt, Sacto Seanno and Birdy (who even though I had a falling out with him, is still a person of significance to my life). The changes introduced into my life due to these connections was profound, on the deepest of levels.

Another thing that is great about this job is that I'm performing right next to the bay- like 20 yard from it, with a perfect view of Alcatraz. The downside of this is that if there be any splosions in the bay from them nasty terrists, I'll be instantly vaporized. Well- that's actually a fine way to go! Maybe that's an upside....

So- there you have it. Big changes. Lots to contend with. It's a roller coaster, but I trust that it'll be worth it.

Oh- and one final thing: If you notice, didn't mention anything about the hardware or the software. All worked superbly for the most part. There are a few issues that arose, but given all of the elements in ply just on the computer end of things, it went fantastically! Thanks Dave!

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June 17, 2004

If it's not one thing...

Bummer dood. My backyard dress rehearsal did not go smoothly.

At first I thought I had a hardware issue, but it turns out that it was the typical issue of me being retarded. I had taken it upon myself to "tidy up" a folder that contained some code that Dave had written to get the joystick to communicate with the laptop. This rendered the code inoperable. Yay for me! So- a bit of phone support later, and I am good to go. Now I will do a dress rehearsal in the kitchen, instead of the backyard, then off I go tomorrow! Hopefully I will not get robbed.

This is Smutter (pronounced "Smooduh") and me in the backyard. Smutter has collapsed at the thought of hardware failure.

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On yr mark, Get set..

It looks as though Friday will be my first performance.

Dave found this great Battery setup for me. Originally I was adamant about having the power supply in the costume itself, but upon weighing all of the considerations, I have opted to go with a tethered approach. Batteries that were small enough to wear would provide two hours of performance time, max. The big battery that I will be tethered to will provide about sic hours of continuous use. Dave also found a charger that can recharge it in an hour, which is frikn amazing.

Consequently, last night I did my first performance with everything running off of batteries from start to finish. Today I'll do a couple of dress rehearsals, and Friday I'll bust it out. I'm a bit nervous, but it should go over well.

I also bought a bike trailer so that I can haul all of my crap down the the pitch. THere are three reasons for this: The first is that if I have to pay for parking, my monthly overhead goes up by at least 300 dollars. The second, is if I did manage to find free parking, I'd have to park far enough away that transporting my gear from the car to the performance area would almost defeat the purpose of driving. The final reason, is the exercise will be very welcome.

And lastly, I added chromey bits to my boots for the final addition to the costume.
Once I've properly refilled my coffers, I will buy some New Rock leggings, but for now, these will do just fine.

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June 10, 2004


Last night, Dave and i fired up the entire rig on battery power for the first time.

robodork_front.jpg robodork_back.jpg
Here is a picture of the almost completely finished rig.

In this picture, you can see the way that the keyboard and joystick are mounted

We hit a snag pretty early on, in which one of the four speakers wasn't working, but Dave pulled out his special powers, and *poof* it was all good. That set us back time-wise, but eventually we got it going. By the time that we had it all under way, it was much later than we'd planned, so when we hit another snag, we didn't have tome to see what was up. I think I've figure d out what was up though- the computer was shutting itself down after just a few minutes, but it appears to have been a relatively simple thing to figure out. We are going to give it another run o Friday. I still want to be out by this weekend. *crossing fingers*

Today, when I got out of bed, another significant challenge for the show hit me. It's really basic, but I hadn't thought of it before:

I will be hot and sweaty while working. That requires lots of liquids. Lots of ingested liquid leads to.................... lots of peeing! Now, what the hell am I going to do about that? I will have to think about it. Oh, wait- never mind! I just went back to my last posting, and noticed that there were coin-op toilets by where I'm setting up. That will work just fine! *whew*

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June 09, 2004

Distracting distracted distractions

I popped into the personals to look around today.

Not because I'm at all ready to be dating again- just as a distraction. It certainly didn't fill me with hope. This is not to say that when I'm ready to date again that I'll feel the same way as I do now- but man. There's just so much predictable stuff out there. The worst to me is the hipster/cynic, who actually comes off as pretty entertaining from time to time in that barbed sort of way. But ig.. it just really turns me off. The problem is that I'm just interested in chemistry- certainly a physical one, but equally/more important is the kind of chemistry that produces long and compelling conversations, and that isn't something that comes through in a profile- or often on the first date for that matter.... We'll see how I feel when I'm ready to enter the fray again, but it'll be a while. I wish it was now, as it would sure provide a nice distraction for the ever present owee bits. Perhaps them owee bits are helping to distract me from the nervousness of getting out to perform. Speaking of:

I scouted out places to perform today. I didn't really come up with any earth shattering places, but i think I know where I'll end up. At first, I found this pretty dead spot over by the cable car near Ghirardell square. I don't like that the audience is captive on one hand, but it would make them really fun to screw with! The other drawback is that there is this kind old hippy guy playing guitar, and I think I'll have to snuff him out, if ya know what I'm sayin'! I might try it out, but first, I think I'm gonna enter the hotbed, and dive right into the highest traffic places.

The first that I found, was here. Last time I was here was on a weekend, and there was a guy set up with P.A and a ton of instruments. Perhaps I could trade off with him, as at the tie, he was on a break. As you can see, on a tuesday at 4 p.m., nobody is here. There were enough people milling about that I'm pretty sure I could get a crowd. We'll see.

Now- this is the main pitch. This is the place. As you can see, here we have a couple of silver guys. They are ubiquitous in one form or another. Are they robots? They won't tell you.

A half hour later, the spot is free. I'm gonna try to work it at these slow times and see how it goes. I'm setting a money quota for myself that i am aiming for. I'm prepared to put in the time and effort to make it happen.

At Pier 39, there's actually a stage that street performers get booked for. I can't remember who told me that they know the person who does the booking, but it doesn't matter. The stage has this giant sign that says something like: "Crystal Geyser presents:" blah blah blah. Dave and I have not worked the last number of months to do a crystal geyser commercial. Probably the only company that I could see promoting in any way would be Apple, since love Macs, and am running the show off of one... but are sponsors realy necessary?

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June 08, 2004

T minus whatever

We are getting very near to Launch. It's likely that I'll be performing this weekend.

The backpack is mostly finished.

Dave got all of the wiring straightened out,

and it's all super cool. That tube that the speaker arms are attached to is completely full of wires and such, which keeps the pack itself really roomy and organized for the computer.

The vents that I installed on the pack not only look cool- but they each have a fan mounted in them that pulls air into the pack to keep the laptop cool, since I'll be running it with the lid closed.

Tonight, I threw the rig and the pack on, and used it all powered up for the first time. On Wednesday, I'll give it a real trial run, with the computer hooked up, the costume on, and everything. I'll take pictures and post 'em.

In other news: Laura and I broke up a little over a week ago. I miss her a lot, and am waiting for time to do its healing thing. Tick tock tick tock ooch.

Time done already healed my flayed thumb, though. Now I have to keep it from getting all floppy.

Also- I had given up on hearing back from Fantagraphics about my book, but Sacto Seanno prodded me into contacting the publisher, so I did. Turns out, it was misplaced and he's gonna look for it. He seems sincerely interested in finding it. I'm not getting my hopes up, but it would be amazing if I was published by them. I mean- he did request that I send it to him after seeing a sample of it. That would be one of the greatest things that I could think of for my first book. Damn. Well- actually making some money off of it would be even better, but whattaya gonna do?

Oh yeah- and by the way: Yay for Reagan kicking off! YAY YAY YAY YAY! The whole lovefest that he's getting in the press makes me wanna puke. God, did I loathe that man. Good riddance.

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May 27, 2004

My new wound!

Recipe for gore:

Take a glass, insert hand.

Push in and twist 'til chunx pop out. Keep twisting.

Et voila!

Now, typically when confronted with such things, I opt to fix it myself. Screw the hospital. This time was the first time that there was actually a chunk of gristle hanging from the wound, which was clearly not skin or muscle. Can you say "tendon"?

My dear frinz come to hep me face the music at the E.R.

However, there is no consoling me.

Mister buff doctor man come in and cut my gristle free, then stitch up his home.

Stitch stitch stitch.... Now it can go off and raise a fambily. Them tendon babies so cute!

Now I am happy, poorer and retarded.


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May 24, 2004


Yesterday, Dave and I got a sneak peek into what the finished performance rig/costume will look like.

And here it is:


I went out to a burning man even with it- sans functional backpack and puppet. It was very warmly received.

There is still a lot to get done on it, but I'm happy with how it's coming along. I will blog the entire experience of performing, when it happens.

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April 24, 2004

As Promised..

Here are the pix of the bqackpack, and cockpit under construction.

Soon they will all be painted a pearlescent white, to match the backpack shell.

This is looking down on the cockpit.

This is it from head on.

And this is the pack, as it is at the moment.

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April 23, 2004

Gay video

This entry has nothing to do with gay video, so get your mind out of the gutter!

My car is all happy again. Locke and I drove to Santa Rosa to get a replacement, which turned out to be an absolute breeze to replace. Afterwards, we replaced the stereo, so all is as it was. I have learned a valuable lesson. Now, I just need to clean out my car, so it doesn't look like it might have something valuable under all of the mounds of crap inside.

Dave and I are just about ready to paint the puppet rig, which is great. I have photos of it, but I'm at Laura's place, and don't have access to the pics at the moment. I will post them tomorrow.

I have been wondering about my chances of getting mugged if I stay out to perform at night. The stuff that I will be carrying will obviously be worth some cash, and look all valuable and flashy and stuff- not to mentions the fact that I will have cash in my pocket from performing. I really can't see giving up the pack if someone tries to steal it. I've been thinking of all of the ways that I can install anti-mugging gear on me, such as tasers and mace, that can be triggered remotely. I am a dork like that.

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April 20, 2004

Theft: it's what's fer dindin

There's this guy I know, who had his bike stolen out of his garage. Now he's had his car window busted, and his stereo swiped.

Guess who it is?

It's my own stupid fault for not taking the faceplate with me. Expensive lesson. Fortunately, they smashed the easiest window to replace. It couldda been worse.

I was hangin' with Mette, and when I came out: Presto!


There is no choice though- I gotta have a stereo in my car. Fortunately, after looking at the prices of stereos online, I discover that things are much cheaper now than they were a couple of years ago. I can now get a stereo for a hunnert bux. Love that bright side!

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April 16, 2004

Slow mem brain

Last night, I spent quite a while hanging out with Tomas onda video phone, which was realy quite fun. It was a perfect way to goof off.







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April 04, 2004

Webcams, music, and more craziness in the mission.

When I originally moved away from Colorado, I bought my mom one of those old parallel port webcams- you know- the golfball-sized ones that only shot grayscale?

My plan was to use the wonders of

- whoop... wait a second- while I was writing that last sentence, i heard a very loud crash outside, and then a horn blaring, so out I got with my trusty camera, to find that there was a collision at 18th and mission. It had knocked one of the cars through the front of the fish market that always reeks of rotting fish.


I don't know if anyone remembers, but a year or tow ago, I posted photos of a taxi that had gone through the front of the dollar store across from said fish market. THere didn't appear to be any serious harm to the drivers in this accident, though I am not positive about that... While I was taking pictures, I hear my name being called, and I look over to see Russell and Deborah in their car, waiting at the light. Mind you- this is almost five AM, and the streets are empty. Very cool.

Okay- back to what i was writing.. I was intending on using cu see me to help keep in touch with my mom, but for various reasons- mostly hardware limitations, it never happened. Well- as of last night, my mom started using a DSL line, and the computer and camera that I sent her, and we got to use iChat AV for the first time. That first few minutes that i saw her pop up on my screen were like being a kid on Christmas day. It's great to get to see each other, even if the picture from her end is a bit lacking (she's using a USB camera for the time being, instead of firewire). I am really excited about it. Tomorrow, I am going over to Locke's to watch movies, and am gonna bring my laptop to have her meet some folks, and before that, I'm going over to Dave's, to work more on fabricating, and I'll take her there as well. Wireless rocks. I am such a dork....

I've begun to stitch the beginning s of the sound aspect of my show together, and it does nothing but make me even better about it all. I know that it's going to be a huge challenge to coordinate all of the samples and to keep them all straight, but hell- have you ever seen an accordionist play? Anyway- to start, I'm using stock samples and loops, but I aim to eventually fill in a lot of it with my own music. This is another thing that I'm really thrilled about- is not only to be able to perform with costumes and puppets, but also to perform my own music at the same time. It's something that I originally got the inspiration to do about a decade ago, but it never really came together. It was mainly a technology issue. What originally started out as me putting together recorded music to do puppet's with, eventually turned into my first band project. The original intent behind that was to do something that used costumes and puppetry as well, but again- that never fully got off the ground either. It was a hell of a lot of fun though, while it lasted. It also lead to the Cortizone 5 (the band, not the anti-itch creme), which was still one of the best, inspired, and most kick in the ass collaborative creative projects that I have been involved with to date. I can only hope that this project stays that compelling for me. If so, I am in for a treat-especially if it fils my ooderwear with fat, dirty moola-la!


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April 02, 2004

Headway in freakville

On wednesday, Dave and I made some serious headway in the performance.

Dave and Tomas have been working on a flash for I/O devices for a company called Making Things. I won't go into how cool this project is, because I'd undoubtedly not be able to do it justice. What it has allowed DAve to do is to easily hook up a generic PC joystick to my laptop, and then, with some of his patented superhero magic, it now makes the perfect sounds that I need it to for the show. While he was doing that, I found a great source for sound effects online, and downloaded a ton of stuff that will greatly streamline my process for building up enough material to cobble together version 1.0 of my performance. I am feeling much more confident about it than I have up to now, since everything is beginning to come together.

We also began the process of converting the cardboard prototype of the puppet's cockpit into fiberglass. I'm psyched, becuae I do believe that the stuff that we are fabricating is going to look ten times better than I had originally hoped for. Also- the struts on the backpack that the speakers are mouned on are gong to get covered in fiberglass as well, so the will look much more clean, while gaining a ton of strength in the process. Here is where the 'yay' goes: YAY!

Yesterday, Laura and I went to the open house for her ex-boyfriend's (let's call him "Scott") business. He and his partners were all engineers at Xerox's Parc labs, until
they went out on their own and started this company. They do really cool hardware/software interfaces, among other things. Scott does a lot of the machining himself onsite, and I couldn't help immediately thinking about What Dave and I have been doing- only in a much more ghetto (which for me, translates to "more fun") sort of way. I had a much more clear idea about what they do since I've been watching Dave work his magic. I thought the timing of it all was a nice synchronicity.

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March 30, 2004

Goin' ta city hall..

Today, I had a meeting with the executive director, and the assistant director of the entertainment commission at city hall.

Until today, I had no idea that I was meeting with people so high up on the totem pole. As it turns out, my phone call to them was timed perfectly. They had been planning on making a move to take a more active role in supporting street performance in the city, and I was the first person that they met with to discuss the framework of a proposal to the city commissioner. It sure is great to be living in a city where there are people in the government who give a rat's ass about such things. They loved the idea of my show, which was great- plus they were very supportive in coming up with suggestions as to privately owned places that I could perform.

As for my current situation: they said that there is really nothing that they can do in the short term about permitting, and that I should just go out there, and take my chances. They pretty much assured me that I wouldn't be ticketed for a first offense, so as soon as I have a workable rig, I am gonna go for it.


Again- here is another shout out for all of my peeps with iChat AV to use da video phone with my ass. Well- my face as well, I suppose....

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March 29, 2004

Why have I stopped blogging?

I think that a part of it is that since I quit glass blowing, and have been focusing on things that I find more fulfilling, I haven't had as great of a void to fill, which is what blogging seemed to do for me.

I do have the urge to get back into it again, but as you might have noticed, I have not been successful in many of the attempts that I have made up until now.

The intensity level on life has ratcheted up a hell of a lot since last I wrote. The single biggest thing that has dominated my consciousness is news of the most challenging type. It's about my Mom, who most of you know, I am very close to.

For about the last eight months or so, she had bee having some significant symptoms that caused her to be concerned about her heat. Most of the time that she went to see a doctor, she was told that all seemed to be fine. The only doctor that seemed to take her seriously was a woman, which unfortunately, I don't find surprising at all. They put her on some meds, which seemed to help quite a bit, but then, about a month and a half ago or so, she started getting winded just walking up a flight of stairs, . This was finally deemed important enough to get serious about finding out what the hell was going on. She was in the hospital a couple of times for a few days at a stretch, where they administered a billion blood tests, and took some biopsies of her heart. They discovered that she had a lot of fluid building up in the pericardium, which is the sack that is around the heart. They drained it off, which helped her to get some of her energy back, but a fluid buildup like that is typically a sign that something rather serious is going on.. About a week later, she called me with the results of her biopsy. She was told that she has less than a year to live. She has a condition called cardiac amyloidosis. It's caused byu the body producing a protein that causes a scar-like tissue to accumulate in the heart, which progressively erodes the heart's ability to pump blood throughout the body. Her tests were done at the Mayo clinic, which is basically where one would go to get a second opinion, so we are reasonably sure that the diagnosis is correct. As far as the prognosis is concerned, I am reserving judgment, as I plan to have my mom around for a lot longer than a year. She has been going to alternative medical practitioners, and is taking a holistic approach, which we hope will keep her around for a great deal longer than they say. Her spirits are really good, all things considered, and she has had lots of people come to her aid, which has been great. I have already been out to see her, and to help her with rearranging her apartment, and taking care of any muscle work that she needed done around her place. I have also sent her out a computer that I got from the old angry monkey space, along with a webcam, so that we can be in contact through the wonders of iChat AV, apple's video conferencing software (which, by the way, if anyone reading this is set up for it, let me know, and we can do the same). Even though I am optimistic about things with her, I do find that I am much more emotional these days. I find that tears are never really far away, which I actually tkae as a blessing, since I typically have not had the luxury of crying as often as I'd have liked in my life. Things like this are also very, very real. It's nice when you live in a world that's all just a bunch of bullshit social convention, to have something undeniably real to ground you an make you realize how important the people taht you love are...

So- that is the biggest thin dominating my consciousness. It's a big one.

Laura and I are still seeing each other. It's been challenging for both of us, and is still pulling us both in. We are very different people, and have been working to find the best ways for us to fit together. It has been very rewarding, and continues to provide a lot of love and insight. Being in relationship at this age, is something else that seems to be a lot more real at this age than it has at any other time. When I was younger, I was always looking towards the future, and now I feel like I am much more in the present. I suppose that that is a part of the lifestyle that I am leading at this moment in time as well. I have little idea what the future holds in most aspects of my life. The one thing that i really do believe in is the amazing quality of my friendships, and how blessed I am to have the friends that i do: people that I know that I will be close to and love for my entire life.

I am mostly done with assembling the work from candycartoon into a book. A couple of months ago, I went to the Alternative Press Expo, with a copy that I had prtinted up at home, along with some promo packets to hand out. This was an idea that had been pitched to me by a local artist named Attaboy, who is a talented artist that has a version of the career that I I am currently working to build for myself. Attaboy has been an amazingly supportive person to me, and has asked me to contribute to a publication that he puts out called I hate cartoons. I went to both days of the event, with Mette and Dave as support on the first day, and Laura for the second. Attaboy gave me a list of all of the people that I should approach, and I systematically went around and made contact with them all. One of these folks was a gentleman by the name of Alex Pardee. His work really cracks my shit up. One of his projects is called Bunnywith, and I do believe that I am going to get to contribute a bunny to the next issue. That rocks. Anyway- the biggest news of my A.P.E. experience is that the publisher who owns Fantagraphics showed interest in my book, and requested that i send him a copy to read. that was a month or so ago, and no word as of yet. I didn't get an e-mail address for him, but I have been attempting to get hold of him nonetheless. I suppose that I will make a snailmail attempt sometime soon, just to make sure. We shall see how it all goes. If too much time goes along without hearing anything, I am just going to push ahead and self publish. either way- next year, I will have a booth at A.P.E. myself. Yurp.

My street show is slowly coming to fruition. I have a meeting tomorrow with a gentleman who works with the city arts commission to see about getting the special permit that I need to do my show (I am applying to get a unique permit to be amplified). If that gets green-lighted, I am good to go. My costume is assembled, the backpack computer/sound-system is almost done, and one of the two puppets that i'll be using is almost entirely completed. All of this is very good, since my financial situation is getting more and more anemic every day. Once I am up and running, I do believe that it is a matter of time before I can replenish my savings. That, and the book will undoubtedly give me a semblance of a functioning "art" career in the very near future, as opposed to the craft/manufacturing career that I have had previously. My dream of being a successful, professional weirdo shall come to pass. (Hopefully not like a kidney stone..)

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January 10, 2004


Okay- so I suspend routine work on candycartoon to focus on the book, but it sure does make me feel dried up to not have forward momentum on the site.

I also would ideally like to have ongoing additions to keep the site fresh. One of the problems that i have though, is that a part of me is feeling like that formula has played itself out for me. I'm thinking that once the book is done, I may switch to actual painting, and scan those to post on CC. that way I'll actually have some stuff to put in a gallery. I think it's the way to go. But first: the book. Luckily there is the blog, and my music time with Dave to ensure that I don't wither. Soon there will be much performing as well, and that will help too. I'll just have to figure out how to more effectively use my time.


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January 09, 2004

Digital input

My new love interest knows about me bloggo, and has given me permission to write all about her- every nook and cranny.

This includes her name, which is Laura. It also includes her habit of shooting blue laser beams from her eyes, and flowers from her toes. She has a way of doing it that is very endearing, I can assure you. When you meet her, pretend that you don't know about it- she's modest that way.

Seriously though- even though Locke requested some sincere sweetness on my part, and though there is much that I am feeling- I really don't want to drown everyone in a sea of gooishness- with the possible exception of Laura herself, and that can be accomplished in private.

I continue to be pulled into the relationship, and am very much enjoying the process. I find that I haven't gotten as much work done this week, which is certainly no surprise. I'll have to find a new equilibrium in order to get things done, but I'm very happy to have this sort of challenge to contend with. After being single for so long, I'm finding the process of getting into a relationship has shifted quite a bit. The last relationship that I was in began when I was 30. The perspective of being at this age really ads a bunch of different nuances to things, which I really enjoy. There's more conscious intent and communication, and less taken for granted. Why, I'd recommend this wacky type of thing to just about everybody!

I was interested to hear that when Cathy and I did our show in Arcata, that a significant number of the people in the audience were entirely unfamiliar with the concept of online personals like Friendster and Nerve and such. It was some sort of "weird" thing, that once they had it explained to them, they weren't sure that they approved. This is from a college town on the coast in California. It's so easy to forget how insular life here can be. My step-sister in San Diego, who is in her early thirties, had never heard of burning man. Now- I know that there is nothing earth shattering about that at all, but I was struck by how common so many things are here (not that they're important per se- just that they are so commonplace), but in fact, are just existing in a bubble. I am absolutely fine with that. I have always lived in a bubble of my own devising, but now I just happen to live in a place where that bubble has a lot more in common with the world directly around me.- Except that ever present pee smell that I get when I'm walking around outside....

There is this new set of relationship signifiers that comes with the online personals world that I've seen crop up from time to time. This would be the "profile status". Is one at a point in a relationship that they are no longer advertising themselves online as single? How does it work (or not work) when one person feels compelled to advertise themselves as "in a relationship", but the person that they're still dating is promoting the "single " angle. What about when a person has moved to a phase in their dating relationship, where they are calling themselves single, but are merely "interested in meeting people for" "friendships" and/or "activity partners"? Then there's the ugly (for some) finality that hits when a former significant other takes down their "in a relationship" placard to replace it with the "single" a.k.a. "open for bidness" sign. It all sounds very high school, but let me assure you, there are a ton of 20 and 30 somethings in urban centers who would know of what I speak.... I wonder who is going to make a TV episode out of it first? It's be perfect fodder.

Now, after recently having eaten a huge spaghetti dinner, I must ready myself for bed...

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January 06, 2004

Dental high jeans

I had to get up in the morning to go to the Dentist.

Since my financial status is hurtin' fer certain, I am a patient at the school of dentistry. I had gone to a clinic in my neighborhood to get my front teeth fixed, but that place was too frightening to have real work done. Plus- the guy that gave me my checkup manhandled my mouth like I was some sort of dead ox or something. Bastard. I felt like I was being sold a used car as well. Some guy came in and said that if I paid right then, in full, for the entire course of treatment, I could get 20%- but it had to be right then! Now Now NOW! Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity! The clock is ticking! Since it is a chunk of change that I'm looking at, I figured I'd hold off for now. The school is a much more orderly environment. I felt much more at ease there. It was a huge, open room with low-walled cubicles that had an examination chair, and all of the fixinz ya might expect in a dentist office. Three of the walls of the place were made of windows, so there was a lot of natural light. I'd say that there were about 40 cubicles- maybe more. The room just felt so much better than the clinic that I went to in my 'hood. that place was scary. Yellowed walls and old equipment- with my mouth being yanked all over by Pinchy the dentist. I could go on about it, but I'd not recommend Western Dental to anyone. Yikes.

Today, I am meeting L to walk her dog, and then we are going to watch Spririted Away at my place. Yum.

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January 05, 2004

The gooey times

I'm making a bit of a push to be a better blogger again.

God knows that this attempt will undoubtedly fall my the wayside, as all of the others did, but I'm at least goingta givvita shot.

I'm at the beginning of that googly phase of a relationship. Some think of it as the honeymoon stage, but I don't quite the same sort of history with such things. All of my most significant relationships had a spark that lasted up until the end. I think that that comes form being such a verbal person, Communication an d mutual exploration keeps one's view on a person dynamic and fresh, and keeps possibility alive.

All of the stuff that kicks up in me in also rather intense. Of course, most of you know that my track record with long term relationships has a nice charred quality to it. At a certain point in both of my longest term partnerships, I was served up some form of yummy hand grenade, so obviously I am a bit wary- not in a closed off way- just in a way that keeps me from projecting too far into the future. Tht's a good thing.

I have said for some time now that the next serious relationship that I get into will have a counseling as a part of it from the outset. I have brought that up with L, and she gets it, which I think is faboo, but obviously I am not in a financial space at the moment to accommodate such an expense. Assuming that things progress as it seems like they are, I will make it happen somehow anyway.

I was having a chat with my li'l friend Beefo last night, and she was analyzing what it is that I need to really be drawn in to a woman, as far as behavioral triggers go. Obviously, all that goes into making the right chemistry is a complicated set of things, but one thing that i found to be quite interesting is that everyone that I have been really drawn to, has basically passed on the opportunity of getting involved with me from the outset, but were brought around over time. I think that this is what the woman who wrote The rules was getting at, thought the main difference is that the women that I'm drawn to aren't acting for effect- they truly were ambivalent or indifferent. It's not that I believe that that was the pivotal thing that pulled me in- but I do know that if I am attracted to someone, and am spending a routine amount of time with them, I am certainly up for a challenge.

Cathy pointed out to me a while back that now is not the best time for me to be considering a relationship, since I am in such a state of flux at the moment- with no real idea how my situation is going to play itself out career-wise. I can certainly see that point of view, but ya never know when cupidzgonna strike, so I've remained open. One of the challenges, should this pan out, will be to figure out how to properly integrate a full relationship into my life. Fortunately, she is a interface designer, so she already has a nice monitor and tablet at her joint, so I could get work done at her place during the wee hours since she is more of a diurnal sort. That is a seriously great bonus. A woman with a computer tablet... Hubba hubba!

We'll see if it all pans out in that direction, though the fact that I feel myself drawn to imagining any sort of future plans is a treat unto itself. Yum!

BTW- new Candycartoon pic is up if yr innerested.

Rock out.

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January 04, 2004

Smitten? Infatuated? In love?

Who knows? All I know is that I am very taken with a certain someone.

It was the perfect setup as far as I'm concerned. She had originally written to me through the Nerve personals. After our first date, we agreed to just pursue a platonic friendship, which we proceeded to do. As time went on, I began to have an increasing attraction to her, but I didn't put voice to it, since she was the one that initially introduced the platonic approach. Last week, she told me that in fact, she was interested, and we have been seeing each other romantically since then. Focusing on a friendship at first is ideal for me, since as we hung out over the last couple of months, there was none of that crazy projection, sizing up, and second guessing that dating usually brings. We were much more casual than two people usually are when dating as well- and that allowed us to really get to know one another. Now it is all moving along at a relaxed, and very enjoyable pace. I do believe that I am well on my way to having my first girlfriend in 5 years- but only time will tell. All I know is that I am enjoying it in the moment, and no matter how it pans out, I do feel very fortunate to have experienced what has unfolded so far.

So- the new year is shaping up to be a rather great one.

There has also been a good development in the "career" front as well. It doesn't translate into any cash, but it's good nonetheless. I have been asked by Attaboy to be in his next issue of "I hate cartoons", which is a publication that gets national distribution through Tower records. He is basically doing exactly what I am aiming to do for a living : He publishes his own work (Books and toys), and makes a living off of it. I am very pleased to be working with him.

Mister David Johnson and I have been doing music that i think shows some real promise. It's a very fun project, and am very happy with it. I will be posting some of it here at some point or another.

the new year is shaping up to be a great one. Here I am, only three days into it, and I already have significant developments in my love life, as well as a new career-oriented development.

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December 11, 2003

This fan gots balls

I think that this is my favorite flash game that I've run across online so far. (Via Metafilter)

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The early bird spills the beans.

Okay- So I had a frickin' fantastic birthday.

I was treated to Dinner by a pack o' me frinz. Dave, Leila, Locke, Beefy, and Cathy were in attendance. We went to to my favorite Thai place and gorged on delicious food. Yumyumyum! Afterwards, we headed to the Kilowatt, which is my favorite neighborhood watering hole these days. There we ended up meeting a gaggle of other folks including Mette, my roomie, a bunch of my old friends from Boulder (Tracy, Laura, Ted), as well as my fellow pushby, Tomas, and his loverly sweetie, Lara. That was great enough, and a gift unto itself. I am very fortunate to have all of these fantastic people in my life. I had spoken with Mette on the phone, before we got there, and she asked me if I had gotten any god presents, to which I replied, yes! I am bloated, and I'm with my friends. She repeated the question when I saw her. I've known that she can be pretty impatient when it comes to gifts, but I really wasn't connecting the dots right then, since I was feeling quite sated and content. So, at one point, Locke pulls out this card, and presents it to me. I pop it open- and inside is a homemade gift certificate from him and many of the people there (as well as some who could not be in attendance) for a new bike. I was speechless (which can be quite a feat, as most of you know. I really couldn't talk for probably ten minutes. I had that tingly feeling that one gets just before one passes out, but it never went any farther. I still don't know how to process it all. I felt super lucky to have the quality of friends that I have before that happened. Wow. I get sorta speechless now, just thinking about it. I guess that's all I have to say about my friends now. Wow. Wowowowowowowow. I kinda feel a bit teary eyed. I love you guys. I hear through the grapevine that Locko was the ringleader in the whole thing. That Locke. He has been studying a lot of Buddhism these days, so he should know that this single event was good enough that he can prolly rob a liquor store or mug an old lady, and his karmic debt will be absorbed by this deed. You faboo, el Locko!

Birthdays used to suck for me. I have my theories about why, but I think that one of the reasons, is that they were a day that I was forced to confront how i tended to isolate myself. That made me have to get near the reasons why, and that led to a ton of depressive energy. These days things are obviously different. I am obviously on the right track. I might be tighter on money than I'v been in a log while, but I'm richer in friends than I have ever been, by far.

I feel like the universe, or the Gods, or what have you is/are sending me a lot of fantastic, loud messages about my life, and I'm truly grateful.

So I went out and found the perfect replacement for my old wheels. It's the same make as my old bike: same size, with many of the same components, but instead of glossy black and red, it's matte black with a bit of silver detailing. Kapow! I was holding off on this posting until I had the right picture of it, but then my Dad, the crack reporter, beat me to the exclusive on this story, so I had to jump the gun.

Again: Wow.

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December 08, 2003


Today, I slid over the hump toward fortyville.

Turning thirty six is weirder for me than turning 30 was, but I can roll with it. Now I just need a new bike so that I can roll faster....

I keep envisioning my poor kidnapped bike out there- probably not far from my house. Luckily I have the registration number for it, so if I ever see it out around town, I can reclaim it. Wah. I miss my bike tons!

Oh well, at least I'm gonna eat yummy Thai food tonight, and see my friends! Yay!

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December 04, 2003

I am so getting laid.

There's this new thing? Called the "world wide web"? Tonight, I used it to "download" Making love out of nothing at all by Air Supply, and Total eclipse of the heart by Bonnie Tyler. Oh man. I've already got a condom on in anticipation...

Where exactly are these things supposed to go, anyway? Up my nose? I can never figure these things out..

When I was in junior high, I had a girlfriend in Denver who I never met in person. Her name was Bernadette. I met her on the phone while visiting a friend there. We wrote sappy love letters to each other all summer long, and would talk on the phone from time to time. I have these vivid memories of lying on the living room floor late at night while listening to those two songs on the radio, reveling in the waves of luscious cheese that would wash over me all the while.

I was then, and am still now, such a girl.

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New tech in personalsville

A new thing that greenstreet (Nerve) personals offer that is really cool is much like the audblog thing.

One now have the option to leave a voice message rather than a written response to an ad. You can also put a voice message on your own ad as well. This is great.

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November 28, 2003

Tha personalz! ....agin?

These days, I've been thinking about the personals as a hobby.

This is largely to do the fact that it's such a crap shoot, and that so much of the experience is imaginary. It's really not much different than a role-playing game- unless the other party is compelled to stick it out long enough for some reality to break through..

I did not in fact go on the carpet bombing campaign that I thought I would. I wrote to one person, and was pleasantly surprised to see that someone that I found interesting had independently responded to my Nerve ad as well... We shall see how it all unfolds. I realized that the reason that I have not ever gone on a carpet bombing campaign is that I do not want to be faced with a "when it rains, it pours" scenario. I like to take each situation as it comes, and not face making comparison-based decisions, as they seem to ultimately be a lose/lose situation.

I also had the pleasure of hearing back from one of my platonic personals people. It was the first time that she and I have talked, and I really enjoyed it. I do think that we might end up in a sustainable friendship, which would suit me fine.

The fickleness of the online world is a mixed bag. When I find myself going through an extended period where it's less than satisfying, it can be a bit (or more than a bit) of a drain, but it seems to routinely produce enough to keep me coming back. No matter how long of a dead streak I go through, I still think that it's a great human lottery. And speaking of: my stepsister's date that I mentioned in the Audblog entry, went well indeed. I sure would be happy if I was close to yet another human who I care about who has this warped hobby pan out....

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November 27, 2003

Happy Shankshgibbon!

Man, I'm only going to be gone for six days, but I'm gonna gain about ten pounds.

Do not doubt it! I've been porking out since I got here! YUM! (THough I must admit: any food that i get here has some stiff competition form my dear roomie back home..)

I also had my first bout of insomnia, possibly ever. My head was serving up disturbing images all through it as well, though just about the time I started to really consider just giving up my quest for unconsciousness, I was swept away.

My friendster garden is wilting for some reason. Perhaps I should continue with my original M.O., and not send anyone to candy cartoon until I've e-mailed them for a while, mop matter what they say about looking for creative wackos. Hrmm.. tonight I went through the 135 pages of profiles, and bookmarked all of the people that I thought might hit my fancy and visa versa. I think that that will be my project tomorrow: just going on a rampage, and see what happens. It's something that I've never done before. We shall see.. It won't quite be a carpet bombing campaign, but In some ways it wil be. We shall see.

I have another friend date the tuesday after i get back, which I look forward to. It involves more dog walking and blabbing about dating and relationships. My cuppa tea, right there!

I've had a couple of good conversations with my stepsister about her experiences with dating while I've been here. It's been good. There are many ways that my stepfamily feels to be as much or more my family than the majority of my genetic family. That's either sad or great or both.

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November 26, 2003


I just got back some pics from halloween.

I must admit that I had a problem with eating hair straight offa the heads of strangers that night. I have no idea what was going on. I think I was possessed by demons, or devils or cookies or something..

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November 25, 2003

Matt Gonzo allez

last week, a friend who moved to the city not long ago asked me why all of the "hipsters" in town were so hell bent on voting for Gonzalez for mayor. Tonight, I got the semi regular newsletter from V. Vale (of Re/search fame) which stated the following:

Last Saturday we spoke with Lawrence Ferlinghetti at a party for John Becker, a longtime North Beach painter/sculptor/philosopher (recently deceased at age 70) whose dying request was that a party, not a wake, be held in his remembrance. Amid bites of sacrepantina (the best whipped-cream cake in the world) and West African appetizers, we were viewing a few paintings by Maurice Lapp, another local painter whom Lawrence used to (and maybe still does?) paint with, usually at classes or sessions where a nude model was hired.

Ferlinghetti, still wearing his cycling helmet (yet another way to stay fit at the impressive age of 84) was impassioned in his crusade for Matt Gonzalez: "You've got to get every single person you know to go and vote for him! It's unbelievable that someone like him could be running for Mayor!" Lawrence had just come from a dedication in North Beach--a tiny alley had been renamed Jack Micheline Alley (by the way, this is another Ferlinghetti idea: renaming streets after poets, not moneybags, to help keep the memory of them alive). At this dedication, Matt Gonzalez had spoken his respects for the dead poet with quiet authority: he had, after all, edited what is considered the "best" anthology of work by Jack Micheline, a lesser-known "Beat" poet and painter who lived out his last decades in San Francisco's Mission District.

I said to Lawrence, "I have NEVER seen you enthusiastic about a politician before! Why Matt Gonzalez?" He replied, "Well, everybody who works at City Lights who's under 30 is campaigning for him--he's saying something to them; he understands them. He's given these young people hope--he's the first politician who isn't corrupt! He's smart, he's a lawyer, he graduated from Stanford, he's been the head of the Board of Supervisors for years and knows the city; he's the ONLY politician who has ever hosted monthly ART SHOWS at his office, ever! Whenever you look at a politician, try and find out who's backing him. Newsom is totally backed by big Republican money backers and big money real estate interests; all he cares about is pleasing rich people." I added that I had read that Gonzalez rents his home and rides the bus, and that one of his ideas was free busfare for seniors and youth--two demographic groups with the lowest income.

We first saw Matt Gonzalez speak about a year ago, when he introduced Jello Biafra at an Alternative Tentacles showcase of bands at the Great American Music Hall. We were simply amazed at Gonzalez's knowledge of counterculture history and above all, poetry, including the Dadaists and Surrealists. He could seemingly at will quote lines from poems, and cite obscure yet important writers such as Alfred Jarry. The idea that an actual person of culture, with in-depth knowledge of art, poetry, theory, history, music, and literature, could be running for Mayor?! The only other politicians of culture in recent history seem to be Vaclav Havel, Gabriele d'Annunzio (accused of fascist tendencies by some), Andre Malraux (Lawrence observed that he was the French Minister of Culture), and far back in history, Frederick The Second of Sicily, 1194-1250.

We could use a Mayor who seeks a revival of"The Renaissance" (a concept which has largely been forgotten, in which generous civic patronage for artists results in--gasp--an actual Renaissance of creativity in all cultural mediums). Artists, not bankers or realtors, are what we prize out of the San Francisco of the past (S.F. residents include Mark Twain, Robert Louis Stevenson, Ambrose Bierce, Arthur Conan Doyle, Isadora Duncan, et al), and the artists toughing it out here are the ones who will be remembered a hundred years from now--not stockbrokers or developers, or other human slime-creatures who slip huge bribes to mayors and politicians. Some of these slime are right now trying to enrich themselves by turning a tiny triangle of land in North Beach into a $8 million condo hive for rich folk, instead of the public playground for children it was supposed to become years ago...Ask these "developers" how much money they will make! As "The Base" put it, "Landlords are The Enemy of Artists."

So, just like the Republicans have done, we must urge every San Franciscan (of a progressive bent) to vote for Matt Gonzalez, and cast an absentee ballot if possible. They don't make it easy to figure out how to do that, do they? Whereas the Republicans mailed every registered Republican a little absentee ballot form showing how easy it can be...if you know how. Ever wonder how those Florida votes against George Bush II got "lost"? We all know who gained, who profited from that one...So, if you don't know how to vote by absentee ballot, you may call up Republican headquarters, impersonate a Republican...and while you're at it, get extra forms for your friends.

Performance artist Katy Bell, campaigning for Matt Gonzalez, alerted us that voters from ALL precincts will be able to vote Sat-Sun Dec 5-6, 10-4PM at City Hall! Tell your friends; as usual, info. like this doesn't seem to be widely known.

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Bum Deal

A man with a bum iPod battery, and a mission. (via Gizmodo) Maybe he should try the do it yrself method.....

but spraypainting on ads is more funner.....

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November 24, 2003

Love living here: the pics from Saturday

Here are a few pics that somebody shot of the craziness in the east bay.

I didn't have my camera with me, but Leila forwarded a link of pictures from the event. You can see all of them here.

Here you can see no bunnies, but clowns and Santas are present.

ghetto 2.jpg
Santa versus clown. My wrestling match missed some spark,

because though this Santa stepped in to take me on, I was not a bunny, monkey, clown

nor a PeeWee Herman. At least she vanquished the likes of my furry ass...

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November 22, 2003


David "Superhero" Johnson has tinkered with Moveable type so that My audblog postings will immediately go live. I really psyched about this, since it'll allow me to pst to the mungville from anywhere at any time. It will be especially useful if i get kidnapped, or am witnessing some event requires a live report (like an attack by space aliens or intestinal bloating).

Thanks Dave!

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Longing of walks

While goofing off, I did a wee bit of tending to me friendster garden (as my dear friend David calls it)

Every time I feel like I'm bored with it, I end up getting back into it. There was one person who really caught my eye on many levels. We'll see if she responds...

Today was one of those days that I never left the house- not until midnight. I love this cold that we're having. Tonight is supposed to be even colder. A bit of winter in the city. I do miss the cold of Colorado on occasion. that Super kill you quick, 15 below kind of cold. Everything would be so quiet an dead. I'd ride my bike around really slow and just smell the air (when it would be a tad warmer- like 30 or so....), and get my goth on. Those were good times. As I've written about before: That's the one thing that I really miss about Boulder: the long walks late at night, without seeing a single person. Loved that....

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November 20, 2003

Something beautiful

If you have a broadband connection, you should check this out (via boingboing). It makes me want to be more smarterer about 3D animation. ( I recommend downloading it, and watching it in a quicktime viewer at a larger size).

There's another video for the same song that I also like right here (real media file).

Another cool vid that Tomas turned me on to (that I find to be sort of disturbing, and beautiful and ominous all at the same time) is right here.

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Addick t

For the past week, I've been having problems with my internet connection.

It had only been working intermittently, and when it was up, it was only up for a few minutes at a time.

I've really felt like a rat in a skinner box. At first I thought I was okay with it- ya know.. less time spent online and everything..., but I've so integrated the web into my life, that I found myself randomly popping over to my browser to see if the connection was back up, even when I didn't have anything that I wanted to check out. It's be like picking up the phone about a hundred times a day if the line was down. OCD, yes that is me! I am so accustomed to getting answers from the web for any question I have. Need a word spelled? *click* Need a manual for a piece of old electronic equipment? *click* Need to know if that woman I've been preoccupied with is back in town? *click*. What, no internet? *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click*anything yet? *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* How 'bout now? *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click*

So finally, my neighbor piped up, since it's her internet connection as well, and I got off my ass and fixed it. It's interesting to me how I can dislocate myself from things, until I have someone shake me out of my stupor. I'm certainly not that way with everything, but boy, can I be a space cadet!


I totally made myself crack up a while ago by going to a site that someone had direct linked to from my archives. It's a different one than Amy posted yesterday. It's just so funny to see cute bunnies and girly stuff, with Goatse plopped into the mix. I laughed my head off. I am so juvenile...

Speaking of goatse... boingboing had posted a picture and link to this casemod. Gotta love the pervy synchronicity...

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November 18, 2003

Up date

So I heard back from my date.

All is well. We will be on the "friend" choo choo, which seems to be about right for the initial chemistry that I felt when we met. The dating thing is good, because often it leads to more friends, but it is also bad, because it ads more people to my life who I will not have time for. The thing that is really great though is that I really believe that this city is one of a small handful in the country that has so many people that I'm interested in meeting. I think that that might have something to do with the fact that we share something very important to me in common: the fact that we live in such an amazing place...

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November 17, 2003

Scars on Thars

One week after the closet debacle, and I am good as new.

The new teef iz bettah than the old...


and you know the old saying: Whatever doesn't kill you...


will give you a nice scar.

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November 16, 2003

Another great gadget

Oh man, if I was bringin' in cash like I was back in the day, I would be getting my greedy mits on one of these. (Via Gizmodo)

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November 14, 2003


Cool new video performance gadget.

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Okay- here's something that is of interest that i can write about in here. It's nothing big, but I find that it will sit around on my frontal lobes every now and again.

Last week i went out on a date. It seemed to go reasonable well, though it's kind of hard to say, since she was in pain form a pinched nerve, and almost cancelled. We chatted over a couple of beers, and then parted. After a parting hug, I mentioned that I still didn't have her number, and she said that she'd e-mail it me, which she did the next day, saying that she had fun. So here is an e-mail with her number, and a positive affirmation about the date. I write back and say that I enjoyed myself as well, and I'd enjoy seeing her again. I suggest that we might take her dog out on a stroll. Never hear back from her. She had mentioned once before that an e-mail that I'd sent her was filtered out by her e-mail client.. Hmm. I'd go into depth at how I've overthought this whole thing, but it's bore ya ta tears. I am fine with being blown off, if I know for certain that I'm being blown off...

So- that new audio blogging thing is fun. I love the fact that I can make a blog entry from my phone. I'm hoping that we (and by "we", I mean the pushby crew) can figure out how to fix this one thing that keeps the post from going live immediately. It's supposed to so that, but i have an added level of complication to my blog that requires that I flip a virtual switch to get it to post. I still love it, though.. And- I do believe that I have finally settled on what that section to the left is. An audio only section of the blog is the perfect fit. It only took me two years to figure it out.

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November 11, 2003

Photoshop theme: Mate-a-movie. Combine two or more movies into one.

I thought that this was pretty freeging funny. It's from FARK

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Mout= yikes!

Dear N'Dugu,

Today, I went to the dentist to get my teef fixed.

It looks like it will be cheaper than expected. I went to a clinic in my neighborhood. The clinic itself was ghetto chic. Badly in need of a paint job, and new equipment. As i said: the new choppers were less than expected, but the kind dentist told me that i needed a bit of work. A bit of work that would run into the multiple of thousands of clams. That made me dance a li'l jig, N'Dugu, let me tell you!. Now I will go to the san francisco dental school to see what sort of counteroffer they can give me.

Boy- you brush and floss daily, and this is what you get. I would just stop brushing now if I were you, N'Dugu. If the good lorb wouldda wanted you to have teef, he wouldda made 'em not cost you a billion dollars, even if yer brushing and flossing the crap out of 'em (and no, I don't mean ACTUAL crap...).

Take care of yourself,


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November 10, 2003


Yo! I need to reregister my candy cartoon domain. Who is cheap and good?

Also- I wanna get a postcard made up of one of my images from that there site. Any recommendations?

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Coming out of the closet: a spaz story

Last night, I was at a party with Mette and Dave and Leila.

I was in one of my rambunctious freak modes, and took it upon myself to to walk into the closet and shut the door. This is something that I am compelled to do on occasion. I might be in the middle of a conversation , or just get up and walk across the room and let myself in and then I wait. I will wait as long as it takes for someone open the door, whereupon I then use this opportunity to expend all of the energy that I have stored up in my wait. Where does this impulse come from? I really don't care- it's just something that i do every once in a blue moon.

Well- the impulse that jumped in me once the door was opened was to speedily dart form the closet to the bathroom, and shut the door. I wasn't intending to trip.

I especially wasn't intending to fall headlong into the bathroom and bash my head on the tub.

Chipping my front teeth (which thankfully, are already fake- i've knocked them out twice before) was also not one of the intended consequences.

To say that I was muy embarrassed would be a bit of an understatement. Sheesh! Fortunately, I had camera in hand when I went down.

As we all know- head wounds are well known to be geysers. By the time I thought to pop out with the camera, Miss Leila had dispensed with the carnage in the tub itself.

My pants were soaked, but fortunately, they were leather, which doesn't show it.

Mette had the idea for there to be a potluck fundraiser to help me fund the new choppers to make my mouf purdy agin, since I am still in between things when it comes to dipping my bucket into the revenue stream. Tomorrow i go to get them. I'll worry about paying for them later.

Next time I'm at a party, and get the impulse to hang out in a closet, I just might reconsider...

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October 24, 2003


Okay, I caved in.

There's no way that I can avoid writing my own stuff for the show. So far, I have cooked up a couple of stories based on my recent experiences with a certain BS artist that I recently cohabitated with. Both stories are derivative, though I think that they fit well into the fairy tale mold. The way that I see it, is that I can use it as an opportunity to cook up stories and field test them. Then I can put them in book form, and sell them at performances of the story itself.

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October 23, 2003

Thus falls the other shoe...

Here is what my new roommate did to me last night:


I hope that she has many more shoes, and that they keep falling into my mouth...

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October 21, 2003

A note on my new (dream) roommate:

She loves to cook, an more importantly: seems to love people loving her cooking at least as much as she loves to cook

In the four days that she has lived here, she has treated me to the most unbelievable shortbread (with melted chocolate spread on top), yummy brownies, and homemade lasagna (with the pasta and sauce made entirely form scratch, with fresh ingredients). I now have no choice, but to get my ass back to the gym, pronto! I can;t help but ot be jaded enough to wonder hoe the horrible things are going to unfold.. this does seem too good to be true... I was very happy about my last roomie after all....

I will keep my fingers crossed...

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October 20, 2003

Wow- will I really use this space?

I suppose that it's time to start using this side of the blog.

I started thinking about it, because I though that it would be interesting to have a blog about the experiences of my foray into puppeteering as a primary source of income.

I will detail some other projects here (mainly the book), but largely , this will be a space for my latest career turn.

I'm reading fairy tales in order to base a show off of them. As i read, i keep getting the hit that the thing that I have been doing with Candy cartoon is very close in flavor to a fairy tale. It's often a single panel fairy tale to me. this, of course, makes me want to write my own fairy tale to perform, but i think I am going to stick to my original plan, and fine a pre existing story, and adapt it. We'll see how it goes. I just want to avoid my natural tendency of diving in too far over my head right away, before i've tested the waters. It's an impulse that can really pay off, but I just need to get something together as fast as possible.

So that's my plan for today: find a story to adapt, and start figuring out how to make it great. Shaking the urge to write my own will be tough though.

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Whatever happened to my plan to keep up with the blogging?

Last week, I was embroiled in rehearsals for a puppet show that I had coming up on Friday.

That pretty much ate up my entire week. The unfortunate part is after putting all of that time in, it still ended up being el sucko. I was really down on the thing, because even though we didn't bomb, it was rickety as hell. Te show was very reliant upon sound- you know.. sound effects, dramatic score etc.. Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to do a full run through with our sound guy (who also happens to love the "herb", a wee tad too much, if you get my drift, brah..), which had the result of every one of our sound cues being horribly massacred, or left out entirely. The problem was that we deviated from the script a bit, having the effect of shredding the script and then tossing it into a blender, as far as our faithful sound guy was concerned. Needless to say, the show fell flat. My displeasure at this fact was compounded by the fact that the turnout for this event was mammoth- considering that Arcata is a town of 12,000 people. Afterwards, my performing partner kept trying to look on the bright side, but I would have none of it. I know what I am capable of, and on a scale of one to ten, this was a 3.

Next for me is to work up some solo material, since I need to be bringing money in, and I am done with glass, or at least I aim to be. This means that I will be relegated to the land of library shows, and busking for the time being. The periods of career transition in my life, have always involved chomping on some humble pie. Last time, it involved shlepping buckets of rocks up and down a hill all day for 11 bucks an hour, before my career in glass started. I figure, the kids shows are a step up from that. Also- the thing about the solo show, is that it's entirely in my control, which I happen to think would be a great idea at this point in time. I need to get the performing skills up to snuff anyway, so pounding away at kids shows will help me get my chops up. As I've made mention of before, I am aiming to work up a set of shows for adults as well, and I'm hoping that working the kid's show angle will get the juju going. Also- I figure that getting used to performing traditional narratives will be good for me to get my own narratives together (for both performance, and writing/illustrating).

One more angle that I'm excited by, is that I'm cooking up a street show that uses my laptop to run sound effects, and musical scores for my show on the fly, which will allow me to do a show that is perfect for performing internationally. I am getting very i to the idea of making my living as a traveling busker. To make money, while seeing the world and entertaining people is very exciting prospect, and is something that I think will be a good way for me to promote and sell my book as well.

I also have been insisting on getting a full night's (or day's) sleep- which means going to bed when I am tired, and allowing myself a full 8 or 9 hours. I have never done this before in my entire life, and it feels terrific! Since I don't really have any activities that are time specific, the main thing that it translates to is that I have between 2 and 3 less hours in my day. The way I feel more than makes up for it.

Last Sunday was the burning man decompression party, which was amazing. Almost everyone there was in costume. There were some fantastic ones there- my favorite was this giant robot (thought he picture really doesn't do it justice). At one point fairly early on, chomped on a foul tasting thing that had some effect on my noodle. Combined with the gin that Ihad somehow made its way down my gullet, I ended up losing my mind, in a rather fun way- that is, unitl the not so fun part moved in. Without going into the entire story, I ended up in a state of total emotional catharsis- being unable to keep it together. It was great and difficult all at the same time. Dave came to my rescue (again), and got me back home. All in all, it was a terrific time. Probably exactly what I needed.

There have been a lot of things going on of late- both great,and not so great, but I'm too lazy to list them all. Life is good, even if i do have to contend with the odd bit of melancholy and anxoious tension here and there.

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September 25, 2003

The horror!

One idea that I had a while back is an event somewhat like a tupperware party.

If the current trends in data storage continue, it's not going to be long until one can pick up a say.. five terabyte firewire or USB 2 hard drive for a few hundred dollars. Almost every song that has ever been recorded and distributed could fit on such a thing- if not, at least it'd be more music than any person would ever want to hear in their lifetime.... If one were to know a number of devious and fiendishly diabolical evildoers (which I'm sure is theoretically possible), one could have a gathering to knock back a few drinks, and somehow- if all of those empty drives were in the room- I'm certain that all of said data would miraculously just slide off of the full drive, onto all of those sad, empty ones. Maybe it could be done on "talk like a pirate" day.

I think I will have to invest in a pair of handcuffs and a cape, so that when that day comes, I will be able to swoop in, and bring such cads to justice.

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September 24, 2003

Roommate searchin'

If you've talked to me at all in the last week or so, you know that I've been looking for a new roommate, since my current one has opted to move in with her grrrrlfrin.

At first, I though t that I'd start looking for a new place, while searching for a new roomie at t eh same time. The option with the best solution would be the one that I'd go with. THat was before I actually started looking at ads. Whether it's a personal ad, or an ad for a new roommate, people often tend to market themselves in a manner that inspires shuddering and nausea. When I read these ads, I ca feel my soul lean out of my body in order to get away from the screen. I decided that my adequate room was still adequate, and opted to stay.

After interviewing countless people, I do believe that I've come to a decision. He appears to be a very laid back, nice guy, with some night owl tendencies. I never ask for references, since It'd be an easy matter to have people cook up some tasty mistruths for a friend. I will just hope that the is who he seems to be.

We shall see.

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September 23, 2003


Last night, I was listening to the Radio show lovelines,

and at one point, Dr. drew equated a caller's boyfriend with being a loser, basically because he wasn't fulfilling his standard role as a worker. In fact, he was a bookie. Now, I have no real strong feelings about bookies either way, but it struck a bit of a defensive chord in me, seeing as how i am technically unemployed at the moment. I have found that the older that I get, the more I find myself affected by the messages that I pick up from the mainstream about value and self worth. Well, I suppose that it's more of a return to that, since as a child and an adolescent, I was immersed in those messages as well. I have always valued being on the outside- of being a frickin' weirdo, and I still very much do, but following one's passions can be disorienting, when one is forging ahead without a clear roadmap. Every now and again I need a reality check. Not the reality that we are all presented with, but an escape of into my Mungiverse, where I can recharge, and get the perspective that I need to keep the flame alive.

What this all gets down to, is that I have always felt that if I am to get the things that I really want in life, it's going to be by bringing forth as much of my inner world as I can, and getting it out to as many people as possible. This is more clear to me now than ever. I am at the entry point of really making that happen, and I find that the prospect is met with all sorts of self imposed stumbling blocks. I am pushing through them, but many are acting as glue for my feets.

About a week and a half ago, I contacted Michel Gagn, of Insanely Twisted Rabbits fame, and had a conversation with him about his career as a self published weirdo. It was very insightful and helped me to get a clearer understanding of what my game plan is. He said that almost everyone who tries going this route gives up, since it usually gets pretty bleak before it gets off the ground. I am keeping that in mind. I was very impressed by the fact that he was available as he was, and I'm grateful for his input. He's a very nice, giving guy.

Okay- off to finish up some drawing.

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August 29, 2003

Geekin' out in the middle of the desert

I'm at burning man, sitting in a dome tent in my camp.

Dave is sitting outside in the sun, and Sean is naked and wet.

The weather has left something to be desired until today. Lots of wind kicking up dust, which is a bit of a buzzkill. Today is fine, and I'm not hung over, since I abstained from poison last night.

This was because my hangover yesterday was enough to effectively halt any real fun that I could have had, though I did enjoy spending time with friends. So many people here this year that I know and love. I aim to have fun tonight, if I have to kill someone.

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August 24, 2003


This last week has been a li'l crazy.

For some unknown reason, agreed to house/dogsit, which at the time that I agreed tot it didn't really seem as though it would be that disruptive. I had however, forgotten in that moment to take into account that I was going to be having sessions with a personal trainer that I couldn't reschedule every day last week. One thing that I reconnected with during my time as doggy caretaker, was that I am a horrible television addict, and should be kept away from cable television at all costs. I LOVE TV-and often the worse that it is, the more that I'm into it. I was seriously bummed to see that I was going to be missing the E! True Hollywood Story about the first season of the Real World, if that gives you any idea of the depths of my depravity. I can't explain the visceral feeling that I get when I'm watching some TV, but it really is like a drug. I am glad to be away from the temptation as of today. I encountered a prollem, though: Beth told me that she has cable, which of course means that the first thing that I think of, is that I'm going to be bringing over one of my VCRs to suck off her access. This is not good. I have no willpower, God help me.

I still have a ton of shit to get done, and today is the last day to do it. I have to buy food and such, and see about some last minute apparel acquisitions ( I plan on wearing long skirts the entire time that I am there.

L and I have continued to see each other, which has been fun. I often marvel at how unfamiliar i am with the dating process. The actual superficiality of it, I am fine with, but once things progress into any more physical territory, I am left without a map. In some ways I feel like a person who was married since 18, and recently got divorced, and is exploring the single life, largely because until the last year, I had never really dated. I was a serial monogamist, or I was just single, and reasonably content to be alone. I do enjoy learning about myself in this context.

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August 20, 2003

The bus and the suck

I tried riding the bus when I first moved here, an I found that unless you are going very far from point A to point B, it is an extremely maddening experience.

This is because riding the bus in this town is often only the tiniest bit faster than walking somewhere, and it makes riding a bike seem like you are traveling at warp speed. This was further stressed to me this morning, when I was skateboarding home from taking my car into the shop. I had to get onto the sidewalk, because I kept having to wait for the bus to get out of my way at the beginning of each block. I'm aware that some people ride the bus because they like the aesthetics of it, but most seem to be too damn lazy to get their ass where they're going under their own damn power, and would rather take a year to get where they are going, rather than exert a bit of energy.

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I love my neighborhood

It often strikes me how much I love living in the mission, which is really odd, considering how much I loved living in Boulder Colorado, and how different the two are.

I always considered Boulder to the the living room of the united states: or more like the giant cozy sofa nestled in the living room of the united states, complete with a 64 inch plasma screen TV, unlimited digital cable, video games, and a giant bag of chips. It was cozy and comfortable there. Great if you wanted to veg out, or draw pictures all night, or practice guitar. It was also great for hiking and such, but who has the energy to wander around the living room, when a cozy couch is beckoning?

If Boulder was the couch, then I'd have to say that the mission is the crazy-neighbor-kid's-back-yard of the United States. It's full of poo and pee, and plenty of interesting bits to overstimulate you. You go there, because you've spent too much time on the couch, and you became so bored that going and hanging out in the weeds and the dirt with a kid who occasionally wets his pants and mutters to himself is suddenly very compelling. Besides- if his odd collection of dead things, and BB guns and Spaghetti-O stains get to be too much, you can always go back to the couch.

I spent way too much time on the couch, so I built a fort in the crazy kid's yard. Oh sure- it's kinda creepy and smelly, but it's very interesting, and a perfect antidote to the boredom of the pretty, placid place that I was nestled in for twelve years.

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August 15, 2003

Sleepy brain makes bad entries.

I'm doing surprisingly well at the moment, for a guy with only four hours of sleep under his belt.

My trainer said that I have the lowest resting heart rate of anyone that he has ever worked with, which was surprising, given that I'd chugged about 8 cups of tea just before going in.

I had a bit of a setback with the 3D work yesterday. The files for the character that I've bee modeling somehow got corrupted, so I had to go back over a lot of the same ground that I'd already done. I'm afraid that the first pass was best. Typical.

I went to the east Bay to see my friend Nick's band play. They were on tour from Denver, so I went to give my support. The show was at the Stork Club, in Oakland. I was personally offended by their drink prices. I will never understand why some hole in the wall joints have inflated drink prices. They'd do much better for themselves if they had cheap swill.

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August 14, 2003

All night longo

Up 'til 9 in the morning, working on the drawing.

I've made so many entries about the fact that I need to work at night. It's really the only way for me. That's another element that was missing I do believe. Working on illustration until sunup is far and away one of my favorite things to get into the habit of.

I had a talk with Dave last night about doing some legwork to research what sort of things to offer in the merchandise section of candycartoon. Cathy is putting together a book for the Muse Mechanique, and has found a great deal on printing, and I'm considering having a book printed. Books, and t-shirts of course...

In the meantime, I think that i'll be blowing glass a few days a month, just to ensure that I can keep my main client happy. If I don;t keep her supplied with stuff, she'll just give my accounts to other blowers to fill, and then If I find myself in a serious financial bind, I'll be screwed. It really pain me to consider getting back on the torch, but I do have to be at least a bit pragmatic when it comes to my finances, since I have no solid plan for generating revenue with my creative endeavors.

Things with L have been going quite well. We have been very communicative with each other in a way that's quite rare. It's challenging, but rewarding. We are planning on having another great marathon date this weekend, involving ether, goats and a flamethrower. I hope I remember to take pictures.

I have scheduled a session with a personal trainer today, and that means I'm going to get into the gym with only four hours of sleep. I'm smert. i have no choice, though, since I have five sessions that are going to expire in a little over a week. I don;t want 'em to go to waste..

Burning man is less than two weeks away. I'm pretty excited about it, though I'm somewhat cautious about letting myself have too many expectations.

Okay. I am now officially brain dead, and must crash.

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August 12, 2003

Weeko endo

Saturday, I took part in my first flash mob.

I had only heard of them a few days before, and lo and behold, I was plopped down in the middle of one. L invited me, and it was fun. For those of you (like me, a few days ago...) who haven't heard about them, The basically involve showing up at a given location, and receiving written instructions as to where and what the mob will do. the mob lasts for about 5-7 minutes, and then immediately disperses. This one involved a giant game of "duck duck goose". I know that I'm getting old, because the wholesale sprinting that I did during the game caused me bodily injury. That is something that one doesn't worry about when one is 7 or 8. I can't help but to wonder what state of hell I will be in when I'm 70...

The rest of my Saturday was spent helping a group of friends celebrate my friend Anne's 30th birthday. Dinner, followed by punk rock karaoke. I've only done karaoke one time before, and though i enjoy it, I'm afraid that nobody can work a crowd like Muji can. Muji is a Karaoke superstar.

My Sunday was a very full one, indeed. L took me to see some live theater. I'd heard of such a thing, have always dismissed it as an urban myth, but now I know. It was a production of Shakespeare's Measure for Measure, which was really quite good. There was a magic moment that involved a very realistic black dildo that made me almost wet myself. We took the par tot the play, which was somewhere in the east bay (Orinda?). Afterwards, we were picked up by a dear friend of l's, and shuttled off to a fine pizza dinner. Being in the company of a theater critic, and a food critic means that one shouldn't be surprised to find one's self enjoying both theater and food. It's all kept very covert, but that's what I'm about: subtlety. Yes- that is me.

From there, we proceeded to an establishment that serves gelato, which I'd never had before. I swear to god, I had a massive oralyummogasm in the back seat of that car as we headed towards the city. YUM!!!

After we were dropped off, L and I went to the Endup for some dancing. We danced our asses off (ow) for a couple of hours, and by the time that we left, I must have had a gallon of sweat soaked into my clothes. It was a long, and lovely date.

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August 08, 2003

Men, you.

Last night, L took me to a Thai restaurant,

and while perusing the menu, I noticed that it contained some blank pages, and since they were removable, I took it upon myself to help them out. Yes, I really am that nice.

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Blog Glob

One of the things that helped grind the mung to a stop, was the fact that I began to feel so restricted about what I could say, due to dating concerns.

Given that I was doing so much in the way of dating, I figured that it would ad a significant layer of complication to my life if everyone that I went out with could keep up with the day to day goings on in my dating life. Given that, as a rule, I don't even kiss on the first date, or even the second for that matter, it wouldn't have been the biggest of deals. I just felt that it would send the wrong message. Then, when I started focusing my romantic energy on someone who is a seriously private person, I suddenly had very little that I could write about, due to the fact that that relationship was taking up so much of my attention. We have settled into a nice friendship at this point, so I no longer have it as a that type of single focus. Now I can write a bit more freely again.

Recently, I have been going out with someone new. She found my blog, and it was an interesting thing for her to get to know more about me by reading about a huge chunk of my dating life for the past year. It's fodder for good discussion, to be sure.

She and I (we'll call her "L", for some random reason..) had a great first date last friday. There was a magic moment that I won't be able to justice to, in which we suddenly realized that we'd managed to walk in a huge circle for forty minutes, rather than to the restaurant that we were seeking. It was quite classic.

In her search to find my hidden underbelly, she uncovered an awful truth about me. Yes, I have been leadin' a double life. I have, in fact been leading the life of a despotic overlord. The full story is here. Now you know...

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August 07, 2003

I'm back..... No, really...

Obviously, I've given the mung a facelift. It's not finished, but it's close.

I made the discovery earlier, that blogging during the day is much more productive than at night, but since it;s been so long since I was in the swing of things, I seem to have forgotten it. I have to get to bed. I've sat here, writing, and then promptly deleting everything I've written, so I suppose that it's time to stop. This is basically just a note to say that I'l be getting back into the swing of things form now on. I am going to be adding to candycartoon on Monday, wednesday and friday, and working on 3D stuff on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Where I'm going to fit in the puppet stuff is beyond me, but it'll happen as well.

I've started using the mac scheduling software, in attempt to keep some better structure to things, since I have a serious tendency to forget what I'm doing the second that I get the slightest distrac

oooh! Shiny!

More when I'm back form snoozetown...

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July 18, 2003

*The mom/stripper connection...*

Speaking of Fambily: The free weekly in Denver is called Westword, and last week's cover article featured my mom, Pat. The article was about what I like to call "stripper babysitters", or what most people in the bizness refer to as "house moms". They obviously embellished a bunch of dialogue, but the core of her story is in there. I love my mom.

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Goin' back ta Colonradio

Just a quick note to say that I'm leaving for Denver until next Wednesday, on accounta my grandmother releasing her mortal tether. There will be some blog from the road, I suspect.

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July 15, 2003

Werds from my fangerz

Last week, I began modeling one of the characters from candycartoon, as you can see from the picture above.

I dunno why I chose to model him, rather than Munch, or Yuby, who are regulars. I guess because I had less invested in him, and didn't care if he turned out crappy. As it is, I am fairly happy with him, given that he's my first attempt at porting Mung to 3D.

I am seriously glad to be gaining the ability to bring these characters into a 3D space, but the joy of drawing them is so much better for me. The high that I was on for so long, that was fueled by my daily chunk of drawing has passed, though I can feel it there, just waiting to surface again, one I incorporate that ritual back into my life. It's cool, because I have been getting people writing to me, wishing to purchase work, which gives me hope that publishing a book just might be a viable thing in the not too distant future. I suppose that looking around for a publisher is something that I am could do as well. We shall see...

I do get excited about the possibilities that 3D has to offer- especially in the area of my solo performance that I aim to bring to life. Since I want to have video be a part of it, a 3D section of it will be perfect. It's just about being patient right now.

I need a patron.

I'm not sure what's up with my body these days. Perhaps the gallons of tea is catching up with me- or the lack of variety in my diet or something, but my energy level has been somewhat lacking of late. I might not even notice it, if I hadn't been getting back into the gym and GETTING MY ASS KICKED every time. Damn, it sucks. I don't know if I've ever had such a crappy time working out before. I'm sticking with it, hoping to push through.

One more thing. I just wanna take a b=moment to talk about what the average American considers to be "politics". My friends, Gwinn, Charlene and Ben have have brought to my attention the internet-based grass roots movement called Move On, which has been showing some promise as a viable solution to the bland/dangerous political pabulum that has been forced on us over the last number of decades. It's actually pretty exciting in many ways. Howard Dean won their primary, and is shaping up to hopefully challenge the "republican lite" candidates that the DLC would prefer to push on us. There are many who want to dismiss move on out of hand, and that might be you, but for me, it's an exciting thing to see a situation in which the politics as usual can be seriously challenged by people who might normally feel disenfranchised. On a side note: Howard Dean (or more likely- his campaign manager) is guest hosting professor Lawrence Lessig's blog this week, which I consider to be promising, given that Mr. Lessig is such a champion for copyright reform. I'm hoping that Dean will be influenced by the feedback that he gets from that community, given that he puts forth the notion that he actually modifies his policy based on facts. It would be nice if this is more than mere pretense.

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July 09, 2003


I gotta get to the gym.

Me braims aren't feelin' the way I want 'em to. Lack of physical exertion, combined with liquid brain killer are conspiring to drag me asunder.

The fourth was fine. I met up with my old roomie form colorado at Dolores park. I was watching a free performance with Russell and Deborah that is an annual event by the San Francisco Mime troupe. It was quite fun. We proceeded from there to a pretest art show, and then back to the park to watch some protest films. Lots of protesting to be had. It was a good juxtaposition from my last fourth of July, spent watching the fireworks at the wharf.

Saturday, I had a marathon first date, which was quite good indeed. It started out at a caf, and proceeded to muir woods for a ten mile hike, and culminated in a fantastic italian meal in Mill Valley. I can take no credit for it, of course, since my brain isn't well suited for making stellar plans. Sunday was puppet action, followed by hangin' out wid Dave, and running over my frontal lobes with pints of Racer 5. Monday after work, was my time with M. We watched some Six feet under and pounded what remained of my grey matter with the business end of a mohito hammer.

I am continuing to learn lots at work. I wish i was speedier at the whole thing, but that comes with practice. I got to the actual animation side of things yesterday. Just dipped my toe in, but was nice. I'm getting a good foundation to build on, and am interested to see how things progress.

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July 03, 2003

Hasper tha frinlee host

Last night, I took Jennifer to the Golden Gate bridge.

One thing that no one that I know knew, was that one is not allowed to walk the bridge at night. It was very San francisco- all fog covered at the top, and fog horny and moody. We ended up walking China Beach ( I think that's its name...) which required traversing a long, super steep hill. We walked a path down it, but couldn't find one for the ascent, so we ended up trudging through the bushes, narrowly avoiding the reaper and cursing our fates. (actually it was quite fun..). We Dropped by li'l Bethy's place on the way home, and goofed around until Bef waas overcome by the forces of snoozishness.

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July 02, 2003

Jeebus saves- why don't I?

I will never learn to save my work.

I lost about 75% of may work for the day, yesterday, because of a crash. It occurred to me that I hadn't saved for most of the day, and when I went to hit save, the program conveniently crashed. Ouch. It's not as though this hasn't happened to me a billion itmes before. I ust get so engrossed in my work, that I forget to be prudent

After work, I met my parents for dinner, before heading home to my house guest from the frozen south. We went walkin' round the city, and dropped by li'l bethy's place. Her cat is the funniest animal on the planet. I almost filled my trousers with my own fluids. The laughter was a workout unto itself.

Speaking of workouts- I can hardly wait until Friday, when I will have my first chance to get into the gym for aver two weeks. It's been that crazy for me.

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July 01, 2003

Gettin' back into the blog

June was my bad month for the blog.

I wanna get back on track with it, so toady marks me hitching my bloggo back up to the choochoo.

Not having Candycartoon up and running is really gnawing at me. When it's in full swing, I fell like it's a battery pack on my life- adding extra charge and zing. When it's not, I feel a bit of a drain where it once was. that and the fact that I haven't had time to work out has culminated in my noggin being in a less than ideal frame.

Me ol' friend Jen, form Antarctica is here for the week, plus my dad and stepmom are still in town, so I'm still quite squeezed for time, but things are good. I witnessed another significant synchronicity last night because of it, though- My downstairs neighbor was visiting (she's a good friend of my roomie), and it turns out that she worked in antarckty, with the same people that Jen does. Neither of them seemed to find that very striking, but maybe it's because all that ice makes you insane.

I go to talk with my li'l chum Merritt for quite a while about a week ago. She called me on the satellite phone, and had been nippin' at the bottle, so she blabbed to me for longer than she should have. She is enjoying being in a city, though I just got a mail form her today saying that she got bit by a dog that she pulled out of the street after it was hit by a car. Now she has to go through rabies shots. That's my chum. Always putting her life in danger in order to help the furry friends.

My car has been actin g funny in that not so "ha ha" kind of way. I hope that it keep its sheeeaht togethah.

cathy and had our first official performance on Saturday. I didn't invite anyone that I knew, because I want to wait until it's a li'l more ironed out. It's not like it's some sort of epic thing- it's just a cute li'l skit, but I have standard fer mah peeps... It was the first scripted puppet performance that I've done,a s everything else over the years has either been improv, or for video. It went well. Nothing stellar, but I was reasonably satisfied. I have decided that I'm gonna aim myself at performing for a living, as I know of several puppeteers in the bay area who are doing well for themselves, and that path is a clearer one than figuring out how to get income coming in through my drawing (though I do aim to continue to wrk that angle as soon as the animation gig is over).

Speaking of the animation: it's slower going right now than I'd ideally like, though that's primarily because I am still walking into culdesacs right and left, as I flex my new rickety skills. I have a hard time being patient with my durn self, but I'm still thrilled to be learning tha 3D.

This month is the big swimfest that I am planning. I'll send out e-mail about it soon. E-mail me if you wanna go. I think it'll be a blast. I'm hoping to get a huge pack of folks! Ideally during the week, but if too many people are workin' stiffs, I'll have it on the weekend. Let me know what your schedule limitations are.

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June 26, 2003


A day much like the last one, only hotter.

My Dad and stepmom flew into town today, only to be incinerated by the blistering rays of the sun. I haven't had a chance to see them yet, though I hope to before the weekend. That is an iffy thing though, with the way that my schedule is these days.

Work is good, but the learning curve on things is quite steep, to be sure.

I am sticky from a sweltering day, and ready for bed.

I have many thoughts about what is going on in the world these days, but am too tired to express them at the moment.


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June 25, 2003


Yesterday was a day full day and night of work.

I was doin' 3D at Ben's until about 8 p.m., and then I headed back into town to have rehearsals with Cathy. Got home after midnight. Busy be am I.

I've noticed a definite shift in my world, since I've been missing out on the nightly mung. It;s really not a good thing. Fortunately, the projects that I'm working on rightnow are expanding my mad art skillz, as well as bringin' in some cash. I miss the mung sump'm fierce, though. Yarrrgh.... I will get it started again, as soon as I have time. I haven't even had time to work out for over a week. Whoo! Gotta just embrace the change, and trust that I'm headed in the right place....

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June 22, 2003

Goin' to the chapel..

Man, do have some suckass in the blogwerks, or what?

I just got back from Portland, Maine. I went to see a very dear friend tie the knot with her long, long long time boyfriend. Talk about your epic relationships! I got all weepy at the ceremony (a big, catholic affair), and had a great time at the reception, where I was the only adult to go swimming with the kids. I did my best to set a bad example, by drinking while playing a rousing game of freeze-tag. That was a blast. the day before, I was attacked by one of these rapscallions in the woods, where my eye was put out, and my wallet stolen. Fortunately, I found my revenge in the pool, with a clever "diving accident".

Speaking of wallets: on my way to Maine, I found a wallet in the Newark airport. It had a couple hundred bucks in it, so I figured that if I turned it in, it was likely that the cash would have made quick a disappearing act. I spent some time being a detective, and hunted down the owner's very grateful father, in Texas. I mailed it back to him, which felt quite good. I need some good Karma points to make up for my misspent youth.

Now I am back in town, which is great to be, and am prepping myself for the crazy week ahead. I have a performance on friday, which i haven't even rehearsed yet. I was hoping to get some drawing done this week, but it's doubtful that that will happen. Bummer, dood.

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June 16, 2003


I got a call from my bestest chum,

and she is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She says that she and Pirre are looking a lot like the locals, as far as body shape is concerned. They are both anorexia poster children. Here is pic of Pirre, to give you an idear.

Also I got my replacement iPod about a day after I sent the original one back. I really love it. I also got the iTrip, which allows me to broadcast to any FM receiver, which is great, given how many times I've been around people with Radios, and no other music. While I cannot attest to the quality of refurbished Apple products, I will say that their service is top notch. Being a (mostly) loyal mac user, I'm interested to see what they dish up at the conference next week...

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San Fran= Funtown

There are busy times ahead.

First off, I have a wedding to go to. I'm leaving for Portland, Maine on Tuesday. I'll be gone until Sunday night. I'll be working The entire time that I'm there, and when I return, I have four days to rehearse for a performance that I have coming up on Friday. My Dad and stepmom are flying in sometime around that time, and then, after they leave, Jen from Antarcty is getting into town to stay with me for five days. Some time around then, Yndy and her Hubby will be visiting as well. All of wthis and a job, too. Talk aboutcher craziness! It's one of the things about living in a fantastic city. People wanna come and enjoy some for themselves.

Speaking of: I got a free show last night. I watched two women beat the living crap out of each other. It was quite something. They were locked onto each other's hair the entire time, as they pummeled each other, and bashed each other's heads into parked cars, and the street and on one another's fists. Today there were artifacts left behind, such as this discarded handful of hair. It was quite something.

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June 11, 2003

*Car wah*

Well, as luck would have it, I have been bent over and had a large moola pile torn from my bottom to fix my car. Yowch!

THey found sumpin' else to fix, when it was up on the lift, so now i am set back a chunk. This ultimately snips off a nice length of the fuse that is burning on my finances, and is none too welcome, but I still have put less money into the car than it was worth when i originally bought it, so I'm fine with that. I just hope that when things come to a desperate space in moneyland, that I'll have a bridge to cashacashamoomoomoo. I'm sure ya know what I'm sayin'.

The 3D action is going very well indeed. I am learning a ton, and am still in heave with the fact that Ben is there to hold my hand when I get stuck. It's such an accelerated way to learn.

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June 10, 2003

The trail of incompletes

As you can see, the scramble to catch up failed again.

Though the work isn't getting posted, it is getting done, in part. This is just a reality that will have to be contended with for a while, until I can readjust my schedule back to what i consider "normal". If i was able to stay up until 9 a.m. like I was until recently, I'd be getting everything finished. There's really something about staying up until after sunrise that is key for me making solid headway in my more serious attempts at getting art done. this goes back to college. As soon as I left my night clerking job, my portfolio worked almost completely stopped. I thought that that was just a function of having a set time and place to work, but as it turns out, those hours were, and still are my best.

As I said: I am plowing ahead, and I'm building up a backlog of work- just none that's finished. I am toying with posting things that are in process, but I'm not certain how I feel about it.

For now, I'm posting simple stuff on the blog when I'm not posting here. When you see Avery in blogville, it means that something has been posted to Candycartoon. Otherwise, it's just a surrogate for candy cartoonness (I ran across a bunch of old work that i haven't published yet).

The weekend was highjacked by a raging party that my downstairs neighbors threw. Dave and Bethy and I swilled wine and fucked shit up. It was great fun.

Richard and Fiona were gracious enough to invite me to dinner on Sunday. We had beer butt chicken, and good conversation about parenting and travel. I'd feel bad about missing out on drawing time if it wasn't such a satisfying evening.

My car had to go into the shop yesterday. It's bad timing to be hit with car expenses, but whaddaya gonna do? I love my car. I am evil.

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June 07, 2003

Gettin' real widda pain on me noodle

Okay, so I've had to get real with myself, and come to the conclusion that I have to knock off a drawing from my production schedule, if I am to keep up.

Having five days a week taken up with the animation really puts a kink in things. Four a week is fine for the time being.

Yesterday was more fun with 3D modeling. I am feeling confident that I'll get to where I've always wanted to go with my 3D skillz. This is a part of why I'm fine with dropping a day of drawing. The 3D thing ids very satisfying, and inspiring for me, and as long as I'm pushing forward with things to help me build the bridge towards the kinds of things that I want to do with my life, I'm fine with some play in how that manifests.

I am now Blond again. There's nothing quite like the endorphin rush that i get form putting on the toner, after the bleach has burned the skin off of my scalp. I actually had to dance, fists clenched, form the pain, until the endorphins kicked in. Whoo! Now I get the luxury/fun of scalp scab! Mmmmmmmm......sexy!

Well, the iPod is fucked up after all. Sending him back to the mothership to get his parts twiddled. He a bad, bad boy. Keel heem I weel. Fukr.

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June 06, 2003


I think I'm gonna go blond again. More fun will be had by me. I'll kick your ass.

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All just might be good. Hoo knows?

Okay, so it has been brought to my attention that I haven't done everything that I can do to get mister iPod up and running, so I'll retract my previous whinefest while I see wha's up. Perhaps all is well. I keep my fangrz crossed.

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Fun wit da peeps, and tha bummer of tha broken toy

Today was the first day that I spent modeling in 3D with the new application that I'm learning. It was a blast, since I finally got to do some things that i've been hoping to do for years now. I 'm pretty thrilled, and look forward to more.

After Ben and I finished with "work", Gwinny came home with Charlene (also of the Angry Monkey Clan), and we barbecued and had dinner together. It was realy a great way to end the day. Afterwards I went to the gym, since I've picked up another two days of working out, due to the fact that I'm sitting on my ass a lot more these days. Then I scampered home, which I was super psyched about, acuz I allowed myself one final luxury before I pared down for my low income status. I bought a reconditioned iPod from Apple, and have been waiting for it for about a week. It finally came yesterday, so when i got home, I opened it up and low and behold........ it's fucked up!


I have spent the last two hours trying to get it to work (reinstalling the firmware, etc.), all to no avail. I should have been drawing, but ya know- it's like christmas- ya gotta play with yer toys (at least for a minute)! But noooooo. So, now I feel like someone pooped on my christmas tree, acuz not only will I have to send it back, but I'll have to be on the phone forever with the apple tech people walking me through a bunch of crap that I already did, in order to send it back. *Sigh*. Okay, so now that my bitching is out of the way...

Off to draw!

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June 05, 2003


So, today's drawing session was another excursion inta frustyland.

I hoped to do something in 3D, but was too ambitious. I still have a way to go in order to familiarize myself with the program that I'm working with. That's me- Always wanting to jump ahead! Grr. I also had my first day at familiarizing myself with the application that I'll be using for the animation project. Boy, is there a learning curve with that one! I am so thankful that Ben knows his way around with it. It's actually a frickin' dream come true to have someone who can get me out of the tiny, endless yet ultimately defeating culdesacs that litter my path with most 3D experiences.

It figure that now that I'm needing my car, it decides to act up. At this rate, I'm spending about as much on coolant as I am on gas. Hopefully it's just a leaky hose, and not something major. Yarg. It would be an inopportune time to have a pricey car prollem.

So, now that I've abandoned hope of a t3D filled night, I am back t the drawing board.

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June 04, 2003

Goober thangs come 2 those who waif

Okay, though they aren't finished, I do have the past two days drawings well under way, which I am happy with.

I just might have to get into a production schedule in which I spend my weekends playing catch-up. Not ideal, but unless I go back to very simple things, that's the way that it's gonna have to be. As I stated before, the primary limiting factor is that I cannot stay up until 10 or 11 in the morning, like I used to before the animations gig presented itself. At least not right now. Prolly in the fyootcha. Until then, it's batch publishing at the weeks end. I happy with the work that I'm doing, so it's fine by me.

Tomorrow I begin a more hands-on phase of my involvement with the animation, which I'm quite ready for. I really wanna get my as-of-yet-nonexistent mad skillz a bustin' someone inda eye. Kaplap!

Cathy and are still making headway on our second show. The first is temporarily on hold, due to the fact that it is a bigger, more complex project, and we really want to get onstage soon, so we created a simpler show in the meantime.

I've been quite happy overall, though the highs that i was experiencing after the shift have tapered off, due to the squishing of my schedule. The main thing is that my anxiety levels are remaining at an all time low, which has been pretty consistent for the last ten months or so. That is a big yay samwich.

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June 02, 2003

Mission (not quite) accomplished

Okay, so I only finished three of the five.

One of them is the big piece that I referred to last week. The other two are under way, and though I told myself that I would move on, so matter how much I accomplished, I am unable to bring myself to do it. Sooo... I have to bust ass this week to make sure that i don't drop behind again. I really don't want an ever growing backlog of material to swamp me.

Part of this is coming to grips with my process. It is extremely difficult for me to focus unless it's between the hours of 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. Those are my peak hours for art. If I'm working on other things, like glass, which is a clearly defined thing, I am good to go, no matter what time it is. Drawing is for the wee hours.

I spent the weekend working, with a couple of exceptions. Those being Laying in the sun at Dolores park, and going to see some live music. I was bummed, as far as the music went, because I'd gone to see Ultralash, thinking that she'd be headlining, but she opened instead. I enjoyed the headliner, but would have much rather have seen miss Walker play.

Now off to bed, so I can hopefully be a bit more rested this week than I was last.

Oh yeah- One question that i've been mulling over: How is it that you define a "date"? I have my own thoughts on this, but I wanted to throw it out to you to see what you think.


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May 30, 2003


Okay, I know how lame this is, but I have yet ANOTHER day that I haven't completed a drawing, I am getting quite the backlog going at this rate.

My workload has reached critical mass, and I really don't know what the answer is. I know how this might sound from the outside: like I'm all uptight about a situation of my own making, and I'm just needlessly pressuring myself, but there really is much more to it than that. My daily drawing is a very important ritual in my life, and I am compelled to follow through with it. It's Ironic that I've taken this time off to focus on my art, and I'm getting less of it done than I was before. Hopefully, I will find the right equilibrium in time, but in the meantime, I am going to make a solid push to complete all of the backlog on the weekend. Something's gotta give. Yaaarg.

I've even been doing less socializing this week, though last night I went out to help Seanno celebrate his birthday. We went to see a movie that he was the assistant director for. Beth and I met up with him and a pack of Sacramento peeps for it, then a few of us convened at Sparky's for food. I was a spaz, and had a great time.

Damn.. I'm so frusty about the drawing situation.

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May 28, 2003

Time keeps on slippinslippinsmippenklnsasc bgd

Okay, so another day without a completed piece- but fear not!

I almost have it fully inked, and am going to color it later today. i just need to get some sleep, since I've been restricting my sleep time to fit in everything else.

The animation project is a go, so I have to find space to jam i my life around it. My drawing might suffer, though I aim to do all I can to prevent that from happening.

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May 27, 2003

Slacko Homo

Okay, so I've been neglectful in blogville.

I fell behind in my drawing last week (for teh first time in a year and a half), but not as far as it seems. I really only missed one dayof drawing, which I will make up. The other two days are in progress, and will be posted this weekend.

On Friday, I went to a rave-type thing with Kathy, that was faboo. Alex Grey did a spoken word performance that blew my socks off. I was deeply ,moved. I was familiar with his painting, but knew nothing about him, and was certainly not expecting to be as deeply moved as I was. Afterwards, was five hours of dancing, which was the perfect thing after such an event. I danced so much that i ended up half naked, which was really liberating. I was a sweat machine.

On saturday, Beth took me out for dinner, due to a bet that she lost to me. i only bet when I know that I will win (or unless my judgment is impaired). It's a truly rare person who wins a bet with me.

Mrs. clean and I (mostly as moral support at this stage) are doing some preliminary tests to see if we are going to really knuckle down and attempt to do our animation project. We will surely know by the end of the week.

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May 21, 2003

Shwizzle fwip

I worked on Monday's drawing for quite a while longer. Still not finished. I get bogged down in the coloring. I am soooooper slow.

I wet to Berkeley Breathed's site yesterday, and looked at some old bloom county strips. I like how much his style progressed over the years. I'm torn, because I know that the stuff that I'm doing now has little chance of mass distribution because of the way that I mutilate the language, and the fact that it's not in traditional comic form. I really don't want to do a comic per se. I'd be pleased with a book, though what sort of distribution I could get, is a big question. Hrmm..

So- last weekend was great, M and I had a date, end ended up hanging out all night, blabbing until sunup. We ended up walking the last four miles of the bay to breakers, all juiced up on swill and ephedra. I then stayed up to have a puppet meeting, though I was sent home early by Cathy, because I was so delirious. I was up for a total of 30 hours, and then went to bed for 14. It was teeeeriff! The beauty part, was that I gave and interview to one of my readers from Tennessee, right before I crashed. We did it over pushby's chat application, so the combination of my delirium and my horrid typing skills, made certain that I was cap'n coma- though, I suppose that that's not entirely inaccurate in general...

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May 20, 2003

Ambition and the sloth

Yesterday's drawing was way too ambitious for me and all of my slow pokeyness to get done with in one day, so I am just beginning the coloring of it right now.

Yesterday's drawing was way too ambitious for me and all of my slow pokeyness to get done with in one day, so I am just beginning the coloring of it right now. I doubt that I'll even get it finished before I crash this morning. Most of my drawings are done in a 6 inch square.this one is about a 14 inch square. I don't know what my prollem was. I rally want to spend more time on it- but I gotta keep moving forward. Yarg.

Okay- I'm absolutely positive that I won't get done with it before bed. Since I know what to draw for today as well, I hope to finish yesterday's after I get done with today's. Grrrr....

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May 17, 2003


Yesterday, i hung out with Mrs Clean in Oakland.

We went on a great walk through the desolate industrial decay, and fifteen minutes later, we were in a wetlands wildlife refuge. It was quite something. Of course, all of the people were in the scum pit hell, so we pretty much ad the nature to ourselves, which was fine by me.

We ended up discussing a project that sounds compelling, involving a 3D animated short. I'm keen to work in it, but I'm torn, as it would basically mean that all of my current projects would have to grind to a halt until it was finished. A couple of major benefits that I would be fleshing out my 3D skills on a project that could help this new phase of mine grow some legs, so that I don't have to go back to the wonderful world of glass- plus it'd be the most polished thing that I'd've worked on to date. Hrmmmm.. Perplexing... If I hadn't been feeling so on top of the world as I've been working on my stuff, it's be about as cut and dry as you can get.

Wow. It's nice to have tasty options, though.

Okay- time to snooze my Saturday away...

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May 15, 2003

I love my loife

Okay, so I'm feeling a bit brain dead at a the moment, on accounta I only got four and a half hours of sleep.

My drawing took a wee bit longer than usual- about 12 hours, maybe a tad more.

This is why there needs to be more hours in the day- Else-wise, it just means less sleep, because sleep is the first to go.

Thank god for my cauldron of tea!

I hung out with dave yesterday. We jammed for a few hours, and then we hung out and did art for a while. That is one great way to spend a day. It's how I made it through college without going to parties or bars almost ever. I just hung out with Kevin, of alone, and didi art. It's my favorite thing in the world, next to being in love- and even then , it's a close second. It's the ultimate buffer between what i consider to be the "real" world, and what the workload at large does. The thing that's the greatest about it, is that if you spend the time with it, your internal horizons actually become real enough to have an impact on the world at large. Even if you die in obscurity. That's the part of the plan that I aim to leap over, right into the lap of plenitude.

A part of that plan has to do with getting back into ritual. That's the kind of fruity, Northern california witchy sort of mutant I am. It's been a while since I was doing daily ritual- actually, last time I did it, was right around the time that Angry Monkey sploded. "Gee Rocky, i guess i don't know my own strenth!". If those were somehow linked, I wonder if it could be considered "friendly fire".

Okay, must get to coming up with today's drawing. I'm having dinner with the fabulous Koa and Tamara this evening, which should be wonderful. They are two of my amazing friends who I never get enough time with. Unfortunately there are far too many people in that category. Well, I actually feel blessed to have so many fantastic folks in my life, I just need another 24 hours grafted on to every day..

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May 13, 2003

Crowds of wet peeplzz

I haven't been to a big, swimmy,waterworld-type theme park since I was 13. Anyone interested in such an excursion sometime this summer?

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The fact that I'm free to focus entirely on my art these days really feels right to me.

I wish that we lived in a country that really supported art, and that I could just get enough cash from the man to pay my fucking rent and bills, so that I could focus like this all of the time. I'm really taken back to college- or even when Merritt and I owned the cart in Boulder, and could at least draw when I was working. This is the way to be.

I was struck the other day, when headed to the gym, that I'm not feeling as pressured in terms of my internalized societal crap about being my age, and still not having the big "career" mapped out, now that I have a truly living body of work again. It's been about ten or more years since I've felt that. All the time in between was jut having a body of work that was on life support.

As usual, much of it gets back to money, and how to sustain this space, and expand it.

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May 12, 2003

*'Obnobbing with the rich and famooz*

Yet one more great weekend.

Yet one more great weekend. The highlight was going to see the gala premiere of Finding Nemo at Pixar. I was K's date to the event, which was a black tie affair. We were wined and wined and dined, and generally spoiled for the evening. It was a novel experience to be at an event in which Robin Williams was milling about the joint, let me tell you.

I enjoyed the movie, and was taken with the theater at pixar. It's a digital theater, and the projector that they had was amazing. The only other digital projector that I've sen in action was complete crap, and I thought that the move to digital was a bad idea until now.

K and I stayed up chatting until well into the morning. We had a fabulous time.

I ran into a site by way of Metafilter that reminds me a of tha Mung, but amore of exploding dog. I'd made mention a while back about how I'd like to do some of my daily drawings in 3D. There's a guy who's been doing it already for some time now, and I love it. Check it out.

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May 10, 2003

Biz E

My drawings are sucking my day away entirely, but that is fine with me.

We- almost fine, except for the fact that I have much ,more to do besides drawing...

I'm about to head out to the gym, and then come back to finish Tuesday's drawing, that I've been working on in between the rest of the week's work. I hope to finish with it, and last Friday's tonight, but that might not happen. My life has rapidly become all about work. was under the illusion that I'd have a much more flexible schedule when i stopped glass work, but now I just find that I don't leave the house. At least I shouldn't leave the house if I am to get what I need to get accomplished. This is fine by me, though I am unable to keep form being social. I'm beginning to think that I need to limit my socializing to three days a week. We'll see. It's just so hard to keep from it, because I have so many people in my life that I love, and who I love to spend time with. I really do feel blessed these days. (knock on wood).

If I am to make my new career happen, it's gonna take consistent ass busting in order to bring it about. That is the long and short of it, and I am happy to do it. I've busted ass for things that I've cared a lot less about, like the glass biz. It helped that there was a mound of cash to be had right from the get go, but I know that I will be able to sell my ass out effectively in time, and then I'll be the rich, soulless husk that I've always dreamt about...

Okay, it's time to go torture myself in the "fitness center"! Wheeeeee!

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May 09, 2003

*drive myself to the happy nut house*

Up all night, on the phone with Beth, while I finish my drawing from yesterday.

I appreciate the support that I get from everyone about taking it easy, but I have to drive myself in order to get the things done that I need to. Plus, if I don't drive myself, I'm not quite as satisfied. I am happiest when my art is going well, and I'm constantly pushing forward.

I feel more creatively and artistically viable than I have since I was in college, which I am absolutely thrilled with. Sure- there's not enough time to do everything I want tot do, but right now, I wouldn't have it any other way. Taking time of from the business was definitely the right plan. I'm very fortunate to be able to do that. I sure wish that i lived in a country that had governmental support for the arts.

Oh well, I'll take what i can get.

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May 07, 2003

*Running behind again...*

Damn damn damn- I am behind on my drawing yet again!

This is crazy. I'll be posting last Friday's drawing on saturday, and yesterday's on Sunday, or something like that. I have to go to bed right now, since I have to be at the shop tomorrow to meet the oxygen guy for a tank pickup, or else I'd make sure to have yesterday's drawing done before I turned in.

Cathy said that she watched the tape of our performance on Sunday, and it looked pretty good. She got a lot of ideas of how to complete it, so we'll finish it, and do it at our performance.

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May 05, 2003


Last week threw my schedule off, and it hasn't sat very well with me that I missed a few days worth of drawing, but such is the way of things when I am confronted by a move.

I am gong to try to get into the schedule of having a drawing done the day before., I tried to do that last night, but I was literally nodding off while I was working, causing random elements to be introduced to the composition.

My weekend was mellow, but good. Much of it was focused around a very short performance that Cathy and I came up with on Saturday, in order to present it yesterday. She knows some people who have a space in Oakland, and who host an open mic of sorts, once a month. We hastily threw something together to enact, which ultimately ended up being the same old thing for me- very roughshod, and in need of some serious polish. We intend to do the piece again, but not before we put some more work in on it.

Damn- it's amazing how time spent on the drawing can get so out of hand. Sometimes it just drags out for the entire day. Not having to be concerned about getting in to the shop is nice. I woke up toady, and got immediately to work, which is something that I aim to get into the habit of, but things just took forever anyway.

Merrit wrote me from chad, and said that she was at an internet caf that was runnning 23 computers off of one 56K modem. Needless to day, she was in internet hell...

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May 02, 2003

Best Thurday ever

I wen to the Odeon with Dave last night, and saw about 300 bux worth of entertainment for only a fiver.

That's one of the things that I love about this city- there's so much amazing talent here, that you can go out to see a few small club gigs, that could easily headline at major venues anywhere else!

There was: STAY COWBOY... a one man redneck musical, which was terrific,

Ultralash, who was very moving indeed. I bought her CD, which I have never done at a live gig before. She curled my toes.

and Mark Growden, who has enough passion and gregarious energy to power a small country. At one point, one of his friends/fans got up on the bar, and removed her clothing, in a rather lewd, and fabulous way! I think that it was at that point that Dave's eyes started to bleed.

Perfect ending to my first day out of the shop!

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May 01, 2003


A li'l less than five hours of sleep later, and I'm good to go!


Now to finish a piece of the Mung, and then to dinner!

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Yet another underestimation

Yep. It took longer that I though it would.

I just got home. I'm ready for a shower and a bed!

The good news for me was that i had no real anxious moments. I just took care of it. That's a serious departure. I think that it portends good things.

Doh! must go to bank and then pay rent fibefore the snooze!


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Slo Mo

So, it's going on 5 a.m., and I'm only about 70%finished with moving out of the shop.

I originally thought that I'd be spending the day today, feeling free of the glass, nut as things always do, things are taking longer than I'd expect them to. As I feel myself start to get into anxious mode, I just slide the energy over into a somewhat nihilistic "whatever" mode, which, though it slows me down, keeps me happier. Part of this "whatever" mode, has landed me at home, where I'm about to eat a frozen burrito before going back in for the final push.

I was expecting to wake up today, and start my new thing, all fresh and happy like, but as it stands, I'll be sleeping all day. Things always take some much longer than I'm planning for them to. I'm sleepy already. Time for some caffeine.

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April 30, 2003


Yesterday went smoothly. Rather than feeling stressed, and unhappy, I was actually in a great mood. Tonight, I work to dismantle the the shop, after I'm done with my production schedule. Busy bee am me!

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April 29, 2003

*Another hastily produced weekend wrapup*

There will be no drawing for the next couple of days.

I intended on finishing Friday's drawing, and posting it for Friday, but I've decided to post it within the next couple of days. The move from the shop begins after my shift today. Yoikes! I've still managed to avoid the stress that I think might befall me. We shall see.

The weekend was good.

On Saturday. I hung out with Russell for lunch, and then met back up with him at a gallery opening that Cathy's band played at. I actually ended up having a bit of a talk with a political cartoonist that I had intended on writing to after candycartoon is more fleshed out.. He supports himself off of flash animations, which is great. Very nice guy.

After that, Russell took me to see Mouse From Mars, which is an electronic music project that I like a great deal. That was pretty sweet. Afterwards, I ran home, showered and changed, and went to a party to meet up with a person that I'd met through friendster for a date-like thing. The night was less than satisfactory, but I made the best of it.

Sunday, Cathy and I hung out and worked on puppets for the show, and had a really good time. Hanging out, and working on a project with someone, is one of my favorite ways to spend time. The puppets are starting to take shape, and I'm pretty happy with them. I think the show is going to be really fun.

M and i went out for a movie afterwards. We saw Identity, which I had heard way too much about to truly lose myself to. I still liked it, but M got the better deal, since she was going in with no expectations. I'd recommend it.

I realize that this blog entry is a bit on the suckass side, but it's late, and I'm tired. I will post pictures, along with the pics form the bunny jam form last weekend within a few days. I'm just pressed for time.

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April 25, 2003

*The timez, the are a chaynjin'*

I've been thinking a lot about the definition of my coming work.

If one is working 70 hours a week on a number of projects that are ultimately aimed at a revenue generating goal, and they actually do generate a sporadic trickle of income, does that mean that one is employed? I am currently the president of a corporate entity, which is a production company. I am putting productions of various sorts together. they will generate some income. That seems pretty employed, even if it's not terribly gainful. Hrmmm..

One thing that I'm always aware of when i go into blow glass, is that i actually like the work. If it wasn't so toxic (leaving me feeling mentally impaired after every shift, as well as all of the accompanying neurological, respiratory, and other carcinogenic good times) , and if it was a medium that I actually enjoyed expressing myself with, It'd be terrific. I just know that I've been trying to move on from it for years now, and it's time for another push. Man, I really don't wanna be poor again , though. Really. Especially with tha rest of tha Pushby crew being flush with cash and all... The notion that I'll be doing what I love and believe in is all fine and good- but knowing that there is a way to do it, while maintaining the level of financial independence that I am accustomed to (and then some), drives me like a crazy muhfuh. There are always ways to have your cake and eat it, too. A successful kids book would sure be the ticket! There is absolutely no question- I am going to need to start laying deadlines for myself.

Also- I've realized that I'm gonna have to put another cardio workout or two back into my weekly schedule. Otherwise, working on projects at home all day long will amount to an expanding gut prollem, which is the last thing I want to manifest in the coming shift.

Sinc e I was up so late last night (this morning), working on my drawing, today's drawing is gonna have to wait unitl I get home from the gym tonight to get finished.

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Boy, ya know... I had this big plan to get home from work early, and get on my drawing before bed. Li'l did I know, I'd be compelled to spend a lot longer on it than I'd planned. Now it's almost 7 in the blessed a.m., and I'm just getting to bed. Ideally, I'd've liked to spend even more time on it, but this is ridiculous!

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April 24, 2003

At the glass shack

I'm at the glass shop at the moment, getting ready for one of my final days of work.

I have an oxygen delivery coming, so I had to be here early. I'll draw tonight, when I get home.

I've obviously been thinking a lot about the coming shift, and the more that I think about it, the more aware I become of the fact that I'm going to have to come up with something that sells on a large scale- either that, or something (like one of a kind art) that commands a relatively high price. Al of the available options are long shots, but that's what this whole gambit is about. It's about me making a living with my imagination by actualizing my vision. It's what every artist aims to do. I just know that lighting a bit of a fire under my ass is something that I'm ready to do.

I have an idea for a kids book that I'm gonna hack away at. That of course, is the holy grail. A successful kids book would be a happy meal ticket.

I know, I know.... focus......

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April 23, 2003

*Time- There's not enough!*

Yesterday, I didn't get my drawing finished until nearly 8 p.m., which was friggin' ridiculous.

Today, I'm ahead of that, which is good. I love doing it, and must figure out a way to get money coming in from it. In my game plan, I have to figure out what order to do things in. I'll immediately begin fleshing out candycartoon, and at the same time, start looking around for places to get shirts printed first (or, as I probably will do, just print some myself, in order to keep the price down at first). Perhaps I'll do the Caf press thing... There's no real point to having a nice merchandising section of my site, if there's no product to sell.. Then, get a paypal account. Next, begin creating the stuff for my solo show that I've been cooking up. I also m going to be doing some wheat pasting of mung posters that will be promoting both my site, and my solo show. I'm gonna start doing that very soon too, since getting as much word out ahead of time will be smert.

A week from today, I'll be moving out from the shop. It's gonna be crazy. I dunno how I'm gonna do it all, quite frankly. I may have to forgo a daily drawing, which sucks, but I'll make it up later, I s'pose. I'm not even going to think about it right now, or I'll start stressing. Ick. Ick ick ick.

Oh well, as of a week from tomorrow, it'll all be taken care of.

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April 22, 2003

*Mondayness is a slow monster*

M and I went to see The Pianist tonight.

Great film. Very intense. out of all of the portrayals that I've seen of the jewish experience under the Nazi regime, it was by far the most potent.

My Monday was a bitch to get started. I had a serious case of A.D.D. all day long. It is a very obvious fact to me that I work much, much better at night. We'll see what happens when I'm no longer fenced in by my glass schedule. I'm interested to find out.

I've had some serious flashes of inspiration lately- the kind that I live for. I love when I'm cooking up a project that thrills me, which is what this new path that I'm on is kicking up. Thank god, because if I ever needed that sensation, it's now.

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April 21, 2003

*I'm sleepy*

I had another great weekend.

On Friday, I went out with M for dinner and drinks. I hadn't been to Blowfish (it's a sushi joint for those who aren't from the bay area). It wasn't the wisest place to take someone when you are facing a temporary cessation of your income, but the food was great, and we had a good time. From there, we proceeded to the monkey club, where we ended up sitting at the VIP table at the invitation of one of the DJs. He was a really nice guy. It was a hip hop night, and I actually ended up dancing. Good times.

Saturday, I hung out at Dave's place, and worked on puppets. Later in the evening, we met up with Leila and Ryan (Such a cute couple!), and headed out to a bit of easter craziness in party form. I'll put up more details, and pictures from the night, later in the week. Yesterday, I had a tad of a hangover, and met up with Cathy to work on puppets some more. I do believe that they should be well on their way to being finished, by the end of next week. Honestly i can say that it will be a relief to be finished with the production of this show, as I already have another one that I'm working on. Busy bee!

I've decided that I'm no longer going to publish my daily drawing on the blog. Well, that's not exactly true- I'm going to do a drawing for the blog, but I'll only allow myself a maximum of three minutes to do it. So from now on, that's what you gonna get, here at the mungtation.

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April 18, 2003


This new career path is going to be one big emotional roller coaster.

Last night at work, I was kinda feeling a bit down, because I was focused on the idea that I I wasn't going to be having much of an income for a while. The programming that I've been dealt was playing itself out in my mind- The issue of self worth and career and such, but today I' in a really good space- largely because I had a wee epiphany last night about a solo multimedia gig that I think will really work, and that can help to tie all of my ventures together: music, performance, online publishing, merchandising, etc. In some ways, the idea wasn't all that new- it was just a new spin on some ideas that I've been cooking up over the past year. That's the thing with my skillz- exercising one of them won't be good enough for me. I need to put most of them into play at once, or I won't be satisfied. That was one of the things about Cortizone 5 (the only band that I was in that actually got onstage routinely. It was such a kick in the ass, because I was handling most of the marketing, as will as helping to bring the music into the worl'. Out of every project that I have ever done, that one is still the best experience that I've had- until it came crashing down that is...

I do believe that what I'm cooking up could grow into something even more satisfying- without the slodey part.

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Gimme ignorance, or gimme death anxiety.

As I've stated before: I listen to the radio every day at work.

There's a health show that I listen to that went into some of the grim realities of what goes on in yer body when you eat a big meal just before going to bed. Of course, I don't really remmeber much about it, aside form the fact that it messes with your cortisol levels, and that you might as well just slip a plastic bag over yer head before heading off to snooze. This, of course, had little effect on my behavior. I still eat big meals before heading off to bed, it's just that now, I feel crappier about it.

Just in case you're interested, I know that I haven't been writing much in the way of overt politics for a while, but rest assured, I am still just as horrified and disgusted by the goings on of the administration, and the current political climate as usual. The british corporation, Dynacorp, has been tapped to head up the prison industry in Eye-rack. Never mind that their top level employees traded in sex slaves in Bosnia, and that one exec admitted to raping a woman while videotaping it (after being confronted by the tape while under oath). He and the others walked free, because of legal immunity enjoyed by members of the lovely corporation. This shit is obviously only the tip of the iceberg of the filth that we can expect in the coming months, but hey- at least God is on our side! *whew!*

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April 17, 2003

Gaym plan

Okay, so I wrote Sam from exploding dog to give him props, and ask him for advice and info on having a successful site.

If you haven't seen his site, you should.

As the end of the month draws near, I'm getting more focused on putting a game plan of sorts together. throughout my life, I've relied heavily on the fact that every project that I do that I get out to people, opens door, which ultimately lakes me to better places. This time around, I'd like to at least attempt to steer the process a bit more, since ultimately, I'm aiming for this to be a step up, rather than just a step in a new direction. My glass shop went well, because I'd worked at someone else's previously, and learned from their mistakes. That, I suppose, is one of the benefits of doing one's time in a more traditional manner, which I have never been very quick to do.

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*Runabout Wednesday*

I had a lunch date with M today.

We talked about traveling, and our new businesses that we are looking to get off the ground. She brought up the fast that it's be a good thing to have a group that got together weekly to help each other keep the momentum going. I like the idea, but I have so many things that are important for me to push hard on. I was thinking about it today, before we met up, and it occurred to me that the approach that I have to working out seems to be a good one for the coming change. The biggest difficulty with it is that I do very well when I have a routine, but when you are starting something completely from scratch, finding the right routine takes a while. We'll see.

I cut out of work early to meet Seanno at a potluck in Berkeley, only to find out once I got there, that he decided to skip it. Bummer. I toyed with going in anyway, but I had no pot for the luck, and I had only met the hosts once before, so I dinna feel too much like crashing it. I headed back to the city, where I finished my quota before heading home.

Everything takes so much time! Just answering e-mails has taken up the last few hours. I let e-mail pile up forever, then whack away at it at one sitting. I am slow. Slow with writing, drawing, music, etc. Slowslowslow. Ideally, I'd like to just channel such things effortlessly, but it's rarely in the cards.

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April 15, 2003

Doctor Huh?

So I went to the doctor yesterday,and I showed him my fingernail.

He took a look at it, under some bright light, and just then, IT EXPLODED! Shards of fingernail flew in all directions, and hit him in the face. He immediately started running around the office, yelling "my eye! My frickin' eye! Godammitgoddammitgooddamit! Shitshitshit!" Blood was everywhere, and I just pressed myself in the corner of the room, wide-eyed and panicky.

Wait- that was my at the dentist. The doctors visit was fine. He assured me that it is some sort of alien infestation, and that all I need is some alien killer that I can get over the counter. The over the counter stuff had better work, because the prescription stuff is 400 bux for a course fo the treatment. To be honest, I really don't have a lot of faith in the doc. He is either a super pro, or only vaguely interested in what he's doing, because he barely looked at me before pronouncing things okee-dokey. I'll take his clean bill of health anyway. Just tell me what i want to hear.

Today, I got the bug up my ass to write a fan letter to Jim Woodring, who I happen to be a big fan of. Well, "big fan" is a relative term, since there is much of his work that I haven't seen, but I think he's great. I ripped him off in today's drawing. Those yellow and bluish plant things in my drawing are stolen from him. Wait a minute- I mean, they are a tribute to him. yep.

Of course, I had a bunch of other stuff that I wanted to write about but I forgot what it was. Big surprise!

Off to blow some glass I go!

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April 14, 2003

Doctrrz and freindship and lions, oh my

Today, I go to the dermatologist to get a mole check.

The torch kicks off a ton of UV, and I've noticed a spot under my fingernail that gives me pause. The bummer is, that if it's gonna be something that they are going to want a biopsy for, It'll be none too thrilling. Ow. The dentist is another person who's gonna be getting a visit from me soon, as well. It figures that these things come up as my revenue stream dries up.

I'm at the point with the personals that I am not looking for romance any more. the combination of element that are needed to pull me into a romantic context are so rare, that I've moved that agenda to the back burner. I'm still open to it, but am pretty clear with people right up front, that the chances are very high that all I have to offer is a quick trip to Friendville. I am the mayor of Friendville after all!

Merritt really wants me to come out to Africa for a visit, and I made a commitment to myself some time ago, that I will get out of the country before the year is up. At first, I was really set on having my first trip be to Europe, but after reading about the extreme culture shock that li'l MeWah is experiencing, I find that that holds a lot of appeal. It is every likely that I'll go out there this sumer- possibly for a safari. I am gonna go pet a lion. They cute.

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April 12, 2003

Pow Pow II

I hopped on my skateboard to check out the carnage. A hipsanic male,between tha age of 24-34 was shot on the corner about a half a block away. I could only see one wound, somewhere around his right leg, or his groin. The last guy that I mentioned who was killd here was hispanic also. Yow.

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Pow Pow

About one minute ago, I distinctly heard four gunsots no more than a block away. I hope no one was smoked.

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April 10, 2003

Fyootcha bidness

The good thing about glass is that it's so cut and dry.

I get to the shop, turn on the torch, and go. I know exactly how long each pieces takes to make, and therefore, I know how to prepare myself for the day. Drawing is so much less clear cut, because it takes a combination of concentration and inspiration, that its a soup primed for procrastination. If I could surf the web with my torch, I'd be slowed down quite a bit.

I have this idea about having a line of plastic figures made, and then selling them in those machines at the grocery store. I know that that isn't gonna happen easily, but I was thinking about finding some old machines, and fixing them up, and going to corner stores around town, and offering them a cut of the profits if they let me put one at their store. IF it went well, then building it up until I get a deal with the distributors for the big chains. I don't know how realistic it is, but it's something I'm definitely gonna look into. I've just been brainstorming on ways to create things that get mass distribution. Cate and I have discussed putting together a simple puppet/video project and getting it on local cable access and seeing where it goes. The thing that appeals to me about that is that it's a project that could include all of my skillz.

I've been getting an overwhelming urge to do some music again. I'm gonna try to knock something out here soon, but between all of the projects that I have going at the moment, it's a wrasslin' match, to be sure.

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April 08, 2003

Tryinta remembah

Remembering the weekend is one lost cause for me b the time that Tuesday rolls around, but I think I may be able to handle it.

During the day, I made puppets with Dave an Saturday, and then with Cate on Sunday. On Saturday night, I went to a photo shoot that M and a couple of our old coworkers were doing together. The object of the shoot seemed to be to refrigerate M until she was just about to pass out, then catch it on film. Friday night, Dave and I went out and had some drinks and blabbed about life at the Kilowatt.

Last night I bumped into Leila while M and I were coming out of the Metreon after seeing Chicago. I always find it disorienting when people that I care about a great deal, meet for the first time. It's one of the reasons that I get kinda freaked out at my own parties. I think that these days, my friends tend to mix better than they did when I was younger, as the gathering at my birthday was easy as pie.

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Poppa cap

I found out that those gunshots that I heard the other night that I thought were a machine gun, were the sounds of a guy of around 20 years old getting popped. He died on the spot. It's an awful thing. There sure is a lot of killin' goin' on. Ick.

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April 07, 2003

Sun wershipr

Today, I sunbathed for the first time in about twenty years.

I got a lat start on my day, because I set my alarm to wake me up in the PM, rather than the AM. "Accidently". Oh well.. I cooked up my drawing in Dolores park, shirt off, soakin' up the rays. It felt great. I'm gonna get a tan. I am wrong in the bean. It was a great place to draw. Good for the noodle. Good for the wrong bean.

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April 04, 2003

Studio thoughts

Here I am at my shop, which I've actually enjoyed quite a bit- doing my drawing here.

One thing that I will love, is when I'm pulling enough cash in from my creative endeavors to have a studio space to draw in, rather than just sit around and manufacture things in. I'm looking forward to that day.

I have given a good deal of thought to the prospect of the coming transition. There are those that are inclined toward entrepreneurial endeavors, who go about it in a avery prudent fashion. They draw up business plans, and get everything in order. I have always found that if I did that, I'd very likely not try the many things that I have tried over the years, due largely to the fact that a part of my business plan is always random chance. It's a gamble. The successes that I've had have always been due to things that I couldn't have planned. I just aim myself in a direction, and the doors either open, or they don't. Most often they do. My goal has always been to be a professional weirdo, and that's a hard thing to quantify when drawing up a business plan, because a part of that weirdness is random. This ties very much into why my political beliefs are what they are, and why Buddhism appeals to me so much. Flux is sewn into my life in a way that I don't question. I find some safety there, rather than in the illusion of a static sort. Of course, I do try to manifest stability in my life, but I allow for a tremendous amount fluctuation, and expect it.

I'm glad to be going through this shift, as it's something aI can write about in detail because the focus is on my life, alone (unlike my dating life, of which I make only the most shallow references to).

Well, it's time to get on the torch, as the oxygen has been delivered, and I gotta make quota.

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Plan Change

Today was supposed to be a glassblowing day, but we ran out of oxygen, so that was a no go.

I spent the entire day inside, working front of the computer, and only realized at 9 p.m., that I could have done what I was doing anywhere (like at a coffee shop), but, such is life. I think that i figured out what I'm going to do with the design for candycartoon, which i am eager to get on, but today I spent the day drawing so that i could get to work early tomorrow to wait for the O2 to show up.

Time management is a titanic struggle on days like today. I really should have had two drawings completed, but only one is done as of now. Just one of those days....

Now I'm headed out to the gym for a late night workout.

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April 02, 2003

Weekend last

Okay- Let me try to recap last weekend really quickly:

On Friday, I had a double date with Leila. She planned the whole thing, so of course, it was terrific. We (K and I and Leila and R) started out the evening by going what we thought was a poetry reading in Berkeley, but turned out to be a punk rock show, which was fun. I drank a 40 and rocked out. After we had our fill, we headed back to the city for a guerilla cocktail party on an unused section of overpass right in the middle of the city. It was illegally-challenged, and fun (chocolate martinis!)! We proceeded from there to Cats club for some dancing, and then home. K had a bit too much to drink to feel comfortable driving home, so we walked around for quite a while, chatting. A treat of a Friday.

Saturday, I made puppets for the show during the day, getting to hang out with Dave and Locke for a bit, before getting together with Beth. We had a photo shoot, so that she would have some primo pictures for the personals. It was goofy and fun.

Sunday- More puppet making over a Cathy's, and then a date with M, which involved being extras in a film, then going out for drinks, and ultimately ending up at my place, where we watched a movie on my laptop.


Hey- Go check out Merritt and Pierre's blog, as they recently updated it. Check out the pictures, as well as the journals. I just got a phonecall from her, about a half hour ago. It was great to hear her voice. I really miss her a ton!

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April 01, 2003


Lots going on, but i am too tired to write about it right now.

I'm going on only three and a half hours of sleep. I am updating my drawing retroactively, so if ya wanna see the previous day's drawings, ya might wanna check Cnadycartoon, since it has better archives.

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March 27, 2003

Delayed developintz

My daily Drawing has been taking me too long.

At least it's too long while I' still have to maintain my work schedule. I am just getting finished with it, and I even cut a bunch of corners ( really wanted to put more work into it- it's much sloppier than I'd like, etc...). This means that I'll be blowing glass until the wee hours of the morn. Lat night, AI dinna get out of the gym until 3:30 in the morning. Ick. That's when I'll get out of the shop tonight.

I am none too thrilled with this. I need to reset my schedule again.

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March 26, 2003


Today, my now roommate moved in.

There is a prudent set of behaviors that one should go through when selecting a roommate. I have never done any of them. for instance: she claimed to have extensive personal and professional references. I, of course, checked none of them. I basically just went off of my initial gut feeling, and so far, this has only backfired once on me.

It was about 8 years ago, when I was living in the rock-n-roll house with Merritt. the roomie that I chose was a friendly hippy, who though I might not identify with his personal aesthetic, was polite and sociable. It turned out that he was also an out of control alcoholic, drug dealing ex-con with claims to mafia ties. He'd drink until he'd black out, then ask if he'd been home the night before, because money and pot were missing from his room, and he wasn't sure if he was the one who had absconded with it. I ended up asking to move out after he offered to have an ex-boyfriend of merritt's roughed up by mafia friends during a drunken conversation. We discovered months later, that he'd charged some stuff on one of her credit cards.

This obviously goes to show that my gut can be misleading in the roommate department, but for now, I'll assume that all's good, brah. As far as I can tell, she and I will be very compatible.

I have been getting done with my drawings very late in the day, which means that I'm in the shop until super late. last night, Dave and I went to see my shopmate do a set of laptop music at a bar in the mission. normally, I wouldn't take the break from work, but it's the last time that he's playing before moving away, and I wanted to support him,as well as to hear his set, which I enjoyed. Dave picked me up on his scooter, and we rode there through a the misty San Francisco streets. It was another "pure San Fran" evening. I finished work art 2AM, not even completing my quota- and of course, skipping the gym. All of that I have to make up for tonight. It's gonna be another super long one. Wheeee!

Oh yeah- I forgot to mention that i heard from my li'l chum, Merrittmoo. She called me from Niger on the satellite phone, and couldn't talk long acuzza the price. She is doing well, but has already tried to pick one fight with some guys who threw a rock, and hit a dog. So far, she has remained unscathed. I hope that her lucky star keeps shining down on her!

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March 25, 2003

Cap and Recap sat on a wall..

Okay- abit of a weekend recap:

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I started my night out by doing some improv puppeteering over at the Funky Puppet Supper- an annual event at cellspace. That was mellow, and fun. just basically goofing around with the patrons and the puppets that they made before the show started. After that, on Friday, I went to a rave-like party with K. It is a private affair that K is involved in, that happens every solstice and equinox. It was a fun and friendly event, with a spiritual flair to it. The venue was a warehouse space in soma, and everyone cooperated to ensure that It dinna get shut down by the cops. It had some of the burning man flair to it. That went all night- alternately dancing and sweating, then going outside to cool down, before ultimately ending up in the chill room (in the usual hamster pile that such things inevitably manifest). I had a fun time, and got home around 8 in the morning. I slept for a few hours, and then went out to protest.

I hear a lot of people in the media focusing on how evil of a man that Saddam is, and how that makes this war just. First off: this country could have cared less how evil he was when he suited "our" purposes. "We" put him in power- remember? Does that make "us" even more evil than he is? What about all of the other twisted dictators that we are currently propping up in one form or another? I know that this is all just very basic crap, but the average level of discourse that i hear and read is a joke.

Anyway, Saturday after the puppetness, M and I went to see the new Cronenberg film, Spider, which i enjoyed. We had some drinks and chatted afterwards which I always enjoy.

Sunday was spent interviewing new roomies. I made my decision today. She's my age, and a singer/songwriter/webmonkey. I like her music. Check it out.

The whole roommate deal has been a bit of a stresser. As you know, I've LOVED living alone, and am bummed to be giving it up, but such is the way of things. I hope that the new situation turns out to be peachy. Form what I ca tell, she and I will be pretty compatible. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Yesterday as drawing day. I'm getting in the mindset of what it'll be like when I am cut free of the glassness. I do expect t hat I will be contending with a touch of anxious energy, but that is to be expected. I aim to keep a fire under my ass to get new things going.

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March 24, 2003

Make-up time..

I'm fairly certain that someone in my 'hood was mowed down by a machine gun tonight.

I heard a rapid machine gun-like burst, and now there are cops and an ambulance on the corner.

I have a bunch of drawing to make up today. I'll be posting three new drawings later in the day. It's the most I've missed since I started, but these are busy times for me. Protest- hunting for a new roomie, dates, etc.. I'm a busy bee. I'll make a more detailed entry this evening.

Time ta hit yon hay.

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March 20, 2003

Troopz or false?

One thing that I've been hearing a lot is the rhetoric about not supporting tha war, but supporting the troopz.

" To be quite honest, I am somewhat conflicted by this. I mean, I don't wish them to be harmed in any way, but the most consistent thing that I hear from dem troopz is how much they are salivating to go over there and "kick ass", which roughly translates in my mind to killing in the name of an unjust war. I know that they are just the muscle in all of this- but I can't say that I support their actions. I can say that I support them as people- as fellow human beings, as I do most (but not all) of the people who are in peril over this situation, on all sides.

Anyone who writes in about them troopz "protecting my freeedom" can kiss my ass. Though I believe that troops can be used to protect freedom, I in no way believe that that is what's happening now. If you do, I see you as deluded as you undoubtedly see me.

There's all this talk about leadership, and how brave "our" leaders are for sticking to their guns. Honestly, in my mind, true brave leadership would come from forging some honestly new ground, diplomatically, economically, environmentally, technologically- by focusing on creation rather than destruction. I have ideas about what I'd like to see, but I'm not about to roll out a manifesto at the moment. For now, all I'm saying is that in my mind, it takes no bravery at all to sit protected, thousands of miles away from conflict, and send in robots (be they meat or metal (certainly I see the troopz as more than robots, but I don't see them treated any differently by the "brave" leaders)) to murder and loot. Ah- I suppose I'll change my tune when the booty's brought home, right? I can drive and drive and drive, and thank tha lucky lord that I am safer from the evil clutches of tyrrany. *Whew!*

Also- I am fully counting on the fact that whether or not there are actually weaponz o' mass destrukshun discovered in I-rack, there will stockpiles of them presented to the media, no matter how it has to happen.

I can hear the helicopters outside that are filming/keeping on eye on the protests going on around the city. Of all the interesting times that I have seen, these take the cake, and I bet it's only going to continue to get more interesting as time goes on...

I'm not trying to convert anybody, I'm just stating my political beliefs- ya know.... exercising my patriotic duty? Oh wait.... that means "shut up, and get in line", doesn't it?. (Damn.. I keep screwing that up). Uh.. never mind!

I meant to say "Let's roll"!

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March 19, 2003

Gotta love it..

You know those terrrurr alurrts that we all get to see?

You do realize that if for whatever reason a red alurt is declared, We will have the proud honor of getting to participate in marshul law, dontcha? So sez that Tearurr ZZZawr! Ya gots ta love the fact that "our" troops are out there fighting for our freedumb, eh? Rah!

Normally, I am not a big fan of jokey forwards in my e-mail, but the following was sent to forwarded to me by me mum, and I thought it apropos:

"The White House announced today that it is changing its emblem to a condom because it more clearly reflects the Republican Party's stance. A condom .... protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while you're actually getting screwed."

Just because I write about the minutia of my life these days does not mean that the horror show of life in this country is lost on me. Quite the contrary. I just need to keep my spirits in the best space possible.

So, I've fallen into lateness no matter what. Either I'm up 'til dawn, working on the drawing, or I go to bed "early", and don't get out of the door for work until late afternoon. I am looking forward to excising the "working elsewhere" part of my life soon. Hopefully that "working for pay" part will not leave with it (at least for too long)...

I've decided that I'll prolly blow glass two days a month, after the first two months of my new arrangement, unless revenue promises to show itself from my artyfartyness before then. I believe that I have found a shop that I can rent by the day if need be.

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March 18, 2003


I went out dancing with Leila last night.

It was the tenth anniversary for Death Guild, which is as Gothy as you would expect. I don't believe that I've ever been to DG before, I had a great time. The music was much better than any that I've encountered on such a night, and the place was full of people that were decked out in their finest ~spooky~ attire. I danced for almost three hours straight, and was rather beat by the time we left. The Birthday cake that they served was amazing. YYYYyuuuuuum!

I put an ad up for the room that I'll be renting, and got a bunch of responses. I should have waited to post it until later in the week, as I won't have time to show until the weekend. I believe that one guy who responded is someone that I showed the place to last year. I liked him, so that might take care of the problem. We'll see...

Before I went dancing, I stopped by my corner store to get a soda, and the guy who is always working behind the counter (I assume that he is the owner, and is from the middle east somewhere) was watching the news. It was something about the looming war, and there was a guy in a suit blathering on about the possible game plan, etc- just basically blowing out his ass, and I asked the shopkeeper how he was doing. I always go to this shop because I really like this guy. He's very friendly. He looked like he was on the verge of tears, and he just looked at the TV and tried to come up with a suitable answer. Nothing really came. I didn't really know what to say, but did my best to offer my sympathies, and disgust with the current state of affairs, as best I could. So many people that I talk to are so clearly disheartened and dragged down by this shit. Me included. You know- I keep hearing that the populace will rally behind it once it's underway, but I think (and hope) that it'll go in the opposite direction. It's all so crazy.

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March 17, 2003

This part is the title.

Yesterday, Most of the pushby crew went to the east bay to have a meeting about a project we be workin' on with Mrs Clean.

As most pushby projects tend to go, my skill set is not terribly applicable to the initial development phase. I am smert in this manner.

Afterwards, I had a date with K, which was enjoyable. We had some italian food in North Beach ( I ate a wall of cheese. Yum!), and then walked around the area, talking about family, art, and our bad taste in television among other things.

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March 16, 2003

Classic San Fran Saturday.

Yesterday, forrest came over, and did the preliminary work on getting Candycartoon up and running (Thanks Forrest!).

I will be switching the daily drawing over to that site in a few days. There will be much more in the way of functionality over time, as well as some cleaning up, and evolution in the design over time. It will be on ongoing process.

After that, M and I went out. We drove across the Golden Gate bridge, And had champagne while enjoying a stunning view of the city and the bay. This picture only hints at how amazing it was.

Have I mentioned that I love it here?

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March 15, 2003

Movin' on....(up?)

Okay, so i missed out on today's drawing. That means I'll be doubling up on tomorrow's.

I have decided that I'm going to voluntarily move on from glass after all. At the end of next month. It's time...actually it's past time... I'm going to pour myself into my art. If things get super bleak financially, I'll go back to glass. Please keep your fingers crossed.

I've also figure out the next step in my daily drawing., It'll come about after I get things ported over to candycartoon, which, if all goes to plan, should begin by the end of the day.

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March 13, 2003

The vanishing day off

.Today, I was all set to go into work, but I thought I'd give the Oxygen supply company a call first, to see when they'd be in.

They informed me that for various reasons, they bumped my order to be delivered tomorrow, so I ended up with a day off. One of the most sinister things about the wired world, is that you have so much access to a time sink without end. Of course, I ended up getting a late start on my drawing, and for some reason, I am still not done with it. This is ridiculous. After I'm done with it., I'll move on to 3D modeling. It's absolutely amazing how fast a day can vanish.

I can hear new neighbors moving in next door. I hope that they're not loud peeplz. Don't want to have to release the knockout gas like I did on the last ones who "mysteriously" disappeared.

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March 12, 2003


I keep mulling over the possibility of quitting my job without any safety net (aside from my delicate savings).

It's what I did when I moved on from my first business, and it lead me to a pretty uncomfortable place, before I made it trough to the other side. I feel like I'm getting awfully close to that point, though I'm still sitting on the fence, glancing uncertainly over my shoulder at that net, while giving my lower lip a bit of a chew...

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M and I went out for drinks on Monday night.

M and I went out for drinks on Monday night. I spent the first part of the day trying to slap together an initial version of the my website, to almost no avail, so it was great to get out and relax.

I realized yesterday as I sat down to draw, that i had an oxygen delivery scheduled, so I went to work, thinking that I'd head back home after it arrived. This of course, never happened, because someone had locked the gate while I was working, an the delivery guy couldn't get in. This helped my day to be el crappo. The main thing that set the stage for it, was the fact that I'm going to work to make a pile of glass that's going to just sit around.

The good part was that I met up with leila for a bit later in the evening, which helped erase the crappiness of my day.

Since i dinna post a drawing yesterday, I'm posting two today. One now, and one before I go to work.

I have more to write, but I've got to get to bed.


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March 10, 2003


The weekend was peachy.

On Saturday night, I went to a gallery opening that my studiomate curated. It was glass pipe art exhibition, and was really a lot more fun than I was expecting. There was some really crazy stuff there. I had to cut out sooner than I would have liked, because Beth was celebrating her birthday that night. I had yet to eat Italian food in the mission, and now that hurdle has been jumped. My dish wasn't terribly thrilling, but I had a good time.

Sunday was more stage building for the show, and afterwards, I met up with K, somebody new that I met through Nerve. We had a yumfest at my current favorite Thai place, and then headed for some desert.

Once I got home, I plopped down in front of the computer, and erased the next several hours getting humbled by the learning curve in the new program that I'm learning.

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March 07, 2003

Candy to the cartoon

During a meeting of the Pushby crew on Wednesday, I became inspired to shift my daily drawing over to candycartoon.com (orperhaps registering mung.com. What is the best pace to resgister a new domain?), and construct a real site for it.

Forrest has brought up this topic in one form or another for the past couple of meetings. I'd planned on retooling the blog, but I hadn't really given much thought to separating the two, until he mentioned the fact that there are a handful of online comic sites that are actually supporting the people who run them (primarily through merchandising). I realize that this can be a long shot, but if I could be puling in my income from the mung, I'd be a happy pamper. I'll be shifting things over within the next couple of weeks, and will be taking suggestions about the design of it all. I realize that to build a significant readership will take a heap o' time, and is by no means a quick fix to my current career challenges, but it's a direction that holds some sway over my hobbled noggin.

At this point, I'm so disconnected internally from glass production that I am slacking like a mufuh. An interesting thing about it is that I'm actually making more aesthetically challenging pieces than I ever have before. My production usually consists of me banging out around forty pieces a day, but recently, I've been working on more sculptural things, that take me much longer to make. This means that I'm not hitting quota, but I'm more interested in what I'm doing.

I sure hope them pigeons are tasty...

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March 06, 2003


I've got a hypotheses about my suspicion about my decaying grey matter.

I do have a tendency to forget things more than most people, so perhaps every now and again, I just forget how spotty things are with my mental acuity. Perhaps, I have a period where the pathways are running rather smoothly, and then the inevitable waning point happens, where I become convinced that I've slipped down a notch or two. Perhaps I've really just lost the somatic memory of how it was at the last waning point. This could very well be the case. I think I'll just incorporate that point of view, whether it's really the case, or not. It makes for a happier mung.

I found a really interesting character design site that you might be interested in. Thanks to Metafilterfor the link. By the way- If you have a fast connection and up-to-date flash, you should really check out the current link of the month. Super cool.

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March 05, 2003

Coolio toolio and good company

Yesterday, I took the day off, and hung out with Ben.

We went on a hike through the Oakland hills, which are surprisingly forest-like, given that there's an industrial hell just a handful of minutes away. When we got back to his place, he turned me on to a 3D modeling tool that I really believe is the thing that I've been looking for to help me more accurately render what goes on in my head. I've often commented on the fact that CG is the best medium for such a thing, but I've been waiting for the right tool to come along to give it a shot. This one is very much like a cross between drawing, and sculpting a lump of clay, and I took to it immediately. I'm hoping to get proficient enough with it to begin to use it for my daily drawings soon. Of course this thing gets dropped in my lap when my time is already so tight, but I'll just have to make some time. I'm really quite excited about it. This could be my ticket to getting out of glass once and for all.

After hanging out, and messing around with this new doodad, we had a fine dinner with Gwinn, who prepared for us a tasty cow muscle treat.


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March 04, 2003

Bettah late than nevvah

Okay- so I was wrong about writing when I arose.

Okay- so I was wrong about writing when I arose. The day was a bit tight for time, and now it is much later than I'd like it to be. This translates to incoherence in blogland. Hopefully I'll fend it off, as I make a mad dash to mash out some filler.

Okay, so- the weekend. Yes. I had a decent enough weekend, I believe. My moth-eaten brain has not retained the majority of it, though I do have a solid set of memories relating to the following:

On Friday, I hot a skating party/rave-type thing at cellspace. Leila and Russell were there, which was my reason for attending. I do enjoy indoor skating, and it was somewhat of an obstacle course, with half of the people going skateless, and acrobatically dancing/ stumbling about. I had more fun than I expected. Afterwards, Russell and I stood back and watched leila spin out her social graces on all the cute guys that came her way. She's a mover and a shaker. Saturday evening, I went to see Cathy's art opening at a caf, and had some pleasant discourse with strangers. I had an interesting conversation about day jobs and art with a high school photography teacher, while drinking wine and thinking of pop-tarts (cinnamon pop-tarts aren't very tart, now are they?). Afterwards, I headed home and watched The Royal Tenenbaums on my laptop, while curled up under a blanket. It was cozy.

The next day, Cathy and I got together to begin assembling our stage for the show. As I always do, I drastically underestimated the amount of time that it'd take, but it should be finished by the end of this weekend.

From Cathy's, I headed to Locke's abode, where we blabbed about life, and tried out his new monitor projector by watching The Matrix for the bajillionth time. We waved the dorko flag from the rooftop, and made up an anthem or two.

Last night, I took M out to celebrate her birthday. I had a meal of sushi (among other things) for the first time since my sushi vomitfest over a year ago, and it was highly enjoyable, due largely to the company. Afterwards, we had some champagne at the beach, and I learned a couple of constellations. I now know how to identify Leo, and Aries (the five footed goat with the fat intestine). I am smert.

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March 03, 2003

Oudda it

Brain isn't working. Must sleep. I'll write upon regaining consciousness.

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February 28, 2003

Taking inventory

I've come to the realizstion that me finances are getting a bit squeezy

This has prompted me to look at all of the elements in my life that require cash infusions, and to ponder which of them I might have to let go. My natural tendency is to ponder the worst case scenario first. In that position, the ere are two luxuries that I've integrated into my life that at this point are free: the gym (I've prepaid for three years, and it's only 50 smackers a year after that), and high-speed internet access (through my wireless card). This means that if I am ever homeless, I will be in shape, clean (shower at the gym) and wired. I guess if I lived off of pigeons, food would be free, but man, them birds must be all full of bad chemicals from munching street debris all day. Of course, one of the first luxuries to go is my apartment. I'll have to get a roomie again. I cannot tell you how much that sucks ass. Imagine a black hole. Now imagine an ass that's too big to stuff into it, yet pressed right up against it. That's how much suckage we are talking about.

I got two new responses to my online personal profile today. this is not uncommon. i'll go for a while with no hits, and then in one day, I'll get a couple at once. It reminds me of when Merritt (speaking of Merritt: gp she and Pirre have updated their site)and I ran our T-shirt and Jewelry cart in Boulder. We'd have a certain pendant or t-shirt that wold sit around for weeks, with no one buying it, and then, in one day, we'd sell them all. I guess that today, I'm the t-shirt of the day.

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February 27, 2003


I am a bit surprised at the fact that I'm not stressing out.

Part of this is because there is so much uncertainty, but I really think that a piece of it is because I have so many meaningful human connections in my life these days. When you're isolated for one reason or another, the minutia of your life tends to get magnified. When really huge things come along, they appear to be insurmaountable. Right now, my worst case scenarios don't seem quite as bad, due to the fact that I feel quite a great deal of support for those around me. I feel very fortunate. Actually, this has also helped me to see that in all probability, the reason that I've been in such a good space for the past six months or so, is due to these connections. That, and the fact that no matter what challenges get plopped in my lap, I still am in love with this city.

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February 26, 2003

Pink slip

Ya know that feeling, when yer sitting at yer desk at work, and you have that sneaking suspicion that yer gonna get laid off?

I had that feeling when I first moved here, and I know that a number of you have had the same feeling, because you were sitting just a few feet away from me at your desks. For some strange reason, I'm getting that feeling again. Hmmm.... It kinda makes it difficult to concentrate on one's work, when one suspects that all of the time that one is investing in said work might all be for naught.

I had one of those sort of days, as you can well imagine.

I've been bitching about glassblowing forever, so now seems to be the time to get the ball rolling. It's funny that the entry that I made the day before yesterday was about being ready to make the push into a new 'career' phase. the prollem is that I really don't know how to go about making the switch. I'm continuing with my normal production schedule until I get more of an idea how things are playing out, and this definitely eats into the time that could be spent building a foundation for something new. I'm thinking that the most obvious direction to attempt to head is in the t-shirt direction, though the real way to get income coming in form that is to either have a way to retail them myself, or to have really big wholesale accounts.

As much as I hate to consider the possibility, it looks as though I may be forced to get a roommate, or move or something, since my income will probably drop dramatically during the transition period, for who knows how long... It is worrisome, though I'm looking forward to getting new things underway.

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February 25, 2003

Fighting the good fight

Here is a link to a link, as well as a discussion on some current events that have captured my interest.

If any of you out there know of anyone that might be connected with this "parfanailya" business, you might wanna send some happy thoughts their way, since they just might be facing some serious economic hardships in the near future. Thank god the current administration is out there protecting us from the evil scum that are out to bring down this fine nation with their "parfnailyers". One day, when this country is bleached white and clean, we can all crowd around the cages that hold such vermin, sing our pious songs and know that all is right in the world.

Gob bless li'l Georgie pourgie and his band of merry men.

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February 24, 2003

Sell out sell out yayayay

I've decided that in order to accomplish the things that I'm setting out to do (namely with my art , and hopeful career transition, I need to make some changes to my routine

This requires that i cut a day out of my workout schedule, which quite honestly, is fine by me, since it was al rather monotonous, being four days a week of the same old thing.

After getting feedback from my first t-shirt printing endeavor (thanks to Mrs. Clean), I have become more focused on the idea of getting a t-shirt enterprise going. I have a basement after all, and could use that space to set up a simple screen printing operation. I'm also angling to print up a postcard of one of my daily drawings (for a start), and put them all over town, just to get my stuff out there. Consider this a poll to find out which one of my daily dealies that you'd like to see on a postcard. Which one? Which one? Please- do tell. Tellmetellmetellme.. I'm at a point where I'm ready to get my ass out of the glass, and into the next phase of my "career". No doubt about it. Vroom vroom.

At Gwinn's birthday party, I met the owner of Kid Robot , which is a super cool toy store on Haight street. While checking out all of their stuff online (I think I'm gonna head up there today), I was really taken with all of their goods. Makes me wanna have an action figure or two of my guys. P'raps Pushby will get a storefront, like we've been talkin' 'bout..

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February 23, 2003


I like being retarded.

That's the conclusion that I've arrived at, after realizing that I enjoy my writing much more when I do it earlier in the day (or later as is often the case). I am somewhat bran dead late at night, and yet this is the time that I prefer to be up and about, working on things creative. This leads me to believe that my favorite state of being is that of impairment. This would explain my unwavering march towards lobotomyville when it comes to huffing neurotoxins all day at work. I am striving for a that perfect mental flatline.

Last Night, I went to a great part to celebrate my friend Gwinn's birthday. I really had a fantastic time. the worst part of it was that the Bay ridge closed at 212:30, so we were forced to leave much earlier than we wanted to. It was a terrific spread of yum-o-food-o and talented, compelling company (many faces form Angry Monkey days gone by..). Now I am left to draw before turning in for bed.

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February 21, 2003

Chained mail

Having guests over is a perfect reason to clean one's abode.

Left to my own devices, I tend to let things slide when it comes to housekeeping, as Locke can well attest to. Having someone over that one is sweet on is an even better motivator.

I hate mail. I open my mail about once a month. I just let it pile up on the stove, half hoping that I'll accidentally turn on the wrong burner, and relieve myself of the task of opening it. This attitude tends to lend itself towards a nagging bit of stress, though it's never enough to actually motivate me to attend to the situation in a prudent manner. Some of this a function of my decaying mental performance. Keeping my attention on any mundane task is like trying to build a sand castle at the water's edge while the tide's coming in. If you do it in a really manic way, you can actually get somewhere before the forces at work quickly erode your forward momentum. Luckily that's not the most accurate analogy, as my actions tend to leave behind enduring miscellaneous artifacts.

Like my life.

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February 20, 2003

U.S. senseless

I've been on of the lucky one percent of the population to be chosen to participate in the expanded U.S. census.

I am fortunate enough to get to share every detail of my life with the gubmint. Oh- not to worry. They won't share the info with any other departments, or anyone else. Really. I've been putting off the hassle of it for over a month now, even though I've been getting nagging letters in my mailbox and notes on my door that tell me that my participation is required by law. I've been wondering what exactly that means. do they fine people? If you didn't pay the fine, would you go to jail?

Would they stick you in with the people who remove those mattress tags?

Pain in the ass..

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February 19, 2003

Brane drane

Today, I let myself sleep in.

I've been feeling polluted of late, and I'm suspecting that t could be the extra hours that I'm putting in at work. My mouth has tasted like metal ever since I started blowing glass, and my normally muddled mind continues an incremental downhill slippage. It seems to have speeded up a tad since I've been logging extra hours on the torch. My holistic health friends would say that my diet and various other elements are to blame, but it's bigger than that. I can feel it. The thing is, is that I'm actually quite pleased with my life, and the rickety brain pan doesn't worry me too much- it just throws up extra layers of challenge. My short term memory and attention span seem to be getting whittled down to a nub. Perhaps I will need a drool cup here soon.

One of the things that I'm being bothered a bit by, is that there seems to be a new layer of bodily reaction that I'm having. I feel vaguely nauseous. Only a shade of nausea, actually. It doens't actually register as nausea per se, but that's the closest that I can come to describing it. This sensation is linked to my addled mind. They are partners in grime.

What was I saying?

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February 17, 2003

Pronoparto and hangoverville

On Saturday night, Leila and Beth and I went to a porn party in the bayview/hunters point part o' town.

It was at a big warehouse space that functions as a bunch of artist studios. I was convinced that it's be a letdown because any time that I get invited to something that sounds like it's gonna be cool. I'm always sadly disappointed. In this case, I was el wrongo. Everyone who went was required to costume themselves appropriately. I wore my shiny vinyl and latex ensemble, which I unfortunately forgot to get a snapshot of, and Leila wore red fishnets and a black strap-on. Beth dressed down a bit, as she might have run into some clients (she works in the mental health field..). I bumped into a friend from Boulder, who is one of the artist who put the event on. I haven't seen her in years. I met her when she was a high school kid, and now she's all growed up and throwing porn parties.

The party was great. The place was huge, and there ware nooks and crannies and rooms set up with dancing, and video, a small pool that featured nude lube wrestling, a kissing booth, dungeons, an automated spanking machine, a clown groping booth,lots of nudity and sex, a hot tub and much, much more. It was quite something to behold. The only drawback was that I got way too soused, and ended up bedridden the whole next day with a hangover. I'm actually still not fully recovered. I think I might've had a virus that took hold of me when my defenses were down. Consequently, I missed out on the peace rally. I felt so crappy, that it totally skipped my mind until it was over. Figures...

Yesterday was spent in bed, and today has been a challenge to motivate.

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February 14, 2003


As of today, it's been four years since I've had a girlfriend. Breaking up with someone on Valentine's day isn't the most classy move, but the dominoes started tumpling, and the next thing I knew, t was a trip to saddoville.

Being single hasn't been a problem, though I decided months ago that if I didn't get off my ass, I'd look back at my thirties, and feel that I dropped the ball. I'm glad I got the fire under my beehine. I have no idea what shifted for me, but whatever it was, it's welcome. The time spent alone felt right too, but it's time has passed. In this, I am a happy sort of clam.

Yesterday and the day before, I burned myself worse and more often than I ever have before in my time as a glassblower. Nothing serious, just annoying- what with all of the blisters, cuts and missing skin.

If I was gonna make a valentine, it'd prolly look like this:

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February 13, 2003

Vagueness is a life force

I am quite enjoying dating.

I'll write more about it, should things solidify.

My usual muddleheadedness honestly feels quite a bit worse these days. I have a big case of ADD from it, but I don't let it concern me too much. It just gets in the way. I'm going to be completely batty (in a barely functional, yet hopefully endearing sort of way) by the time I'm sixty.

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February 12, 2003

Passing Grampy

I believe that today is my grandfather's funeral.

He died on Saturday. I kept meaning to make mention of it in here,, but every time I sat down to write, I spaced it. Needless to say, We weren't close. That puts it mildly. I really don't have a single overtly positive memory of him. I would go into more detail, but all that would end up coalescing would be a wad of vitriol. I'll just say that he was 95 years old, and not having a good go at life anymore. It's a good thing that he let go. I wish him a good afterlife, though if karmic reincarnation holds any water.... well... never mind.

So many friends of mine in the bay area are under the impression that the country is really split on the war issue. I am of the opinion that the average American has little or no clue about the state of the world, since they are relying entirely on the the mainstream media for their information.

I'd like to think that the country is divided, but the endless fountain of propaganda from the media leads me to doubt it. I always hear statements made that the general populace is smarter than they are given credit for. I don't often see a lot of evidence that supports that assertion. Hearing Joe Shmoe discuss international politics is very similar in content to reading the ongoing Habbo Hotel thread in Pushby's Queue. It really drives me nuts.

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February 11, 2003

The vanishing

The day just vanished.

My Monday got sucked away. I had a list of things to do, and i barely got into it before the entire day was gone. Of course, this isn't helped by the fact that I got up just before noon....

V cooked me dinner, and afterwards, we hung out and chatted a bit, and enjoyed each other's company. It's a god thing that she works a job with regular hours, or I'da been getting this blogging done at sunrise.

Tomorrow, I go back to the torch. It sure is easier these days, now that I have so many other satisfying elements in my life.

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February 07, 2003

Mika Jaxa

After work, I went out with S, who I haven't seen in a couple of months.

She had just moved here from out of state, and is now moving to L.A.. We talked about how we are both pleased as punch about our lives these days. I really think it' something in the stars.

When I got home, I watched the infamous Michael Jackson interview. Oh sure- he's a poor excuse for a father, but i still like him in all of his alien glory. It's amazing to see women hug him, and collapse into hysterical mush afterwards, as though they were hugging Jebus or sump'm.

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February 06, 2003


Last night was the first pushby meeting in months.

All of us have been really busy, so it was to be expected. forrest pointed out that it's been almost exactly two years since we had our first meeting, which is really amazing to me. I'm on my way to being here for three years, which is also hard to believe.... It still feels like the place is new to me in many ways.

One of the main projects that the Pushbytes have been working on will be coming to an end this month, which I'm excited about, so that they will have lotsa time to work on creative projects, and play again. Good news.

Forrest said that he'll help me do a redesign on my site, which is muy fabuloso. It needs some new functionality, and a facelift. I'll be cooking up some changes, and one day, you will see them with your eyeball.

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February 05, 2003

Scritch scratch

The scratchy throat was a bit worse today, so I took the day off from the gym.

I'll get back on it tomorrow. After work, I went over to V's place, where we spent the evening talking, and enjoying each other's company.

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February 04, 2003

Moondae mabness

Ran errands, worked out, then went out with M to see a bad Al Pacino movie.

The company made the night worthwhile. While we were sitting in the car talking, the topic got brought around to eating bugs. Of course, I couldn't help but to conjure the scenario of eating grubs out from under a board in a post apocalyptic world. That topic can be a bit of a buzzkill at times, though I think I got away with it this time.

I had recently begun a new correspondence3 through the personals. I think I played the puppet card too soon. Some find that a buzzkill as well. Such is life...

I'm getting a cold, which sucks. I'm supposed to get together with V tomorrow night, but it might have to be postponed, due to scratchy throat.


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February 03, 2003

Wrong turn

The thing that I hate about cars, as opposed to bikes, is that if you take a wrong turn in a car, you end up in the wrong place.

Yesterday, I intended on going to a park that I have only been to on my bike. I made a wrong turn, and next thing I know, I'm headed to the golden gate bridge. As it turns out, it was a fortunate mishap, since I discovered a beach that I was unfamiliar with. It was populated almost entirely by gay men, which was surprising for a city such as this one.

When I got home, I had a meeting about the show with C. We hashed out more of the details, and began to make lists of deliverables. I'll post pics as they come. Wow! I'll actually have something new for the "projex" section. Whoda thunk?

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February 02, 2003

Looming Froots

Yesterday, Kevin and I went for a long walk.

It took me back about twelve years, when we were in college together, and somewhat inseparable. We would go on long walks all the time, often with a boombox playing something like BauHaus or Wolfgang Press. He is still a great person to take walks with.

I carry my friggin' camera with me everywhere, and I'm always left wondering why it didn't pop it out during the day. I must remember...

Today, i get together with C in order to work on our performance. I'm really happy with how it's coming along. If this goes well, I aim to continue this partnership indefinitely, and hopefully we'll get to suck at the teat of the cash cow.

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February 01, 2003

Wrong day offo

Normally, I take Sundays off from drawing for the blog.

Today, I'm mixin' it up (like I did last week). Drawing tomorrow..

last night I went dancing with V, and thought the DJs sucked, I still had a good time.

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January 30, 2003

Jocko Home-o

My living room is feeling more and more like a living room.

It's having a much deeper impact on me than I was expecting. I really just thought that I'd just like having the place to myself, and that would be that. There is really some sort of symbolic thing happening with me. I think that some of it has to do with the fact that I have so much history here, and now that I have a living room, and no roommates, it feels like home. I get a feeling of calm- a warm sort of feeling that harkens back to when I was a kid living in a big house, and feeling relatively safe in the world. It's funny, because if anything, I am less safe, since the added cost of the place makes my financial situation more dicey. Hmm..

I still gots the happy.

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January 29, 2003

Atypical Toozdae

Okay, so usually Tuesday is the same old thing, yesterday, I had a pleasant diversion.

M called me up, and wanted to know if I'd be interested in a work break, as she was taking one to get some sunshine. We drove down to the touristy pier, and walked the length of it as the sun began to think of setting. Normally I don't take breaks from work, but this wasn't a normal break. It turned a typical day into a special one. I could use more of that.

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January 28, 2003

Lubbin' Life

I spent Monday running errands and dealing with business crap, and blew a bit of glass.

Fridays are the day that I added to my schedule to pay for the apartment, and Monday is the day that I've added because to make sure that i stay solvent in general. After I finished with work, I went to a gym downtown, in the financial district to work out, so that I could meet up afterwards with Leila, who teaches yoga there. We went out for dinner at "Naan and Curry", and I stuffed myself silly. It's been forever since we've gotten to hang out, one on one, and it was really great.

The anxiety bug that had hit me seems to have faded again (thank the lucky lord!). I think that it's largely due to how much I enjoy living alone, and feeling as though it looks like I'll be able to keep up with the added expenses that it will require to keep afloat. This, plus the general understanding that I'm in a great time in my life. I'm very happy indeed!

My Neighbors just told me that they are moving, and I'm toying with moving next door, because it'd be cheaper than my current place. It's smaller, but still a proper one bedroom. We'll see. I really do like my place though... Hmmm...

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January 27, 2003

Weekend Recap

The parts of my life that I don't write about have become infused with a perfect sort of irony, but the more public parts are doing well.

C and I had a meeting on Friday night regarding our puppet performance. We've come up with a basic skeleton, which is will be somewhat challenging to pull of, but I am not really into it unless it's complicated. simple can be more challenging, but the things that come outta me are rarely simple. I'm actually really happy with what we've come up with, because it involves all of the elements that i have wanted to bring together in a performance for years now. Music, video, illustration, and puppetry. For this, I must say "yay". Yay. There- see? We will film it, and I'll post it after the performance, which won't be until April. We are going to find a venue, and have two other performances by other puppet people. It's aboot toime!

Kevin and I went out to muir Beach on Sturdy and spent the afternoon catching up on things. It was the first time that we've gone out of the city together, and was great. You can play the Where's Waldo game, by finding the peeing Kevin at the beach. Can you find him?

Last night, Leila and a couple of her dancing friends and I went to a birthday party in Berkeley, which was small and mellow. I really should have stayed home, and dealt with business matters, but I have no regrets. I often enjoy the drive across the bay bridge. Coming back into the city is always such a big reminder of how happy I am to live here.

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January 25, 2003

Blow offo

It's late. I've decided to blow off drawing for tonight,a nd do it when i wake up.


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January 24, 2003

Thurz no pee like cree pee.

Over the last month,

the gingerbread urinal that I made with Helen has been getting progressively relaxed and saggy. Humidity and gravity have been having their way with it. Last night when I returned home, I noticed that it had finally reached critical mass. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

I went out dancing last night, since I hadn't gone for several months. It's a retro night at the Cat Club, called 1984. I got to see Leila there, which was nice. Thank god there is the old grey haired man who goes dancing on thursdays. Oh, sure- he's a novelty item, but he keeps me from feeling like the creepy old guy. I've got a way to go yet. I'm not too creepy, since the idea of hooking up with anyone younger than 30 holds little to no interest to me. Well... maybe someone as young as 28, but it'd be stretching it. Undoubtedly, I'll end up with the full creepy old guy status, because I like to go dancing, and I doubt that I'll ever fully grow out of it. I'm fine with my arrested developminty freshness.

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January 23, 2003


I know that most people feel this way, but I'm so frustrated at how little time there is to do all of the things that i want to do.

I remember when I was a kid, and I just sat around in front of the TV every night. I did that up until I was 18. I was a massive television addict. I would still have a wrestling match with it if I had cable. I'd be suckin' down boatloads of Behind the Music, E! True Hollywood Story and all sorts of filth.

It's very good thing that I've avoided running across a video game that i find addictive. I'm afeared for the time when Doom III comes out later this year. I suspect that I will be sucked in. When i was first introduced to Doom, about seven or eight years ago, I lost a solid month of my life. It even invaded my dreams. No first person shooter has done it for me like that one did. There's nothing like killing demons on mars....

As it stands now, I really have been missing doing music, but i dunno when I'll find the time to squish it in. I'll find a way...

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January 22, 2003

Tuesday wit da reapa.

Work. Tuesday. Gym.

Work. Tuesday. Gym. That's almost always my tuesday regimen. That, and pondering my death. Thinking about my mortality is a fixture in my life. I do it more than anyone than I know. I always have. This is not obsessing, mind you. There's no urgency, or worry to it. It doesn't bum me out, though it got a new spin put on it once marcus died. He was my age after all. A thirty four year old weirdo artist- notices an odd mole on his back, and is dead two and a half years later. I wasn't close to him, but I think about him a lot. You never know.

These thoughts are somewhat liberating. They put life into perspective. They dont really bother me as much as they do most people. We all gonna keel sooner or later. I'm always jealous when I hear about these lucky cads who die in their sleep. That's the way to go. The Chechnyans who held all of the hostages in that theater in Russia had fine deaths as well: A little knock out gas, and then a bullet. Why doesn't the government use that gas on people in the gas chamber? From what I know if it, it's vastly superior to the crap that we're currently using. It's fast and painless.

I have been morbidly inclined my whole life. It's one of the reasons that I've loved Hallowe'en so much. It's also heavily influenced my aesthetic sensibilities

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January 21, 2003


There's a bunch in my life that I'm not writing about, as usual.

It's all the juicy bits. The ones that have to do with my 'private' life. It's really not so private if you know me, since I am such a blabbermouth. I process my life with my flappy jaws, though I am good to keep a secret. I guess that's a piece of why I feel compelled to censor the living crap out of this sorry-assed journal. I guess if ya want the gory details, you'll just have to call me.

I've been putting off financial crap. One of the things that I really liked about making really good money back in Austin, was that i would just blow a lot of things off. Thins like making sure that i wasn't being over billed for glassblowing supplies, and that sorta thing. I was once double charged at the grocery store, and I just forgot about it after a few phone calls to no avail. It was just less aggravating, and that was worth the money. Now I have to get a bit aggravated, since my finances are so squished. yuck. I need a personal assistant. One who will work for free...and give me back rubs....and feed me grapes....and shoot lasers fro his/her eyes at whatever I want esploded.

One day...

Yesterday, I spent way too long cutting down a couch futon frame to love seat size. I was on a mission. A not very well thought out mission, that took about four times longer than it should have (in that three stooges sorta way). When I was done, I realized that I didn't have the hardware to assemble the thing, so I just blew my whole evening. Grrr..... hopefully I'll find the missing bits. I just realy want to get the living room actually feeling like a living room, so that I can have some people over to hang out and bother the neighbors. What other reason does one have a living room for, anyway.?

Today is a day to get out of work early. Must wake up on time...

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January 20, 2003


Saturday, I missed the peace march, but made it to the rally for a bit.

The media is drastically misrepresenting the turnout, but I suppose that it's to be expected, since war sells ads. I met up with Leila, and a friend of hers, and we hung out and chatted with the "poodles for peace" contingent. The conversation was really boring, and consisted largely of "woof woof", and lots of lawn sniffing.

Yesterday, I hung out with M all day. We walked across the Golden Gate bridge, grabbed some dinner, and then headed to see My big fat greek wedding. This is a movie tha I have heard nothing but the most glowing reviews of, and aI failed to see what all of the fuss was about. It was super cheesy and cute, but none too special.

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January 18, 2003

Friday, workday

Yesterday I worked the extra day that I've added to my work week, so that I can afford my place.

It went pretty well, even though I had a very difficult time getting into the shop in the first place. It's actually fine, since it's not uncommon for me to goof off most of the day, anyway.

On a lark, I called my Russell and Deborah, and they just happened to be in the middle of a gathering at their place, which I was promptly invited to. There was lots of food and good company, and I ended up staying until very late. This means that i didn't get to bed 'til near sunrise, so getting up to protest today will be none too fun...

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January 17, 2003

Number two

Night number two in my own place.

I like it. A bunch, though I still have the illusion that Meritt is crashed out on the floor behind me. Assuming that I can sell enough glass to pay for it, it'll be worth the extra time spent on the torch to keep the place. That is, as long as that extra time doesn't give me a tumor or anything..

There is no doubt that getting on the torch early is the way to go to make my noodle happy. The main reason that I was strict with it, was that I had to go meet up with a friend who was visiting form out of town. We caught up for an hour, which was enjoyable. He's someone that I've never really hung out with more than five times, but we seem to have some sort of bond that grew out of nothing. it's very interesting. Afterwards, I met up with M, who I haven't seen in a while. It was terrific to see her again. We hung out all night, and caught up. Consequently, I missed going to the gym, so i gotta make it up on Saturday. There's that durn war protest on Saturday that i s'pose I must show up for. Sheesh.

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January 16, 2003

Home alone

I am screwed as far as sleep goes.

I told a friend who's visiting from out of town that I'd meet him for coffee at 6 p.m. today. his means that I'll have to be get up super early, which I am none too thrilled with, especially because I have yet to finish my drawing.

I dropped Merritt off at the airport. I was sad, but happy that she gets to go away and have adventures, instead of blowing glass.

Last night was my first night of living alone. The thing that I like the most so far is the idea of having a living room for guests to hang out in. Perhaps for me to hang out in as well. Now I'll have even more incentive to stay on more of a diurnal schedule. If I didn't have to get up in the morning, I'd be in there right now, trying to make it actually feel like a living room.

I've had Merritt living in my room so long that I keep expecting her to be snoozing on my floor while I blog. It's a bit disorienting to be in this place alone. I'm not quite sure if I like it. I might. I do miss Merritt though. I never wouldda thought that I'd actually miss having someone crashing on my floor...

I'm still not sure if this is the right choice, but I'm gonna give it a try to see how it works. I'm not quite certain if I'm home enough to really care too much about having my own place, but in many ways, I do feel more at ease. I think as I'm getting older, I find it harder to live with others. This isn't to say that it's hard, it's just energetically distracting.

i've also been thinking a lot about my collaboration with C. I really hope that it goes smoothly, and that we both enjoy the process, because I've really been looking to find someone who I creatively mesh with, and there are a lot of indicators that point in that direction with her. We'll see. I am aiming to be making a living in a more creative manner by the end of the year- or at least to be seriously on my way. Publishing and performing are the two prized occupations on my list, and I'm determined to bring them about.

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January 15, 2003

Bye bye Me-Wah!

Today I take Merritt to the airport, so she can go across the world and and begin her next adventures.

I'll miss her, and I'll be sad to see her off. I hope that she stays safe, and comes back happy and healthy, so that she can continue to help drive me endlessly crazy.

Her frenchy beau, put this site together to document their trip. I'm looking forward to seeing it fill up!

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January 14, 2003

Plan it wit da apes

Rather than realistically sit down and map out all of my finances, I have opted to vaguely go over them in my head, and get an amorphous idea of what the future holds.

I then take that info, and wrap a skin of hope around it, and call it my 'plan'. The main problem with this is the kernels of doubt and neurosis at the heart of my planfruit. I know that I must sit down and write it all out and get really concrete if I'm to make this new living arrangement fly. I'll get around to it eventually. No, really.

I'm serious.

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January 13, 2003


I am more than a bit brain-dead from swilling hooch on Merritt's birthday.

Kevin came over in the evening, bearing gifts and beer. Here she is with said gifts, and the bearer. From there, we took her out to eat some fantasmo Thai food in the Castro, where we were thoroughly obnoxious. Afterwards, we convened at Locke and Ali's new place, where there was much wine consumed, and video shot. I figured that being drunk with my friends was a perfect time to take apart my watch, and to reassemble it. Needless to say it is no longer functioning.

A snail came inside to wish Merritt happy burfday as well. We tormented it a bit, before sending it on it's merry way.

I ended up crashing at B's place, and sleeping in way later than I intended. I wound up being late for a meeting with C, who I met through the personals, and have a good creative connection with. We had planned to get together and share some of our own music with each other, and then jam a bit, but ended up not having time to jam. She is a musician, artist and a puppeteer, so we are going to collaborate on a puppet show that will be performed sometime in March. I seem to compulsively pile more and more activities into my life. Cha cha cha.

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January 11, 2003

Bachelor pad diddy

Locke moved out today while I was asleep.

I am that sound of a sleeper. Merritt leaves on Wednesday, so I'll have the joint to myself as of then. I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully I will be able to stay afloat.

I spent a chunk of the day in what felt like an anxiety attack. It just kept getting stronger and stronger, until I realized that I hadn't eaten all day. Evidently, I am unable to differentiate hunger from anxiety these days. Once I ate, I was rid of about 60% of my bad head.

Merritt and I also went to see the movie Adaptation tonight. It was great. I highly recommend it. Really.

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January 10, 2003

No sleep fer tha widgets

Given that I've been up for 23 hours, my brain isn't up for coughing up much in the way of them werd things.

I will say that I did love getting done with work way before sundown, though.

My trip to MOMA with V was enjoyable. There was a notable conversation that was had afterwards. I won't go into now, acuz that would make this part of my blog worth paying attention to.

Now I must sleep.

Merritt Grooms is having a birthday on Saturday. She'll be sixty three.

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January 09, 2003

The early bird gets the werb.

Today I have made the deal with myself that I will be on the torch by 8 am, so that I can get finishe dwith work in time to go to MOMA with V.

This means that I'll be getting less than five hours of sleep. I've just finished eating two bowls of sugar puffs to prepare me for the grueling task of going to bed. I'm a champion.

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January 08, 2003


A nothing special sorta workday.

the original plan was to be in bed early, but I went over to B's for a couple of hours, but our flappy jaws stretched two hours into four. Then I had to eat burritos and jelly beans. That way I could go to bed with a full stomach, like the doctors always say you should.

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January 07, 2003

Tax attacks

Oh yes, It was tax prep day.

I celebrated by sleeping through a good portion of it. As in most things that one dreads, it actually wasn't that bad, once I moved from the procrastination stage to the the "actually doing it" stage. Now it is mostly done, and I am very relieved. It seems as though there is every chance that this year isn't going to be as much of a fiscal ass-rape as I thought it'd be, thanks largely to the fact that I have become decidedly downwardly mobile over the past couple of years. This does not bode well for my plan to live the solo bachelor life. Perhaps I will sink into the mire, and end up pimpin' my "area" out on the streets to keep afloat. Ahhh, the city life..... such possibilities! Then again, maybe I will just have to be wildly successful, and buy my entire block to park my PT cruiser/SUV hybrid collection in. My vision is heroic and vast.

By the time I had made it into the gym, I was sailing on a sea of anxiety. Flailing away at my routine pulled the plug out of it, much like a play-doh barbershop squeezer. I left li'l knots of extruded stringy stress poo hither and yon, as I walked from one bench to another. By the time I left, the place looked like it was attacked by the god of silly string. Such is my power.

Now I am relatively stress free and full of jelly beans.

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January 06, 2003


I've decided that Sunday is my day off from blogville.

Seven days a week is too much to sustain.

I intended on getting some of my taxes in order yesterday, but opted to sleep instead. Today is te day that I aim to get a pile of it done. No, Really.

My personal life has taken some complicated turns. Some positive, some negative. Life is still good, and though I am still contending with the shadow of anxious tap tap tappings on the noggin door, like the Avon lady from Neuroticville. She wanna sell me some nasty cologne,and I'm not buyin'. Well, maybe if I can find a coupon...

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January 04, 2003


Last night, I received news that a friend from out of town has met with a tragedy. My heart goes out to him.

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January 03, 2003


I'm thankful that I was vain enough to start working out.

That was the initial impetus for it, but it also helps to keep anxiety at bay. When I came back from Colorado, I had only worked out once the previous week, and that night, I cuddled a mild anxiety attack. Now that I'm back on my workout schedule, I'm doing alright, though I can tell that if I wasn't sweating out all that poison, I'd be a sad clam. Clams make pearls, but ya gotta kill 'em to get to get 'em out. Happy clams spit out their pearls into yer shoe, so that you'll be walkin' funny and sayin' "ow" all the time. That's why the clam is happy.

New year's plopped a wrench into my diurnal schedule. Didn't get finished with work last night until after 1 am. Tomorrow will be more of the same, though hopefully not quite as late. Hopefully....

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January 02, 2003

Gnu ear

New year's eve was simple, and good.

I worked until about 8, and then ran home and bickered with Merritt a bit, made up, and shared some festive brew. B came over and drove us to all to Oakland for a party. It was at the same warehouse that I went to last year, though it's really shaped up a lot since then. We got lost on the way, and made it with less than a minute to spare in order to usher in the new year.

Seanno was there, along with Muji and Laura, and a bunch of people that I know from Sacramento. As was fitting, I had too much gin, on top of the beer that I'd inhaled at home, so I was rather looped. Merritt ran about with my camera, snapping pictures, and painting our friends.

I was taken aback by a mobile video studio that was in the back of the place. It was in a huge converted Airstream trailer, and was decked out with polished wooden floors, and all of the equipment to edit on the road. Yum!

I spent new year's day sleeping off the previous night, and went out with B for brunch. I was supposed to go over to see that apartment that I mentioned a coupla days ago, but the person who lives there cancelled. Wah.

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December 31, 2002


I didn't get to work out much while I was in Colorado, and then I got sick, so today was the first day back at it.

Boy, did that suck. I get more tomorrow! Wheeee!

I've also begun to look around for an apartment, as well as ask my landlord for a rent reduction, just in case I stay. If he does lower it, I plan to up my work schedule, and keep the place for myself, which will be a stretch. It's really the only thing that could get me on the torch more than I already am. living in my own place would rock. I'm going to check out another place this week that I'd be sharing with another person. The room is the same price, bigger, is in a much better neighborhood, with a ton of other cool bonuses. There is no way I'm staying in this place with a roommate with stuff like that around. No how.

I'm still grappling with the complexities of dating. My traditional way of functioning is that as soon as I kiss a person, I'm bound to her in some way. I'm in a different place these days, due mainly to the fact that until I have a solid indication that this is a person that I truly want to see about settling down with, I'm forgoing the binding part. This is a logical thing, but I'm also not going to treat other interactions as a waste of time, as many tend to do. It's new and unfamiliar, and of course, it is a more complex set of challenges.

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December 30, 2002


As might be expected from a guy who got to bed at 7:30, I got up in the early afternoon.

I spent the rest of it cutting and dying my hair, which was a relaxing thing to do. I spent the evening with V at a coffee shop. It was our first meeting in person, and was quite enjoyable.

I'm a wee tad stressed by my impending move, the coming tax period, as well as a host of other things, though the anxious bits flutter off more often that not. I'm certain that they will start to hang around more and plump up as time goes on, but I'm going to do my best to attack the source before things get very intense. For example: I plan to start packing, sorting and tossing my belongings on the first, and do a little bit every day, until I'm outta here. It's how I dealt with it when I moved here, and it worked out very well indeed. It's still a pain in the ass though..

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December 29, 2002

This is not a precedent.

Merritt picked me up from the airport, and dragged my sorry ass straight into the center of retail hell.

The Anxiety slugs chawed at my organs with rusted teeth. Afterwards, I hung out with B all night. Now it's almost 7:30, and I'm ready to snooze. What a slackass I am. No drawing. Crap.


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December 28, 2002

Last night in Colonradio

Fatigue and my new pet virus conspired to lay me low Saturday night.

Of course this was after I had gone out on a trip down memory lane. I started my evening by getting together with Yndy, who I haven't seen for about a decade, if my memory serves me (which it usually doesn't..). She was my first girlfriend in college, and though many things have changed in our lives in the past 16 years, one thing that's remained the same is the conversational chemistry. It was great to catch up, and even better to see her in a great place in life. She and her husband took me out to eat at an all-you-can-eat carnivore palace, and as usual, irony was tagging along behind me. Most people know that I eat more than the average bear, but because I was still under the weather, i was relegated to having the appetite of an average human being. It was a travesty! (Okay, it was a delicious travesty.....). Afterwards, we went back to their place and watched sonograms of their almost ripened loinfruit. I was really fascinated by it all. If I have the good fortune to spawn, I'm gonna spring for the 4D sonogram, and then have the full image reproduced in negative as a jell-o mold.

Later in the evening, I met up with Misshell, who I haven't seen in about five or six years. We ended up picking up Nick and some companions, who had been celebrating Modern Drunkard night at a local gin joint. He steered us back to the hogbutler hangout, where he proceeded to do whup the tar outta Misshell. (if yer wondrin' why he looks like Satan, it's acuz he actually is...). He gave up after she flattened his testicles with a walrus, and planted an oak tree in his eye socket. Then everyone smoked cigarettes until my eyes melted.

Last night, I had yet another reunion with yet another old friend/ex-bandmate of mine. I met him when he was fourteen, and now he's 52 or some crazy shit like that. He's all fleshed out with a college degree and a carful of colorful plastic balls. He's also a street puppeteer, so we had a lot to yammer on about as we knocked back some beer and nailed our feet to a chicken. Now I'm set to head back to my home town of urineville.

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December 26, 2002


Throughout the night and early morning of Christamuss, I was awakened by nausea.

By the time that I was to get up, I was struck with a serious germ. It laid me out for the entire day- I was unable to move for the most part. I tried to get up and shower, but it took everything that I had to refrain from vomiting and passing out. Consequently, I spent the entire day (and night) in bed, snuggled up to delerium, with visions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict dancing through my head. I am finally feeling a bit more like a human being, and I am not sure how well it sits with me.

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December 25, 2002

Ho Ho Hooch

This trip involves a lot of eating, sleeping, movie watching, and staying up all night

This trip involves a lot of eating, sleeping, movie watching, and staying up all night. It has also involved the hooch. Last night was an exception, but there's something about Colorado that gets me craving the brain killer. For the past several months or more, I've not really had much of an inkling for the stuff, but when I'm here I am Eeenaar: Bane of Liquor Cabinets!

I took my mom to see the new Lord of the rings film, which she found to be pleasing. Afterwards, we knocked off a liquor store, and used the proceeds to start a Menudo cover band. We rock.

Dirtcat helped bring in some xmuss cheer a little earlier, by doing a li'l decorating of his own. He wants you to eat some xanax fer tha baby jeez. And to all a good night...

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December 24, 2002


I told myself that I wasn't gonna stay up until dawn today.

So I'm not.

Last night, I went out with my friend Nick, of Hogbutler fame. I met him at his place, which is a great warehouse space that her shares with a bunch of fellow ne'er-do-wells, and we proceeded from there to the cricket on the hill, where we saw Denver Joe (He's the artist who puts the "fuck you" back into country music. Knocked back beer as we Watched Joe swill himself into submission. As he pounded out tunes by Johnny Cash, and Willie Nelson, he assaulted the audience with vitriol befitting a rabid yak wino. It was pure magic.

P.S. Here is a picture of the dirtcat, Thomas:

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December 23, 2002


Yesterday, I went back to my old home town, and to meet up with an old friend.

Last time I was in Boulder, I felt as though my connection to it had diminished over time, but as I pulled into town this time around, I was met with an onslaught of memories- all of which were favorable. I drove past a bridge that I remembered walking across one particular time, about 16 years ago, in all of my gothiness, with my deranged goth grrrlfrind. then, I drove through my neighborhood that I lived in about 7 years later, in which I had some of the most amazing creative collaborations in.. It really just went on and on until I got to Kenneth's place.

We haven't hung out in person for about 5 years, and it was great to sit in the same room and catch up. By the end of the night, we were well on our way to being DRENCHED IN BLOOD as we always used to be, back in the day.

Ahhh, memories...

Now I am sitting on the couch with Thomas, the 700 pound kitty. He is a filth magnet. What the picture doesn't convey, is that his coat is naturally as white as he driven snow. God has punished us all by covering him in all of the world's grime. Pray for him.

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December 22, 2002


This is a picture taken in 1949. My mom is in it. She is not the robot girl.

Last night, she QND I watched The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring so that she'd know what the hell was going on when we go to see the new one. In my mind, I gave all of the clueless hobbits a hug for T, since she lubs them so much.

Okay, so since both Locke, and Merritt are moving out, I've decided that this is prolly some sort of big-assed message from the powers that be, that maybe I should go out and look for a better place to live. We'll see how amped up I am about it when I get back home, but I think that it's in the works...

I am back to my nocturnal ways. I am woe.

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December 21, 2002

Disembodied in Denver

Since I'm rarely actually in my body in the first place, I don't think that I can fully count myself in Colorado right now.

I spent the first part of the day freaking out acuz I put everything off. Merritt and I drove madly to the airport, and I was stressed acuz I thought that i was gonna miss my plane. Of course, everything worked out fine. My flight was delayed, so I ended up sitting around playing with my gameboy, as any thirty five year old man would do...

Since I'm rarely actually in my body in the first place, I don't think that I can fully count myself in Colorado right now. Maybe I would be if it could actually manage to be truly cold out. Instead it's just sort of pussing around.

My mom found some new furniture at an estate sale. I'm sitting on a dead woman's chair. It's a little creepy. It'd be much less so if it was old,a nd wooden, rather than almost new. She died of the big C. I wonder what her name was.

If you enjoy listening to radio shows, then you should do to listen to the archived shows of This American Life. I listen toi it every night while I'm drawing. I'm gonna be sad when I get top the end of 'em. Does anyone have any recommendations for other good radio archives?

P.S. I know that I say this every time I'm away from a high-speed connection, but: Dial-up is less fun than tearing yer intestines with a rusty piece of barbed wire. I know. I've tried it.

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December 20, 2002


Okay, so I put off everything until the day that iI leave.

This includes packing, paying bills, shipping xmuss presents, and so much more!

Why!? WHY!?

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December 19, 2002


I am bad. Slippin' back into the nocturnal cesspool. Must.....climb...back....out..

Tomorrow, I go to see my mom for a week. Yup! Of course, I am procrastinating about a bajillion things that I have to do before I leave...

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December 18, 2002

Oooh! I'm Back!

On Sunday, Merritt and Pierre had a gathering over at Dave's place, where they showed slides from their motorcycle getaway tour.

There was pizza, and hooch, and really interesting slides. When yer friends go on a motorcycle vacation across Europe and Morocco, the sldieshow is far from yer standard snoozy fare. I actually could have sat through three times as much as they showed us, but we had to make it a bit on the short side in order to meet up with Leila for her birthday gathering.

We met her at the outdoor rink downtown, which was almost empty because of the storms that we'd been having. It drizzled a bit the whole,night, but I was fine with it, given that we had the entire place to ourselves, and it made for a beautiful setting, what with the bay bridge off in the distance and all... Merritt was a bombed from sucking down gallons of wine during the slideshow, which made for some added entertainment. I pretended to be the ice skating stud, even as I fell on my ass, soaking my ooderwear with cold ice water.

Muji had never skated before, and did surprisingly well, thanks largely to his lovely sweetie, Laura.

Pirre was on his last couple of days here in the states, so he and merritt took a moment to give thanks to almighty old glory.

Leila was in top form as our lovely hostess/birthday grrrl. HAppy Birthday Leila! Afterwards, I met her and a group of her men at Sparky's diner and ate more fat. Glurbaglurba.

That night was the third night of storming, which put an end to our electricity as well as a number of trees around town. Thursday's supposed to bring another one. I hope that muthah naychuh donut steal my internet no more. wah.

As I mentioned earlier: I went forever without knowing many Sagittariuseez, and now they're coming out of my ears! The night before last, I went over to Ben's place to print up some t-shirts, only to discover that it was his birthday too! I've recently met one more through the personals... I think that it's this town. It's sadgetown. yup!

Last night, Locke took a big group of us to see an advance screening of the new Lord of the rings movie, which I liked even better than the first. (Note to T: DO NOT GO SEE IT!). Really. I loved it. Gollum was amazing. There were some things to criticize about it, but I just pushed all of that aside because I was so in love with it. That is how I am. I am that way.

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December 16, 2002


The bay area has been super stormy!

It knocked out the power in my neighborhood, as well as the power of about 150,00 others. Hopefully they'll get around to fixin' it soon..

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December 14, 2002


Last night I went to two parties.

The first was a birthday party for my friend, Fiona. It was a James bond/casino theme party, and many came in costume. I, of course, forgot about said theme, and showed up as myself. I'm not very James Bondy. I also forgot to bust out my camera at the opportune moments, though I did get a great picture of Fiona's talented and charming hubby, who I believe is named "Richard" (He always looks this way...). There were the games of chance and great folks to play with, but I had to cut out a bit early to hit the nest shindig.

This was C's party. I met her through The personals, and she'd invited me to her (and her twin sister's) birthday/christmas (what's with all of these Sagittariuseez all of a sudden?) party. It was a mellow event, and a number of people had left by the time that I arrived. I sipped on some absinthe and had a good conversation with a friend of hers who's a therapist, about the merits of different degrees, and the field in general.

Okay- it's late, and I'm slipping back into the nocturnal life.... Better snooze!

Tonight, I'm gonna take the night off from tha blog. No new stuff tomorrow.

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December 13, 2002


My back was better today.

I worked out, I blew glass, and later, I met up with I, who I met through the personals. I hadn't seen her since our initial meeting, but I wanted to touch bases with her. We met for a bit and had a beer, which was nice. She reminds me in a ton of ways of my ex-grrlfrin, Jeener in antarckty. I want 'em to meet.

I've gotten a coupla new responses from the personals in the last few days. Personals are fun, even if you never meet up.

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December 12, 2002

Speed Dating

I ran across this article on metafilter. Given my ongoing personals experience, I found it interesting in theory, though the actuality of it would likely give me hives.

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The main difference between yesterday and today, was that I screwed up my lower back at the gym.

It hurt so bad at work that I was surprised to find that it wasn't spraying blood, meat and bone fragments all over the wall behind my station. I know that this means that I should take it easy tomorrow, but my way is the way of the ant. You smash parta heem, he just keeps goin'. Plus, him brain big like mine too also.


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December 11, 2002

One more Toozdae..

Gym. Work. Whee.

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December 10, 2002

Bday recap

So, the birthday gathering was great, as I said.

Many of my favorite people were there, though others were missed. It's all for the best though, because I ended up being easily distracted, and was somewhat neglectful at times. That's one of the things that always makes me nervous about such types of gatherings. I get freaked because I end up not getting around to everyone as much as I ideally want to.

I ended up swillin' a tall pile of hooch, as well as salty, hot mystery drinks made with tobasco, salt, spit and toilet paper, care of my new chum, H. There is the very real, and somewhat sad reality that I enjoy grossing people out, and I am thankful that H (which really stands for "Helen" in case you were wondering...) is in my life to aid me in achieving that goal.

Sean gave me a super cool gift that we had discovered this weekend. It's an atari 2600 joystick that has ten classic atari games built right into it. You just put in some batteries, and plug it into a television using it's RCA cables, and yer good to go. This review says that all of the emulations aren't quite up to par, but some do pretty well. I'm still psyched, since Asteroids, Yars revenge, and missile command are included.

Thanks again to everyone who came. You really gave me a great Birthday.

Afterwards, Sean, Merritt, Pierre and B came over to my place. We had some beer, ice cream and "cake" (in the form of mini chocolate coated donuts). I blew out my candle and got my wish. B and I hung out until late after everyone else split. I woke up with a hangover, but it soon lapsed, and I chased to rest of it away by working out.

Leila and I finally got to hang out last night, after a gazillion years of trying to get together. We pigged out at my favorite Thai place, and caught up on things.

After we parted, I went to B's place for a bit, which made me late to bloggotown. I am aiming to avoid letting my new schedule slide, but if tonight is any indication, I've got some work to do...

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December 09, 2002


I had the best birthday. Really.

Merritt assembled many of the peeps that I love, and i was very happy to see that so many of them are people that I have met since I moved here, as well as those that I've known forever. I am blessed. This is really the reason that I've moved my schedule to a diurnal one. I get to see such teeeriiffo people regularly now. I post pix tommorry.


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December 08, 2002

Hippo Birdie 2 Meep

Today I turn 35.

I'm on the downhill slide to the big four-oh. As perverse as that is, it's true.

Now where's my pile o' cash?

Yesterday, I hung out with Seanno all day. Went to see our friend Shannon in a yiddish vaudeville stage show, which offered up some amusement. Afterwards, we went to the beach for a tad, with her and some cohorts from the show. Actually, we went to a chinese food place, and bought the worst pile of Chinese that I've ever eaten. Of course, I chowed on it... Seanno drove me to the shop so that I could pick up my car, and while we were there, I suggested that we climb to the roof of the building. It's seven or so stories tall, and I've heard that the view is superb, which in fact, it turned out to be. I think I'm gonna hang out there more often...

Afterwards, I headed over to B's.

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December 07, 2002


I spent the bulk of my friday with H.

We walked through her neighborhood in the oakland hills (which is really a great place to go for a walk in), and then went back to her plac e to chat over tea, which was all quite nice. I do enjoy my time with her, since she is such a bright and perfectly twisted soul...From there we drove back into San Francisco to meet with friends of hers for a gingerbread house making party. There was one house building disaster which was long on creativity, and short on sound engineering, but the rest of the houses turned out beautifully. Helen and I collaborated on a lovely gingerbread urinal, complete with a dead vagrant inside, and a mortally wounded chicken perched on top! It was all very magical.

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December 06, 2002


I met up with Russell for for lunch in the financial district.

I blabbed with him about my developing interaction with B, and gave the woman sitting next to us an earful of my private life. I think it was prolly worth her time.

After work, I met up with Merritt and Pierre at a gallery opening down the street. Much of the work was really quite good. As usual, Merritt was better at the shmoozing thing than I was- making contact with an agent. I interacted with him a bit as well, though my shmooze was not properly discharging. I suppose that I am destined to languish in obscurity for some time to come. I'll just sit and wait for Merritt's coattails to drag by, and I'll hop on....

Seanno is in town, and met up with us towards the end of our time in galleryville. He and I ended up hanging out and chatting and snarfing some dry, overcooked salmon patties, which are my specialty. I must say that having routine time with friends was long overdue.

I like my life very much.

Now where are my heaps of cash?

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December 05, 2002

Social eyezin

After work,(which was uneventful, I scampered home, pounded some dinner, did some quick inking for tonight's drawing, and rushed off to meet with Dave and Richard at the Odeon.

After work,(which was uneventful, I scampered home, pounded some dinner, did some quick inking for tonight's drawing, and rushed off to meet with Dave and Richard at the Odeon. Wednesday nights are the "ask doctor Hal" show, in which the audience pays doctor Hal to answer questions (usually on a theme). There are cartoons, and free shots of some foul liquor to be had, if yer question is spee-eshul enough. If I'da not stiffed him, I would have gotten my shot, since my question ranked up there..

It was good to see richard again. He has evidently been chained to a radiator in the basement for a few months. He will pop up more here soon, as his lovely and brilliant wife is having a birthday party next week.

Another thing that I'm having some difficulty adjusting to, is the fact that so many people are out and about after I get off of work. I keep either having near misses with traffic, or nearly running over innocent pedestrians. I'll get better at it over time, and peg me on of 'em eventually.....

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December 04, 2002

On skehjool.

So far, so good.

The new schedule works so far. It's only the second day, but I'm keeping on schedule. I actually got to hang out with Dave after work because of it! It's been way too long. In retrospect, I'm certain that I was at a breaking point as far as rearranging things goes, so the change just sort of fell into place on it's own. I'd like to believe that I'm tuned into some sort of deeper awareness right now, and that my life is unfolding due to some cosmic plan, but in reality, it's probably just the Goob Lorb shining hiz creamy puff beam of light down to guide me into a can of Sterno.

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December 03, 2002

Diurnally impared

My new schedule is already proving to be a challenge.

I intended on being in bed by now, but my time with B went a little long.

The thing that shucks about functioning during the day is that there are so many frickin' poeple to contend with. The main place that this is an issue is at the gym. People +the gym= suckass.


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December 02, 2002


It's been some time that I've known that I need to overhaul my schedule.

I miss all of my friends who I don't get to see when I'm fully nocturnal. If my life had different elements in it, perhaps I could maintain a my ghoulish schedule, but it ainut in the cards. With this in mind, I have rebooted my system, and am going to see how I live the diurnal life. I did this by accidently sleeping until 3 pm yesterday, thereby getting 8 hours of sleep. I was up for another 9 hours, and then went bak to bed until 8 this morning. I'm now fully rested, and rarin' to go with my new gig. I aim to maintain it.

the weekend went well. I had a date with B on Saturday night. Things are quite possibly a bit more complicated, as we are slowly moving towards a more physically intimate arrangement. I am hoping at this point in my life to break some counterproductive patterns in regards when it comes to romantic relationships. In a vague nutshell, I will sum it up by saying that there are some elements in this interaction that are familiar to me, as far as old patterns go, so I am doing my best to take things at a cautious pace, while also being as aware as I can be of my tendencies towards self delusion. I have been enlisting the help of those that know me as well. I find that the most pressing element that makes clarity difficult is the almost overwhelming sexual tension that has built up at this point. Tends to muddy up the glazzies a tad. I will admit, that this method of proceeding into relationships is somewhat lacking in the romance department, but it's compelling nonetheless.

Last night I finally hung out with my friends Koa and Tamara at their home/storefront here in the mission. I've been meaning to visit them for months, but it just hanna happint. Koa and I hung out and talked while Tamara and her troupe got ready for a performance that they were doing nearby. The ambience of their place, combined with the people and activities hat were going on was a Super Francisco evening.

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November 30, 2002


I arrived back in the home town today.

I was struck at the airport by how much my eye can still be caught by cute 16 year old fashion punks. I'm a bit of a letch when Merritt and Pierre picked me up at the airport. After a dawdling/hanging out combo, we went to see the new Harry Potter movie. Pierre fell completely asleep, and i was dozing off the whole time. This wasn't a reflection of the film, it's just that we're lame and sleepy. As we went down endless escalators, we saw a guy who i though might just have been dead. We went back up to check on him (and take photos), and waited around with a couple of good samaritans until some official help arrived. (He eventually got up, but seemed heavily drugged).

That's kind of how I feel right now.

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November 29, 2002


Thanksgiving went well.

There was the customary feast, jwith all that one would expect. After eating, we convened to the back yard, where we tossed a soccer ball to each other and rhymed. Yup, it's true. Impromptu games of silly fun are rare at family gatherings, at least from my experience. It was a treat.

I would write more, but I have to get up in the morning to go to a mob riot sale. I have succumbed to the evil temptations of cable television, and was sucked in by VH1 behind the music. I am stripped of free will when such trash is on. I will pay in the morning....

After that, I will catch a plane home.


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November 28, 2002


In the name of getting enough sleep, I'm going to post my drawing later today.


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November 27, 2002

Lamin' out wit new famoo

Yesterday, I went out with my new stepsibz, A, E and J.

Originally I had imagined that we'd go hang out and have drinks and blab and have some heart to hearts, which couldda happened, but after we ate a ton of meat and filth, we were so foodstruck that we lost all of our juice. We ended up heading home early, which I felt bad about, because A had cancelled her weekly kayak training to hang wid us.

For various reasons, when we got back, my dad and I got into a rather animated conflict, which was resolved after much talking. I actually enjoy the process of working my way through conflict, as long as it ends up with a productive outcome.

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November 26, 2002


Okay, so I didn't post about the wedding yesterday.

I really shouldn't be doing it now either, acuz I have to get up in the actual morining tomorrow to go help one of my new stepsisters with her classroom full of six year olds tomorrow. I'm gonna get 'em all riled up, and then we will rampage through the city, eating anyone we come across.

So the wedding was great. It was held in a chapel that's plunked right in the middle of a cemetery, which was great except for the fact that it's one of those boring ones with no headstones. The chapel itself was super cool though. It was chock full of stained glass windows and plants, so much so, that it almost felt like a greenhouse. There were a couple of imprisoned canaries in there as well, that provided some soothing chirpy action.

The happy couple were very happy indeed.

We were all quite moved by the ceremony, which was a teary event. I was really happy during the whole thing. This was compounded by the fact that my presentation was very well received. There was some faboo singin' that was delivered by the very same woman who is in charge of the six year olds. Too bad they weren't there with us, to cannibalize the guests. That wouldda been the pee-ace de resistaaawns!

Here is a picture so that you can see that my father and I are almost identical.

The reception was held back at the homestead. I porked out on amazingly delicious piles of animal, and got sloshed as the night went on. Ended up with the whole famoo drinking drinks that I was serving up. Most of us had a sheet or two flappin' in the wind.

Okay, now to bed.

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November 25, 2002

Delayed entry

I gotta hit the hay, but I'll write more when I wake up.

I am up much later than I planned on being, because I was setting up my step-mom's new computer. It's funny that in some circles, I am the tech guy.


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November 23, 2002

New Famoo

Thursday night, I went to bed earlier than I have in over 6 years.

I actually went to bed before 10 o'clock. I slept for thirteen hours. I don't feel any different than when I get 6 hours and wake up at 2 PM.

I'm enjoying getting to know my new step-family. Two step-sisters, a step brother in-law, and a step-grandfather. They are all keeno, and I feel rather at home with them all. I actually get along much better with my new grandparent than I do with my genetic ones. Much better. He's great. We have something in common- we've both started dating after a long period of being alone.

Tomorrow is the ceremony, and I've prepared a li'l thing to read as requested. I've been torn as I've written it, because I can't really tell how to say what I want to say. Really, i just want to get up and say that I'm really happy for my Dad, and for myself, because aI think that this marriage is a great thing that holds much promise to make all of our lives a lot better. I resist coming at it form this angle because It's really all about me. I'm just happy about it all. Of course, the self indulgent side of me would love nothing more than to start off in this manner, progressively spiraling out of control. It would ultimately end up with me, up in people's faces with puppet, trying to incite a matrimonial riot. As it is, I will issue my wordz in a manner that is quite restrained,heartfelt, and more abstract, while hoping that I'm not cheesing anyone out.

Okay, I gotta get to bed if I'm to be rested. In bed before 3 am.... how strange.


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November 21, 2002

Drought in drawingville

I've been up for over 30 hours.

I'm beat. I set out to do my drawing, nodding off all the way, but when I went to scan it, I realized that for various reasons, that would be impossible. Once I figured out how to go about it, I was too tired. I'm bummed that I'm going two days in a row without posting, but I'm too pooped to party, brah.


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November 20, 2002

Weddin' and gut removal

My dad requested that I prepare a written piece to share as part of the wedding ceremony that would be somewhat apropos in regards to, regarding, regirddle, humminahummina apropos.

I accepted, though I'm a bit nervous about it. I'm really quite honored.

I've decided to stay up all night tomorrow and catch a wink on the plane. I'll be busy all night, packing and drinking tea.

Locke gets his most pressing malfunction removed today, la surgery. Good Lucke, Locke!

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November 19, 2002


After waking late, I ran an errand for the business, and then headed to the gym, where I reaffirmed yet again that much of the time, I find people annoying.

From there, I went home, and readied myself for a date with S, who has recently moved here from the southern United States. We chowed and walked around the castro, chatting, and geneally had a pleasant time.

I rebooked my ticket to visit my dad for the wedding so that I am there through Thanksgiving. I'll be in a crowded house, full of new family members who are also staying there for the same reason. I'll have to temporarily give up my nocturnal ways. Bummer.

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November 18, 2002

Weeko endo

I wanna do full justice to my weekend, but it's way too late, and I'm ready for bed. So- In brief:

On friday, I went over to H's place, where we hung out and had a bit of food and blab, before proceeding to a birthday party for one of her friends. It was a good opportunity to meet a bunch of her associates at once, so that I now have some faces to place with names. We had more food there, and watched younguns play with each other and kick up some cuteness that was strong enough to blast the flesh from your skull. We ended up going back to her place to hang out in her hot tub until we were nearly catatonic from dehydration and verbiage. When I got got home, I ate more, and took yet another hot bath. I am so friggin' decadent...

The next night was Kevin's birthday party. H came with Merritt and I. Merritt spent a chunk of the time playing photographer, snapping this beaut . At some point later in the evening, Paul and one of the guests acted in tandem to catch this lovely photo of Merritt groominator and I.

The party was very enjoyable, being overrun by Kevin's students. His parties are really great for the exposure to people from all over the world. After everyone left, it was just the five of us. The birthday cake was brought out, and gifts were given. All that was fine and good, but I was mostly captivated by the mouse in the freezer. You can keep me enthralled for hours with a frozen mouse, a camera, and a jelly donut. Oh yes, you can.

Last night, B and I went out for a lovely french meal. We wiled away our time, having in-depth, probing conversation into the wee hours. This was teeriff! I would go into it, but I feel like neglecting you.

Now I sleep.

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November 17, 2002


My weekend's been very good so far. I've got pictures and everything. I'll post 'em tomorrow, along with details tomorrow.

As for now: it's bedtime!

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November 15, 2002


I was happy that I was going to get in bed before seven. Photoshop just crashed, taking my drawing with it. I'll never learn to save as I go.

I guess that everyone has stories of painful losses of data. I guess that the worst for me (aside from frontal lobe damage) was a song that I had been working on for a week that just vanished when my keyboard crashed. I'm always interested in stories like this. Another type of story that I love is the e-mail mishap story, in which someone accidently sends and e-mail to the wrong person, or hits the "reply to all" button accidently, sending a private e-mail to an entire group of people.

Here's a picture that I downloaded from filepile that I love. I've spent a lot of time looking at it.

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November 14, 2002



It just hit me that this next week is gonna be crazy. I have to get ready for my Dad's wedding (I'm leaving on Thursday), and I have to get the house fully presentable acuz Locke's Mom is gonna be in town for his surgery. Luckily the place isn't too far gone (with the exception of one room that looks like something blew up in it..). This means that I'm gonna have to drastically alter my schedule. I suppose it'll be good for me, as my weekly pattern is pretty entrenched at this point, and some variety will be healthy. Perhaps it will mean that my blog will get neglected. Dating certainly will. Knowing me, I'll figure out how to smoosh some drawing time in. Same with the gym. I really have gotten very attached to the ritual of drawing very night. When I first started focusing on my drawing back in college, I considered it to be a kind of magical ritual- spell casting of a sort. Some of that feeling has come back to me in the last month or two. The interesting thing is that these days, I've really gotten compulsive about doing it every single day. My own li'l case of OCD.


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November 13, 2002


I got into work late, as usual.

I've been missing quota fairly often, because I just don't give much of a crap about making money right now, beyond what I need to get by. This happens when my imagination is getting the attention that it needs. My attachments to the "real" world don't seem quite so important, which is also why I'm not experiencing much in the way of anxiety these days. As happy as I am with art these days, I am still drawn towards school. I think if I don't get something significant brewing by the end of next year, I'm gonna sign my ass up for an academiaenema.

I also have a complicated, yet compelling situation that's unfolding in dateveille. That's all I'm gonna tell ya. I'm mean/boring like that.

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November 12, 2002


As I've mentioned before, I've gotten my life going in a way that has brought me to an apparently sustainable, positive place, but I find myself with all sorts of time constraints.

The rituals of working out, and doing art have added a tremendous grounding to my life, but they really eat up a big chunk of my time. This, coupled with my quest for a mate, has conspired to further restrict my time, so that I am neglecting my close friends. I trust that they understand what is up (that I will eventually find an equilibrium), and I'm doing my best to keep in touch, though I am not always the best at it. I end up overextending myself, which just leaves me feeling conflicted. I gotta stop that crap, but it's a tough call as to exactly where to start. Well, not really- The first place is to stop overextending myself to all of the people that I have met recently. I like them all, but I really don't have the time, given that I'm missing the people that i am already quite connected to. I do have one new frin, who I have such a quick chemistry with, that I just gotta put her in the latter group.


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November 11, 2002


Yet another date with B, who I went out with on Friday.

Very interesting circumstances. I am enjoying this dating life quite a bit. It can get very complicated at times, but I'm really happy that I've gotten to this point in my life- where something that was as noxious to me as dating has become very enjoyable. I'd love to be mister forthcoming, and blab all over the place about the particulars of my dating life, but it ainut in the cards, baby. People needs they privacy.

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November 10, 2002

Touchin' bases

My weekend has had some bright points, and some dull bits so far....

My Friday date went very well. We ate Thai food that was so good that my forehead cracked open. Afterwards, we had drinks and chatted until the wee hours.

Last night, was music night at Kevin's, with Merritt and Kevin's roomie, Paul. As often happens when we play with guest players, things were rather unfocused, and unsatisfying. I was none too thrilled, as i had missed another gathering that prolly wouldda been more interesting. Whaddaya gonna do? I hadn't seen Kev in forever, and Ima slave to the music....


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November 08, 2002

Tea shurt

I bet a drank a half gallon of tea yesterday.

I love my caffeine.

Gotta first date tonight. Due to the afore mentioned phone chemistry, I'm intrigued to see how this will play itself out in person. Very intrigued indeed...

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November 07, 2002

Perhaps I'll come full circle..

My days keep getting pushed later and later.

I got out of the gym at close to 3 am. Didn't get cracking on my drawing 'til 5. Now it's snoozetime at 7:50. I really would like to back it all up, but I've so settled into this schedule, that I think I'd still go to bed at sunrise, even if I got up at 7 am the previous morning.

I've been having very good phone converstaions with the latest person that I met online. We're going out tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to seeing what the real life interaction will be like.

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November 06, 2002

Vote shmote

The election outcome....

Vomit bag anyone? At least The pot initative passed in our fine state. There are many disparaging remarks that start to spring to mind, but I'll just keep 'em to myself, since weez all gonna git blowed up in worl' war three anywaze.. Hohoho.

Time to sleeeeep.

P.S. I voted.

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November 05, 2002

Random stuff

Slept in Yesterday.

More in than usual, as I have caught a bit of a bug, and I think that if I play my cards right, I can avoid the full brunt of it.

I just got done pigging out on Jell-o and fake whipped cream. Yum! That's some kind o' health food!

My legs are somewhat recovered at this point. I was able to work out last night, which was surprising.

I also think that I have a bit of a crush on my date from Saturday, which is based in reality, though I have another crush on someone that I have yet to meet in person. She is the most recent person that I've come into (virtual) contact with. The virtual crushes never pan out into actual ones. I am unsure of how I would meet the challenge of contending with multiple, actual crushes, though am game to find out.

Today is voting day. Are you gonna vote? Perhaps you should.

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November 04, 2002

Sundate afternoon

My date today went well.

We met at a coffee shop, where we talked about art, music and puppetry (she does all three), and then proceeded to get some food. It was really cool, because I think that in all probability, I'll end up working collaboratively. I am already planning to meet with her next sunday, to jam musically with bandmate/drummer. I'm inviting Kevin, so it'll be the first time that he and I will get to play at full volume with a drummer. I'm excited. We also talked about the possibility of me putting a show together for a performance in January for a puppet-focused show in Oakland. It sounds as though it'll be a lot of fun- and a serious challenge. I have a performance in December in Sacramento, so perhaps I'll come up with something that'll work for both. Either way, it's already shaping up to be a bunch of energy that I'm very interested in having in my life. Very cool...

I watched Monsters, Inc. for the umpteenth time earlier. Pixar is truly amazing. The attention to detail, in every way is so intense. It makes me think about my own work, and how attached to a certain amount of sloppiness that I am. As I've mentioned before, I have that tug at times about whether or not I am really interested in learning how to draw technically well. I'm split. I love the figuring it out as I go- the not knowing of exactly what I'm going to end up with. This is in relation to my drawing. When it comes to my performance, I am very much into the idea of putting together a show that is slick, and tight (no double entendre intended..*ahem*), and it's something that I aim to do. The biggest point of interest for me is the path from here to there, rather than merely the end product.

My legs are still toast from Halloween. I have been hobbling so much, that now my hips and kneez are starting to give me trouble. Yeeg.

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November 03, 2002


My date went very well yesterday.

We grabbed some food and headed to Dolores park, where we ate and talked for a couple of hours. We opted to head to the beach at a certain point for a stroll. I am very interested in becoming better acquainted with her. Perhaps that is a mutual sentiment. We shall see..

After I dropped her off, I headed out of the city for a party. It was about an hour's drive from here, at the farm where my friend, Jeff got married this summer. On my way out of the mission, I saw crowds of people heading to Dia De Los Muertos procession that happens every year, and I was struck with pangs of desire. I really wanted to go, but I had my mind wrapped around the party, so I just continued on my way. In retrospect, I would have rather stayed, though the party ended up being a good time, but the procession would have been better. Oh well- neither option was a losing proposition.....

Today, I have yet another first date. We meet for coffee in my 'hood, then I believe I'm going to go see her play music in Oakland later in the evening. It promises to be a good time.

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November 02, 2002

Leg a sore us

Yesterday, H and I slammed burritos in the park, and then went to the beach.

The original plan was to walk until we had ruined ourselves, but we opted to sit on a dune and blab instead, This was actually a great thing, since I destroyed my leg and assmusclez the night before. The combination of the ocean, the sunset, feet in the sand, and lively conversation was tee-riff!

Today I'm meeting up with someone who I met online, who just moved to this fine city as of yesterday. We've been corresponding for a little over a week. A date with me is one of the first daytime experiences that she'll have as a San Franciscan, god save her soul...

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November 01, 2002

Ho ho ho

Halloweenr was fine, but mellow.

I spent the day readying my costume. It still needs some work, but It's close. Merritt was a cute li'l fox.

We went to a small party right around the corner, where we hung out and had a few drinks. Almost everyone there was from Boulder. -sheesh! we ex-Boulderites muck up every old place! .. From there, we went to the castro, and let me tell you- There was speculation that my costume would be hard on my back. Nope. My butt muscles got the workout of the century! My shoulders got their share as well. I made one trip though the melee, before I was too pooped to function. My costume garnered much attention, and now I am rich and famous.

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October 31, 2002

Happy Halloweenr!

One of my favorite tests in the personals experience is the art test.

One of my favorite tests in the personals experience is the art test. It's the defining hurdle to see if I will have any chemistry with a person at all. It is not atypical for me to be interacting through e-mail with someone who makes the claim that they are looking for creative people, and after sending them urls for my art, I am met with the sound of crickets for a response. I've found that the people who make initial contact with me first are much less prone to vanish after the art test. Of course, I've learned to wait until I'm asked about my work with the people that I make first contact with. To plop it out at the get-go seals the deal pretty quickly. Ultimately, I'm not interested in someone who finds my stuff unpalatable- but remember that I'm not only looking for a mate- I'm doing this for entertainment as well. No response= no fun.

Yesterday i got my most serious burn so far (knock on wood). I accidentally stuck my finger in the torch for a split second, and ended up with an inch long blister on my middle finger. I'm sure it would have blown up like a balloon, if I hadn't accidently cut the top layer of skin the day before. Instead, it just leaks all over the place. Wannalick?

Today, I'm blowing off work to get my costume to a presentable state. Yay Halloween! I'm planning on going to the castro for the mobfest. For those of you that aren't living here, they close off castro street and it's swamped by revelers. About half or more of them are just lame assed gawkers who aren't in costumes, but it's fun if you like such things...

The prollem with drawing every night, is that sometimes it's just getting late, and I gotta get oit done, and I'm dissatisfied. I hate being dissatisfied with my drawing. It happens more than I'd like. It's happening now, but I gotta get to bed. I guess I've got something for seated, fetus-like characters with stubby limbs.

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October 30, 2002

Toozdy is snoozdy

I am happy enough with my life that my dwindling interest in my job isn't sucking out my soul.

I am the oinly blower that I know who can nod off while on the torch and keep right on working. This freaks most people out, but it happens from time to time, and always has. I am so ready to do something that I care more about for a living. While imagining what I could do creatively to bring in the cash cow for a milking, the two main things that I find of interest would be A) routinely publishing books, and B) something that involves performance (Costumes, puppets, etc. real up in yer face kinda stuff). Of course, both of these things are a long shot as far as income generation is concerned, but I' haven't let common sense impede my decision making so far- so why start now?. In the case of performance, I do feel that finding the right partner or partners is something that would kick things up a gear or two, but it's like looking for a mate- it's a long shot. I suppose that at some point in the near future, I'll put up an ad on Craigslist to see if I can find that certain someone... I'm supah picky.

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October 29, 2002


I worked for a few hours on the costume today.

It's not going to be totally done for Halloween, but it'll be serviceable. I didn't document it every step of the way , because I was getting frustrated with having to fall out of the groove to grab the camera and snap a photo. Here is what I shot:

I left out most of the nose/horn steps. Sorry:

The front legs:

Here is how it is at the end of this session:

The personals are still going well. At the very least, what they are is great entertainment, and I don't mean that in a pejorative way- quite the contrary. I really enjoy the process a great deal. I'm going to be meeting up with two new people very soon. It's crazy, because if I do actually meet someone that I end up having a serious relationship with, I have no idea how the hell I'm going to make room in my schedule for it (though I'm sure I'd find a way...). I barely have the time to fit a single date into this week (though that is largely a function of it being the Halloween season)... sheesh.

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October 28, 2002

Mask action

I am not happy about the sun coming up earlier.

Not one bit...

I worked a bit more on my costume yesterday..

I rounded out the back of the head, and then moved on to the lower mandible.

Here is the state that he's in now.

I know that this entry leaves something to be desired, but I'm snoozy, so I'll have to write more about life later...

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October 27, 2002

Sac plaque fever

It's about five a.m.. and I just got home from Sacko Towno

To ensure that I wouldn't end up dead, I drank a huge cup of strong tea on the way down, so instead of going to bed like I oughta, I'm up and ready to go. I love mister caffiene.

I was wrong about the the Cirque de Solei-like thing- It actually was Cirque de Solei. I had seen one of their live shows a few years ago, and I was blown away. This one however, left a lot to be desired. I won't bore you with all of the reasons why- I'll just issue a warning: Don't shell out the bucks to see their production of Dralion. I would recommend Quidam though..

After we dropped off the Birthday boy and the pin cusion girl, Sean and I went back to his place to hang out a bit. We assembled a couple of makeshift costumes, and headed out to a Halloween party at the Horsecow gallery. Evidently last year's offering was great, but it fell a bit flat this time around. It was still good to hit a Halloween party anyway. We stayed for a short time before heading back Sean's where we snacked and yakked.

I always enjoy driving back from Sacramento at night, with the stereo blaring. I sure am bonded to my car. I didn't really miss one when I was without, but if was suddenly faced with it's loss, I would immediately be looking to replace it.

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October 26, 2002

Japan townies

Yesterday, I spent the day with H in Japan town.

We ate udon, shopped a bit, and had a good time. I'm enjoying getting to know her. She cracks me up.

Today I am headed to Sacramento to say happy burdae to Dael, who is turning prackteen. We are gonna get food and go to a Cirque de Solei-type of show that's supposed to be fantasbo. I'm a happy about it.

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October 25, 2002

Plum tuckered

I haven't been getting enough sleep.

I want to do more in the drawing department, but if I do, I'll be up until 9, so this is all there is. I really am getting addicted to the nightly drawing action, and when I have to pare it down, I am left wanting...

Today, I either have a date, or am working on the costume.

Working out has been a really great ritual to work back into my life. It's good to burn out extra energy that i wouldn't know what to do with, plus, my body is quickly getting back to the shape it was in when I was working out years ago. Ima happy widit.


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October 24, 2002


There is one person who ignited my interest in flameworking as an art form. His Name is Robin Mikelsen (for some reason he uses the name "Robert" in all of the press that he issues). I took a class thafro him, back when I was living in Colorado. He is unfreegeeng believable! Go check out the gallery page from his site! Damn! (Thanks to Gasp for the link)

As you might be able to tell, I've gotten more into my nightly drawing of late. The way that I get things moving consistently forward, is to come up with a schedule, and not deviate from it. It's very all or nothing with me- be it work, working out, or art. There are days and times that I have something schedules, and I never blow it off. I've set one weekend day a week to take off from the nightly drawing if I feel like it, but I try not to. It's all about momentum. I know some artists (mrs clean for example..) who just shoot out images. For me, it's a slow process. I'm slow when I'm drawing, and when I'm getting the image to draw.

When shut my eyes, I am almost always met with an onslaught of images- some simple, some epic. I sit and wait for one of them to jump out at me. Sometimes it'll only be half of an image, and as I draw it, the rest unfolds- or there will be some element that I need to be a tad different. This waiting and watching process can take an hour.

Tonight (this morning), I did a bit of reinterpreting of the initial image that came to me. It was basically what I ended up with, except the feet were much more cartoony, and there weren't heads at the top of them. The tree-like things sprouting for them were bowed outwards, but that wouldn't work due to the limited width of the space I'm working with on the blog. The character in the belly bowl was actually a bathing figure with long arms, facing away and using a scrub brush on his back. I'm not totally sure why I opted for the Sanrio-type character-I just wanted something accessible and cute. Once I drew it, it was too accessible and straight, so I popped open his head, and made him sort of zombified.

This process takes me forever. Writing the rhymey bits often takes another mound of time. It's about 3-4 hours for the entire thing, start to finish, with much of the time spent thinking about what's missing, or what needs to be fine-tuned so that it doesn't hit me as too digestible. This is why I've ended up staying up all night every night. I'm into it, I just wish that nighttime lasted another 8 hours... It's now 6:30, and I'm just getting around to scanning the image. It'll take a while to clean it up, color it, and write. By my approximation, I'll be getting to bed at 8:45.

I am using this nightly exercise to gear up for writing my first book. I'm not sure when that will happen, but I'm confident that I'm on the path that will take me there.

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October 23, 2002


Today would've been very much like every other tuesday of late, except I got a slide show from Merrittmoo when I got home.

It sure stoked the desire to hit the trail.. She's been busy with getting some of her show in a presentable form for you as well.

You should go checkitout!

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October 22, 2002

Halloween workshop

As Promised, I begin my step by step coverage of the fabrication of my Halloween costume.

Step one: I made a stencil of the prominent facial structure and traced it on to an old couch cushion (note the mouth at the lower right hand corner from an aborted beginning of last year's mask). This is because most of the previous year's masks were very lopsided, which worked for them, but I want this guy's lines to be a bit cleaner.

Two, Three: I cut out the head from a head-on view with an electric turkey carving knife. I do most of the roughing out with one of these knives. I like the slick, ergonomic shape of it, though it works about as well as any of the more boxy looking ones that I've had in the past. I cut around the lines of the eyes, then went around the outside of the head at an angle, to round out the corners a bit.

Four: I cut around the inside line of the eyes and nose, and then rounded out the upper mandible. This was all done with the carving knife. I really focus on the angle that I'm holding the knife, because something that I still commonly do, is to get distracted, and the next thing I know, I've carved into the head at some weird angle, which can really screw things up. Keeping the knife at a 90 angle while cutting around the eyes was trs importantoweeno!

Five: Here you can see that I've rounded out the outline of the head with scissors. You can also see from this angle that I've angled the lines of the eye ridges back a bit. I've traced the shape of the head as it is onto the foam below, and approximated the outline of the back of the head from the top down.

Six: Here it is, all cut out. You can see here that I've smoothed out the upper mandible with scissors.

This is as far as I got today. It's about two and a half hours of work, but a lot of that time was spent making mistakes and backtracking. I figure it out as I go. This is why working for television was so stressful. There's not really time to do much figuring out on such things, so it was be seriously lacking in the fun department at times (to put it mildly...)

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October 21, 2002


As is often the case on the nights that I don't update the mung, I tied one on on Saturday night.

I started out the day by going on a first date with someone that I'd been corresponding with for a couple of weeks. We went to Zeitgeist, which is a bar in my 'hood that reminds me of Austin. We had food, and a couple of margaritas, and talked for a few hours, and had a good time. One of the things that I enjoyed was conversing about our experiences with the online personals. I often wonder how the people that I meet through them are faring, though I often tend to wait until the second date before discussing it. It's not as though there was any exceptionally juicy tidbits that we discussed- I just liked to hear what the other side of the fence is like.

Afterwards, i met up with two of my favoritest new friends, and we followed Leila and Tee Wye Em Em out to the beach for a burn. Once we got there, It took us a while to find the party that we were joining, since the beach was full of other folks and their dastardly fires. Earlier, Id come home from my date and had a not so wee nip o' hooch before heading back out again. After arriving at the beach, I then absconded with some fine brew from my cohorts, and ended up with a sheet or two whipping around in the sea breezes. This wasn't the brightest of ideas, since it meant that I spent yesterday on the outskirts of hangoverville. I do believe that next time I consider getting on the hooch choochoo, I'll exercise more restraint, since hangovers usually manifest themselves in a bad head space for me the next day. I've been pretty happy for the last few months, and the last thing I want is some crappy mood gumming up my good ones. ANyway, the night was great, and I really am fortunate to know such faboo peeps!

So- Yesterday, my li'l chum Merritt returned from her world travels (check for her < a href="http://www.pushby.com/merritt"> blog updates soon..). Her son, Pius has opted to become a frenchy for a bit longer, since France makes him so happy (and since his mom had an overwhelming sense that he would perish if he came on this flight..). This makes things much easier for the both of them. He will be coming back to the yoo ess of 'ay at some point in the near future, but as for now, it's baguettes a vin for him...

Today is halloween costume day. I hope to get all of the carving done for it, as well as purchase all of the fur that I'm gonna need. I said that I'm going to document the entire process, so here is the initial rough sketch.

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October 19, 2002


Walking around the town with H was quite nice.

We pigged out at Yum Yum house, and poked our heads into several different stores, one of which was kind enough to have erected a pigeon condo
. Gentrification in pigeonville is kinda cute.

We ended up at the book reading. I can't remember the author's name, but I enjoyed his reading. His story was written in six year intervals, and focuses on a scientist who has discovered a comet. It makes an orbit every six years, and we check in on him as it draws near, from the point of discovery onward. Thee passage that was read to us is when he is a septuagenarian, and not doing very well. As I suspected, I had a bit of a wrestling match keeping my eyes open at times, though I was able to remain coherent enough to follow the narrative.

These walking dates are great. I've commented in here over the last year about how I would love to have a walking partner, and I'm pleased to have one. Walking is a great way to get acquainted with someone.

Later, I got together with Leila, who I haven't seen in ages. We went to Sparky's and caught up on things. T'was great to see her!

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October 18, 2002

Carpe Noctem

This nocturnal thing is biting me in the ass.

Yesterday, I got into work after five, which means that I was at the gym until 2 a.m.. It's 7:30 a.m. right now, and I have a date at 1, so it's gonna be less than five hours of sleep fer me! I'm looking forward to my date though. It's with H. We are meeting to walk around the city. We're also gonna eat and go to a book reading. I betcha I fall asleep... Must drink tons of tea...

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October 17, 2002

Black out

We had a power outage this morning. Thankfully, Locke had given me an uninterrupted power supply for my computer, or I'da lost an hour or more of work (thanks Locke!). I woke up to post this. Now I go to bed until it's properly late.

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October 16, 2002


It was Toozdy. Yup.

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October 15, 2002

Mun Day n

What day?

I had a day today? Ahh- yes, I do believe that I did. It was a husk of a day- not much better than a work day. I spent it taking care of busy work that often needs to be done.
Like you care.

I'd have to say that the highlight was going to hang out with Dave for a bit in his new place. It's a lot closer to my place, and has lots of room to do art and music, and to build giant mechanical frogs that will rule over all humanity for generations to come. I am very happy to have him closer to my 'hood.

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October 14, 2002


Last night, my friends Russell and Deborah had a dinner for the folks that helped them get their wedding together.

It was quite a spread. I've now had several days in a row of delicious food and enjoyable company for dinner (I could barely finish the company- thank god I'm working out regularly!).


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October 13, 2002


Another fantastic date.

There was a wasp massacre, a hike through the woods, a beautiful (yet tiny) cat, a coop full of amazing chickens, a pair of bottle-shaped duck loaves, and homemade jam good enough to make my eyes bleed. After that came more company (for a total of ten of us), a trip to Fremont to have Afghani food, great conversation, and plenty of horsing around.

I quite enjoyed myself. Oh, yes.

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October 12, 2002

Oaktown Arty Farty Hoedown

Yesterday, I went to Oakland to hang out with Mrs Clean, to yak and to see what he's been up to (which is plenty..).

Tomas was there too, and we all went to a screen printing supply store to pick up stuff to print T-shirts with. They didn't have the size of screens that I wanted, so I'll have to wait, but i am interested in printing up some designs. Ideally, i would like to print some of the stuff that I post on this page, but for the moment I 'm limited to one color prints, so I'll have to figure out what designs work best in monochrome. When we got back into town, Tomas and I had burritos at our fave-o-rite 'rito joint, and blabbed. It was good to hang out with him, acuz we rarely get to hang out one on one. I don't see Mrs. Kleen nearly enough either, for that matter.... I am going to head back there soon for t-shirt stuff shenanigans, as well as 3D modeling, and more flappin' lips.

Today, I have a date in the east bay. I am not gonna get enough sleep, but what else is new? I have moved to a total nocturnal schedule at this point, which is how I naturally function in a perfect world. We must be living in a perfect world now. You know... war?....police state?..... aaaaah the life!


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October 11, 2002

Poleeeez state

Here's a li'l sumpin to soothe yer soul

. Gotta love our fine, budding police state!
Here's some info to help ya ! Thanks to Tomas for the links!

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Added Linkaroo

I added a puppet link to my fortpolio section.


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October 10, 2002

More ramblingbling about the prrrsonalz

I don't quite get when people put up a personals ad,

and the picture that they use of themselves is obviously a picture of them posed with someone else- who's been cropped out of the picture (and sometimes not even that). It's a special type of tacky that I just fail to understand- especially when it gives the appearance of a en ex who's been snipped out (or left in..). What're people thinkin? Is it to say " I have friends!", or "that space where someone was, could be you!", or maybe just "I'm too damn lazy to make the effort to get a decent picture.".

I just grabbed these at random, but there are a ton of 'em.

I've been listening to the congressional "debates" over this war thing. It's a very scary joke- and nauseating too! Whee! Here we go to blow up I-rack! C'mon everybody! It'll be fun!

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October 09, 2002


Yet another typical tuesday.

Another pile o' glass, another coupla cuts and burns, conversation with my fellow blower, the gym, up way too late.

The personals have tapered off at this juncture. when I first started, i just hung back and dealt with the responses that i got from my profile. A bit later, I responded to other's profiles, but by that point a few weeks had gone by since I made my list, and the trail was cold. I am not as gung-ho to get too crazy with it at this point in time, until I see how my current hand plays itself out.
I have a second date with my french pastry interest on Saturday. We are going to wander around the east bay for a bit, then dinner with a couple of friends of hers, who are form Boulder. That should be rather enjoyable.

When I think of knuckling down and getting serious about the personals, I think of an intern that I worked with on Pantum Investgatrrzz. He said that after being single for some time, he decided that he was going to do what took to find a compatible boyfriend. He put ads in a bunch of online personals, and ended up going out with something insane, like 35-45 people before he finally found his current boyfriend. I think that they have been together for a couple of years now. He certainly deserved it!

For tonight's drawing, I used the last page of my sketchbook. That's a good thing. If this project leads to nothing else, a full sketchbook is something unto itself. Must go get a new one...

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October 08, 2002

The life.

I had a relaxing hodgepodge of a day.

I read, did some music, drew, went to the park for a spot of dogwatching, worked out, and went to see an old coworker's band play. The band is a concept band, called Hello Donkey. They are two guys who play acoustic rock songs about female ice skaters. It was pretty entertaining. Another old coworker and his girlfriend were there. They have been together for twelve years and haven't been hitched, which got us talking about long term romance, and the perils of marriage.

Sure, it's perilous, but I still find it appealing.

I heard a speech on the radio while working out. The speaker made mention of a list of students and professors that was compiled by the FBI in the late 60's/early seventies. It was a list of people who dissented with the government about vietnam, among other things. These folks were to be rounded up in the case of a national emergency on the grounds that they were a security risk because of their views, their sexual "perversions", and artistic output, which pointed towards the fact that they were "psychologically unfit" to be intermingling with the public at large. Guess who came to mind....

Now I'm snoozy.

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October 07, 2002


So, I missed out on my political and some of my social duties by going on a date.

That's how I am, I s'pose. Perhaps I am horribly flawed. A horribly flawed guy who had a good date. Sporting the crossed fingers must have aided me, as I found that there was a chemistry was comparable to what came through with that of the written variety.

We went to a french bakery, bought lots of fattening yumness, and went to a park, where we sat in the grass and ate and talked. The park had a great view of the city from the opposite direction than I am accustomed to, so it was a perfect setting to get to know someone. From there, we went to a couple of shops, looking at art and books. Very nice indeed. I hope to see more of her.

I was in the mood to rent a film tonight. There are a bunch of quality films that I haven't seen, so of course I dove straight for the crappy Hollywood cheezefest. Dessert first, main course later. That's my motto. Date, dessert- whatever.

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October 06, 2002

Poissunnalz meeting redux

Today I am meeting with yet another personals person.

I really enjoy the written chemistry that I have with her, though I'm aware that counts for very little in the way of actual interpersonal chemistry. I will bring my set of crossed fingers.

Yesterday, I slept until mid-afternoon, as I dinna hit the hay until after 8 a.m. I am getting to bed at a more reasonable hour tight now, so that I can actually get up at a time that is officially classified as "morning".

I have come up with my halloween mask, though I'm not sure what the full costume will look like yet. I'll try to remember to take pictures as I go, and post 'em here..

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October 05, 2002

Dates and figs

I had a good time last night.

Our original plan was to go to the Tonga room, but it was closed for a private party, so we just hit a coupla bars, and chatted for a few hours.low key, with some swillin' . I forgot to pick fights and break stuff though.... Next time.

If you have a strong stomach, and a fast internet connection, you gotta check this out. I've never seen an autopsy in action before.... Also- a toenail removal, and eyball surgery! Good fer dinnertime fun! (via Metafilter)

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October 04, 2002

Gymbo, the flying irritant

Pardon me while I bitch about the gym:

First off, I swear to god, the guys who go to my gym were raised by baboons. Nobody ever taught them to put away their toys. Any time I go looking for a set of weights, I have to go on a frickin' scavenger hunt, because all of the weights are either scattered all over the floor, or if they are in the racks, they are randomly tossed hither and yon. It bugs the living shit out of me (and believe me- living shit on the loose in a gym can be one bad trip...).

The other thing that bugs the crap out of me, and this was common in Austin, too, is when I'm trying to concentrate on my workout and some loudmouth is blabbablabblabbin' on a cellphone while sitting on a bench or at a machine right next to me. I just want to shoot them in the eye with a rubber band or a telephone pole or something. RRrrggg..


Tonight I'm going to meet another person that I have been corresponding with. We're going out for drinks. I'm gonna get wasted and stumble around the joint, picking fights, and breaking stuff. I'm a charmer.

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October 03, 2002

Professionally Crastinating, Yet Agin.

Okay- I was fucking around, instead of going to work, so i thought I'd check out who's been linking to my page.

I got a bunch o' links from someone's live journal page. They found my site by googling for "huh?", which I absolutely love. One of the comments about my blog was "drugs". Just for the record, this is a li'l peeve of mine. Though I do like the occasional drug every now and again, none of the stuff in here, on any other page of mine was influenced by anything other than my unfettered, rotting noggin.

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. All the same. It's the work thing.

Raid huffing brain, kicking in overtime. When I hit retirement age, my frontal lobe will be held together with chewing gum and twisty ties. The thought of it getting any more rickety is hard to fathom. If it grinds down much more, I'll not be able to any more fathoming in the first place, but- ahhh... it's something else to look forward to. Kinda like Christmas! Santaz bringing me a drool cup! Yay!

In bed after 7 a.m. yet again...

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October 02, 2002

Mornin' Bedtime

I am enjoying this bout of personals, though it's causing me to be up until 7 a.m. every morning.

Every time you want to contact a new person it costs you a dollar. You can place a collect call if you like, and then whoever you contact has to shell out the buck if they want to respond to the call. Needless to say, attractive women can get a free ride through the entire process if they wanna. Well, I guess that there's one guy (who has to be the king of pretty boys...) that'd be able to pull it off, but you know what I mean..

I do believe that I'll be meeting up with another of the people that I've been corresponding with this weekend for drinks. I'm looking forward to it, in a somewhat reserved manner.

At the very least, I am pretty confident that I will walk away from this round with some new friends that I'll enjoy.

I gotta get to sleep....


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October 01, 2002


I had a list of things to do yesterday that I thought was really reasonable.

I doubt that I will ever learn that things take much longer to do in reality, versus theory....

The good thing is that I am feeling much more inspired these days. It's easier to avoid procrastinating, and I'm feeling the right juices to help in getting some of my lagging projects going.

This is good news.

Now, if I can just stop sleeping...

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September 30, 2002

Hairy Scary

So, I had my first face to face meeting from this bout of personals yesterday.

We met for lunch at my favorite burrito joint. It was very casual, and we had a good chat. She seems like the type of person that I can see becoming friends with.

Afterwards, I went to Folsom street fair, or as Locke calls it: going to see hairy, old man penis. While there is more to it than that, there certainly is a fair share of such action. I met up with Sean, Dael, and a friend of theirs who had come down from Sactown with them. Sean had been shopping at a fetish store, and had come away with a couple of prizes.

If you've seen one Folsom street fair, you've seen 'em all: the whipping posts, the scary transvestite nuns, the topless women leading their lovers around on leashes or visa-versa, and much, much more. Since I've seen so much of it, I didn't really think to take out my camera. Oh well.. there's always tha Castro street fair next week, which is much more vanilla- but still has it's sights.

Afterwards, we went out for Indian food, which was yummoriff, though there was some weirdness with the waiter, who told us under his breath that he was a salaried employee, and that if we wanted to tip him, we had to give it to him directly, rather than leave it on the table or it'd end up in the bosses pocket. It just got awkward at some point while he was looming about the table, hoping to not get busted by the tip-stealing boss. In retrospect, we probably got him hot water by giving him all of the tip, and not leaving any on the table for cover....

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September 29, 2002

Critical Mess

I love gadgets.

I love all sorts of high-tech gear. Love it. Really do. but, there's one machine that I love more than any of 'em: the bicycle. Bikes are by far, the best machine ever invented. That's why yesterday was so special. Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of Critical Mass. The official story is different, but to me, it goes something like this: 1 bike vs. cars= 1 dead cyclist. 5,000 bikes vs. cars= a total shutdown of automotive traffic (hahahaha!)

Friday was the tenth anniversary of Critical Mass. Dave, and Locke and I showed up for it. Like everyone who came, we fucked shit up. It was really great as a cyclist, to grind automotive traffic to a halt. We rode around through the heart of downtown forever, and then headed back to our neighborhood. The throng was to convene at Dolores Park, and that's where things got the most colorful. On the way, there were some violent altercations between the pilots of cars, and me fellow cyclists, but when we stopped at the corner of 18th and church, things got really fun. At that intersection, the cops showed up to clear the street. There was a cop car in the middle of the intersection, which they were determined to open up.

They turned on their sirens , and their lights, and tried to push through, but nobody moved. They called for backup. About fifteen to twenty cop cars showed up (plus numerous paddy wagons). Officers got out and suited up in riot gear. They assembled in formation, and marched in unison in an almost jogging-type fashion up church, stopped, turned around, and faced the crowd. By this point, several television news cameras were out and filming, as well as about forty independent camera folk (including meself). The intersection stayed blocked with exuberant cyclists. We were all waiting for the tear gas to shoot out, and for the thugs to be unleashed, dragging off token prisoners to the hoosegow. The standoff went on and on, and to the surprise of everyone, the brownshirts left. Once they were gone, the crowd (including us Pushbytes) disperesed. I was extremely impressed that things ended so civilly, given the kind of crap that would unfurl in Boulder,where there are so many cops, with so little to do. Really. I hope that it stays that way when Dubya invades Iraq, and throws the world into the toilet. -It bears noting that there was no reporting in the papers of the riot squad showing up.

Much later, I went dancing for an hour or so, and had a good time. I especially liked dancing to a song that Tomas introduced me to. (it was a NEW New Wave song on the REZFEST DVD that had a great video.. what was it called? Tomas knowz!). Then I came home, pigged out, and stayed up 'til sunrise working on yesterdays entry, which I never posted..

I've also decided that I don't mind if anyone that I am interacting with through the personals finds my blog (which would actually b a really easy thing to do, given that they are all coders). I'd prefer not to know if they did, but either way it's fine- I just won't volunteer the info up front for now.

Today i am meeting up with for lunch. She's an artist, musician and webmonkey. I'm interested to see how it goze.

Another one of the people that I have been corresponding with is an artist, a webmonkey as well as a writer (and much, much more). She actually did a daily comic for her site for a while, and it's really fabulous. The art is super simple, rough and minimal, and the writing is great. I really relate to her sensibility that comes through.


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September 27, 2002

Up 'til sunrise

I always think of everything interesting to write during the day.

Ag. Oh well...

I have made the decision to hold off on informing the women that I am interacting with about my blog for now. Primarily because I don't want to feel the conflicts about censoring myself more than I already do. I mean, how more boring could this section get? I almost spilled the beans, because (Let's call her ""), pointed me to her site, which was a blog of sorts, though the actual blog section of it hadn't been updated in five and a half years. I heard some of her music, which i like, plus she paints and has done comics. I think we'll meet this weekend.

I got three new responses to my ad today as well. This is turning out to be quite time consuming. Enjoyable, though time consuming. It's almost six in the blessed a.m., and I still haven't finished my drawing...

Time to get on it..

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September 26, 2002


Ahh, the personals!

At this stage, I have only had time to interact with the woman who initially responded to my ad. She has my interest at this early juncture. She also has enough info on me that with a simple bout of Googling, she could find my blog. It would not surprise me a bit, though it's be a rather one sided way to start things out, not to mention the fact that it betrays my utterly dry and normal sensibilities...

Last night, at a Pushby meeting, we got in a discussion about the media, and current affairs. The main point that seems rather apparent to us all (or most of us) is that our countryis teetering precariously on the edge of doom. We get to go along for the ride for FREE! Yay!

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September 25, 2002

Personal products

The new personals are already proving to be more rewarding than the old ones.

I have barely had my ad up for a day, and I've already found myself with an interesting response. It's good, otherwise I would have little to report. I rushed through my day in order to make it to movie night, only to discover that it was not happening this week, so I went to the gym instead. I planned to redo my hair (purple this time), but I got waylaid by the art thing....

I realize that my entries of have been rather dry at times. Just reporting my laundry list of items that occur throughout my day with little in the way of what lies underneath (well... aside form my disgust of what's unfolding in the world..). I guess that it's a symptom of being in a rather good space for some time now. I'm actually rather impressed. It's been a couple of months now that things have been keen. Oh sure- there is much of the time that my brain feels as though I've been huffing Raid for several days straight, but aside from that, I'm pleased as punch, which is awfully nice to say. This is not to say that there aren't loads of troubling things in the periphery- just that they aren't dragging me down.

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September 24, 2002

Byootiful day

Yeserday was rather pleasant.

I ran some business errands, started a new novel (American Gods, by Neil Gaiman), went to see the dogs at Dolores park(the weather was fantastic), worked out, then worked on an initial personals ad. That took a while, and now it's way past my bedtime.

The dogs were really great today. I spent a while talking with one of 'em about my life, but something makes me think that he wasn't very interested.

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September 23, 2002

Great Weekend.

The performance was very well received, and I had quite a bit of fun with it.

Gregor McSpitlik had a li'l monologue about secretions, and then produced a specimen cup with some fluid that was sorta um.. milky and thick. He wanted to try out this fluid sharing business that everyone is always running around doing. Some unlucky (and somewhat panicky) audience member was chosen, and well, it was pretty entertaining.

Sean had an installation piece that consisted of a television that acted as a dinner table for a meal of raw meat, live worms, and maggots (played by a host of meal worms). The table was placed upon a fur carpet, and was flanked by furry chairs. The images on the screen were of an explicit nature, but were altered enough so that even a keen eye would have a difficult time deciphering what was going on.

Very soon after I arrived, He asked me if I'd like to help him safety pin a poem to Noel's back (Noel is a very talented poet/artist/uber fundraiser/a ton of other things). "Helping" to safety pin translated to "safety pinning", which was fine by me. I do however, need to learn to keep my yap shut when I am piercing someone. It makes for a calmer pierce.

This time around, the party was at a new venue. Normally it's held at a private studio, which is cozy, and has very high ceilings. It sort of feels like a big clubhouse with a bajillion T.V. sets (all running cool video). Due to some rowdiness of the last party (combined with the number of people that showed up), the event had to be relocated to a new space. A gallery was chosen, and it was opened up a bit more to the public. The new space lacks that great clubhouse feel, but I'm sure that we can do some things to make it feel better next time.

I slept way in the next day. Sean and I eventually made our way over to Dael's place, where we hung out and had a snack before heading over to the river for a picnic and a swim. That was actually quite a lot of fun. I love getting out of the city and doing things like that. After the swim, I spent a while badgering a gazillion ants that were invading a garbage can in the park. I didn't kill 'em, I just complicated their day a bit. That's just how I am.

I was planning on leaving after that, but Sean mentioned that a couple of belly dancer friends of his were going to be performing at a local restaurant, so I opted to stay for that. Once we got there, we discovered that we had been given the wrong info. The performance is next week, but one of said belly dancers was just down the street a couple of blocks working on her new place of business that she had recently opened. We ended up hanging out there, eating takeout Chinese and blabbing.

I drove all the way home with the windows down, smelling the sage and other wild smells while I listened to the new Peter Murphy album, which I am pleased to say, is actually rather good.

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September 21, 2002

Hangin' wit Leila

Tonight I am doing a li'l performance in Sacramento.

It's gonna be short and sweet, as I really never pulled my original idea together. I'll still be working on it though. It'll happen eventually, though it might take a bit of a different form.

I went out with Leila last night. We went to a puppet show at a goth club, which was sort of what I've grown to expect. It seems like a lot of people who get the impulse to work with puppets just like the idea of it, rather than actually being good puppeteers. I know that there are a lot of gifted puppeteers out there, it's just that I haven't seen many of them. Last night was no exception. All of the dialog was prerecorded as well, which wasn't terribly thrilling. Oh well. I'm still glad I went.

Afterwards, we picked up T_Y_M_M, and went to dance at the ten year anniversary of New Wave City, which was big, and a lot of fun.

I danced my ass off and ended up drenched in sweat.

Leila drove me home, where I noticed a new addition to the street corner. I just love those mission hijinks!

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September 20, 2002


Today was much like the last. Almost identical.

It hit me today that I seem to be more worked up about the current state of the world than just about anyone I know- then I made the obvious observation that I am the only one that I know who listens to news and discussion of current events (both local and national) all day long. I get so worked up into a lather that there are times that I can barely stand it. The incessant lies and bullshit are so over the top- all of the propaganda, all of the insanity. I know that we are always surrounded by deceit as far as the government/corporations/mainstream media (is there any difference?) are concerned, but there is so much on the line right right now, the bullshit is sooo thick, and there seems to be very little in the way of what I would consider to be a proper amount of outrage and defiance.... it's all quite disturbing..

I am going to be looking into tickets to go to the march at the capitol in October. for those of you that know me, you know that this is anomalous behavior. I do not consider myself to be an activist (at least not in any traditional sense of the term...), but I feel like going to the corresponding march here is not enough. We'll see if it pans out...

Overall, me braims is hobbling around in a somewhat impaired, yet decent space. I like how the air chills my drool-soaked shirt as I rock back and forth and stare at the ceiling.

Good times.

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September 19, 2002

Pryin' eyes

At some point during the month, I go to check out my stats regarding the traffic that my mung gets.

For some reason, this month, I have been getting lots of traffic from the U.K.. I wonder where that's coming from? Also, as of this month, I have been getting a few looky loos from the You Ess military. Just in case they are curious, and haven't gotten it by now, I think that the current administration is comprised of a bunch of small minded, evil, megalomaniacal fucks who are doing a much better job of messing up this country (and the world) than any twisted plane crashin' murderers could ever do. I hope that you do too.

(Disclaimer: this is not to say that I was a fan of the last administration...).


Anyway, typical rut of a workday: Work, work out, eat, look at computer screen, blog, have at myself, snooze.

Livin' la vida loca!

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September 18, 2002

Bedtime Stories

While I was working on my daily drawing, I was reminded of one of my favorite books when i was a kid

. I had my Mom read it to me a gajillion times. I also loved the Berenstain Bears Almanac. Every time the topic of bed time stories comes up, my Mom rails on how many times my sister had us read this book:. I honestly have very little memory of it, and am convinced that she is mixing my sister's (horses) interests with mine (things other than horses). This is a theory that is pointless to bring up in front her, as she nearly strangles me every time I have the gall to deny that I dragged her through that pony muck over and OVER again. Still, I stick to my story.

That's something that I am thankful of: that my mom read me bedtime stories every night as a kid. Should I have the good fortune of being a dad someday, I intend to follow suit. Of course, by that point in time, I'll probably be competing with holographic virtual reality bedtime stories, damn them all to hell.

I do believe that writing and illustrating a successful set of children's books would be the beez kneez.

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September 17, 2002

Delayed Work Syndrome

I should be at work right now,

but I am compelled to post a better entry (plus a drawing), so I am adding a picture to last night's entry, plus this picture of leila filling her tire before our night of dancing. Amy and I talked about taking her Dog, Daisy out to the beach in my car. This will be similar to taking a pony to the beach in my car. I'll take pictures.

I was informed by Forrest that he found that the chosen moniker I had used to refer to my burning man crush induced nausea. This will happen from time to time, as my penchant for cheese knows no bounds. Beware the force of my gouda, it will crush you all! (BTW: for those that are interested, the crush has subsided, and taken it's rightful place as a burning man moment. A very tasty one indeed.)

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Yesterday, I was greeted by a surprise e-mail by my multi-talented superstar friend, and old anry monkey pardner, Amy.

She threw the most amazing, over the top Yom Kippur breakin' fast, that one could ever hope for. Seriously. Her apartment was crammed (it was a bit of an Angry Monkey reunion, which I always enjoy), and still there was a mountain of the best food left over (which she 'forced' us to take home (yum!). I was the last to leave.. I had a great time, as I am sure that everyone else had no choice other than to be subdued into (great company, great hostess, great environment, and by the way- did I say 'yum'?). After everyone split, we hung out and talked about art, pooches, and living spaces.

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September 16, 2002

Bleary BBQ Sundaze

Y'know... I sure bitch a lot about my job, but one invaluable thing that it provides me with is is the option to sleep in if I wish.

That is a tasty treat, let me tell you...Needless to say, Sunday was another day of delayed wakefulness. I started a song for my performance, and then headed to meet the Modern Drunkard crew at Bottom of the Hill, which serves all you can eat barbecue on Sunday afternoons. We spent quite a bit of time there, chasing down food with swill. Leave it to Nick T. Plumber to corrupy my poor innocent soul... At a certain point, we were separated, when they went to Casanova's, and I went to meet up with Leila for Death Rock Booty Call. I know that I poopooed it last time I went, but this time it was a lot of fun. It seems to be a hit or miss sort of thing, and when it hits, I have really enjoyed it. It's been a gazillion years since Leila and I have had a chance to hang out in the city. Trs bon!

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September 15, 2002

Professional Crastinator

Yesterday was yet another day sacrificed to the gods of procrastination.

It all started out with a jaunt to the personals section of nerve.com, which I found to mighty tantalizing. I was made aware of this through Forrest, by way of Dave. That effectively vacuumed up about three quarters of my day. This was made all the easier by the fact that I slept in yesterday. Way in. Much of that had to do with Friday night. Friday night was spent over at the Ross' abode, swilling gin and eating a delicious vegetarian meal, while sharing great company . It was a great recipe for fun, as well as a great formula for having gravity work overtime the next day.

An old friend from Denver is in town, working on an article for modern drunkard magazine. Last night, we hit some bars in the mission , and I was struck by the way in which he had managed to so effectively work himself into a local cult figure within a matter of days (which of course, translates into lots of free drinks....) Bravo Nick!

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September 13, 2002


Reading over Locke's recent blog entries, I see that he and I are not far apart in our experience of the outside world.

He mentions the "head packed full of cotton" experience. My cotton is wet an heavy. At least Locke is doing what he can to alleviate the situation. Me? I just dump in more filth.

Speaking of filth, tonight I met Dave at the Odeon. While there, we were witness to an age old ritual of THE WHEEL! A patron of the bar chooses to spin two wheels of fortune . One lists what sort of drink they are to receive, and the other details what they must do to receive said drink. As the fates would have it, it is often the case that the activity that is handed to the dupe is "shooting a bottle rocket from your ass". Tonight, the fates did not disappoint .

I love this town.

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September 12, 2002

Pete fell off, and who was left?

Today: Very much like yesterday.

Instead of the movie night crew, It was dinner with Russell, Deborah, and Mr. Morley, of the Cellspace world. Good times. After that- back to work until after midnight. Pooped am I. Pooped right out. *Plop*

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September 11, 2002

My two bits

9/11- Green Light for Big Brother day.

Weehoo. This is in no way meant to trivialize innocent people dying. It's just that what what today hits me as. I'm too pissed and sickened by it to go into it any further. I really want to, but I'm gonna hold off for now.

Supah tight schedule yesterday. Work, then straight to the gym, then meet up with the movie night crew to see Baraka at the Castro theater. Dinner with the crew afterwards, then back to work until after midnight.

For those of you that haven't seen Baraka, you should check it out on a big screen if you have the chance. It's a great film (in my oh-so-untrustworthy assessment). I am moved by it every time I see it. In the middle of it, I noticed that the woman sitting right next to me was very pregnant, and was holding her exposed belly. Watching that movie while carrying a child would certainly bump it up a few notches for me. If I was a less tactful person, I'd have stared and stared, as I find pregnant women super attractive on many levels. That is how I am.

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September 10, 2002

September: A bad month.

September 11th came as a shock to everybody, but for the crew of Phantom investigators, it was the second one in as many days.

On September 10th, we were assembled for a sudden meeting shortly after starting work. We were told that Billy Greene, one of the animators on the show had been murdered the night before on his front doorstep in Emeryville. Many of the crew had worked closely with him for years on a number of different projects. The shock and horror was palpable.

Though I had seen him come into the fabrication department, I had never met him. I only got to know him after he died. He was an exceptionally kind, patient and talented artist and musician. His killer is still free.

Such is the way of things...

With all of the death and mayhem surrounding this time, the trivialities of my day are not really worth going into. I don't take my mortality for granted. I am aware of it throughout my day, every day of my life. Should I keel over anytime in the near future, I have no regrets, and I feel that I have lived a charmed life. I do intend on growing old however, and I aim to keep the charms a flowin' and a growin' and a blowin' and a mowin'. I also intend on substitutin' a comma for the letter G more often. Rock out.

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September 09, 2002

Weekend treats

I spent the weekend with my Dad and his fiance

(Let's call her "M") . He's been raving about her to me for months, and I can see why. She's really great, and I'm happy to have her as a part of the family. It's also nice to see my dad this happy. He stuffed us full of delicious food all weekend. So much for my last workouts.

Our trip to the Napa valley was enjoyable. It's the kind of thing that I'd only really enjoy with the right company, and it was a good opportunity to get to know M. We drank a few thimblefuls of wine, and enjoyed a great view of pine trees and the valley. For no real reason, I screamed for a solid hour. Nobody noticed until my lung came out. Luckily, I had a band-aid.

That night, I went to a party at my shop. Someone (or a group of someones) rented the gallery and the parking lot to have a rave. I drank a bathtubful of Steel Reserve, which not only tastes awful, but it's super potent. I ended up sleeping on the couch in the studio. One thing that I took from my experience at burning man is the gifting thing. I bought a couple of bags of candy and handed them out, which is a fun way to interact with a lot of people at a party.

Due to the high calorie poisoning that I gave myself the night before, I was hung over the entire day. I spent the it with my dad and M again. I did a glass demo for them, and then we headed to fisherman's wharf. We walked around all evening, and ate a ton of unhealthy food, which was good of my hangover. My mind is somewhat scrambled now, and I'm planning on getting a ton of sleep. Yay.

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September 07, 2002

Wino country bares

Burning Man really hit me.

Deep inside. I just hopped over to Leila's Blog and I really relate- and she didn't have as good of a time as I did.

I went out dancing tonight, and I realized that everywhere I've ever gone dancing- every party, every festival, every vacation- none of them hit me with anywhere near the depth of what I experienced this year at Black Rock City. I know- it's clich, and none too hip to say, but it's true, for better or for worse. Brian, the guy that I share my studio with, said that he has talked to many folks who went this year, and at least one of them had a really awful time. I've been there. One of the worst times of my life was spent at burning man. I was married six days later. I really believe that those two things were connected. It's been a powerful thing for me either way...

My meeting yesterday with my burning frosting (I'll call her "S") was great. We seem to speak a similar language in many ways, though it comes from very different places. There's a certain intensity that shines through that is significant, and I am unable to deny. Perhaps nothing more will happen there, but even what has transpired up to now is has been refreshing.

My Dad is here for the weekend with his fiance. She's great, and I am happy to have her as a step mom. I see a spark in my Dad that I haven't seen before. It makes me happy, and gives me hope. Today we are going to the wine country. I am up late as usual, so I am bound to be toast for the experience.

Now for some fun!

If your browser is flash enabled, you have to check out these cartoons! I love 'em! Thanks to Locke for turning me on to 'em!

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September 06, 2002

Many of you who read this didn't know him, but you might have heard about him.

He was the main force behind theGloom Squad- a fierce and infamous skate gang that arose after the fall of Angry Monkey. His name was Marcus Brooks , and he was was a very talented, and wonderfully twisted soul (go check out his stuff- HERE- Flash plug-in required). He died yesterday from cancer. I believe he was my age- 34. He had had a wrestling match with cancer before I moved here, but seemed to have had it licked by the time I arrived. All was well, until almost exactly a year ago. Upon his return from burning man, he was rediagnosed, and things looked pretty bleak. He fought it, and in the process, discovered great things within himself.

He will be sorely missed.

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September 05, 2002

He's dead, gym...

I went to the gym after work tonight.

It was nice to get back at it. The last time I returned to lifting after an extended break, I was out of commission for over a week, due to overdoing it. I done lernt mah lesson, and took it easy.

Tomorrow, I'm pulling a very early shift. Afterwards, I'm planning on meeting up with the icing from the burning man cake for a couple of hours, which I am intrigued by.

Is time to snooze yet again.

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September 04, 2002

Berdeeg Bad

Back from Burning Man.

I had a freegeeng fantastic time. First off, if you don't know much about it, you should really try spending some time at the burning man website, supersnail galleries to get an idea of the people you might run into while you're there . I enjoyed every last moment of it. There were so many great things to see and experience that there was no way to take it all in . I didn't have an overwhelming urge to run around the entire place and see as much of it as I could, because everywhere I went, I was content to stay and enjoy myself. Many hours were spent just lounging around during the hottest parts of the day.

I shot surprisingly few pictures during our stay. There were a few reasons, but the main one was that it is an event that it already so heavily documented, that I figured tat if I wanted to relive the thing through pictures, all I have to do is hop online. Another thing is that often when I am documenting an event, I am experiencing the documentation of it, rather than the event itself. I was content enough with the event that I didn't desire an added buffer to spice it up.

If you know a lot of people have have gone in years past, you will undoubtedly hear that it sucks now. Let me tell you: I think that this is a buncha crap. I was there five years ago, and sure- I met people even then, who said the same thing. I think it's great, though they should open up a space for people who want to camp away from the noise.

As I said in the entry that I posted from out there: I really enjoyed giving things away. I carried the monkey backpack that Merritt had bestowed upon me a few Christmases ago, stuffed with vials of vodka, candy, and of course, all of the glass that I had made for the occasion.

I don't know if I would recommend this event to anyone, because it's hard to tell if a person has the right/wrong combination of internal switches to enjoy such a manic, elephantine brouhaha. Those that do, love it (or loved it at one time before it became "too crowded" or "too structured" or "too" whatever the hell it's supposedly become...), and those that don't would HHHHHAAAAATE it. For people who are somewhere in the middle, it's something like the description that Leila ran across and reprinted yesterday in her blog, of how to experience burning man from the comfort of your own home. The funniest part of that description to me, is the second suggestion listed. I had a somewhat similar experience with a very bright, articulate woman after the man burned. It was quite enjoyable, and yes, she had (has) a lover back home. Typical. I do plan on hanging out with her again, as she lives in Berkeley. Finding someone compelling enough to hang out with, cuddling, smooching, and conversing in depth about life was the icing on my cake. Well, it was the icing on the icing on my cake, because that cake sure was a multi-layered extravaganza, piled high with gobs of frosting goodness.

We ended up leaving Monday evening. We had originally intended on splitting in the afternoon, but Sean had the presence of mind to ask a Sheriff what the roads were like. They were awful: A two hour line to get out, only to end up on a packed highway moving at 30 miles per hour. We opted to stay longer, which turned out to be a great move. It was during this time that I got the most pictures.

We ran across the white trash camp, just in time for white trash thanksgiving. Large helpings of scary food were washed down with tequila. I was accepted as a member after I sped around the porta-potties on a midget bike as fast as I could . I was proud. I was hooched up. (I was hooched much of the time while there actually- surprise, surprise!)

We visited the tallest of the art cars, which was so arty that it bore no resemblance to a car, whatsoever . The theme this year was an aquatic one- "Floating World".

By the time that we got back to camp, to pack up and leave, the place was deserted . Here is a shot of Sean at a camp just a day earlier . I hope to find the aerial shot that I had seen in the paper there to give you an idea of how packed the place was.

Obviously, I planning on going again next year. I am to do it up, bigger and better, while making sure that it is still recreational, and not a job. At this point at least...

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September 03, 2002


I am back. I had one faboo trip! I'm tired. More tomorrow.

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August 30, 2002

give it away now

Here I am at burning man! I love it! I hear all of the bitching about it in San Fran, but I am having a gggreat time! (Cast your dispairaging(sp?) remarks here- lots of 'em!). This was definitely the right time to come! The weather has been great, and I happen to really appreciate the fact that it is as popular as it is! So much to see and do..

My main focus this time has been to give stuff away. That makes it supremely enjoyable. I plan to come again, and to make a ton more stuff to hand out.

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August 28, 2002

Werkin out- plus terlits!

I joined a gym today.

In a MAJOR way. I have been getting progressively out of shape since I have lived in San Fran, and the gyms here are more expensive than I am used to, so I haven't joined one. Some big special caught my eye, and now I have what amounts to a lifetime membership. I am gonna play the Hulk in the next friggin' Hulk movie. Of course, there are people like Seanno... he has devised a workout regimen that has gotten him lookin' toned and buffed, all for the price of a couple of lengths of surgical tubing, and a few water jugs. He's tha smart one!

We leave for the burnman tomorrow afternoon. Gonna get all crazy like.

During the natural course of my day, I forget ideas of things I want to write about, and then when I sit down to document things, I end up on the short end of the stick. This is because I am relying on my memory. This is like relying on a six week old puppy to only excrete in outdoors, to bring in the paper, and to wake you up for (or from) work every day.....

needless to say- I forgot to mention the joys of a new toilet. Years ago, the building that I live in used to be a crack den. Out of the entire building, our apartment was the only one that didn't get a new toilet when the building was refurbished (by admission of the landlord..). This toilet smelled of urine, no matter what sort fo gymnastic/chemical event one would unleash upon it. After a year and a half of communiqus about it, we finally are the proud recipients of a brand spankin' new terlit, to use as we will!

The lord works in mysterious ways....

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August 27, 2002


I'd planned to get a full day of work in yesterday, but instead, I spent the day preparing for my trip.

This consisted of spending a large chunk of the day dying my hair blue , and working on illustrations for my blog for the week. Russell e-mailed me to let me know that there will be internet access there, so I'll be able to update from the middle of the desert, if I can find someone to let me hop on their machine.. (there's no way I'm going to chance bringing my laptop to a 110 degree dust bowl).

I'm going to have about 50 pieces of glass to give away and barter with. Though gifting is the preferred way to deal with material goods, I am certain that I will find myself in a situation or two that bartering will come in handy. I do plan to give a lot of stuff that I made away though. I'm looking forward to it.

I guess that the plan is to finish readying myself, put in a day of work, and then split to Sean's place tonight. Busy bee. I think I'll hit the thrift store as well, and see what sort of craziness that I can dig up there, since the majority of my apparel is black, and I want to have as much blue going as I can (aside from when I'm puppeteering.

I'm looking forward to performing. I'm bringing Gregor McSpitlik, and Yammy , so I'm bound to have some good times. Alcohol's got nothin' on those two as far as social lubricants go..

I found myself getting a bit excited in getting everything together, which I was a bit surprised about.

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August 26, 2002

Burdig Bad

I am being very negligent in my preparations for Burning Man.

I am either leaving on Tuesday or Wednesday, and all I've done to prepare is to buy 16 gallons of water and some hair dye. I believe that I am going to dye my hair blue with deep purple highlights. Oh yeah- I also went in to the studio tonight and made a bunch of glass to barter and give away during my stay.

I am aiming to have a backlog of daily drawings finished, so that at the very least, I will able to have that portion of my blog continue uninterrupted while I'm gone..

Earlier in the day, I walked around the sunset with Kevin (pausing here and there for the occasional photo op). It's been quite a while since we've hung out, and it was good to catch up. I really love going for walks. Actually when Kev and I were inseparable in college, going on long walks was a way that we spent a significant portion of our time. It's also one of the more pronounced things that I miss in being single- Long walks with a main squeeze surely be da beez kneez.

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August 25, 2002


I finished the music for the first song of my solo CD tonight.

Now all that remains are the vocals, and finishing touches. I hope to be done with it by the time that I leave for burning man. We'll see...As far as the style: picture elevator music with electronic bunnies. Think cheese. That's where my mojo's at. It's tha hot cheese, and I like it. I'll post it soon...

Rockdahaus .

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August 24, 2002

Boogie in yr woogie

After a long day of errands, I ended up on the dance floor.

Fridays have been pretty great for dancing. The music is good, and the crowd is tasty and varied. Afterwards, I hung out in front of the club for a bi, and was spare changed by this guy who was really nice and well kept. He told me that he was 55, and loved to sing. I lied, and told him that I had no cash on me, but as I walked away, his positive energy hung on me, so I went back and made up some other bullshit and gave him some money. If bullshit was cash, I'd be a walking welfare office.

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August 23, 2002

Short. Sweet.

It's late. I worked all night. I'm tired. THE END.

~A story. By Ian.

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August 22, 2002

Blogginess is a lifefarce

I went on to Craiglslist. There was a very simple posting that asked for urls from bloggers. I ponied up. This actually ties into an idea that I had about some sort of dating service for bloggers. I don't know how it would be implemented, but there has to be something there...

Looking back at my blog of late, it really isn't putting my best foot forward. It tends to be a somewaht superficial filter of my life, but that is somewhat of a necessity in my view, as I've delved into in the past.

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While looking at my filesharing client tonight, i was monitoring all of the searches that folks were issuing.

I was taken aback by the number of searches for porn involving children.

Disturbing, to put it mildly.

Then there were cutie inquiries such as "my wife Debbie gives neighbor a blowjob behind waterbed mirror". I wonder what the specifics of that story are (though I am sort of thankful that I don't really know)....

You sure can get an easy real time peek into the twisted secret lives of anonymous people these days....


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August 21, 2002


After a deeply fulfilling day of glass manufacturing, it was time for another group movienite experience.

This time out, we saw 24 hour Party People. I liked it about as much as I liked Signs last night, but for obviously different reasons. That doesn't tell you anything, except I'd not recommend seeing them in the theater, or maybe at all. It probably wouldn't matter either way, unless you have a group of fun people to attend them with. In that case, I'd recommend that you go out to eat naan and curry afterwards and get bloated on yummy food for super cheap.

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August 20, 2002


I spend an undue amount of time pondering my station and direction (or lack thereof ) in life.

It is all to no avail at this juncture, though we shall see how it feels when I manage to get my ass back into school, and into meditation. More structure and less attachment should get my feelers wigglin' properly...

I went to see the movie Signs tonight. I am neutral about it. At a certain point, I disengaged from it, because I was so ready to get a typical Shyamalan "surprise" ending. I wish that i had known in advance that there wasn't one there, or I'd have been able to lose myself more..

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August 19, 2002

Puttering in clubville

I went to Death Rock Booty Call last night at The Stud.

They call it Death Rock Booty Call, but last night, it was neither. The best thing about it is the crowd, which is pretty diverse, and consists of a decent number of folks who are there to have fun. My favorite people this time around were the two women who showed up and danced like they were in a Keystone Cops movie that had mated with an episode of the Muppet Show, plus the leather clad butch dyke that I chatted with briefly who seemed to have a truly kind heart. These folks made the entire night worthwhile. If they called it "Punk Rock Booty Call" I wouldn't have such an issue with it, but the two DJ's seemed as though they were captives of a mobile home park since 1981, and had only recently liberated themselves- mullet included. The music wasn't bad- it just sucked to dance to, for the most part. I get that they are intentionally working on reviving some of the an older aesthetic, but I just don't think that the are doing it in a way that adds anything.

Trivial, yes, but that was my night.

I managed to get some scripting done during the day/ evening. The main reason for that was the fact that I refused myself access to the internet until 8 pm. The freeging internet is as bad as the television when it comes to being a tool of endless procrastination. It is EEEvil like the DEEEEvil- an endless magazine. Beware!

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August 18, 2002

Weekend slacko-fest

As is usually the case when I miss a posting, I got all hooched up on Friday night.

I went to a party at a friend's house. He is in posession of the nicest house of anyone that I know, but not for long. He recently lost his job and is forced to sell it, so this was the farewell party for the place. He has had a bunch of them (parties, that is) while he's lived there, and they all seem to have the same elements in common: A pile of freaky looking nerds,and DJ's kickin' out the electronic music. I went with Dave, and had a good time.

I started my Saturday off extremely late. My plan was to be very productive with my performance scripting, but alas, as my Saturdays have usually gone, I ended up exercising my well-honed gift of procrastination. It's glaringly obvious that I have serious block when it comes to this performance, because I cannot bring myself to push through and make some serious headway. I do have faith that I will have a breakthrough, as I have every intention of performing this piece on the 20th of next month.

Last night I went out to a fetish party/goth dealie with Leila. It was a fundraiser for a theme camp at burning man. Unfortunately it wasn't very well attended, so the dungeons were empty. It figures. I had a good time anyway, because I danced most of the time that I was there. When I got home, I finished watching Amelie, which I had started earlier in the day I love Jeunet's work. When it was finished, I began viewing it over again with the director commentary on. DVDs are such a treat.

Today we will see if I can poop out a rough draft of my script. That's the plan.

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August 16, 2002


I went out with Dave for food and grog.

We ate at the fabulous Yum Yum House, and ended up hanging out at the Elbow Room, knockin' down a bit o' hooch, and discussing the draw that the dames have. Good times! What more is there to say? Plenty, but it's late, and I gotta snooze!

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August 15, 2002


While eating some trail mix at work, I discovered that what I assumed to be a bit of nut that I was chewing, was in fact a bit of metal.

I'm not entirely certain, but I suspect that I cracked a tooth. Hopefully not.

My illness is still holding on, though it seems to be in the final stages. My lungs just don't want to clear up, and the residual fatigue is conspiring with my already withering mental abilities to turn me into a legitimate vegetable.

I've been watching from the website of , which is a sketch comedy group. Very, very off color, sophomoric stuff. I am disturbed, yet amused, then disturbed by being amused. This was the first one that I watched. You shouldn't watch any of them. You'll hate them. I'm serious.

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August 14, 2002

Hell in a handbasketti

When I work alone, I spend the entire day listening to NPR, or other such information-based radio.

Before I listened to NPR regularly, i thought that it was an alternative to the mainstream for information about what is going on in the world. This, for the most part is a fallacy. Listening to stories about the president's "summit' on the state of the economy today was unbearable. What a sham. I am really getting to a point to where I am feeling the need to be more politically proactive, though how that will manifest is beyond me. I have never been a fan of how our country is run, but the hideousness of it all is just too much to ignore these days, and it's getting worse all the time. I keep seeing a bumper sticker in my mind with Zippy the Pinhead on it, asking "Are we outraged yet?" How many of our civil liberties are we going to have stripped away before enough people stand up and say enough is enough? And this fucking Iraq thing.... Is the country going to sit back and let this idiot march our troops into god knows what mess, because of some twisted unsettled personal score? I am inclined to think that it's likely. There's that part of me that hopes that it all backfires- that our populace will get incensed, and try to put a lid on it all. The only problem with that is that if anything really challenges the direction that things are headed, it wouldn't take much for a governmental blind eye to be turned long enough for another attack to happen in the U.S.. Then- Voila! Carte blanche to keep the internal erosion going full steam, but with turbocharged super fuel! Even if forces within the government had nothing to do with 9/11, it still doesn't bode well. Someone's probably going to hit us again at some point in the future, and things are just going to keep sliding deeper into the cesspool.

Personally, I would rather have my life ripped from me by a terrorist than have my freedoms ripped from me by my government. Unfortunately, those of us who feel that way seem to be in the minority.

Oops! There I go again- excercizing my freedom of speech! I keep forgetting that that's considered unamerican these days....

For interesting reading, perhaps you should check this website out. (Requires Flash plugin). Thanks to Pushby for the link.

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August 13, 2002

a day

I woke up Monday,

looked outside to see how thick the crackheads were (it was a light day), and headed out for errands. After completing my list, I went to Dolores park, where I watched two dogs eat another dog in the mud . It was just like the Serengeti, except there was less disemboweling. You can't have everything.

The waxing and waning of my mental functions is seriously on the waning side at the moment. It does seem to get incrementally worse as I get older. It'll be very interesting to see how things are when I'm fifty. At that point, I should be chumming around with asparagus and slime mold.

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August 12, 2002

Ditzy Blonde

I spent most of my day familiarizing myself with a new multimedia program,

and though i didn't get super far on anything, I did get some of the basics down. While I was doing that, I also gave myself a blonde makeover, which turned out to be pretty successful , though i gave myself caustic burns on part of my scalp. It always happens when I pop out the bleach. I can never make up my mind about whether I like being blonde, or more

Tonight I went out to a local tavern and had a beer. I ended up getting into a chat with a guy who just moved here from Boulder, two days ago. Something about the bay area and Boulder. Two peez in a pod.

I believe that I made the decision that I am going to go to burning man. I think that this year is the year! We'll see!

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August 11, 2002

A day spent fucking off

I managed to accomplish very little to yesterday, which was par for the course these days.

I went over to Ted and Laura's place again, acuz i had an issue with a piece of software, and I ended up spending the whole day with them, which was fun. Ted was on a mission to find a tux for his wedding, so we sit a number of thrift stores , is search of the perfect used tux. Unfortunately this was easier said than done, as you might imagine . On our walk home, Ted showed us his mutant Popeye arm , which which we greeted with celebratory goat sacrifices.

When we arrived back at their place, the Television made it's presence known. There was A "Where are they now" sort of program on, that featured A Flock of Seagulls" They still play out, but oh man- Does the main guy look AWFUL. As I think everyone knows, a part of their appeal was their image. It's not as though I would want, or expect him to still have that 80's thing going, but JEEZUS! These days, the guy is chubbed out, and always plays onstage in jeans with a frickin' baseball hat on! It's hideous.

I have discovered recently that I am not going to be able to attend any college for approximately six months or more, due to some residency issues, which is a drag, but such is life. I'll get at it eventually.

I keep having this desire overtake me to really get in the trenches and master a skill of some sort, which is where most of the school impulse these days. At the moment, i feel like the only thing that I am a master of is holding the title of "Mayor of Floatyville", which does not lend itself to boisterous feelings of confidence.

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August 10, 2002

Roasty Posty

Fridays find my motivation playing hooky.

It's rare that I get out of the house before 1:30. It's usally the same: Packing, shipping, banking. Boring.

I found a really good article (thanks to Metafilter) by Neal Stephenson , author of my favorite Sci-Fi book. If you don't give much of a crap about computers, then you might not find it terribly thrilling, but I'd recommend trying it anyway. Perhaps you are over informed on the topic, and snooty. In that case, never mind.

It was actually toasty today. Not by Texas standards, but 86 is kinda toasty for this neck o' the woods. It was nice, though only because it will go away soon.

I ended up at Dolores park, where I took in the pooches playing, and then headed home as it was getting dark. I love the view from that park- especially at night . There are better views from other parks in the city, but they are pretty sketchy to be in at night, as far as I'm concerned.

I would've liked to go dancing, but my lungs are still rattling quite a bit. Home is where the heart and the lungchunx are..

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August 09, 2002

Climin' oudda da sickhole

Aside from coughing up the occasional glob of rubber cement, I seem to be on the upswing, healthwise.

My body seems to have timed an outbreak of unsightly facial blemishes to correspond with the goo that I've been producing. i just couldn't take it anymore, and went to the mirror with an exacto blade in hand. there's this pus-filled waterbed residing on my forehead, and I needed to assert my authority over it. I probably only succeded in making it uglier, but it was satisfying to give it the old what for, even if it meant spray painting a two foot long section of the mirror and wall in red ejecta.

Work goes super slow when i am sick. I slow to a crawl, though eventually the end of the workday comes around. I was very pleased when it did.

After work I went to visit my frinz, Ted and Laura. They are another fabulous pair of friends who are getting married here soon. They are lucky, acuz they already have the same last name, so they get to share a surname with no one losing out. They are faboo- two super talented, creative wonders.

Speaking of faboo, talented wonders: Li'l Merritt has finally updated her blog! Yay!

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August 08, 2002

Sick time

I slept for twelve hours yesterday.

That wasn't the original plan, but it was needed. I considered not going into work, but I managed to drag my ass in there around 5 pm.

i am still achey and run down, but at least my throat inna sore any more. Thank god for small mercies.

I got an e-mail from my Chum, Merritt Moo, and she is back in Saint Jean du Guard. France is turning her into a Buddha lovin' grrrl. Maybe one day she will update her blog and let us in on it all.

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August 07, 2002

I'm sick in a whole new way

I have a sore throat and I ache all over.

It dint stop me from going into work today, and then doing movie night after After that. We went to see Sex and Lucia, which I enjoyed well enough.

After that was a yummo Indonesian dinner, which was a meat fest.

It's late. I'm brain dead.


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August 06, 2002

Univortexity mudpie

Yesterday was university day.

I went the SFSU campus today with my transcripts to get info about what I can expect in the application process. As it turns out, I will not be admitted to the University without first going to City College to get primary course out of the way. When I was in school the frst time around, i skipped over most of the lower level courses because they were so freeging boring. Now I am going to have to take at least two full semesters worth of crapola. I don't exactly know if I have it in me. I hate rigid bureaucratic bullshit. I hate it enough that I have lived my life in a way that has circumvented as much of it as possible, and I am not entirely certain if I am ready to immerse myself in it. I am going to sniff around and see if there might be schools that are are more open in how they evaluate potential students. We'll see. It just pains me to think of being forced to spend all of that time on shit that is purely hoop jumping. My time is worth more than that. I suppose I'll give it a go if there is no other choice, but... agh! It looks as though i will go to city college for a couple of semesters to get all of the rudiments out of the way- if i decide that it won't drive me insane.

Evidently somebody was sick at the beach party on Sunday. A few bottles of wine were circulating throughout the gathering, and both Seanno and I are now sick with sore throats. bummer.

Last night i went to a meeting of the Bay Area Motion Graphics group, which was interesting. It felt like is a long commercial, because it seems like it's basically a gathering to show new tools that have hit the market- though they do give away some amazing stuff. One guy won an crazy video editing deck that made me drool. It renders four levels of effects and transitions in real time, and will render as many as thirty or more layers in a flash. Yum. Technology is so evil that way. Just blink for a second and there's some new super amazing tool on the market that seductively beckons. I am a sucker for it, oh yes I am.

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August 05, 2002

Leos in the mist

Boy am I pissed.

I just spent a chunk of time working on today's journal entry, and it just vanished. Now I getta pop out another version of it.

Yesterday was the Leo birthday extravaganza. Two separate birthday picnics. The first one was for Shannon . She turned 27 or something young like that. Since she's from Sacramento, a large percentage of the people there were in town from that fine burg, Seanno and Dael-o included . There were also a surprising number of hornets or bees or some such insect . Several people were bitten, though in general, they were fairly reasonable, as long as you dinna mind having bees in your hair and your food and on your glasses and in your drink and on you fingers and just about everywhere else. I found that if you have a big bowl of sangria, you can drown yerself a ton of bees.

After that I proceeded to the beach for Annie Bohantee's fine party. There were less bees there, but more dead sea lions , beer swillin' babes , and fire . About half of the folks at this bash were from Boulder. Almost everyone that I knew in Boulder lives either in the bay area, or extremely close to it, which is fine by me.

A friend of mine who lives six blocks down the street was at Anne's party. He told me of an awful experience that he had that morning. He was awoken by the sounds of a horrible car wreck. A taxi had collided with another car and knocked over a telephone pole. The sparks form the downed power lines ignited gas that was spilling from the ruptured fuel tanks of both cars. All the occupants of both vehicles were unconscious. He and the other bystanders were prevented form coming to their aid because of the heat. They watched as the occupants burned to death. Crazy....

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August 04, 2002


Yesterday wasn't much of a day at all.

I had been up until about seven in the morning drinking wine and hanging out, so I slept until 1:30. I didn't get out of the house until about 4:30, at which point I walked to the video store and rented a copy of waking life, and then grabbed a burrito after that. Around 6:00, I was feeling sleepy, so I took an hour nap. I only really got a start on my day around 9 pm. I've been working on a song since then. Ahh.. the life of leisure! How I will miss it when I am schooling... Speaking of: I got my transcripts in the mail yesterday, so i can get the enrollment process fully under way. Now I can be smert.

My attention span sucks. Actually, if I had an attention span, it would suck, but instead I am left with an attention suckhole.

I know I've mentioned this before, but 've been asked multiple times by various people if I have seen the comments that they've left here. I hee evey comment that is written, due to an ingenious li'l page that was cobbled together by Dave and Tomas. From there, I can see any additions to any part of the Pushby empire, whether it is a comment to today's posting, or one from a gajillion years ago.


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August 03, 2002


Yesterday I had a conversation with Brian, me fellow glass blower, about the television show on Mtv, called Jackass .

Later that night, I bumped into a couple of the Tuesday movie night crew, who were with the director and some other folks from said show. They were in town, working on the post production of the movie. I always take synchronicities as good omens. it made me happy. I bumped into them at a dance club. It's the Cat Club, which is the same place that i used to go to on Thursdays, but I find that Fridays (dubbed "Fake") are a good time. I do love to dance. Fake has a lot of electro, which is derived from the eighties synthpop sound. That is very much up my alley, and good to dance to. This here is an example (requires a realmedia plugin). Ah diggit.

My finances are a wee precarious, but I was thrown into a consumer fit during the day. I bought some great shoes, a coupla tops and two DVD's: American Beauty and Amelie, which if you haven't seen it, you had better get offen yer ass and do it). I also Found a really cheap pair of sunglasses that I like, and since I always lose my sunglasses, I bought four pair.

I only went dancing last night because if I didn't, I wouldn't have had much of a day, given that the majority of it was tied up in commerce of one kind or another.

Now the sun is about to come up, and I don't even have a drawing ready. *sigh*. time to spurt out a cartoony lump.

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August 02, 2002

American Torch Brain

I just finished watching "American Beauty" for the second time.

I am really touched by that film. there's something about the whole tone of it. I really identify with the Lester's epiphany- about waking up from a rut and dramatically shifting the flow of energy in your life. That is a typical cycle of mine. Ricky Fitz's being so overwhelmed with the beauty of life, and finding layers of beauty behind things and events that appear to be horrific, or entirely mundane on the surface.

I heard an interview with Sam Mendes, and he said that the original ending that they shot had the Ricky Fitz getting charged for the murder. I'm glad that that ending didn't test well, because in this case, I prefer a more upbeat ending.

I am feeling completely lobotomized at the moment. I know that I have commented on it before, but I there is something that happens to my head when I have put in a day on the torch. If it's entirely psychosomatic, then I got me one powerful Jedi mind trick bustin' out all over my damn self. Who knows what it is- all I know is that I get fried in the brain pan from too much glass blowing. Of course, the fact that it is kind of late, and my noodle isn't pumping out the freshest juice is also a factor. I think that that has a lot to do with the content of my writing here in general. I am always writing just before I'm going to bed, which is a time in my day that is guaranteed to be a serious limiting factor for any possible gems that may be waiting to get out into the world. Instead I am left with these tatters.

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August 01, 2002

Moosix and a popcorn social

If you like Sigur Rs, then you should check out Mm- another Icelandic band that is sure to give you a smiley pile.

I dunno what them Icelandy kids have, but it toasts my martianmellows....

Another day of blowing glass slogged by, leaving me a tad lobotomized. I came home after work and spend time figuring out some remaining formulas for the spreadsheets that i am cooking up, and then I met Leila at a coffee shop. We haven't hung out in forever. It was really good hang again. Afterwards, we went to a bar that served movie-type popcorn, and caught up on things, which was faboo.

I have had the most difficult time getting to bed tonight. It's prlly acuz I can wake up whenever I feel so inclined tomorrow....

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July 31, 2002

Kitty hed

The skull at the top of my page is one that I prepared myself.

Last year, when Tomas moved out, I decided to girlify the place a bit. One day, I was standing on the back porch talking on the phone, and I realized that the junkyard on the roof of the building across form mine was dominating my view. It dawned on my that i could get my monkey on, and scale the wall in order to clean up the mess that looked as though it had been accumulating for at least several years. Shoes, bike parts, an ancient answering machine, bottles of urine, and a bag of something that I am afeared to know what the hell it was... While I was up there, I discovered the corpse of a long dead kitten. It was more like a skeleton wrapped in furry rawhide. Being the ghoulish sorta cad that I am, i plucked off the noggin and brought it back to my place. I soaked it in peroxide on the back porch for a coupla weeks- and Presto! Skull fun!

I met up with Sean and Noel (Who I met in Sac town on Sunday- she and Seanno are pictured in Monday's entry). We went to a screening of some short films, and I really liked a couple of them. Evidently, Noel's friend has been curating this as a monthly event for twelve years, so ya gotta figure that there have to be some duds if you have to fill up a showing every month.. It was worth it though.

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July 30, 2002


I have unwittingly spent the entire night working on spreadsheets for the bizness.

It was a learning experience, but now I am BRAIN FRIED!!! I am still obsessed with getting one last formula to work, but that's gonna have to wait, as it's late, and I have to work today.

I worked on music yesterday, and then got waylayed into doing business crap. The idea behind the music that I am working on, is that I will use it in my performance on the equinox, but every time I sit down to work on it, I end up with some sort of fruit pop song. I love fruity pop songs, but I have a pretty strong idea about where I want to go with it, and it's not quite that poppy. The stuff that's coming out of me is stuff that i really like, and I am bound and determined to put lyrics to it and finish it. I want to put out a CD of cheezy electronic pop tunes sometime in the not too distant future. I am very inspired by my current favorite singer/songwriter, Stephin Merritt.

I get torn about the illustrations on my blog. There are some (like the one that I did yesterday) that I would like to spend time on, and make them look really nice, but I have a deal with myself that I'll just pump them out and post them. I'm conflicted because since i am consistently devoting a chunk of my time to this thing, i want it to be as worthwhile as I can, but on the other hand, I am a slow artist. I take a while to produce. Even on relatively simple things, I spend a lot of time figuring out how to fix the inevitable pile of mistakes that my sloppy hand has insisted on drooling out. I know a number of artists who have their hands trained to do exactly what's called for when an impulse hits. With me it's very hit or miss. Much of the time that i am working on this thing, I am up later than i intend to be, and I am eating into valuable sleep time. Grrr. Speaking of: I gotta get on it....

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July 29, 2002

More gubminty freshness

Here is a site sure to make you happy about the current state of our nation's vomit pile! (requires flash plugin)

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Never Metafilter I dint like

For the few of you that don't know about it, and would care, you should check out Metafilter if you are online and wanna check out what is interesting on the web at the moment. I go there a coupla times a day.

becoming a member allows one to comment and post to the site. I have wanted to sign on for about a year, but they weren't taking new members acuzza there was no room on their server for it for the longest time. Recently they(actualy "he"-Matt Haughey) purchased a new machine and started taking 20 new members a day. There is a mad dash to get the new spots, and today I managed to sign on. I am very happy about it.

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Sacramento tumor tour

I had and experience that I have had a number of times that I think is pretty rare among my friends and associates.

I was eating dinner, and the fish that i was chowing on tasted as though it might have gone bad. There was a faint taste/smell of decay, or something similar. I didn't let that stop me. Just plowed on through it. Hell- I am not one to be very picky at all when it comes to eating (unless it's that frickin' awful vomitty sour plum sushi that Locke likes... *gag*). As I suspected, it wasn't spoiled. Just nasty. There have been many an occasion where I have played that Russian roulette with food- and so far, I've come up with an empty chamber every time.

After my stanky fish episode, I proceeded to Sacramento, to visit Sacto Seanno and associates, inc. While we were hanging out under the shade of a fine tree at Dael's place, I met a lumpy kitty with an eye prollem . It was a slutbag of a kitty as well, with a tumor on it's side about the size and firmness of yer eyeball - well, perhaps a tad skooshier than that. (I squeezed it, I know! Skooshskooshkoosh.)

After raiding a liquor store, we proceeded to a very nice house that Seanno is house sitting. What should I find there, but The Tumor Beast!!!!!! It was my day for animals sporting tumors, and boy did she take the cake . Evidently they are inoperable, and she will in all probability be shuffling off her mortal coil before too long. She seems to be rather upbeat about the whole thing, though. A happy, goofy dog.

After a bit, a number of guests arrived , and we ate fattening finger food and guzzled hooch, while discussing art, and a wee tad o' politix. People left, more peopel showed up- it was a good time. I have heard so many people in San Francisco say that they have heard nothing but bad things about Sacramento, but Every time I go there, I end up really enjoying myself. There is a very real art community there is active, and very supportive of each other. It matters because there is a lot of good work being produced, and it gets seen (and sold..). I think it's great. IT's different in San Fran because the place is so densely packed with people that there is too much going on for me to feel that same sense of community, if that makes any sense.

Anyway, the night was a treat.

I also got to talk with my li'l chum in France. She is in Paris at the moment, being overcome by it all. It was really good to hear from her, and it sounds like she is getting some good introspection out of it, which I suppose can be seen in her blog. I sure love her. Sheez keen.

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July 28, 2002

On the down low


I apologize for the lack of interesting details about my meager existence for the past couple of days. I've just been preoccupied with some stuff I feel compelled to keep in the private sphere at the moment. I figure it's best to mention it, rather than write some boring, shallow thing in here. Some of the more interesting things that occur in my life are things that I won't write about, though there are plenty of compelling things that occur in my life that do make it in here.

People are getting married all over the place in my life. I haven't had many friends get married, and now they all seem to be signing up. Yep, it's probably that late twenties/early thirties bug that seems to grip people, but then there's may dad. He is certainly a wee tad past his thirties.

Okay- so there's this marriage thing, right? Well, simultaneously there is this romantic car wreck thing all around too. For all of the people marching off to the chapel (or the temple), there are an equal number of people stewing in relationship decay. It's like getting to see the current world political situations play out in love. Especially colorful are the couple who resemble the Palestinian/ Israel brouhaha. Everyone's got something intense brewing. Yeah, there are the select few who are coming along nicely, but they are the oddities.

I locked myself out of the apartment today, and was pleased to find that I could break into the place pretty quickly. I have since moved to patch the security holes that I exploited in order to get back in, though I was pleased with myself for figuring out how to do it in the first place. It required a mirror, a stick, and an open, yet barred window.

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July 26, 2002

In lub wit da gubmint

I won't bore you with my day.

I did hear an interview with Noam Chomsky on the radio while I was werking though. It was a talk that he did at M.I.T. recently, about the "war on terror". i think that we all knew that this new administration would drag things through the shit hole, but I really had no clue what a canyon of excrement it could all become. I am one of those cutie pies that believes that our gubmint their li'l fangers in the splodin' 9/11 funhouse. Here's a conspiracy-minded bit of fun! for you to enjoy!

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July 25, 2002

another bland entry

I understand that the journal part of my blog can be bland at times- what with no pictures, and days that seem to be rather bland.

Some of this is due to the fact that blowing production glass all day is a little bland, and there real isn't much to photograph of interest during the entire process. Then there is the ever present issue of the public/private parts of myself and all that . There have been those that have planted all of their lives in graphic detail for all to see in the information sooper highwaze, and this is how it treated one of 'em. Evidently she lost her job, as well as many friends from her online journaling.

I went to Dave's last night and had a beautifully trashy Star Trek experience. Locke was there serving as furniture/love dispenser for Ace the cat .

The end.

A Story: by Ian.

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July 24, 2002

Wedding and my date

Okay, so getting home late from the wedding impeded my bloggin'.

It's late now, but that's the price I pay for such a hobby. The wedding was terriff, as I knew it would be. It was the first Jewish wedding that I'd been to, and I really found it to be very powerful. The ritual was very potent, and the magical energy that it brought up was quite palpable. I am a fan of the chuppah , and am going to appropriate it for my wedding (with my own spin of course..) should I ever get married again.

The reception was fun and indulgent. It seems as though I am always at the rowdiest table at every wedding that I go to. I have absolutely no idea why... At one point, people were encouraged to go up to the mic and sing a song, read a poem, etc. and a number of people did. there were puppets unleashed as well, though not by me. I had actually forgotten to bring Gregor , which ws a bit of a bummer, as I'm sure he would have had something to say... as well as en eyeball to pull out for the occasion. The bride and groom also busted out a theatrical number for our pleasure . They were a treat.

Russell and Deborah looked great . I was photographing like a madman , because my plan was to take a couple hundred photos and burn them to CD's (I brought my laptop with me) to hand out to people, but I put it off too long, and only ended up getting two CD's burned before it was time to shut the place down. You snooze, you lose- Ya know?

Last night i went out with Mette again, which was fabooluss as usual. I really enjoy her company a great deal, and there is talk that we will tour Europe together. I think it would be sensational, and am aiming to bring it about.

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July 23, 2002

Wedded bliss and snoozevilee..

the wedding was faboo, I am looking to get some snoozinn' in, so I'll heved to fiefiee

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July 22, 2002

Weekend wrapupupup

Okay, It's late, and I have a wedding to go to today, but here's the weekend scoop:

On Saturday morning, I went to a wedding ritual in Golden Gate park . My friends, Russell and Deborah were ritually united by a childhood friend of Russell's. I got a late start, which was compounded by the fact that I thought I got lost, so I spent extra time driving around before I realized that I went straight to the right place originally.

I brought Frico with me, and afterwards, I set him free in the spirit of respecting other living things and all that rot. Now he can go out and slaughter his own food, and the Buddha won't hate me no more.

I have been getting into the idea of wireless networks, so on my way to Kevin's after the ritual, I popped open my laptop and started scanning. I recently bought a wireless network card, so i no longer need to be plugged in in order to get online. I found a gajillion open nodes as I was driving. At one point, I pulled over to get some info that I had been curious about. It was kinda cool to be messing with the interweb while pulled over on the side of the street in the inner sunset district. I'm a dork that way.

Before Kevin and I started our Puppy session, we headed out to the beach with his roomie, Paul. There were a bunch of nifty kites being flown out there . We spent the entire time just watching the them, but that was largely to do with the fact that Kevin and Paul were both hung over from partying the night before. On our way back, we ran across some heavy machinery that was leaking diesel fuel all over itself, as well as the beach, so we called the fuzz to come check it out. I think it wouldda been more fun to set a match to it, but whaddaya gonna do?

I finished my day buy going to see a midnight showing of the classic film "Poltergeist" at the Bridge Theater with Tomas, Lara and a gentlemen who's name I have misplaced. Every Friday There is a "Midnight Mass" performed at the theater, which evidently involves a preshow hosted by drag queens. There is usually some sort of theme, and costume contest. This time around it was the "scary clown" contest . I thought that the clowns who won were not the scariest, but they seemed happy to have one. The movie was fun, but it was often impossible to hear the dialogue due to the raucous outbursts from the peanut gallery.

Yesterday, I started out my day by going to Ikea. I am aware that there are many, many people that I know who hate that place and it's products, and/or the people who find it appealing, but I gotta say that there are a lot of things there that catch my fancy. The first time that I went there was with Merritt, and I was so swept up in a consumer frenzy, that I spent ten hours madly shopping. If that wasn't bad enough, we went back the next day for another four hours. I have problems, and that ain't the least of 'em! YeeHaw!

I rounded out my day by going to Miur beach. Every time I go to the beach, I hunt around for dead things to take pictures of. It's just one of my hobbies.

While I was assembling my Ikeafied room, I got a call from lock. He needed a ride acuz he had parked his car in Oakland, where some thieving scoundrel had smashed his car window. The police showed up shortly thereafter, and impounded it before it could be stolen. He's not terribly thrilled about the hassle of it all...

Today I am going to the "Official" wedding of Russell and Deborah, which I am looking forward to. I was tols to bring tupperware to bring food home in. I have a bathtub-sized bowl just for the occasion.

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July 21, 2002

Copping out acuz I'm sleepy

I was out late, and it's four in the morning. I am going to forgo the details of my day, and scrimp on the drawing. I have pictures and stuff, but It'll have to wait until tomorrow night.


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July 20, 2002

Frico wouldda loved it

I saw "Eight Legged Freaks" last night with Tomas, Lara, and

two thirds of the Milky Elephant crew.It was some good light hearted carnage. A bad film to be sure- perfect for a midsummer Friday night. On my way there, I took saw a somewhat tricked out Toyota mini van from the same year as my old one . Every part of it was polished and gleaming - I was jealous. You can't see it in the picture, but it had really cool lights on the inside.

I had spent the entire day attacking the mess of my apartment. There was crap all over the place that had been building up for fears, so I dealt with the majority of it, though there is still plenty to do.

Locke has been telling me about the sad liver, and how it screw you up. Though I am currently not conducting a full assault on my liver, the goob lorb knows that I have been none too kind to it in the past. I still give it a workout with the candy pretty regularly, as well as the tea that I drink. I think that I should send it to a liver shrink so that it can get an attitude adjustmintz.

I was searching the web to get some insight into why my toilet stinks no matter whow clean it is, and i ran across this blog which I found to be rather interesting.

I have been hearing a man yelling angrily at the top of his lungs from mission street for over an hour now. It's kind of like the Mission's version of crickets chirping on a summer night, except the crickets don't chirp because they smoke too much crack.

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July 19, 2002


I didn't get out of work unitl 9:30 last night.

I didn't get out of work unitl 9:30 last night. Part of ther reason was that spent the first part of the day reattaching the rer view mirror on my car. Anoter part of it was that I was thoroughly unmotivated, so i was a slowpoke.

After coming home and having dinner, I ran back out to dance. I don't know if i can keep going to that club much longer. The place has been way too crowded of late. I need some room to dance, or I just can't lose myself to it.

I lost myself at the store last week, though...

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July 18, 2002

Pooshbee and lessons lernt

Until last night, there hadn't been a Pushby meeting in about a month.

One of the things that was brought up is the idea that we might be changing Pushby's name to something else. Interesting... Another was that we need ot push through on more collaborative creative projects, which I agree with. It was good to meet again. I really do enjoy being a part of such a thing as Pushby- whatever it may be.

Last night I was reminded about why one should pull into the garage slowly. -Oops. Gotta go out to buy some super strong epoxy tomorrow I suppose...

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July 17, 2002

Moo V night and Mewah's plight

It looks as though Tuesdays have become movie night for me.

I met up with the movie night folk (Dav and Kate and their friend whose name I am not currently remembering), and we went to see an Norweigian film called "Elling" which I really enjoyed. It was a feel good movie about a couple of guys that roomed together in a mental institution, who are released under the supervision of a social worker and reenter society. Movie night, and the company it entails, has been a welcome addition to my life.

Here is a picture of the LimeLIme club from about a year ago . If you haven't been keeping up on my Li'l LimeLime chum's overseas shenanigans, you should click here and check it out, brah.

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July 16, 2002


I spent almost the entire day working on music for my performance.

There is the learning curve for the software that I am using to be accounted for, so it was slow going. I am not sure if I will end up using what I ended up with, but I am headed in the right direction. Afterwards, went to a movie with the faboolous and booful Mette, with whom I later went out for drinks. I have been blessed with some really good conversations and company of late, and tonight was no different.

Since I dinna take pictures today, here are a couple from a day of Puppy on June 9th .

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July 15, 2002


The camping trip went very well.

The camping trip went very well. I think it was the first time I went camping with a group of guys . I hadn't met most of my fellow campers before, and I ended up having a great time . We were greeted at the entrance to the campground by a sign featuring our mascot for the evening- Smokey the Poo . It was fitting, because there was much poo humor (among many other vomity and/or licentious topics) that ended up being flung about. As we were readying the grill, Russell noticed that we were being visited by a baby rattle snake , which pretty much snuffed out any plans that we might have had for sleeping outside of the tent. Dinner was huge and delicious, and culminated in sitting (or standing ) around the campfire with drinks and great conversation until we ran out of firewood.

The next day we headed to Santa Rosa, or thereabouts to go swimming at a lake. I wasn't let in on that plan before we left the city, so I had no trunks with me to partake in the aquatic revelry. It was a beautiful day, and I had good company to chat with, so I stopped crying and wetting myself after about a half hour. The entire trip was faboo!

While I was out of town, Locke was on Crackie patrol. He managed to capture these lovely shots . Ain't nothin' sweeter than love in the mission, let me tell you!

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July 13, 2002

Free Wheelin' in crackletown, then treats!

So, Seanno and I met up with Shannon, and we spent the day just hanging out.

On the way to meet Shannon, I saw a man donating a wheelchair to the thrift store on the corner. I shouldda offered HIM money for it, but instead, my mouth ended up getting my body to pay the thrift store for it. I had been wanting a wheel chair to do some dolly shots for a video shoot,a n it was cheap. he funny thing was that Shannon has been having some rather bad knee prollems, and Sean had joked with her earlier that we'd bring a wheelchair. I ended up aggressively panhandling outside of a taqueria for a few hours , until I was mugged by feral pomeranians. At that point, I shuttled Shannon around the mission , where we scored some smack, and did a couple of drive-bys. When in Rome!

We parted ways in the evening, an I went to a lovely dinner party that I was fortunate enough to be invited to by my old coworker, Mette. Her dear friend, Sara was the gracious hostess. Great food, great company, and great conversation . Need I say more?

Now it is late, and I am going to be dead tired when I wake up this morning. I am going camping with Russell, and a bunch of his friends in order to celebrate his impending nuptials. It should be fun.

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July 12, 2002

A drag in dorktown

The respite that I got from the feeling of drudgery from glass was short lived, as yesterday just dragged.

By the time I was finished with my shift, my braims had been reduced to a steaming pure. I came home and chilled for a bit- Watched some Star Trek, then went out dancing. You know- I am a Star Trek geek for sure. No matter how crappy any of those series were/are, I will always watch them. That show has been a part of my life from my earliest memories on, and no amount of cheesy drivel that oozes from the franchise will turn me away.

dancing was better this week in some ways, and worse in others. I enjoyed the actual dancing part, but the crowd was TOO mainstream, and there were too many people there, so it was a sauna with no room to really let loose. At one point, my soul broke out in a rash because the crowd started doing that high pitched "OOah OOah!" vocal thing that I just cannot stand. It really makes me want to strangle people- ESPECIALLY when they're doing it to a song that I really like, and have an intimate relationship with. That
"OOah OOah!" thing always just hits me as the herd mentality that juts out at sporting events and national party conventions. Gives me that burbly vomitty sensation.

Sacto Seanno is in town hangin' at my spacious pad fer tha night. We scored some crack(er jack) and are lighting our toes on fire.

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July 11, 2002

Frolicking crackies

While I was away a work, Locke was on crackie patrol.

Here are some of the sights he saw . Can you guess what thety might be up to? (hint: M R no puppies...) I saw another four on my way to get a burrito tonight. The funny thing is that there is a police station only a block away. One of the things that I like about living here, is that nobody is going to pull me over for blowing through a red light on my bike any time soon. Here, the cops pretty much leave you alone unless you're homicidal, unlike most other places that I've lived, where you are thrown to the ground and cuffed for jaywalking...

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July 10, 2002

School (and other chunx) on tha braimz

Going in to work sure is a lot easier to do now that I have school to think about.

I have considered the fat that it just might be a convenient distraction, but even if that is all that it is, I'll take it for now.

It certainly seems strange to me that the only way that a person can be a licensed therapist with only a masters degree is with a degree in social work. You'd think that there would be a masters program in psychology that would allow one to practice at the end. perhaps there is, and I haven't yet heard about it. I'll have to check it out.

After work, I was late to meet up with the movie night people. We saw "Sunshine State", which was unremarkable and long. Afterwards we went out and burned our mouths on delicious Indian food. Yum! It was actually warm out tonight when we left the movie, which I think is a first for me since I have lived in this city. I got a ride home in an old, junky convertible with great company.

Locke is doing another gall bladder cleansing. When he talks about it on his site, he fails to mention the bog of eternal stench that explodes mightily from his nether region. Yikes!

So far, I have answered two personals ads, and both are in the early stages. Both women live an hour or more away, so nothing much will come of it either way. It's still interesting and entertaining though...

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July 09, 2002

Skool and spider snax!

I went to the University today, and got info about the school of social work, and it's program.

I brought home an application, and mailed off a request for my transcripts from the Umiversitee of Colonradio. At this rate I might actually find myself is school agin after all. I am beginning to suspect that this move might be the right one, partially because my mood was really good today in a way that felt different than other good days that I have had. I have just been on the fence about this for so long, it's good to get some movement going in that direction before my ass gets all fulla splinters. We'll see as things progress.

I still have my pet spider, Frico. I fed him a fruit fly today . He was hungry. The froot fly was sad. It was actually a li'l disturbing. As you can see, he has a bunch of corpses in there with him. The bigguns were not consumed by him. I looked into it, and found out that most spiders wont's eat things that are as big as they are.

I've been noodling around with the personals again. A pleasant diversion, or exercise in futility? You decide.

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July 08, 2002


What is this man doing

What is this man doing ? Is he: A) Pretendin' to be a ghost, B) Taking a nap, C) Hiding his feelings, or D) Smokin' tha crackie? I'll let you guess. I see this sort of thing about ten times a day in my neighborhood, if I spend any time out in it at all. This guy is one of the more subtle folks...

Today I am gonna go to San Francisco State University to check it out. While I am not looking forward to the prospect of some of the classes that I will be required to take, I AM getting more interested the idea of school itself. This might be a phase, but it is one that I am going to indulge and see where it takes me.

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July 07, 2002

Wireless and lost

I spent the first part of my day watching and doing my best to aid Locke in setting up a wireless network for our apartment, which he effectively managed to do.

Now I can sit outside in the back, and cruise the innurnet highwaze and never have to notice the outside worl' ever agin! Yeehoo!

I also lost a sketchbook yesterday. It was a small one that I carried around with me allah the time. Bummer. I know exactly where I dropped it, too. I noticed that it was gone only about two minutes after I had lost it, but when I went back, it was gone. *sigh*. At least all of the drawings in it made it into this page. I lost a sketchbook a few years ago that was about half full of really good stuff, and I have no record of any of those drawings. It pains me still.

Puppy went well enough, though Kevin has an extremely short attention span at times, and it's frustrating. We'll work on a song until it's ready to record, and the second that we start to record, he starts improvising like a madman, and all of our work falls apart. It dunna always happen, but it happens enough...

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July 06, 2002

Bubbly doggy thoughts

After finished packing and shipping today, I went shopping for food, and some odds and ends.

While i was at the checkout counter of a corporate chain that sells "better quality domestics merchandise and home furnishings". I noticed a product that i had read about: Bubbles that don't pop. god only knows what they are made of, but i just had to try 'em out. I stood out on the back stoop and blew bubbles for about twenty minutes, which I actually enjoyed quite a bit. The air current really pulled them way up into the air. I had this li'l fantasy of filling the sky in the mission with bubbles. It'd add a sweet touch to the drug dealing and crack smoking that dot the cityscape.

Merritt says that Pius isn't acting any differently than he was before his trip, which makes me very happy. I was worried that his noodle was gonna bust. I think he neat .

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July 05, 2002

Werd from Frenchyville

Merritty groomz has updated her blog from Francospankoville in case yer innerested..

I accidently shut my alarm off somehow and slept in until 2 pm. CRAP!

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Firewerx and dry dancing

I got it in my head to go to Fisherman's wharf to watch the fireworks display.

Every now and again, I like to go to an all American crowded spectacle for the fourth of July. I'm actually glad that i went. The fireworks were really great. Now that they are computer controlled, there are so many new and cool varieties. Also- the detonation can be controlled down to a fraction of a second, which allowed them to have two identical displays going simultaneously. It was extremely cool. Afterwards, I went dancing for an hour, which was okay. I am a teetotaler these days, and I have discovered that I really enjoy dancing more when I am swilling hooch. I can swill with the best of 'em, and I have been abstaining for that very reason. I had figured that I'd better leave those last few brain cells alone. They had been writing my tattered liver tearful goodbye notes, and I just couldn't bring myself to finish them off. I'm going to wait 'til they've had some time to relax, and then I'll knock them off suddenly. No sense in making it worse than it has to be...

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July 04, 2002

Sleepless in the saddle

I am bound and determined to fit in all of the things that I want to accomplish into my life.

It looks as like sleep will have to be the thing that gives, as it always tends to be. *Sigh* Being a night person definitely has a bunch of drawbacks...

It seems as though the firewirks that were going off all night have stopped, which I'm sure that locke must be happy about. He's a super light sleeper, unlike myself, and will prolly find that tonight he will be serenaded all night long by the fireworks fairy. Speaking of: Happy Independence Day! Where are all the aliens? Man, I been gypped! Ain't them aliens apposedta blow up the whitey house or sumpin'? If not, I want my six buks back...

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July 03, 2002

Word from France, and some synchronicity

I got word from Merritt and the Li'l man today.

Both made it to France, alive and well. Good news. The phone call that I had was short, but there'll be more info on the way.

An acquaintance that i met when i worked at angry monkey, has been having a movie night meeting every week. Tonight I went, but showed up late. Evidently the movie that he thought that we were going to see was last night, and not tonight, so the group opted to go to another film. Luckily, another ex-monkey showed up late to, so we went out and hung out afterwards. I have been to many gatherings with her and her husband (who is a freind also), but had never spent any time with her one on one. It was really great to get to know her better. We talked about going back to school to pursue being a therapist, as she is on that path right now. Methinks that the set of circumstances that brought that about had some deeper significance. Neither of us had been to a movie night in over a year. I'm taking it as an arrow pointing towards academia. Rock out, daddy! Maybe I'll dust off my brain and soak it overnight in water so it will expand to it's full size again....

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July 02, 2002

Bone voyagee- Plus: More crime!

Yesterday I spent the day helping Merritt and Pius get to France.

Pius ( a.k.a. "Peewee", a.k.a "tha li'l man") got his own supply of drugs . We gave him a half of a pill, and that made him very pleasant indeed. He was much more pleasant to be around while the car was on the highway than he usually is, and he behaved so WELL at the airport while we stood in line . By the time that we put him in his cage, he had gone about three and a half hours since his original dose, so we popped him another quarter just before we threw him and he was carted away . Right afterwards, we had an anxious moment, because his breed is evidently can overdose on downers quite easily, but I think he'll be fine. We were just felt the added dose was prudent, because he has always had such forceful panic attacks when he has been locked in that cage for ANY amount of time Right now he is in the belly of a plane, and I hope that he and his mom are doing well.

I got a bit misty eyed when I bid Merritt adieu, but I am excited for her. I hope that she has the greatest of times! She had a lot of chaos in her life for the last coupla months, and that inevitably bled quite a bit into my life, so I think that I'll have a bit of an easier time focusing on my own stuff for the next three months. It's something I'm truly in need of.

When I got back into the city, I met up with Dave. We had dinner and hung out at a cafe and talked about our lives, which was good, as always. I decided that I would enjoy walking him back to his place. We were walking up Noe Street, and we passed three kids of about 17 decked out in hip hop type baggy assed clothes sitting in front of a restaurant. I dropped Dave off at the base of the hill that he lives on, and headed back down Duboce Ave, which is a pretty dark street. I saw what appeared to be those kids turn the corner and head towards me. I had the idea pass through my mind that I should be on my guard, as i tend to be any time I see a group of guys some towards me on a dark street who aren't obviously nerds. I relaxed as soon as i saw them start to roughhouse with each other, tugging at each other, and heading out into the street. That was when one of them started yelling "Help! I'm being robbed!" Immediately I was struck by conflicting urges. The obvious urge to run to someone's aid, and then the immediate flash of a story that an acquaintance had told me about getting beaten to a pulp and robbed when he stepped in to help someone else who was himself being beaten and robbed. I stepped up my pace and headed in. Luckily, the would-be muggers took off as I approached. The victim was a girl of 17, and was shaken up, but okay. She had held onto her bag, so she was lucky. Immediately helped her call 911 on my phone, and waited with her until the cops arrived.

As I said- nighttime walks in the city are a far cry from the ones in more suburban or rural settings....

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July 01, 2002


Drawing with that li'l nub on a PC laptop is a major pain in the ass.

Last night, Merritt and I went on a walk thro9ugh her brother's neighborhood. I had really forgotten how much I love going on walks, and how important a part of my life that has been in the past. It's something that you really don't get a chance to do in the city- at least not in the same way. Taking nocturnal walks through places that are deserted, and that you can relax in has been something that has been a fixture I my life since I was a kid. My mom and I would often go on walks when the weather permitted, and I just carried that through to my adult life. I am actually one of those cheeseballs that can sincerely write that in a personals ad, though I don't . Taking walks with someone else is the best.

Merritt is in the other room, getting packed, and trying not to stress at the last minute things that she has to accomplish before heading out tomorrow. Actually, she has had two weeks of last minute things to do, so this is just the last push before the final hurrah. I drive her and Pius to the airport tomorrow. That's when he gets his dope. He'll be stuck in that cage for 18 hours, which I can't really picture. It actually makes me shudder a bit, knowing what sort of monumental panic attacks he had when he even had to stay in that thing for a couple of hours. He'll need all of the drugs that he can get his li'l paws on.

Getting out of the city is invaluable towards getting perspective on my life there. Having a car right now Has been much more important to me than I ever would have thought it would be. I am VERY happy to have it.

Getting myself out of the funk that I have been in will take some effort, but I do believe that I am moving towards that space. Yup.

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June 30, 2002

San Hose- Yay!

I am in San Jose at Merritt's brother's place.

I stayed up late working on the blog, but found that for various reasons, I couldn't upload them. I was left having to draw my daily picture with the Windows "paint" program. Whee!

It seems as though the crazy times that everyone that I know (including myself) has been experiencing are only ramping up in their intensity. Seriously. I know that life is all about change, many many people around me are going through some of the most powerful transitions that one can go through. I really do wondering what is in the stars these days...

Today will be a lovely day spent in the roasty climes of San Jose and all of it's strip mall glory!

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San Hose- Yay!

I am in San Jose at Merritt's brother's place.

I stayed up late working on the blog, but found that for various reasons, I couldn't upload them. I was left having to draw my daily picture with the Windows "paint" program. Whee!

It seems as though the crazy times that everyone that I know (including myself) has been experiencing are only ramping up in their intensity. Seriously. I know that life is all about change, many many peoplel around me are going through some of the most powerful transitions that one can go through. I really do wondering what is in the stars these days...

Today will be a lovely day spent in the roasty climes of San Jose and all of it's strip mall glory!

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June 29, 2002

A hummer fulla bummer

I managed to force myself onto the torch for a bit yesterday, to make up for the last day on Thurzdae.

Seems like some big ol' double wide full o' depression has moved into my emotional trailer park, and it's blocking the entrance to Glassville. I had a similar sensation when I forced myself out of my last business, before I got into glass. It's the combination of uncertainty about my financial future combined with that toasty warm feeling of being cast adrift. Things tend to work out just fine (knock on wood...), but having faith in that when the brainpan is frying up sadcakes can be a challenge. It makes for good snoozing though!

I took a drive to Sacramento and that was good for the noodle. I went to see a film festival that an acquaintance of Seanno's put on. There was some good stuff there, to be sure.

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June 28, 2002

Werk (or lack thereof...)

I woke up yesterday, and was so uninterested in blowing glass that I stayed in bed all day.

I woke up yesterday, and was so uninterested in blowing glass that I stayed in bed all day. That is the first time that that has happened. I still went in later and dealt with packing and shipping, but this was the first time that I had an agenda with the torch, and I didn't make it happen. The desire to move on in my "career"swells large within my membrainz..

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June 27, 2002

Theft in the city

Yesterday I photographed a crackhead ripping off a boombox out of a guys car in my 'hood.

Merritt and i had seen him the previous night, on hi knees, emptying his pockets onto the sidewalk by my apartment. He went into the liquor store around the corner shortly thereafter. Yesterday, I was in my underwear, looking out the kitchen window before i went to work. I saw him walk by a car, stop and turn around to check to see if the door was unlocked, which it was. He climbed in , rummaged around, and came out with a boombox . I had the urge to stop him, until I remembered that the majority of the people that briefly stop their cars in my 'hood for a short period of time seem to be here for dubious reasons. I dint wanna chance it. That crackhead couldda ended up with a bullet in his head. Maybe he will anyway...

Ahhh.... the mission! It's like living in a nature video!

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June 26, 2002

Bizness iz fun

We had a building-wide meeting at the shop yesterday.

There are many more people in the building than I had any idea about. We had to connect with them because of the recent "break in", or "unwanted entry by strangers" or whatever you call people who climb through yer winda ant taker yer stuff. Ther are 14 different artists in the building. Painters, metal workers, a woodworker, jewelers, and the list goes on... It's a good thing that the building has an alarm, since the burgalurz climbed into the window in our space.

If i didn't have everything sold that I am making this week, I'd be forced to dive under the torch and self immolate. I love bunnies.

Merritt is crashing on the floor of my room for the next coupla days. Soon she will be in France where she can confuse the french people with their own language as she does us with ours. I'd warn 'em, but the wooden bleev me.

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June 25, 2002

Dee Lay

This has been the longest time that i have gone without updating my blog in the entire time that I have been doing it.

On Saturday, i went to the art party in Sacramento, and presented my piece. It went over well, considering that I shot, edited and wrote it all in one day. Actually, i didn't write any of it. I just composed it in my head, and rehearsed it over and over again until i went on stage. It was a puppet performance with a video projected behind me. Simple and comedic. There were a bunch of top flight peices presented as usual. That Sac Town sure has itself a nice art scene...

Seanno and I ended up crashing around 6:30 AM, so I dinna have the inclination to stay up and get bloggy.

The next day, I drove to San Jos to hang out with my li'l chum, MeWah. We went to to see "Minority Report", which was interesting, though not good. I dint have internet access at her brother's place, so that was that for updates. We stayed up until 5 AM, and slept in until after one in the afternoon. Ahh, the life of leisure... I spent the day in the grip of anxiety and depression, which was not entirely fun. If there wasn't such a large amount of time that felt rather decent, I'd be running off to get that paxil script filled.

I am up much later than I had planned to be, so I won't get in to work until relatively late. Thass a drag. The good part is that al of the stuff that I am making this week is already sold. *whew!*

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June 22, 2002

Locke returnz

Locke moved in yesterday.

Methinx that he will have a bit of adjustment time that will end up in a rash for a bit. It's the crack fumes wafting up from the street below... He'll adapt.

Frico is hungry. He hasn't had a good bug for a while. Tomorrow I go a hunting for heem. Make heem all fat and juicy.

Today I am spending the entire day working on a performance piece for the party tonight. It's an art party. Everyone who comes has to have something to present, and I have to bust ass to get my thing presentable. It's good practice for the piece that I am aiming towards fruition for the stage.

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June 21, 2002

Let go

I ran into an old coworker from the television days (she's an animator).

It was the best interaction that I've had with her to date. She's been coasting on unemployment this whole time, and has no backup plan. We talked about the fact the life just has a tendency to throw you the right things as long as you keep open, and don't have an overly complicated situation. I know all of that, but my worry engine slips into autopilot really easily . I gots ta smack it with a rock a bunch in order to make it stop.

I went dancing last night too as well also. I met Heather. I like having chemistry with someone and not immediately doing anything about it. I got her name, she got mine. That was it. Bubbles burst too easily. It's nice to keep 'em intact.

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June 20, 2002

Another mouth to feed...

This is my pet spider, Frico

. He unwittingly fell into my water bottle and can't get out. The li'l black lump next to him is what remains of a fly that I dropped in with him because I thought he might be hungry. Evidently I was right. I'm not really sure how long I'll keep him. I'm mean like that. I once had a pet black widow named after on ex-girlfriend. They were very similar, except that the girlfriend was more menacing, and dinna eat bugs.

Business is a tad better than it was before. At least SOME money is coming in. I'll still need a lot more to actually start making enough to start saving again. It's definitely time to start figuring out what the next career step is. I have a few plans on the back burner. Whether it's going back to school, aiming at 3D modeling, or being a videographer at weddings (the least challenging of the three..), or a combination of those things, it should prove to be interesting. I'll say this though: as much as I will miss her, it's probably a good thing that Merritt will be away for the next few months, as we really don't need TWO people building up surplus glass.. It's a bit disconcerting to be routinely having less income than outgo. All day every day I am beleaguered by questions of what my next step will be. I just sort of flatline when confronted with all of the variables, but it'll work out one way or another... That's the fun steamroller of life!

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June 18, 2002

Thievin' Scoundrels

A big thing that I forgot about last night was that our shop was broken into on Sunday night.

Actually. "broken into" is not quite accurate, as the gate wasn't locked, and someone left a window open into our part of the building. Fortunately there is an alarm in the main body of the building, or we would have been screwed. As it was, they ran off with some stuff that was outside of the shop, and a few pieces that were dropped off by a distributor that sells some of our stuff. He wanted Brian to fix them, but now they are fodder for the insurance adjustor. Hopefully them thieves won't be a comin' back no mo'.

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Office landing, and Bon Voyage!

Three of the pushby folks have been working out of an office in Sausalito, along with the other two founders of Angry Monkey.

I went there today to work with my homepies. I plan on it being the first of many such experiences. It was a bit of a flashback working with many of the people that I was working with when i first arrived in San Francisco. Much more cramped quarters, but that was actually fine by me, as I am interested in what everyone was doing. I think that it'll take a bit of time for me to adjust to being in the office environment again. It is something that didn't really acclimate to the first time around, but I am interested to see how I will take to it this go round.

Merritt Moved out last night to go live at her brother's place for the last two weeks that she is here, so that Locke can move in to her room. I will miss her a bunch, but am certainly interested to see how her exploits unfold on foreign soil. I will miss her bunches, but I hope she's a happy pants over there in Frenchyville!

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June 17, 2002

Father's Day Dayt

For Father's day, I went to a party that was thrown by a friend and his wife.

He is a father, so naturally this made sense. I got wired from drinking tea the while time, and genuinely enjoyed myself. I got to reconnect with a number of people that I haven't seen in at least a year- some even more that than that. It was a party for children and adults alike. Muy enjoyabulioso!

Afterwards, I went out on that date that I mentioned a couple of days ago. It was nice. I really liked that he setup for it was so casual. The title of her ad was something like "Looking for boy to do jack shit with". Naturally I felt that I could fill the role (okay- maybe not the "boy" part, but she did go on to clarify "late twenties to mid thirties"). We met and had a few beers and blabbed. There were no sparks, but that really wasn't much of an issue. We'll probably hang out again sometime in the future. -Also, she said that she had her ad up for only two hours, and got 150 responses before she took it down. The average number of responses that guys get off of any given ad is 3. She said that she has a friend who is a guy who got about 50 responses form an ad, but he specifically stated that he never wanted to meet anyone who responded to his ad in person. He just wanted to talk to someone on the phone late at night, since he had moved away form the state for a few months and was an insomniac...

Ahhhh the personals....

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June 15, 2002

Denial in the workplace

I have this way of tricking myself into feeling like I am not working as much as I really am.

The main way that I do this is by only counting my torch time as "work". Packing, shipping, doing the books, running errands, bill paying, all fall into a nebulous world that sucks away my time, but I just pretend isn't really happening. It's fairly easy to do when nobody is making me do it- It's just like doing laundry. Doing the laundry doesn't seem like "work " either. It's just whatcha do to maintain life. That is another one of the bonuses of being self employed: work is just another element of life that isn't fun, but is just there. Like taking out the garbage. It's just that there is a BUNCH of garbage to take out. A YARD FULL.

I'm going out on another date from the personals soon. I met this person by answering her ad. I'll write about it a bit after it happens, which should be on Sunday. I have very little in the way of expectations, which is the way that I prefer it right now. The previous person who answered my ad just vanished at one point. She either found someone else, or I put her off in some way. Either is equally possible.. It is a bummer to get the ball rolling with someone, only to have it peter out pretty quickly, but I still enjoy the process.

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June 14, 2002

Blah Blah Blog

A number of people have commented to me that my journal entries have gotten shorter, and more vague over the last number of weeks.

I guess that his has to do with the phenomenon that Leila mentioned in her blog recently: "it feels like everyone I meet these days has a blog, which totally changes the level of intimacy that's possible." I think that the reason that it affects the possible levels of intimacy is that there is always the pull to write about the more compelling thoughts and experiences that one is having, and most of those are rather personal. Putting all of the most compelling bits out for everyone to see is good as far as the readership is concerned- It makes for interesting reading, and is grounds for bonding over shared experiences. However, it really does impact the private, intense nature of many circumstances- and can be overly inflammatory in others. I choose to be vague when i feel that writing about something will end up being counterproductive to my intimate world, which is more important to me than my public world. I still put most things out there. Some circumstances just need some time before they are plopped out in the public sphere.

i intended on going out dancing tonight, but got waylayed by an unexpected visit form Sacto Seanno. I ended up blabbing with him and his friend, Rhett at Sparky's diner. I spent a decent amount of time blab blabbing about art and career and other such nonsense.

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June 13, 2002

El Sicko at el party-o

I was right. I had another sik day, though I am determined that it will be the last, no matter how crappy I feel.

After spending a couple of days all cooped up in the house, I went to a reading/ performance at the library. It was a collection of artists, writers, film makers, musicians, etc. that was really quite good. Afterwards, the Extra Action Marching Band fired up, and led us out of the building to a party a few blocks away. The band consists of a ragtag collection of trumpets, drums, a sousaphone, a french horn and other such orchestra related instruments , as well as baton girls/boys in various states of undress. They march in an anarchical fashion, which is to say that they walk. Merritt and i had a good time with the wine and cheese outside on the roof top, eyeballing the arty-farty crowd .

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June 12, 2002

Sick Leev

I woke up yesterday, and realized that if I went to work, there was a great chance that I would wither, and ultimately perish.

Needless to say, I stayed home.

This Illness has hit me harder than I was expecting it to. I believe that I will miss work today as well. I actually like having a couple of legitimate sick days, even if means I'm very uncomfortable.

Dave came over and spent the entire day and evening helping me with my broken car. The first culprit was the the badly corroded spark plugs (they were so bad that he said that if he hadn't gone for a ride in the car himself, he wouldn't have believed that it was running at all..), but that was ruled out after new ones were put in. We believe that the true prollem is the fuel pump. Ima hopin' so. Dave's the supa hero who saves witless meat popcicles like myself. Thank you Dave!

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June 10, 2002

The doodle and the doo

Merritt and I had a late day getting motivated, since we are both sick.

We walked around in tha almost-too-hot sunshine with Pius, who is sick also (he has a case of what is technically referred to as "soup-ass"). Quite a trio were we. Later in the evening, I hung out with Dave. We walked around a bit, and he looked at my car, which has mysteriously decided to stop working. After dinner, we went to the coffee shop, hung out, and drew pitchurz. As much as I love good conversation, I also love sitting in silence with a good friend, doodling in a sketchbook.

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June 09, 2002

The li'l bony missle

I hung out at the park with Pius and Merritt.

There a ton of people there. I was bummed because I couldn't use the atlatl to play fetch with pius, acuz he kept running into lounging un worshipers. He runs so fast that he really has little control over himself.

Merritt and I are both sick, and not just in our brainpans this time. We gots the sore throats and all. Maybe it's the pallsmocks disease that the gubmint has warned us aboot. Maybe I should eat some Wheaties or something. Isn't that the cure? Wheaties?

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June 08, 2002

last night I went to a party at leila's.

On the way there, I ran across a gallery showing of really great art,. A couple of my old coworkers from phantom investigators were there as well ac Tomas and Lara. Yet another thing that I love about this city- not only can you accidently run across great art, but you can bump into great people in the process!

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June 06, 2002

Nap time

Yesterday was unfreeginbelievablee gorgeous!

I got done with work at one, and then went to my favorite park that overlooks the city, where I watched dogs and napped. Watching a pile of dogs at the park has to be one of my favorite pastimes. As unsatisfied as I am with my current career, it is actually quite a great thing on days like today. That old clich of "every day is a gift" really hit me as I rode my bike home.

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June 05, 2002


I placed another personals ad a while back.

I'd gotten the usual handful of responses that missed the mark, and had given up on hearing fro anyone else. Then out of the blue- days after it had been buried under the avalanche of postings from other searching males, I got a response that was rather intriguing. We have been communicating for a couple of days, which I have found to be fun. I think that is my favorite part of the online personals- it makes the frosting on the inbox cake- at least for a while.

We've gotten yet more response from our mailer. Not a ton, but it is good start. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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June 04, 2002

The li'l mad hatter

Pius got a new sweater today.

Merritt bought him the colors of France , since he is going to visit Pierre with her next month. I think he has rabies, though. We took him to the park, and he ate a palm tree , and someone's three year old; before the cops took him down. We busted him outta the joint, and now he's scoring crack out in front of our place. He has finally come into his own .

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June 02, 2002


'Tis the season for weddings.

Yesterday I went to the second wedding of the year (with two yet to go..). An old friend from Boulder (who I will call "Jeff Stoval") got married to his longtime girlfriend, "Benedicta". It was really quite enjoyable on many levels. The wedding was faboo- Short, but sweet, performed by the reverend Muji , who cut loose later in the evening .. There were a couple of songs that were written by friends of theirs for the ceremony. They were on the folksy side, but got me all misty-eyed nonetheless. I am a cheeseball romantic.

There were a couple of friends there from way back, who I haven't seen in years, and I had a repeat of the experience that I had with my old roomie from D.C.: It really felt like all of the years have just been brief blips in time. I really do like that feeling....

After the wedding, there was much ingesting of food and spirits, as well as songs sung around a campfire. Many photo ops were to be had .

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June 01, 2002

Out of order

It was near impossible to get in to work today.

Chalk it up to a bad attitude. The good news is that our mailer to get new business has already produced results. Someone contacted us with a order. Even if we only get a 50% positive response, that will be enough to take off some of the pressure as far as the biz goez.

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May 31, 2002

I am having another one of those days, in which getting to work is the easiest thing in the world to procrastinate about. So much for the early bird!

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Hubba hubba

I went out Dancing with Leila and Merritt, and I had a first:

I actually had an "experience" with two different women. I held off before it became physical in either case, but it is the first time in my dancing life that I have approached someone (or two) and had a big, hot chemistry brew up (I'd be more elaborative and eloquent, but it's late, and I must snooze...). They were both way too young, but it was fun nonetheless. Leila's coaching and coaxing is baring fruit!

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May 29, 2002

Early bird gits tha germ

Getting done with my workday at 12.30 p.m. feels an awful lot like having the day off, even though I put in an entire shift.

Its also a pleasure to ride my bike to work and have the streets be almost entirely empty. My lil chunk of the Mission is a lot more welcoming without the throngs of drug addicts and thugs slathered thickly across the sidewalk, not to mention the empty street itself. I can understand why some people are morning people. Now if I could only get to bed earlier.....

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Tow nail

My ol roomie who was visiting from D.C. discovered today that TOW AWAY ZONE/ NO STOPPING means that cars that have been parked count as stopped.

We spent the first part of the day bailing his rental car out of jail, then we went out to eat. I suggested that rather than looking at being towed as an expensive mishap, he should just pretend that he went out and bought a $200 tuna sandwich, and got his car out of jail for free.

We went to Golden Gate Park after that, and watched ducks suck mud by a pond for a while. If people spent a lil more of ther time sucking mud, theyd prolly find that they feel better about their $200 tuna sandwich. If anyone tries it out, let me know.

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May 28, 2002


I had a long talk with my dear friend Jennifer last night.

It is a truly wondrous thing to have an hour and a half long phone conversation with someone in antarctica. Ill never get over how strange it is... It[s night time 24 hours a day there... Beezaarrre!

An old friend and roommate form way back is spending the night at my place. He is in town form Washington D.C., and I havent seen him in almost a decade. Its really good to catch up with someone that I have gone years without interacting with, only to find that it doesnt even feel like any time at all has passed. Its also amazing how fast a decade can fly by..

Now its time to go to bed with a belly full of spicy chili, and ride the heartburn train to dreamland.

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May 27, 2002

Carnival, and beach fun!

Yesterday, there was a parade to celebrate Carnival in my neighborhod. I make it a point to sleep through the entire thing every year, and this year was no different.

It actually takes some effort, because it is all so loud. I managed to snuff it out though. Perhaps next year, I will make it out and see what all of the ruckus is. Merritt and I spent the day finishing up our mailer to drum up new bidness. Now we will roll in dough.

Last night, Tomas and Lara had a party on the beach. There were dogs, and peeplz too, plus there was a lot of fire. Moocho funno! They know how to do it up right!

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May 26, 2002

Pigeon shoppah

Yesterday I as in the grocery store, shopping for tea, and what should flap past my head?

That's right- a pigeon! Evidently, she had some shopping to do herself. I figured that this was a prime time to bust out my camera, and start a shootin'. The main prollem was that even though there was plainly a pigeon in walking down the isles having a snack, nobody saw her. Every time I snapped a picture, people stared at me as though I had taken a picture of them. I took one last photo, and continued my tea hunt. A minute later, a woman walked up to me and said in a somewhat indignant voice "So, are you going to send me one of those?" to which I replied "You want a picture of the pigeon too?". That was when she noticed that she had been shopping next to a pigeon. It's amazing what we edit out of our daily lives....

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May 25, 2002

Very scary indeed.

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May 24, 2002

Pile o' glass, and the li'l chewed dood.

Both Merritt and I are building up a massive amount of back stock, which makes it harder and harder to really motivate to ad to the mountain.

consequently, I have lowered my daily quota. Today, we loitered at a coffee shop when I should have been at work. Pius was with us. He been in foster care for the month, but he had to move out, lest he become lunch for a bigger, meatier canine. He walks with a limp now, since his haunch got teeth implants. Here he is, resting in the sun in that special way that only he can .

Procrastination is conducting evil experiments on Merritt and I. We have been dragging our heels in our direct marketing campaign. We are creating the illusion that we are not really two desperate amigos in need of bidness. That way, the umiverse will pick up on our relaxed rays, and give us the abundance bum dunce, and we will be filthy rich. Either that or we will get to snack on dead rats, and poo in the street.

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May 23, 2002

Star Wart

Up at six AM, on the torch at 7.

Its nice to be done with work, and still have a semblance of a day to get things done.

I rode past a freshly cut lawn at a park, and found that the smell compelled me to lie down under a tree to soak it in for a bit. I was struck by how long its been since I really just laid on a lawn under a big tree, and by how trees calm me down. Its so easy to forget about that since I moved away from Boulder, but when i get a reminder, it really hits me in a profound way.

To balance out the profundity of that experience, I went to see the new Star Wars movie. I saw the digital screening, so that I could absorb it in ail of its synthetic splendor. Dont let anyone tell you different- NEVER go see a digital screening of a film that you can see on celluloid. Unless you like watching movies on a monitor projector that is... The pixellation is so bad that characters far off in the distance are moving squares of color. As far as the movie itself: I give it my typical nod. It was a bad movie (and a great commercial, as some have already pointed out), but I really liked it a lot. If you are gonna see it at all, you have to see it with an audience full of people who are seeing it for the first time, because part of the fun is listening to the audience laughing at the crappy cheese.

I had an anxiety attack through almost the whole thing. It was as powerful as any Ive had, but I was detached and able to observe it from a distance, plus enjoy a bad film all at the same time (Im a multi-tasker!). Now Im absorbing Xanax, and my heart isnt quite as palpipatey. Rock out.

I am cooking up a gallery showing. Perhaps it is where I will debut the performance piece that I am working on. I always thought that if I was ever going to pursue a gallery showing, I would have to have to show my more serious, detailed work, but I have come around to the fact that I am not really compelled to work that way these days, and I havent been for some time. These days, I find that I am most at peace when I am sitting in a coffee shop doodling in my journal. I know that one of my tickets to what could pass for a happy life is to be making a living with the nonsense that oozes, drips and otherwise splooges out of my bean. Getting from here to there is the challenge. The good part is that even if I never get there, I am still left with the pleasure of my soothing ooze.

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May 22, 2002

L Phunce

Gotta love the stress.

I turn around, and there it is, hanging out of my pant leg like soiled undergarments. Elephantine undergarments- soiled by an elephant of an imagination turned feral. I, of course am the only one who can mop up after it, but I become fatigued by the mere vapors that them drawers kick off! I need a gas mask, and dart gun full of some potent tranquilizers to knock that damned beast out, afore it smothers me in foul goo.

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May 21, 2002


One of the things that nags at me is that I am certain that the way that I make my living has an expiration date at some unknown point in the future.

The lampworking skill (which is that type of glass blowing that I do) is analogous in many ways to web design skillz.

About five or six years ago, you could land a well paying job at any of a number of businesses with modest amount of HTML and JAVA skills. You could acquire these skills on your own, with not much in the way of startup capitol - hell you could learn on someone else's computer, and all you needed was a bit of hard drive space on a server somewhere. The door to glassblowing was as easily opened, though it was a bit harder to find people who could show you the ropes. Startup costs were relatively small, and the demand for product was so great that anything that even the most crappy beginner (a.k.a. lobotomized mandril) could make would sell. Well, as things go, there has been an ever increasing flood of lazy, greedy people diving into the field, and now it is getting to the point to where the bottom might fall out of the market any day now. I have actually had this nagging gerbilworry a nibblin' at my noodle for some time, and maybe I am jumping the gun a bit- but it really is just a matter of time afore it all goes up in smoke like so many dot comaz. This means that I've gotta build a bridge to the next phase of my *cough* "career". I've seen what happens when the bubble bursts in a given sector of the economy first hand, and I know that having a safety net is a wise thing. Of course, this only makes the concept of going back to school seem all the more appetizing (though I will still need a bit more in the way of prodding I believe-with something electrified or sharp- to get me jammed back into the hoop jumpin' corral). I have had this uncertainty in my life for most of my adult life. My first business had to go through a review process by the city every three years, so there was always the possibility that we'd lose our licence every three years(as the board was known to be rather fickle). My problem is that I want it all. I want stability, AND freedom. I got me a fire burnin' under me arse though, and I gots get an excape plan before I gits my buttmeat charred.

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May 19, 2002


Merritt and I did our own li'l telemarketing campaign to stores across the mid-western United States yesterday to get more accounts for our glass.

We did it all from Dolores park, which is a great place to do such a thing. We got a solid 18 new contacts, so hopefully at least a quarter of them will pan out.

There is too much else to write about, because writing always takes me the longest out of anything that I do, and I need to get to bed. It is always more expedient to write about the surface of my life, though it's not as satisfying. I'd rather snooze right now, though, and snoozing wins!


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May 18, 2002

Squeezy bean

I'm not really inclined to write much about the surface of my life at the moment.

The surface of my life is going relatively well, though my inner workings are a bit gummed up, as per usual. I've been stressed and unhappy, though I still have also been enjoying much of my life nonetheless. One of the reasons that I haven't written much about it is that it's difficult to paint a well rounded picture of it all. I love this city, and I definitely feel as strongly about living here as I always have. I swing through shades of moods all through my day- most of them dipping into (or submerged in) melancholy, with a generous sprinkling of anxiety. There is wonder and appreciation mixed in as well, though I find myself feeling generally disconnected from things. I have had this sense of disconnection in one form or another for my entire life, though in times of duress, I barely feel tethered to my body at all. Interacting with others helps to ground me a bit, though when I am stressed, I also tend to drift off, away from others (with the possible exception of a significant other, of which I have been lacking for forever). It probably is a fairly common phenomenon. I just sit on the swing and go for a ride. I just wish that the cheery phases were a bit more powerful and resilient, though there is something to be said for the melancholic lens. It makes for good art, (if I could only stay in my body long enough to squeeze some out...).

This is my where my bean is at.

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May 17, 2002

Pipes and boogie

Merritt and I have found that our bidness un pipey land has slowed a bit.

We both have over a month's worth of production just lying around. That translates into some bux that ainut in the pocket. I know that the market for fine glass tobacco pipes is still doing well, so that means that we will just have to go out and dig up new clients. One of us is really feeling the pinch, and we need to make sure that she gets her cash cow a burpin'!

I also went dancing with Leila the Wonder Woman last night. I accompanied her and one of her regular Thursday night dancing chums to the Cat Club, for 1984, which is a theme night that I am sure you can picture for yourself. It has been a regular Thursday night outing for her for years. It was a much more of a mainstream crowd than I am used to for the Cat Club, but it was a lot of fun. Usually, on the nights that I go there, the mood is much more "serious", which I am terribly bored with at this point in my life. I'll gladly take the fun instead.

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May 16, 2002

A bit too relaxed

When you anneal glass, you heat it up to the temperature at which all of the stress in the glass evens out, and it becomes molecularly "relaxed".

In the case of the glass that I work with, that is at 1050 degrees. When I am done with a day of production, I anneal that day's work in the kiln before I go home. Yesterday, I forgot to keep an eye on the kiln, and the next thing I know, it is up to 1400 degrees. This means that all 45 pieces that I had made where REEEEEALLLY relaxed. They were so relaxed in fact, that they were all stuck together. Luckily, I caught them before they were very misshapen , but i will have to flame polish each of them, and even then they won't be as nice as they originally were.


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May 15, 2002

I locke my front door

The roommate search was easier than I planned.

Locke will be my new roomie when Merritt moves out. It's cool having so much history with the people that I live with. I definitely feel more grounded. Hopefully, this means that I will get more done on a creative level, as that's what grounding tends to lend itself to, as far as I'm concerned.

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May 14, 2002

Quakes and fuses

There was an earthquake here a couple of hours ago.

I was in my room , and I noticed that all of my computer monitors and T.V. were wiggling a bit. It got stronger and stronger, until I was grabbing on to them for fear that they may take a dive if things kept getting worse. It was a 5.2, which is about the same as the one that I felt during the first week that I moved here. They are exciting and scary all at once. I always get a big charge out of them, though that is not to say that I would like more. Okay, maybe a wee bit more.

My new shop blew out the master fuse for the building three times yesterday. It was actually a combination of elements that did it, but the amount of juice that we pull was by far the largest factor. It sucks, primarily due to the fact that we need to run more juice into the building, or some other complication. I just wish that things would calm down a bit and stay that way for a while. It really seems like most people I know are going through endless hassles at this point in time. Pirre is one of them. He is moving back to France today at 4AM. He is gonna be catching a redeye flight with his li'l kitty in the cargo bay. Kitty will be muy saddo. I bet he gitz tha brain prollems.

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May 13, 2002

Beach ball speed freak

I showed the vacant room in my place to three people so far.

The first was a woman who found the crack smoking and people pushing around shopping carts full of filth to be a li'l too much for her sensibilities. The second was a gentleman who just didn't really mesh well with me as someone that I would prefer as a roommate, and the third was a guy that I liked a lot, and could easily see living with. I ran my ad again to scoop up a new batch of folks, and i still have a batch of folks from the previous run that I have to meet. Locke has mentioned interest in the room as well, though we have to get together to see if it will be the right situation for both of us. This process is actually much better than going out and trying to find a new situation.

Merritt, Pirre, Pius and I went to the beach so that we could wear Pius out a bit to keep him more in line while he is staying with Ed and his Monkey. Merritt has this atlatl-type device for throwing tennis balls that allows you to chuck a tennis ball twice to three times farther than you normally would be able to. We took turns throwing it constantly for an hour and a half or more, and Pius never ran out of gas. I have no idea how many miles he must've ran, but it was a heap of them, for sure. I am surprised that he doesn't spontaneously combust with all of that energy coursing through his veins.

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May 12, 2002

A voom with a ryoo.

I'm gonna be showing my apartment today.

One thing that is great about living in San Francisco is that there are so many possible roommate choices. I got 17 responses to my ad in two days. It's kinda like the personals in many ways, except that in this situation, not being attracted to the person is a GOOD thing.

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May 10, 2002

I worked all day yesterday.

I really like having good conversations at work, but it really slows me down. I got out of there about 2 hours later than I should've, but I am fine with that. Dave stopped by and fixed my old palm pilot, so even though i lost my new one, I am still set up wit da gadgets. He is super smarto man. He also fixed my headphones that I broke recently. THANKS DAVE!!!! We hung out after I got home from work and dinked around with music on our laptops. It was fun in geekville.

Today, I answer all of my e-mail about the room for rent. That'll be a bit of work unto itself.

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May 09, 2002

Wicked and werky

One of the primary pains in me hiney these days is that for any amount of anxious energy that I experience during the day, I get in triplicate when i am asleep.

All night long I have dreams that stress the crap out of me, and I wake up feeling like I have finished the night shift at a Taco Bell in hell. I sleep, but I don't rest. Does this mean that I am wicked?

My cell phone spontaneously stopped working, and since it's my only phone, I was left with using the internet phone. The main prollem with that is that you only get two minutes at a time with their free service, but I figured that that'd be perfect for checking my messages, etc. Well, I just stepped on the headphone/microphone that I use for it, and now that that's broken as well. I have been having some other weird phone synchronicities that Seem to be pointing towards me not using the phone for some reason. Hmm..

I put in a day of glass work at the new shop. It was really quite nice. If i continue to blow glass for a while, I will be hard pressed to work in a shop without a lot of natural light. It makes such a huge difference! I also had a good time talking with Brian, who is the other blower that we are splitting the space with. We had a good conversation while we worked. It's quite a nice change from all of the other situations that I have blown glass in before.

I got another 12 responses to my ad about the apartment today, so I am confident that I will find somebody with whom I will be comfortable with.

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May 08, 2002

Fishin' fer roomies

One song that always gets me all gooshed out is Chis Isaak's "I don't want to fall in love".

Some people call it "Wicked Game", but the voices are telling me that it's just not so.... That song never fails to yank my heart strings, even if I listen to it over and over again (which I am doing right now). I'm a sucka.

I put up an ad for the vacant room in my place. I was afraid that I'd have a difficult time finding people who'd be interested, but I got 11 responses in the first day that my ad was up, so i find that to be very promising indeed. Now I have to weed through everybody to find the right fit. That will be time consuming, and not unlike the online personals in some ways.

Today I am going to put in my first day of production at the new shop. Merritt said that she was very cold yesterday while she was working. She was used to the other shop, that had poor air circulation, 5 torches, and what amounted to six kilns going at once. I'm fine with things being chillier.

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May 07, 2002

Chilly feets and sushi treats

My cold feets got cold enough that they took over my cold brain.

My cold feets got cold enough that they took over my cold brain. I decided to stay in my apartment after all. There is too much crazy crap going on in my life and and the lives of those around me right now for me to invite the additional stress of a move. Maybe next moth. Who knows? Just not now. Now comes the prospect of finding a new roommate, which is an option that sits better with me than moving.

The new shop is up and ready to go . I think that I would have gone about it differently now that the entire process is finished. I don't think very clearly when i am stressed, and I made all of the plans about getting the shop up and running while under duress. At least it's ready to go now. We had a hell of a time getting the ventilation system to work properly. It still isn't exactly what I'd like, but it's better than what we'd been using at the last shop (though, as I've made it clear by now, that's not saying much).

Merritt and Pius met up wit me at Miur beach this weekend. Merritt brought some of that special poisoned sushi to share with Pius , though she opted to not eat her part because all of the "sand" that Pius kicked into it. After he had his share, he fell over for a long "nap". A very, very long "nap". As a matter of fact,I believe that he is still "napping", three days later.

later in the evening, Pierre, Merritt and I Caught a couple of movies. The first one was a 3-d imax film about the international space station. That was cool, because we got to wear robo-visors that gave us special powers. Merritt's allowed her to shoot fire from her knees, but mine only made spaghetti . Pierre's whirred a bit and shot out hot jets of blood, which everyone thought was really cute. After that was over, we saw Spider-Man, which we found to be properly vacuous and entertaining. I can be a supremely forgiving audience.

I rounded out that night by going out Dancing with Leila. She is still helping to push me to be more aggressive in pursuing women that I find attractive. I am taking my sweet time, but it is a really good exercise nonetheless.

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May 05, 2002

Chilled giblets

I'm starting to get cold feet about the prospect of moving.

There is a chance that I may stay in my current situation. There is just so much transition going on in my life and for those around me, that now seems to be a bit overwhelming for a residential move. We'll see. I'm not certain as to which way I am headed at this juncture, but which ever way it goes, I am still captivated by my life here in the nutty, fruity land of shivers and noise.

Merritt and Pierre are asleep in the next room, which is cool. I am a big fan of living alone, but I am happy to have them here. Pierre leaves in a week, and Merritt will stay through the end of the month. I am looking forward to having more time with her, as we tend to see each other infrequently.

Last night's Puppy session was fruitful, which is about time, since the last couple were a big zero. We spent the entire evening and night working on one song, which is a first. I intended to post it here tonight, but my lack of braims interfered with that plan. I will post it here soon. We have two separate albums to mix down at this point. When we have them mixed down, i will send out free copies to anyone who places an odor (or order). As soon as we get a six CD collection, we will be issuing one of those as well. We are looking for a female vocalist, a drummer, and a reasonably cheap(ish) practice space too as well also, so if you have anyone in mind, let me know.


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May 04, 2002

Beehine the schedule

Glassblowers setting up a new shop is a lot like a real life "Three Stooges" movie.

There is a woodworker whose shop adjoins our space, and I am certain that he spends much of his time rolling his eyes a our "like, totally" confused state of how to make things work properly.

Locke came over and figured out ho to get our ventilation fan up and running (thanks again, Locke!). Once that was done, figuring out how to get the airflow right became quite an ordeal. I thought that I had it figured out, but once I tried my scheme I realized that my genius as a hvac technician was merely an illusion! (Imagine my surprise!) We finally figured out what needs to be done, but we have to wait until monday, as that is when the sheet metal pushers are open.

It seems like I always have to relearn the lesson that everything takes longer than you think that it will.

It seems as though the T.V. show that I worked on will be airing as of the 25th of this month at 11:30 AM. You will be able to see my handiwork, as well as my arm surrounded by a car cartmb.jpg.

It seems as though I have had 434 visits to my mung from Japan. This, in only the first three days of this month, if I am to believe what I'm seeing. How 'bout them apples? Certainly something must be amiss (though I would not be unhappy to be mistaken). The U.S. gubmint accounts for 1% of my traffic. Tha fedz are stickin' their big fat eye up my wazoo. I'm likely to pinch it off acuzza the ticklin' it brings to me nether regions! Weeeeeehooooo!

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May 03, 2002

Aaaalmost there....

The shop is just about ready to go.

The main thing that has to be done is to get the fan wired properly. Locke is going to come over today to hep me widit. I will be very ready to get back to work, and get back to having my life mellow out a bit again before the craziness of moving.

I've gotta start writing the copy for the promo material that I will be sending out to sell myself as a roommate. I think I should mention dead Meep. All doors shall open wide for me then.

After Merritt and i left the shop, we went back to her and Pierre's place, which was entirely empty, since they will be moving in with me in the next couple of days. The though of moving away from that view, to the one from my place made me so despondent that i threw meself from the winda .

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May 02, 2002

The fuse is lit

I turned in my 30 days notice for my apartment today.

I have been conflicted about it for a while, but I decided to bite the bullet and see what happens. My plan is to find a better place, which would include a better neighborhood, a room that gets more light, and a larger place. I am a bit nervous about it all, and the timing is a bit iffy, given the setting up of a new shop and all, but I figure that I the time is right, as far as the market goes, so what the hell. Besides, how else am I to keep up my current stress levels? I WILL miss having a garage, though. Seriously.

Speaking of stress, I had the wonder and joy of discovering that I lost my new palm pilot sometime in the last couple of days. Whee! The beautiful part is that I rely on it to actively remind me of what is slipping my mind, but it fails to remind me to refrain from leaving it lying on counter tops. My hope is that someone will try to return it, as there is adequate information in it to hunt me down and force it back on me. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, dood.

I ran across a personality disorder today that I hadn't heard of, through tha Rabbit Blog. I think that many of us know a number of folks who exhibit this affect. I am a firm believer that we are all varying patchwork quilts of "pathologies and "disorders", which really translates to me feeling that those who have taken it upon themselves to pathologize personalities in the first place are also exhibiting their own peculiar brand of disorder.

Rock out, brah.

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May 01, 2002

Moovin' seeprise

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was wrong about yesterday.

Very little anxiety was to be had. I ended up finding the information that I needed for the ventilation system, thanks to the fact that I keep pretty decent records. (it only occurred to me to check them after I spent the entire previous day freaking out, because I was trying to figure out the info from vague bits of memories). Typical. My braims fail me more often than I'd like. I did finish up the day in a good mood though. That was faboo.

We moved all of the stuff from the old shop to the new shop . It really was a relief to get out of there. Too crowded, too much chaos, and filth and craziness. Today we will assemble the new bench, and get everything all up and running if everything goes to plan. The goal is to be back to work by Thursday, which I certainly hope we achieve.

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April 29, 2002

Stress case

Today was a stress fest, and it promises to be the first of many.

I spent the day trying to figure out which fan I needed to get for the ventilation in the new shop, but that process turned out to be maddening. I talked to three different engineers, all who had three different fans to recommend. These fans can be as much a nine hundred dollars, so it was no small deal. I ran from the current shop, to the new one, to the industrial supply store over and over again, because When I am in the middle of an anxiety playground, I think about as clearly as a bag of rocks. My mind really just shorts out. Fun! I think I need a stress-o-meter. On a scale of one to ten, yesterday was a 7.1. A "10" results in total immobilization. THIS is why I was toying with the SSRI fun slide. Today will prolly be about the same, if not worse, given that we will be renting a van to pick up all of the lumber, and beginning the process of building the new benches, as well as getting the fan ordered, and a ton of other fun. I am aware in my conscious mind that this process need not be as stressful as it ends up being in my brain musheen, but understanding that on a conscious level does little to derail the freaky choo-choo.

I did get to go on a really great walk with Merritt in the evening though. It was exactly what I needed. We walked up an endless stairway that climbed a rock cliff in the middle of the city. it is a startlingly natural outcropping of rock to be found in the middle of an urban environment. Towards the top of it was a bunch of gardens and yards that felt quite a world away from the craziness of the city that surrounded it. Yet another tasty part of this city that I love.

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Poo Fame

It has been pointed out to me that as of very recently, if you do a search for "poo porn" on Google, Merritt's website comes up as the number one site!

Also, when you do a search for her name, the link to her page reads: "Groominator elevator magnetic-equator: Fiona Apple & Dog Porn " That is so freegeeng beautiful! She always knew that fame would find her! Merritt Grooms: #1 in internet poo porn! I, on the other hand, have knocked Leila out of the coveted #2 spot. Sorry Leila!

Yesterday, I spent the first half of the day finishing a repair job to the front door of Merritt's old place of residence. There is now little evidence that it was ever a whippet snack. I do that fer my chum out of the love in my heart for her well bean, though I doubt that I will sign up for the role of door surgeon again in the future... After the thank you meal that I received from her, I went to the nature with Locke to watch the sun set at Muir beach. We hiked to the top of a cliff to watch it, which turned out to be much more brilliant than I was anticipating. It was so purty that we started levitating .

I am going to be giving a 30 day notice to my landlord, so I am hoping that I find a place that works out for me. I have been somewhat of an anxious ball of energy about all of the flux going on in my life of late. I suspect that that tendency will increase dramatically in the coming weeks, which is a probability that I am none too thrilled with.

Anxiety is my lap dog. A yappy little fucker at that.

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April 28, 2002


Puppy has gone slowly for the last two sessions.

By "slowly", I mean "nowhere". I suppose it has been to make up for the really successful sessions that we've had previously. Here's how happy it makes Kevin:

We share in the happiness.

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April 27, 2002

Carry Oakie

Another workday goes by.

I am still finding that my workday experience is a good one overall. I am looking forward to leaving the chaos and other general unhealthiness of my current environs, but not looking forward to the coming stress of getting the new shop up and running. It will be a trial. I am also still trying to figure out what is going on with my living situation. All of this uncertainty and moving stuff kicks up that lovely anxious energy that follows me around. -At least I getta sleep in tomorrow. That is a special treat that always counts for a lot.

After work, I came home and grabbed a bite, then Merritt and I went out with Leila to a karaoke night at a bar called The Mint, which was definitely not the type of place that I would typically find myself. At one point, Leila coaxed me on stage with her friend, and dancing partner (who's name slips my mind at the moment) to sing Foreigner's "I waant to know what love is", which, unfortunately is a song that is entirely out of my range. I gave it one fer the gipper, though. I caved to the peer pressure. I am so weak.

Here are Merritt and I, singing into a straw . It's what we do.

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April 26, 2002


Last night I went to an electronic music show.

Last night I went to an electronic music show. Lesser, Wobbly, and People Like Us performed. I really enjoyed the mixing of video in real time that Lesser did. (I believe it was Lesser...) I'd go into the show in more dtail, but it's late, and I gotta get up in the morning. I am fairly certain that the guy mixing the video was Ryan Junell, who is a friend of my friend, Dwayne, in Austin. Dwayne came up here a year or so ago to support Ryan in a showing of a film that he was screening called "Radio Free Steve". Afterwards, we went to Ryan's place and did whippets, which is the last time I will ever do them. They make yer Brain all splodey, and chunks fall off. I think that they came back, but were finally lost forever at that fated party a month and a half ago. I hope that they are doing well for themselves out in the wide worl'.

Merritt moved more of her stuff in . I am looking forward to having her as a roomie again. It's been about Five years since the last time. I'm sure it won't be long until I find her in the kitchen, spooning jelly from the jar into her greedy maw, just lie old times.

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April 25, 2002

New shopola

Well, It is official. We put money down on a new shop today.

There's gonna be a big push next week to get everything in order so that we can be up and running by the first. The place gets a lot of light, which will be a welcome change from every other cave-like place that I have blown glass in.

I got to work early and was finished with my quota by 4:30, which was great. It really put me in a good mood, so I am thinking that I want to make that a habit.

Merritt is moving into my place, and should be living here soon. It'll be great to actually get to spend some time with her without having a million scheduling concerns. The mission is a far cry from the nice neighborhoods that she is used to, but she is a scrappy lass, and I am sure that as soon as she scores some horse she'll be juuuust fine!

I was checking out my stats tonight, and i noticed that I have gotten 54 hits from somewhere in Japan. That's why my mung and i are here: to help educate the people of the world to the ways of the average Amercun.

Leila recently discovered that her blog is #2 (pardon the pun) listed in a google search for :poo porn. How great is that?

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April 24, 2002

Rotten evening

I just spent the last half hour going through rotten.com, which I do every now and again.

I highly recommend that those of you who are squeamish shy away from it. Seriously disturbing content, to say the least. Whenever I click over there, my inner vulture gets the best of me, and I end up glued to it for longer than I intend. It's funny, because I've always been drawn to very morbid things, and I assumed that the huge amount of exposure that I had to images of death and gore would have desensitized me. About four and a half years ago, I discovered a man who had drowned, and it totally freaked me out. He was completely submerged under water. I couldn't really process the information that I was taking in, having never seen a dead person outside of very formal settings. I sat close to the edge of the water and studied him while I waited for the authorities to arrive, trying to assimilate what I was seeing and feeling. It was all very alien.

I am just glad that he had drowned, and not been dismembered or anything. That really wouldda blown a fuse. It really is completely bizarre how sheltered we are in this country from the reality of death.

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April 23, 2002

Apartminty fresh

I had one of those days that just sort of gets sucked away without my knowledge.

I had one of those days that just sort of gets sucked away without my knowledge. It started out kinda crappy. I went to be the night before in a really good mood, but had a nice pile of anxiety dreams that got my mood off to a crappy start. The day unfolded well though, as Locke, Dave and I went to look at a couple of apartments. We found one that I would be happy to live in. It's in Noe valley , which i have decided is an area of the city that I think is just peachy. We are going to try to talk the landlord down in price, acuz it is more than Locke and I wanna pay.

It did me good to find a place that I felt good in, as every place that we have checked out so far has left me feeling out of sorts. I am glad that the economy is in such a super slump, because there are so many places to check out. It is a real luxury for this fine city.

I really love it here.

Here's a picture:

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April 22, 2002


I had yet another nature day.

This one was a solo flight. I didn't get out of the city until after 5 p.m. because i was working on the car. I took teeny hike, and sat on a small bridge in the woods, listening to water trickle and watching bugs and spiders. I molested a lizard, but he wriggled from my grasp before i pose him for his first big photo shoot. It is such a blessing to have national parks and other such natural settings to romp around in! I am always energized by my trips .

After having a long phone conversation with an old friend on the way back, i went to a coffee shop, where I met up with Leila. We chatted for a while, and then went dancing. It was the best time that I've had dancing since I've been here. I always have fun with Leila. She the fun meister. She's helping to push me into being more available to the women that catch my eye when I go out. I'm always apprehensive to respond to someone who catches my eye. assume that if I find someone tantalizing on a surface level, they must have some sort of internal trainwreck waiting to spring out and jab me in my eye.

I can honestly say that after such a nice day, I am in a really good mood, which is a great gift.

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April 21, 2002

Out polluting the nature again

I went out to the nature with Dave.

We had a really good time hangin' out at Muir beach, which is my favoreet beacho so far. We climbed on rocks and messed with some of the local sea creatures. We messed up some Cnidaria. I assume that they will be okay, but ya never know. There was also a really relaxing meditative time spent picking through a patch of small weathered stones and shards of glass that had been warn smooth by the nature. I collected a handful of various colors, and couldn't help but feel that if I were a kid, I'd be pretending that they were gems left by pirates.

This is the first time that I have really enjoyed driving since I was sixteen. Well, I enjoy driving out of the city. City driving leaves a lot to be desired.

The chunk of my brain that broke off after Sharon's birthday party never floated back. I didn't even get to say goodbye to it. *sniff*

I have found that it is much more difficult to concentrate than before, which is saying a lot, given my already hampered abilities in that category. Perhaps I should do brain exercises to strengthen the slivers that are left.

Wait.. what was I saying?


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April 20, 2002

Tunes and views

The mission for yesterday was to get more of my car in order.

The mission for yesterday was to get more of my car in order. I got a new stereo for it (that plays mp3's, which is faboo) and I spent another huge chunk of the day cleaning it. Now it looks better and sounds better. I also went to check out a possible new abode with Locke.

The place is surprisingly cheap and has amazing views of the city . The only drawback is that those views come with a long, long steep hill, which are killers as far as a bike is concerned. We'll see...

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April 19, 2002

Tax Attack

I just got home from hanging out with my frin, Russell, and pop open my e-mail to discover yet again, why I have an accountant.

Whenever I get a tax document in the mail, I send it to him without opening it. I just got an e-mail form him saying that one of the documents that i sent him was a letter from THE MAN saying that i owed $17,000 in back taxes. I am certain that this is a mistake, and I understand sorta how it happened. The main thing is that by having an (awesome) accountant, I saved myself the absolute mind numbing panic of opening a letter and seeing that in writing. Thank the lucky lord for my a-cow-n't-ant. I just mighta had a coronary.

Other than that, I pooped out another pile o' glass today. WHee. Those who have heard my yammering about the shop know that i have problems with the exceedingly inferior ventilation system there. Well, the icing on the cake was that today at a certain point (towards the end of my daily quota) I heard one of the blowers say that the ventilation fan was off, and had been off for some time. Evidently, one of the guys in the shop was rewiring the fans, and didn't bother to make sure that everyone knew it. I asked him how long they had been off, to which he replied " a while". "Approximately how long is 'a while'" asks I. "Uh.. a couple of hours" came the response. Which could easily translate to " a half a day or more" in slacker glassblower lingo. WHEEEEE! YAAAAAAY for meeeeeee! Thank god for my respirator! Ugh..

Anyway- Other than all of that, I am doing rather well. I'm almost three weeks into being caffeine free, and I hold off on the hooch (with a couple of exceptions) for over a month now. I do think that it has affected my overall anxiety levels. I suppose that the liver cleansing diet is next, though i am in no hurry to hop on that choo-choo.

Oh yeah- one more thing: There is a pretty nifty page that pushby has. I just call it dev, but it is our development site. It is what I use to track who commented where on my page at any given time. Any time someone posts to any part of the pushby world, it is listed there. This includes all of the other pushbyites pages, as well as Queue, our discussion blog. The "media' section is a place where we post songs , pictures, movies, etc. of interest. Chatter is our in house chat application, put together by dave and tomas. you need flash five to use use it. The url is: http://dev.pushby.com


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April 18, 2002

Hair gone by

Another day, another pile o' glass...um- wait.

I said that yesterday. I guess that's because today was sort of a repeat of yesterday. Whatcha gonna do? I have this sneaking suspicion that tomorrow will hold much the same in store for me...

I was chattering with Tomas tonight, and I mentioned my love for the eighties. Certainly there was a lot to DISlike- such as Ronald Reagan et al, but the hair and the music was something that I wax nostalgic for. To illustrate my point, I place before you a picture taken in 1985. I was seventeen, and had only been going by the name Ian for a few months. It's hard to believe that in 3 years, that will have been twenty years ago. ugh. Anyway, here it is: Here is another one taken a year later. (I had just taken a huge bite of ice cream):

It was often said to me by cocky oldsters that I would reach my current age and look back at such pictures and cringe. Quite the contrary. I knew that they would be wrong. Most other "freaks" were doing it to rebel. I did it because I really was (and am) a freak through and through. My appearance wasn't reactive, it was proactive. I still love to experiment, though it is somewhat more constrained these days.

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April 17, 2002

Glass Blowhole

Another day, another pile o' glass.

There is a chance that One of my glass cohorts and Merritt and i are going to get our own shop soon. We are keeping our fingers crossed. It will be nice to be out of the glass shop o' horrors, though I must say that there have been a couple of surprises of late. The toilet actually works for something other than a dysentery factory for the first time in a coupla weeks. The guy who "runs" the shop had it fixed a couple of days ago. I think the fact that it was brimming with poo and stench so bad that one of his prime employees couldn't do her job (which required washing some glass pieces in the bathroom sink) finally pushed him to action. Also, the seven foot cube of flattened cardboard and various other tinder will be removed from the place tomorrow. That will be good, since it has been less than a foot and a half from my kiln for a month now, and was right next to the only exit in the place. Ahhhh, glassblowers! What a responsible bunch!

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April 16, 2002

How to get married:

Yesterday, half of the popular music sensation, Puppy, got married.

It happened rather suddenly, but it was a happy affair nonetheless. The process was rather simple, and went something like this:

Step one: Show up at the courthouse, friends and relatives in tow.

Step two: Pass through a metal detector, and have your bags searched by THE MAN.

Step three: Check in.

Step four: Take a number, get your papers in order, and wait yer turn!

Step five: get called in and sign papers before an official.

Step six: Have a ceremony.

Step seven: Have witness number one (yer Dad) and number two (yer mom) sign yer papers.

Step eight: pose for about a thousand photos.

The end. Now you are married and you can pig out and get drunk (if you aren't already).

I got a bit misty eyed at the wedding. I'm a sucker for such things.

Afterwards, we went out for drinks and appetizers, then I zipped off to work to take care of my prep work for the week. I met back up with the wedding party for dinner. We stuffed ourselves silly at a Korean restaurant. Miki, Kevin's blushing bride, got ill form a case of MSG allergies, though she recovered later in the evening. All in all, it was a really great day.

I also got an email from a dear friend of mine who told me that she is having a baby. I am very happy for these friends of mine. I wish them endless amounts of happiness!

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April 15, 2002

Tha great outdorez

Yesterday, my plan was to go out into nature again, since it was so fun last time. Two problems arose.

First: Locke called me about a three bedroom apartment that was being shown today. Since I am trying to find a bigger place to live in, and he's trying to save money in the rent department, we went to take a look at it. It was a crappyish place with a round, gruff landlord. Ick. We opted to pass on it. I told Locke of my plan, and he said he'd be interested in joining me. When we got to where my car was parked, I noticed that it had a tire that was almost flat. Locke brought up the idea of checking for a spare. I found one- only one problem. It was flat. We went to a gas station, and while we were filling up the spare, I noticed that it came with a neat toy surprise: it's very own nail! Yay! what a great spare! Whoever owned the car previously must've been from another planet, where the force of gravity is much less! *ahem*

After all the tires that would hold air were properly drive out to Stinson beach, which is hidden behind an eyesore of a tourist town. The beach itself has little to no charm, but the main issue was problem number two: wind. We had to put our hoods on on our way back, in order to keep our eardrums from ripping open . I still enjoyed being out of the city, but it didn't feel TOO much like being away, since there was a scab of a town grafted right onto the beach. The drive there was very naturey though, except for the fact that it was being viewed form the inside of a car. On the way back, we saw a car that had accidently driven off of the side of the road. Locke went to see if the guy driver needed any help . Fortunately he had driven off of the ascending side of the road, and not the opposite side, as the drop off would almost certainly have done him in. He dinna need help from us, as we were headed in the opposite direction than he. It's probably for the best, since the back seat was filled up with stuff that belongs to the previous owner of the car.

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April 14, 2002

I love to pollute nature with my car!

I have owned my car for over a month now, and yesterday was the first day that I drove it out of the city

(it was also only the second time that I had driven it as mine). Here I am, taking a picture of one of the many spider webs that had accumulated on it in my garage (obviously, I am horrified!). It was such a fantastically gorgeous day that I had to be outside. This is how I discovered what a fantastic thing a car is to have in this city! (Mainly to get away fro it for a bit). I was honestly very, very happy. Getting out, and driving through more natural settings- smelling the trees and the grasses....mmmmmm. It was really great.

Muir beach is small, but it put a smile on my face most of the time that I was there. I took off my shoes , and let the cold water splash about my feets as I walked the length of the beach, stopping at times to check out the hermit crabs and sea anemones in the tide pools. Freegin' fantastic! I hiked up a hill that overlooked the beach, seeing lizards and snakes on the way. I stopped , and brainstormed a bit on my new performance idea, and jotted down some notes. I had no idea how starved for nature I have been. Nature makes me happy .

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April 13, 2002


Last night after making another pile of glass objts d'whatever, I got together with Leila, and we drove to Berkeley to catch the music of Attaboy and Burke.

They were an awful lot like a combination of Cake and Soul Coughing I think that Cake are okay, and I love Soul coughing, so these guys really didn't hold a candle, but I appreciate a band that gets all dressed up in costumes , (even simple ones). I left my critical eye at the door, as I usually do my best to do when I go to see a band. This allows me to enjoy myself more, which usually makes it worth it. While I was there, I got an idea for a solo music/puppet thing that I am going to turn my attention to. I have been into the idea of doing a puppet based music thingo for a long time time- ever since my first band, which was originally intended to be just that. It never fully got off of the ground, due to poor planning on my part and internal friction in the band. It was fun while it lasted though. This is why a solo gig appeals to me: less parts equals more stability. (Though it also means more boring practices...) We'll see if this idea goes into the impotent idea pile, or becomes fruityful.

After that, we headed to Sparky's diner, where we ate, talked and dorked out with our cameras . My experience with Craig's list has payed off well- I sher like mah new frind! She fun.

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April 12, 2002


I was gonna post pictures of my night last night, but I accidentally erased them all.

I pooshed the wrong button, and *poof*. All gone. Gotta love that digital media! Whee!

I slogged through my quota at work, and then sped home to bathe, then inhale some food in time to meet Sacto Seanno. He and and a freind came down for a screening of a film by a local film maker, called "Hysteria". It wernut half bad. It mighta even been good, or bad- though I never trust my own critique of a film, and you shouldn't either. Then, Shannon (pictured with el Sacto ponytmb.jpg in my New Years day posting) strong armed me into going to a local watering hole,called the Odeon. There we saw the Yo-Yo king perform. The Yo-Yo king is a very fat man who does the most insane yo-yo daredevil stunts that I have ever seen- all to the tunes of Black Sabbath. I was mesmerized. He was actually the intermission act, though I can't remember the headlining artist's name. Mark Ryden I think. Ver charismatic performer, though not my style o' music. On our way out, we bumped into a drunken man who delevered several monologues about his job as a junk man and being an aging transgendered individual. It was all really enjoyable. Shannon is very fun to hang out with, as her frooty creative energy shoots out all over the place and pokes out my eye.

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April 11, 2002


I forgot to set my alarm clock forward, which really didn't matter since I also forgot to turn it on.

I went to the shop and did a week's worth of prep work, and some repairs on a few pieces (including that giant fish bubbler that was pictured here about a month ago- THAT was stressful..), then headed home. Fortunately I got a call from Leila around 11p.m. inviting me to go dancing with her and a few friends, effectively rescuing me from my typical evening (she is welcome to do that as often as she likes..). We went to one of local goth-ish type nights at a club on Market street. This Wednesday event is called "Dark Sparkle" (named, incidentally, by Terrance , who I worked with on Phantom Investigators..). I like to call it "Dork Sporkle", in homage to the fork/spoon hybrid at KFC, as well as the many dorks like myself who attend. It was a good surprise break in my routine.

Today I get to spend the day inhaling carcinogenic vapors and particulates while I make shiny glass implements! I can hardly wait! Yay! YOU should be so lucky! There is talk of getting a new shop, with only a few of us sharing it, which would be nice indeed. I'll keep my fingers crossed that we find a place.

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April 10, 2002

R and Aaargh

I have spent the last week in a state of total rest and relaxation.

I opted not to post any writing, because my mind was completely switched off, and I did nothing but lie around all day watch T.V., surf the web and eat. Now I am back at the helm, and I will be able to bore you silly with my wordy drivel. Wheeee! Avert yer eyes, lest they unwittingly drag your braims into my pit o' wayward jittery jottings! Beware!

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April 06, 2002

TV taco hell

I spent a decent amount of time with cable television yesterday.

I would have to say that television is one of my favorite binge drugs. Its one of the reasons that I dont have cable, though there are times that I wonder how much the internet fills its place. I would have to say that for me, the main difference between the two is that I find things online all the time that I love, that someone did with no budget, just because they loved doing what they were doing.

I went into a Taco Bell today and saw a bunch of people making nachos and burritos and tacos who werent into what they were doing at all. I saw a woman slap her little girl upside the head because she couldnt immediately recall what she had done with her strawberry shake. I wonder if it was Becky.... I had the thought go through my mind that I would rather be homeless than work at a fast food chain (or many, many other jobs for that matter..). I also saw a skinny, bent man who mustve been about sixteen hundred years old. He had the ears of an elephant, with giant beige hearing aids clipped behind them. I strongly suspect that those ears were satellite dishes set to receive instructions from them aleenz. They have eeeeevil plans, make no mistake.

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April 05, 2002


Yet another uneventful day.

It made my brain turn off. Thats the whole story.

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April 04, 2002

Times of yore..

When I lived in LaJunta, Colorado, there was this kid who lived in a neighborhood that wasnt too far away from mine.

He was known as a trouble maker (plus he was older- I was seven), though I suppose that we were all either actual or potential trouble makers, truth be told.. Anyway, my parents had planted a rather extensive garden, and it was getting towards autumn, so there were a number of tomatoes that had gone bad. I had the bright idea that we should pick all of the rotten tomatoes, and use them to decorate this kids house. We set out on this mission, and after completing it, went home. A couple of hours later, there was a knock at my front door. It was one of my partners in crime. He was obviously under duress, and said that the cops had shown up the bad kids house and that they were lookin fer us. I almost filled my trousers with fear of the man. I promptly went to my parents and tearfully spilled the beans. I really thought I was gonna go to jail... Just an early instance of me torturing myself needlessly. Whats the worst that coulda happened? Grounding? No allowance? Sheesh! I shouldda got a ladder and climbed up on the roof of my house, rotten tomato in each hand, and screamed come and get me, Coppers! I am the voice of the almighty tomato, and I am here to rain judgment down upon ye! Hmm... maybe Ill try that in y neighborhood now... I bet them crack dealers would pack up and scamper off.....

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April 03, 2002

Boring day.

I won't bore you with my boring day.

It was all about glass.

I will say this about glass blowing: the two jobs that I have had here have been working for other people, which has been a first (and a second) for me in my adult life. Even though glass blowing does not satisfy me on deeper levels, the freedom to call my own schedule is something that I am quite accustomed to. I believe that the only way that I would be willing to enter into a "regular" job on a permanent basis would be if I was truly fulfilled on many levels with it. Otherwise, I think that I am content to blow the phatty glass, brah.

Obviously the absolute ideal would be me controlling my own schedule AND be doing something that I felt truly fulfilled by. 'Tis something that I am still on a quest for...

The woman that I thought I was subletting to, opted not to take the place. I realized shortly thereafter that I love living alone. I have therefore decided to keep the place to myself for the month of April. My chum Merritt will then be moving in for the last month of the lease, since she has opted to hang a bit longer in Sanny Franny (which obviously makes me thrilled as a moonpie!).

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April 02, 2002

Dates and figs

Last night I went out on a date with the woman I am calling K.

We hung out and talked at various watering holes in the mission. Here's a big thing about going on dates at this point in my life: I am into taking things super slow. Like, kissing on the first date seems like speeding along at mach 5. That's why the ending of dates for me at this stage in my life is so awkward- I don't necessarily mean to communicate that I am not interested, it's just that I am into letting situations percolate for a while. That, and I am into seeing how a relationship stands without the smoke and mirrors of physical/sexual contact, which can quickly steer one down a path of strife and/or denial. Oh, how conservative I have become! I suppose that it has much to with my acclimation to the solitary life..

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April 01, 2002


Yesterday I celebrated Easter by meeting up with friends at Dolores park

to enjoy the Easter festivities that were arranged by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. The sisters were looking scary, as usual . There was no shortage of men in drag, as well as happy children participating in Easter egg hunts and egg races . It was a very San Francisco event.

As evening approached, I headed to work, where I spent the next eight hours chained to the torch. I made my first double chambered water pipe, which was perfect until I pulled it out of the kiln to make sure that there was nothing wrong with it. That's when it broke. I fixed it, and then it broke again, so fixed it again so that it could break again again. By the time I finished it, it was nowhere near as good as it looked before I decided to make sure that it was perfect. That's just perfect.

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March 31, 2002

nooo roomie?

Yesterday I showed the vacant room in my place to potential sublettor.

She seemed nice enough. I am hoping that she really is. I am giving her a super deal on the rent, due to my difficulty in finding someone at this time of year. She is a nanny, so i figure if people are trusting her with their children, then I can trust her with a room for a couple of months. We'll see.

After I showed her the place, I went to Kevin's and we had a puppy session. I will post a new song or two sometime soon. The stuff that we have done recently ainut half bad...

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March 30, 2002

Yesterday was the first day that I drove my car, as MY car.

I had to use it to go to the GLASS SHOP OF DOOM so that I could refill our propane tanks. I keep my car at the top of the second steepest hill in San Francisco, because there are no limits to the number of days that you can park there. I rode to the top of that damn hill, Only to find that the battery was completely dead. Locke came to my rescue (he my hero) and gave my battery some juice. After a highway drive to charge the battery, I picked up the propane tanks and had them filled. While I was watching the guy at the propane place fill them, I noticed for the first time, the sign that was behind his head . There are days at the shop where there are 8 torches going at once, with that shitty ventilation system. Merritt and I have GOT to find our own healthier place to work...

Last night Leila and I hung out at the coffee shop and had a good conversation (as usual) and then went dancing, which was fun. It's funny how most of the people in the club just seem like kids to me. I remember being 18 and getting to go to 3.2 clubs before the alcohol laws were changed in Colorado, and how adult it all seemed. The 22-25 year old people seemed so ADULT. Now I am just an old guy who goes out to dance with the kids. I'll probably still be doing it at fifty.

Leila was on of two people that I got into contact with form my craigslist ad. The other is a person who I will call "K". K and I only exchanged a few short e-mails, and then I headed out for Austin. I told her that I'd call her from there, but due to the stress of dealing with the packing, I procrastinated, and it didn't happen. I figured I'd do it when I got back, but one thing after another kept coming up, so I didn't do it then either. THEN guilt started to set in, because she specifically said in her first e-mail that she was sick of people who were full of shit, and lo and behold, I felt like I was exactly that. Well, over a month later (yesterday), I finally called her. Luckily, enough time went by that she only vaguely remembered the details of our limited interaction. We had a good talk, and are planning on getting together on Monday.

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March 29, 2002


Glass blowing can be hazardous to one's health under even reasonably clean and orderly circumstances.

The shop that I work in is a deathtrap. I am reasonably protected, due to my breathing rig, but I looka round me every day and I marvel at the gaping maw of doom that my fellow blowers are hanging out in. Silica dust by the carloads, silver fumes by the pound. I would be really interested to see the outcome of a study done on glass blowers in the particular (phatty) field (right on, brah) that I am involved in after about fifteen years have passed. I wonder what sort of neurological and lung disorders one would find. It's caraaaazzy! I will dance around their iron lung-equipped wheelchairs and laugh and laugh and laugh and yell "TOLJA SO TOLJA SO TOLJA SO!!! WHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!" and poke 'em in they eye. Merritt and I try to warn 'em, but they will hear none of it.

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March 28, 2002

The life hot snot:

Yesterday after work, I went out with Dave and Tomas to shoot some puppet stuff.

This consisted of me walking around the mission, puppet in hand, while Dave and Tomas filmed . It was a good time, though I always get drained from a good hour of improv on the street. I had a couple of good interactions with people- one of whim was Winston, the bank guard . Gregor McSpitlik (the puppet) had a pleasant talk with him about "dames" and useless appendages (me).

I was also informed today that I am now some sorta bigshot famous guy. The SF Weekly, (one of our free weekly rags here in town) is featuring an article about the creators of the show that I was working on, and lo and behold, not only is one of the puppets that I built on the front cover , but I am pictured in the article within (looking a tad slack-jawed) . Now that I am famous, I am going to retire and live out my days eating solid chocolate raccoons and meat covered bricks of gold.

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March 27, 2002


Yesterday I went to the Palace of the Legion of Honor to see some art with Sean and a group of people from Sacramento

that came down for the occasion. There was a surrealist/dadaist collection on display that I found interesting, though I was much more interested in older stuff, like an old Mayan wall carving, and this cool shield from New Guinea , that was made from boars tusks, human teeth and a human skull among other things.

The surrealists sure were lucky to be living in a time when sticking a bicycle fork and wheel into a wooden stool could change the way that art was viewed. Now that everything has been done, the best way to change how art is viewed is to stick a bicycle fork and wheel into your publicist.

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March 26, 2002


I have been waiting for my auto insurance to go through.

Now it has, and I am officially allowed to drive my car. I'm gonna take the opportunity to visit nature, as well as Sacramento more often. We'll see how this car thing pans out....

Yesterday I listed the vacant room in my apartment online for $200 less than it really costs (I'd pay the difference). Nobody has responded as of yet, which says something for the rental market here these days.. It bodes well for me as far as finding a new and better place when my lease is up, but poorly when it comes to finding a new roomie to finish out the remaining time on the lease. Bluh.

I stopped by the shop yesterday to pick up the last batch of glass that I made. While I was there, I saw a two guys about 15 yards away, smoking crack out of a tin can. I though MY neighborhood was bad! At least the crackheads in my 'hood have enough class to use a PIPE! Sheesh!

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March 25, 2002

Back to my birthplace

So the reason that I didn't post yesterday was because I was visiting el Sacto Seanno in Sacramento.

I went for a party that is thrown by a group of artists that get together to share their art on the solstices and the equinoxes. Unlike other group art parties that I have been to in the past, this one was populated by people who are really serious about their art, and put together pieces that are really quite good. It was a pleasure.

Afterwards, Sean and I talked until 5 a.m., then it was crash time.

The next day, Dael came over. After we had lunch, we headed out to a thrift/junk store-type place that was the coolest place of it's kind that I have seen . I can't remember the name of it, but it was filled with lots of trinkets, odd furniture, old toys and many other strange and interesting things. Dael was bummed acuz he contracted a bad case of crabs there , which Sean found it rather amusing .

After a contacting a very short lived case of roof seal, I bid Sean on Deal a fond farewell and headed back to SF. I got back just in time to hop on my bike to go meet Merritt and Pierre for a "research " meeting for Merritt's porn project over at Ed and his Monkey's place. We spent the rest of the night watching chunks of various porn flix culled from Ed and his Monkey's collection. There was a great imbibing of alcohol by all (except for dry, boring moi), and then general discussions about direction and structure ensued. A field trip to the Power Exchange was planned, which should be quite colorful. I'll certainly look forward to telling you all about it here.

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March 23, 2002

Hat shoo

I went out to buy a hat to cover my hair when I hop out of bed and head to work.

I figured that I'd hop into one of the dollar stores and pick myself up a simple skullcap. Of course, the black ones all had letters embroidered on them. I bought one, which helps me to fit into my environs better. I can now begin my life as my rap alter-ego: E Woo-Z


I had dinner last night with some of my ex coworkers (cow orkers). One of them (Who I will call "Jeff Cross") had his sister/best friend visiting from out of town, so he arranged it. It were a good time. He lernt me that the show that we worked on is supposed to premiere in May. T'would be nice. We shall see...

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March 22, 2002



Wake up, blow glass, come home, shower, get ready for a date with a friend, get stood up for the third time in two weeks, remember that I had already arranged a meeting with ANOTHER friend and had forgotten, met up with him, had a really enjoyable talk, visited Ms. Merritt at the glass shack, went home, and here I am typing.

I have promised myself that I will get to work in the MORNING today, so I must head to bed soon.

took this beautiful picture of Mister Pius while he was getting babysat . Is faboo!

Also, el Sacto Seanno done this here fine pitcher , which I also love.

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March 21, 2002

Gonna cry me a liver

I am beginning to think that perhaps I may NOT go on the paxil choo choo.

Many people have been bringing up the liver to me. My old roomie used to tell me that sighing is a sign of stagnant liver chi (which is bad). Locke said that his braims have cleared up since he went on a liver cleansing diet. Another dear friend had a period recently in which her brain pan shorted out almost completely, and she has said that it was tied to her liver function.

I am getting the liver signs (which I realize that this liver talk flies in the face of empirical western convention, but I am fine with that). Locke's new diet has cleared up his head a great deal- plus, he has dropped all excess weight (a bonus!). The problem with it is: boring boring boring. No filth to muck around in. No candy. No caffeine. No hooch (which I am actually fine with these days.... after that last party! Eeeg). I hate boring diets. I've done them before. I mainly miss the caffeine. Sooooooo... I suppose that instead of getting on the paxil in a few weeks, I will get on the diet. Boring boring boring. I'll prolly start working out again too as well also. I have some poundage to rid myself of, and there's no time like the present- in a few weeks. I'll start it this Sunday, but not get in total lock down mode for a few weeks.

On the galss front: I had a good talk today with one of the blowers at the shop. He is a real artist. One day, pipes will be looked at as the legitimate art form that they can be. He will be one who helps get it there. Really amazing work. Evidently this is the first year that pipes are being allowed into the International glass conference (or something with a similar name..) I am beginning to work towards realigning my views to bond with glass on an artistic level again. Since it is going to be a focus for a significant amount of my energy, I am going to try to infuse it with more meaning than just a paycheck, by really stretching with it every now and again. Oh- by the way: that piece that tinked, dinna get ruined (or "roont" as Merritt would say). Here it is: You can't really see the fisheez fins, but they are there. I just had prollems with reflections.

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March 20, 2002

Pain in the glass...

I think that yesterday, I made the priciest piece of glass that I have made to date.

I spent the entire day on it. I also had a classic moment. If the wall thickness of a piece of glass is uneven, and it is heated rapidly, it will crack. Sometimes badly. You will know that this has happened by the telltale *tink!* sound. If you hear that sound, it usually comes very near the end of making a piece. Guess what I heard yesterday? My entire daily quota was wrapped up in one piece of glass.


Fortunately, I think I fixed it, but I won't know until tomorrow, when I get to scrutinize it without the fear of it tinking all over the place again.

Stupid glass.

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March 19, 2002

Pius: Doorsbane

I spent yesterday with Merritt.

Her dog/son, Pius, has this habit of munching on doors when she is away. He has chewed on and shredded doors in every place that she has lived while she has had him. This is on accounta his separation anxiety. We spent the majority of the day fixing the doors at the place that she recently vacated. I told her that I'd help her do it long ago. Little did she know then that she would move into her boyfriend's place, and Pius would have a door snack there as well also too. He is so funny that nobody laughs. After he did that, he had to go stay with Ed and his monkey. Pius doesn't eat doors there because there are other dogs to eat. One of them is his girlfriend. It's really romantic- Just like that Disney movie with the dogs and the spaghetti. Just like that. Except with no spaghetti, and they don't talk. (Unless you count "Aaaraawraawahwah" a word).

When Merritt has kids, they will be just like Pius. They will eat doors and say "Aaaraawraawahwah". Maybe they will put their snotty noses in my hair like Pius does, too.

In all fairness to Merritt and Pius: He was already scheduled to see the babysitters before he had his way with the door, AND he really dinna hurt it too much. Just scratched the paint. He must be getting better in his old age

We went to pick the Li'l man up from his babysitting, and while we were there, we watched "the Osbournes", which is a 'Reality T.V. sitcom' that follows the hijinks of Ozzy Osbourne and his family in Beverly Hills. Being at Ed and his Monkey's place watching the Osbournes is kinda like being at a cockfight watching a bullfight. Kinda. I mean that in a good way.

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March 18, 2002

Paint Saddies Day

Saint Patty's day can be a real yawnland.

Saint Patty's day is yawnland.
I went to an irish bar today with Kevin, Paul, and a bunch of Kev's ESL students. If you aren't drinking, such events can come up missing a certain something...

I must say that the number of people who are coming forward to express concern about my coming Paxil munching is quite nice. I am glad to have so many people who care about my well bean. My bean thanks you, and appreciates the support. Now I am all warm and fuzzy inside. Wait- that's not fuzz- it's goo. I'm warm and gooey inside. Maybe a li'l stinky too. Depends on where you sniff.

I went in to the glass shack again today. My fellow blowers in the shop have asked me many a question about my respirator rig respiratortmb.jpg

. I am the only blower that I know that uses a respirator, though I have heard rumors that there is one other out there somewhere. Even though every glassblower will admit that this profession is notoriously bad on the lungs, nobody really tries to take any steps to improve the situation. As a matter of fact, there is a lot of peer pressure going against it. The guys at the shop that I trained at were great at ball busting in general, and the respirator was an easy target. I was told by one of my cohorts there that he would have used one if there wasn't so much resistance to it in the environment.

Here is a pisture of the view from the top of the firehouse rooftmb.jpg

. This unto itself was really terrif.

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March 17, 2002

Hun Gover

I have been neglectful to many of my friends of late.

This means that I haven't written or called many of them in months. It was really brought to my attention by an e-mail that I received from a dear friend of mine who was under the impression that I was ending our friendship, because it had been so long since she'd heard from me. I hadn't returned her e-mails, and she is unreachable by phone. I immediately wrote her back to inform her that it was definitely not the case, and then I fired off another one to someone else that I have not been keeping up with. Falling out of touch has been a manifestation of my anxiety levels. I just withdraw. We'll see if mister paxil helps.

Speaking of Paxil: Tomas sent me an interesting article
about the li'l pill the other day. You should check it out. Very interesting indeed. It's not enough to keep me from trying it out though. The guy who wrote the article was just trying to combat his shyness. I gots me some bigger fishies to fry.

I didn't write on Yesterday acuz I went to 's birthday party and drank until my eyeballs exploded (here I am iwth fellow partygoer, Will. angrytmb.jpg

We are soused and hot-headed). Not very smart. Consequently, I spent the majority of the day sleeping it off. I then spent the rest of the evening being consumed by anxiety, because that's what hangovers do to me. I'm okay now. My poor brain. How I attack it with brain killer.....

My roommate moved out today, so I have the place to myself for now. The rental market in San Francisco is the slowest that iti has been in years and years, so it'll be a challenge to find someone to sublet the room for the last two months of the lease. We'll see...

I went to take a look at the firehouse with the group on Friday. It is a fixer-upper on the inside, and true to form, I form, I forgot to take a picture of the outside of it. The room that you enter into a huge room that used to have the fire engine in it back in the day bigroomtmb.jpg

. It has a cast iron metal spiral staircase stairstmb.jpg

, and a small turret on the top of the building that has an amazing view of the city. That might end up being my room, should the deal go through. The building is 5500 square feet. Really huge. We talked about all sorts of ideas on how we would utilize the space, including revenue generating ideas, as well as community outreach activities like workshops. It would be a real challenge, but it could be quite rewarding.

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March 15, 2002

S.S.R.I: He's my kinda guy..

So I went to the shrinker, and i got this:


. Now I am a card carrying member of the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors Club. I will begin my experiment in about a week. I am in no need to jump on the choo-choo right now, but it will happen relatively soon. I'll give a blow by blow account of it as it unfolds.

The appointment itself was fine. Sort of interesting because it was at a teaching hospital, so my doctor was being supervised during the whole thing. Her supervisor just sat there and nodded a lot, though she interjected thoughts and ideas on occasion in a semi-compulsive manner. I enjoyed the whole thing, of course- and we ran over schedule, because I found it difficult to be concise. It was fun. I liked them both, though I liked my doctor more than her supervisor.

I also went to a club last night, and saw a few bands. I met up with fellow Pushbyite, Forrest, and me ol' chum, Muji. The music was good at times, not so good at other times. I always enjoy my trips to the bathroom at this place, because of the band stickers and graffiti in there


. It makes fer good pee-time reading.

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March 14, 2002

Small Werld

Yesterday I called the mac tech support to arrange to fix my slightly broken (yet entirely new) ibook.

While I was on the phone with the tech guy, he put me on hold a gajillion times and finally transferred me to someone a notch above him on the corporate ladder. While I was giving her some info, there was a bit of chitchat between us. It turns out that I went to high school with her, and we had french class together (plus, she lives in Sacramento, which is my place of birth). One more small world experience.

Today I go to get my head shranked. I will be happy and shiny all of the time and sing songs and laugh and laugh and laugh!

There is a chance that I will be moving in with a few o the waskiwy Pushby boys. We went to look at a live/work space that at least from the outside, seems to be the coolest on the planet. It is an old firehouse that is mammoth inside, and pretty on the outside. I love it, but I am not too keen on where it is located in the city (it's kinda out there). Plus, I would be living with a neat/control freak (who shall remain nameless). We are going to go look at the inside of it tomorrow. I'll take pictures.

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March 13, 2002

I woke up shortly before 1p.m. Yesterday.

It is not something I plan on getting in the habit of, thoug it is hard to get around if one goes to bed at 6:30 a.m.

I took my bike into the shop today. I had two broken spokes and dinna know it. It's funny, because I assumed when I bought a pricier bike, that it'd be more durable than the beaters that I've had in the past. Nope. It just means that you getta keep on shoveling money into it. Good thing I bought a car! Cars are also good to vacuum stupid, useless cash away! What a relief!

I spent a bit of time in the glass shop today as well. It didn't suck. I actually enjoyed it a bit, because there were other blowers there. Though I enjoyed owning my own shop, I gotta say that it is a pleasure to be blowing glass with other people and not have all of the pressure of keeping everything running smoothly weighing me down. 'Tis quite a relief.

After that I met up with Leila. We walked to a pizza joint and had a good conversation about writing, sex, remembering people's names, among other things... I ate too much. I'm gonna get all chunked out if I don't watch it. Oops, too late.


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March 12, 2002

Attachment leads to suffering

I used to own a computer printer


. Pierre wanted to use it, so I unplugged it and took it out into the big, wide world. How it ended up smashed on the street in the middle of downtown San Francisco is something that keeps nagging at me. Of course, it involves placing it on the roof of a car and forgetting to remember it, but - whah




I had a delicious dinner with Merritt and Pierre tonight at their place. Afterwards, Pierre pulled the special sword out of the stone, and was crowned "Quing of the Umiverse"


. It was truly magical.

If it wasn't so late, I'd write more because there is certainly more to say, but I gotta git some snooze.

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March 11, 2002

Burned fingers, burnt braim

I put in a full night of glass blowing last night. and I am completely fried from it.

I have a case of what Merritt and i call "torch Brain". One gets it from staring into the flame of a torch for 8 hours. It leaves one feeling lobotomized. I am not looking forward to relying on glass for my income again, though I am glad that it's available as a fallback option to me. I am having the urge to write more, but my brain is not cooperating.

Saturday was more Puppy, as usual. I hung out with Kevin's roommate, Paul afterwards. He ended up giving me a ride home in his li'l sportscar, which was an awful lot like being in a car chase scene in the moving pictures. Paul is a leadfoot. I am sure that I could have died several times, on the way- what with all of the skidding, squealing and breakneck speeds. It was sorta fun, but I think I'll opt to get home under my own power next time he offers me a ride...

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March 09, 2002

Warning: Poo Porn Ahead!

Last night, I had another really fun date with Leila.

When I showed up at her place, there were several door buzzers that greeted me. One of the first two said "Angry Monkey". Evidently, she lives in the same building that Angry Monkey had it's genesis in, and nobody ever changed the buzzer sign in the last four years. More small world loveliness. ....

We had dinner with some dear friends of hers, and I had a great time. Yummy food, spirits and good company!

From there, we went back to my 'hood, and took in the grand sights and sounds of "Porn E Okie", which is basically karioke with a big screen of degenerate filth porn projected behind the performer. When we arrived, the crowd was wailing and moaning and acting generally repulsed. In San Francisco, this is a good sign that one is about to witness something that is more than truly tasteless. If poo eating falls into that category for you, then that would be an accurate summation. Merritt and Pierre showed up not long after, and witnessed more poo and clown porn. I was pretending to be horrified for a brief moment, but Leila wouldn't think of such a thing


(though she did make some comment about identifying with a woman that she had overheard, who stated that she would never have sex again). The night ended with the crowd singing a rousing rendition of "Amazing Grace" with a close-up of a woman having a certain bowel activity projected over the heartfelt throng


. I understand why my Dad isn't so enchanted with San Francisco, but he never will never really get why I am..... This is not to say that I am a fan of poo porn. I AM a fan of obscene spectacles though...

Yesterday, I also became a car owner again. I am now the somewhat reluctant owner of a BMW. How is THAT for disturbing? I bought Merritt's car from her since she is splitting this fine city, and I got what seems to be a pretty good deal. We went and got it registered in my name, and got new plates on it so that it won't get impounded, due to the mammoth number of parking tickets that she as accrued her short stay here. I must admit that I am sorta happy with the prospect of being able to get out into nature when I wanna. Here is a picture of Merritt calling her insurance company on her cell phone, and getting to wade through the endless amount of menus


. It made her happy.

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March 08, 2002

Falsie alarm

The braim pill appoinkint dinna happen...

I showed up at the place,and told them my name at the front desk. While the receptionist was looking through her papers, it occurred to me that I had remembered hearing the words "the fourteenth" over the phone, and that would place the date of my appointment on next Thursday. I was a week early. This is one of the reasons that I need a palm pilot or a daytimer to keep me braims in check...

Since I was in the area, I thought I'd drop by Kevin's place. On the way there, I saw a man playing with his puppy


, and a bleeding woman who had crashed her car


. Two people having very different days.

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March 07, 2002

Tears and Happy pills

Yesterday I spent the entire day with Merritt.

We ran errands all day, but I was glad to just be spending time doing boring stuff with her because I know that she is leaving soon. Not many people know me well enough to know that It is a rare thing for me to to cry, but when I think of Merritt moving away from here (and out of the country) for a few years, I get all messy. In many ways, I am glad for the opportunity to cry. Tears are things that have eluded me all too often in my life, and I have been painfully aware of their absence. It feels good to feel- even if it's sadness and loss. I know that this loss isn't permanent, and that it will inevitably open other doors, but it doesn't keep the sadness away. I am fine with that, and thankful.

After we finished with our errands, we went on one more with Pierre. He and Merritt are acquiring the handful of things that they will be living with for two years on the road. Two motorcycles worth of stuff is not very much for two years of living. On one hand I think that it will be a great experience in simple living, until I remember that they will be in gadget heaven, with an iBook, an iPod, a tiny digital video camera, a nice digital still camera and a bunch of other crap that will set them up in style. Yay fer them. That's the type of 'round the werl' motorcycle trip that I can relate to! I plan to join them for several legs of it.

We had dinner at Tu Lan, which was deliciosokablammo. Pierre odored a fish to eat, and Merritt put it back together again


. She a smert doktor type.

So today I have my appoinkmint to see if I can convince them dokotores to gib me the nodules to put in me braims.

One thing that I want to clarify is that though a lifestyle change is something that I could certainly see benefiting me, I have had many lifestyles in the last few years, and though some of them were more effective at lessening anxiety than others, ultimately there was still a wrestling match. I have gone through extended straight edge-ish periods in which I was eating well, working out for a few hours a day and not doing imbibing any substances besides caffeine . I am aware that most of my anxiety is tied to my non-Buddhist attachment to life that is a breeding ground for suffering, but I am fine with that for now. I like attachment, even if it leads to difficult places. Perhaps it is a question of wanting to have my cake and eat it too. Hmm....

I am toying pretty seriously with bringing my Minidisc recorder in with me and recording the entire thing. I wonder if they would go for that.. I doubt it. Can't hurt to check though. If so, I'll post an MP3 here tomorrow...

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March 06, 2002

My Luddite friends would laugh and laugh and laugh...

I was intending on posting more about my decision to try meds tonight,

but I got bogged down in a myriad of problems with my computer and my new palm pilot, which basically ate up the last four and a half hours. Now it is late, and I am spent. I will try to proceed none the less.

I have had varying degrees of anxiety for most of my life. It's hard to tell how far back it goes, given that i spent the first eighteen years of my life as television addict. It's hard to tell how much of any experience that one is having when the cathode ray tube is dishing out it's anaesthesia. I have avoided the idea of meds entirely until recently. What turned the tides? Well, I managed to get my hands on a few xanax pills. In the middle of an anxiety attack I chose to take one, and lo an behold- my anxiety was gone. It really felt terrific. Up until that point, I had approached my anxiety as some sort of psychological nautilus machine. Something that I could tackle, and with a lot of effort, overcome. The main thing about it is that it requires such an energy expenditure from me. I am fully capable of tackling it, but quite often I am left depleted by the effort. i am interested in seeing what it would be like to just have that energy drain removed from my life- at least temporarily.

None of this is to say that i am perpetually in a state of misery. I am often in a space that is just fine, but it is not uncommon for me to spend half or more of my day in some very uncomfortable anxious state. I can still feel happiness and see many positive things when I am there, it is just tempered with an uncomfortably tight grip of immediacy that has no connection to anything at hand. It just floats and stabs.

In all probability, no matter what the outcome of this experiment is, i will probably end up trying out yet another lifestyle change (there have been many already) and see if I can combat it in a more wholistic manner. I just have to try out this avenue to satisfy my curiosity.

Here is an item that Kevin and I saw in a store window earlier today. He thinks it would make a good album title



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March 05, 2002

I had a day.

Today I called to make an appointment with a psychiatrist.

I am gonna see about trying meds. I do have some misgivings about the prospect, but I have experimented in so many ways in my life, that this is one that I just have to try. As most of you know, I get my share (and then some) of anxiety, and i have tried dealing with it in many ways ( i have tried thrapy, and though I LOVED it, it is not going to take the mammoth barbs off of my razor studded butterflies). This is an exercise to see what sort of new tweaks can be put into the mix. I am surely going to become a boring husk of my former self, so you can just tune out right now. Actually, for those that know me well, there must be some sort of realization that it will take a toxic-waste barrel full of filthy pharmies (pharmaceuticals to those of you who are not down with the lingo) to flatten out my character. I am still not certain that I will follow through with it, even if I do get my greedy mits on them shiny pills. I gotta satisfy my curiosity though. Perhaps one day soon, you will bump into me on the street and say hi. I will stare down at you with glassy orbs and mutter something about the bus, then shuffle on my way. You will know then that I have been delivered from the land of torment and am gripping tightly to the loving plush embrace of snuggles the bear. He is who we all return to eventually. Snuggles loves you.

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March 04, 2002


Yesterday I hung out with Leila, (the fellow blogger that I met through my craigslist ad).

We hung out through the late afternoon, and well into the night. Since it was such a beautiful day, we started out at golden gate park, where we walked and talked until it started getting a tad to chilly. We grabbed some coffee at a cafe on Haight street to warm up and get wired. More talking of course. From there we headed to a restaurant that Merritt turned me on to, called Nirvana. There was much more talking to be had there as well. After Dinner, she asked me if I were to drop by someone's house uninvited and bearing ice-cream, who would it be? Surprise of all surprises, I said Merritt and Pierre's. So that's what we did. Apparently, they had just finished a romantic dinner and were getting ready for desert, so the ice cream was well timed, even if the visit was not.

We stayed for about a half hour, and then proceeded to her choice of friends, with another pint of ice cream in tow. It was really a cool thing to do, and I'm really glad that I was hanging out with someone who comes up with cool spontaneous things to do on a first date (because God knows that I can drop the ball on that one). Her friend Lee had a Star Trek Barbie and Ken set that I thought was pretty cool


. He pointed out a funny disclaimer on the back of the box



This was a date that gives dating a good name.

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March 03, 2002


Okay, so I am back in town, and as much as I REALLY enjoyed my trip to Austin (packing torture not withstanding) I am hit with how much I LOVE IT HERE!

It is great to be back home!

Merritt came to pick me up at the airport, not remembering that I told her that I was flying into San Francisco, and not Oakland. Luckily, she didn't get my message about the plane being delayed, so she was actually early by the time she showed up to get me. We hung out the entire day, and then had homemade sushi at her and Pierre's pad, since Puppy practice dinna happen. It were yummy and fun.

I accidently shot my favorite picture of her just before I went home tonight

. I will never get tired of saying how much I love her. She's my greatest chum


I am beat, acuz the only sleep that I have had in the last 40 hours was what i got on the plane. I must rest. More tumorarrow.

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March 02, 2002

Gweeng awee

I was going to try to get a few hours of sleep before leaving, but I cant, so here I am, writing in tha blog.

I really want to post a song that a friend of mine here recorded, but Im gonna hold off until I get his permission. I wanna do a remix of it. I love the musical talent of my friends here.

I really have enjoyed my stay here in a way that I wasnt expecting. I am actually planning on returning sometime within a few months. I am having a great Texas experience at the moment. I am watching Alex Jones on local cable access. He is a compelling local conspiracy theorist (who also runs a website called infowars.com) that I used to listen to on talk radio before they yanked him off. I love his show. He really presents some interesting info, though there is a lot of colorful rhetoric as well.

all right, I must get ready to split. The airporter picks me up at 4:45. Ig.

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March 01, 2002

Packin' a heap o' crappo

I am completely spent.

Yesterday and the day before, I packed up boxes of stuff to ship. It was stressful and unfun, especially since i began today at 7 a.m., and didnt finish until 5 p.m. There is still a tad tomorrow, but its almost finished.

I really do like owning stuff, but its at times like this where it becomes apparent how much the things that a person owns actually end up owning them. Its one of the things that I love about technology: Much of what i care to own nowadays, can fit into a backpack- Its all about the tools, baby!

After the stressfest, i went to visit a couple of friends. One was my friend Dan, who played me some of the music that he has been doing of late. i really liked it. i spent a couple of hours with him, and then headed over to Toms place, where i got to witness some cutey squirrel feeding


. We hung out an d listened to music, and watched Britney Goddamn Spears eyeball Tiek as though she were watching a tasty pizza. Her gaze couldn't be disturbed by anything, even when her nose was confiscated



The night before last, i went to see LOTR again with Teresa. Afterwards


, she spent a while contemplating how one small ring could bring about a movie that she would not like as much as she didnt like this one. It just wernut bitter enough fer her. I enjoyed her scathing commentary afterwards though. That in itself was worth it.

I want to write more, but now I must succumb to gravity.

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February 27, 2002

Too much stuff

Yesterday i went to my old shop (after procrastinating for a bit).

It was still there, much as Id seen it last


(except a bit more organized). I went through the majority of my stuff, putting some aside, and throwing the rest away. It was stressful, throwing things out that I had history with. Things that had been around longer than I have. I just clamped down on that feeling as best I could and just plowed through it. Tomorrow I go through Merritts stuff, and figure out what to ship, what to leave, and what to toss, as well as packing and arranging for shipping. RRRrrgh... not fun.

Yesterday, I also had a pleasant first conversation with the blogger that I met on craigslist. We are planning on meeting for dinner on Sunday, which promises to be an enjoyable time.

I really have to get to bed now if I am to get up in time to accomplish what I need to tomorrow, so this crappy entry will have to do for now. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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February 26, 2002


Today, I walked across Austin til my feets was almost blistert.

After I finished taking care of some business matters, I headed over to my friend Toms place. He was surrounded in animal shenanigans as usual. I got to watch him try to coerce a wee squirrel


into suckin on some milk, without much luck. We hung out an had a couple of drinks, intermittently stopping so that he could swat a ball around his yard for his two dogs, Loki and Britney Goddamn Spears


. I also got to see my old bird Tiek


, who has not been molested (or eaten) by Loki, which made me happy. Since Loki had refrained, I decided that I might give it a try


, She really tasted awful, so I stopped halfway through.

I proceeded from there to Teresas (Ts) place. We went out for chinese food, and got into a talk about our online journaling. She thinks that I should be more forthcoming in this here blog, though copped to the fact that there are some juicy bits that she keeps from the publics plate as well. As I have said, I will put things out as it feels right to do so. I just want to use this a way to express certain parts of myself, and I am not really into the idea of using it to ladle drama into my life, which i think it could certainly do.

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February 24, 2002

I am in Austin, Texas.

The main way that I can tell, is that the tap water tastes like it was sucked straight out of a frog pond. Otherwise, I have been inside the entire day, so it is much like anywhere else. Im here to sort through some stuff that is mine, and some that is Merritts. The plan is to get rid of some of it, and to ship some back. I am also here to visit with mah southern peeps, which Ima lookin ferwerd to.

I enjoy traveling a lot now that I l live in San Francisco. Maybe its having such a great place to come back to- or maybe its just getting away from the city for a while. Probably both.

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February 23, 2002

I love the groominator

Today I had a conversation with Merritt about technology.

For the first time in her life, she has really started to identify a piece of herself with it. This new fad- this blog thing, has a lot to do with it. Its really gratifying to get your projects out to people ( even if its just a handful) on a daily, or semi daily basis. The reason that I love doing art is that its a way to communicate with people and go somewhere special with them simultaneously. I suppose its similar to sex or dancing, or a number of other things, but theres a place that I go to when I am inpired by someone that is like no other. One of the many reasons that I love Merritt so much is that she has always inspired me. I really love that others get to peek into her martian landscape frequently, and that she is finally able to routinely share her art, and her random outbursts with anyone on the planet. That is a great thing. It makes me happy.

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February 22, 2002

When I was a kid...

One day before going to school, I smoked what I thought was pot

with one of the many juvenile delinquents that lived in my neighborhood (i.e.: trailer park). I was 12.

Thank god it wasnt really pot, or something worse. I would have been SO screwed. I ended up smoking my share of real pot (and maybe someone elses) in college , and I would often ponder over how mind-bogglingly traumatic it would have been to have tried to get through a day of sixth grade, stoned out of my gourd. There would have been no way that I could have kept my shit together.

I started smoking cigarrettes before that. The smoking thing could have originated with my dad. He smoked a pipe, but I think I was always drawn to things that were somewhat taboo. Thats one of a number of things things that I miss about being a kid: the thrill of smoking cigarettes. I have said that if I had gotten lung cancer at 19, it would have been worth it for the thrill of smoking at 11. I believe that I would revise that statement at this point, but I seriously doubt that I will ever regret lighting up as a tyke.

I smoked for eleven years off and on (more on than off..). It has been 12 years since I quit.

When I see a kid smoking out in the open now, I wanna smack that cigarette out of their punk-assed hand. Its not because I think that they shouldnt do it. Its just that Im an adult (on the outside at least), and whats the fun of smoking when yer a kid if you arent sneaking around behind adults backs?

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February 21, 2002

Rerun. Poor, sad rerun...

Pushby nite out.

All of Pushby, as well as Merritt and Pierre (who hopefuly will be having their relatioship bloggofied) came out to see The Lord of tha Freegeeng Rings last night. Yes, i know that it speaks of serious flaws in my character, but I just had to indulge my candy fix. Now it is sated and I can box up my flaws once more, and bury them deep, where everybody but me can see them.

My newest hardware acquisition phase was completed today, with the arrival of my Oxygen 8 midi controller. Now there will be mad puppy remixes to unleash upon an unsuspecting, and disinterested world! Wahahaha!

I am actually trying to get to bed at a decent hour, and failing yet again. Here I go...

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February 20, 2002


God, do I love to eat!

If I didn't have a super fast metabolism, I would weigh a thousand pounds. I think this almost every day as I nearly break my teeth on my fork in the middle of a feeding frenzy.

I posted my own personals ad a few days ago. One of the women that responded is a blogger herself. She actually sent me her url in her response to my posting, so I responded in turn. Not something that I would do in any other case usually, though I am now reconsidering. I went back through the archives of this thing, and I realize that it does paint a fairy decent picture of me, given that a bit of my art and music can be found here as well. So- it's really interesting to have access to someone's blog from the start. She is more forthcoming than I am, and has run into some challenges because of it. When you are placing your life in the public eye, there are all sorts of editorial decisions that you are confronted with. The challenge for me is how to keep things compelling if I am going to withhold. It's a balancing act. T has a great piece of functionality to her site. There is a password protected area for "Friends". I think that I am happy to stick with it all in one place. I have always been a public person, but there are special places that you need keys for, and I like I like that those places are kept in meat space. I understand the inclination to put it all out there, and I am certain that there will be times that I will jut out with some sticky bit of id at some point or other. That's what li'l Merritt is there to help me with.

One of my fellow


has found some inspiration in this personals thing and has taken it upon himself to post a new ad every day to see what happens. Words shoot out of him like blood out of an eyeball, so I am certain that he will have some stories to tell from it all. Hopefully he will post them to his site.

Yesterday, I brought my shiny new iBook toy over to Kevin's to remix some Puppy with. I am going to need another piece of hardware before I can fully utilize it, but even the taste of the possibilities that I got tonight were very exciting. I am probably going to run over to guitar center tomorrow to buy what I "need" at an inflated price just to get under way, instead of being patient and going online. I am such an American consumer robot slug. I love using all these tools, though. Funfunfun!




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February 19, 2002

Fun with Toyz

Merritt, Locke, Pierre Sharon and i went to good vibrations for a "sneak peek" screening of an erotica video documentary tonight.

Merritt, Locke, Pierre, Sharon and i went to good vibrations tonight for a "sneak peek" screening of an erotica video documentary tonight. We arrived late (as usual) and the lights came up after we had only been there for about 10-15 minutes. As it turns out, I had already seen the film at a film festival in my neighborhood about six months ago, but I still enjoyed it. Afterwards we hung out for a while in the store, playing with and critiquing the various toys and implements,


which of course was a good time


. Afterwards, Locke went home, and the rest of us ended up at the Elbow Room, where we had some heated discussion about relationships. One of the things that we discussed was the fact that Pierre was upset about Merritt not wanting him to see her blog for the first month. I brought up the fact that he should have one too, and we could have a very interesting case study on our hands. I thought it might be something that would make a good project for pushby to sponsor...

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February 18, 2002

Chuppah, Me-Wah, and puppets

The Chuppah gathering was really great.

I was quite late, because I was so certain that it was going to be held at their apartment, that i didn't even bother to read the address of the event on the invitation. Only as I pulled up to their building did it occur to me that I should have checked first.

The highlight for me was when people shared their stories about the cloth that they were presenting


. There was fabric from the youthful days of great-great grandparents, as well as some that had been used to stuff dolls from childhood. It was really great. I think that I might have to appropriate this ritual into my own wedding, should I ever have one. It was really a great way to share in people's lives that I care about, and I wish them all the best.

In the evening, I met up with Merritt and Pius at Dolores park. As she mentions

in her blog

, we had a valuable lesson in love and parenting. (check out that evil green spotlight eye that Pius has. He creepy). Tonight I thought about her moving away and I seriously started tearing up (as in boo-hoo, not as in "ripping"). I'm sure you will get to hear about it a hundred McMillion more times here.

I went to see lord of the rings again tonight. Damn, I love that movie. I think I'll see it again if it is still in the theaters when i return. I haven't gone to see a movie in the theaters three times since I was in high school. Maybe I'll catch it it TexAss when I am visiting. It has been out for almost two months, and It was pretty packed for a ten o'clock showing on a Sunday night.

Today at the Chuppah gathering, I was thinking back over my life and it kept coming back to me how puppeteering has opened so many doors in my life. Out of everything that I do, that single thing has transformed my life like no other. I met Merritt and a host of other close, long term friends through it (eh, Sacto Seanno?), as well as getting into my first business, getting my ass out to San Fran, meeting Russell and Deborah, etc. After getting to know Art, who makes a good living as a puppeteer, I am beginning to think that perhaps more time spent in that direction is a no brainer. I am already in the beginning stages of getting together with Dave and Tomas to film some of my puppeteering in random parts of the city, and I think I'm gonna invite in another puppeteer into the mix to stir up some things. We shall see how it pans out.

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February 17, 2002


My friends, Russell and Deborah are having a brunch today that I will be attending.

They are getting married in July, and are having this brunch to celebrate, as well as to work on their Chuppah. For those of you who are unaware of what a Chuppah is (as was I until recently), it is a ritual tapestry that people are wed under in Jewish weddings. Russell and Deborah have asked me to draw the central image for it, which is a tree. Everyone who was invited to the brunch is to bring a bead, or a piece of cloth that has some personal significance to incorporate into the Chuppah, which I think is really great. I love ritual. I will be tires because I am up too late as usual.

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February 16, 2002


Though it is highly doubtful, you may have noticed that there is no entry from Thursday night.

That would be because I got it into my head to hang out with Merritt and swill hooch until I had killed the better part of my frontal lobe. I passed out at her place, so there was no blogging to be had- at least on my part. You can check it out here. Every now and again that happens- I drink enough to kill an ox when hanging out with a friend. Thankfully, the hangover that I had to contend with was mild. It consisted largely of feeling entirely scatterbrained (much more than usual, which is a frightening thing, let me tell you..) and feeling slightly depressed. I think that I am on my way up and out of it now. My poor brain. As Locke said, you do things to your brain that make it dumber, and then next thing you know, you're doing more dumb things that make you dumber.

My dear li'l chum, Merritt, has become a blogger as well. You can check it out here

Last night, I hung out with Locke and his friend, Molly. We rented "Waiting for Guffman", which was good, but hard to watch.

So I am feeling rather floaty, as I tend to when I don't have any consuming projects or job structure around me. Glass blowing doesn't help, because it doesn't ground me in any way- it just pays the bills. The floaty feeling nags at me. I have this anxious energy about not knowing where the next step will be. That's why I am thinking so seriously about going back to school. having a plan that actually involves some sense of direction would be a welcome change (at least it might be). I am just chilling out as best I can, having my summer break in the middle of the winter.

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February 14, 2002

I am decompressing these daze... I have found that I feel much the same way when summer would roll around when I was in school

. I am content to stay up into the wee hours, and sleep in. I have the numbers for all of the colleges in the area that i might go to to pursue a more collegiate approach to life. We shall see how it all pans out.

Tonight was another great Pushby meeting. I would have to say that my favorite part of the evening wass when Dave gave us a demonstration


of how he did his fabulous remix of some veejoe game theme. If you have a broadband connection, or some patience, you should hear what the final product of that project was:

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February 13, 2002

Pornopope ee-uh

Merritt and I had meeting about her porn video last night.

We decided on a format, so now the challenge will be to find the group of people who will be willing and able to perform in it. It's weird because even though I enjoy porn, being on the production end of it in a public manner takes on all sorts of new connotations. I am interested to see how it all unfolds.

I actually clicked on one of those banner ads for a service that will help you find old classmates tonight. It was really weird to find how many of the people in my graduating class were registered with them. There were a few names that made me tempted to fork over the cash that they wanted, but I just cant see paying to get into contact with people that I will in all probability fall quickly out of contact with again. Still.. it was weird.... Another weird thing is that a direst link to this blog comes up when you do a google search on my name. I wonder what that may lead to. Hopefully a world of rainbows, unicorns and skittles.

Also- I have been going to coffee shops in the area


, and one thing keeps hitting me: When I went to coffee shops in the late 80's and early 90's, it seemed that every one that I went to had really interesting music playing. I got turned on to some really great albums in coffee hops. Nowadaze, it is impossible to find a place to swill caffeine that has anything playing that is even remotely interesting. It's not that they play new and boring stuff either. A lot of it is stuff that was boring ten or twenty years ago. It feels like a sad commentary on the state of pop culture today, though maybe that's because my perspective is dated enough for me to think that coffee houses are places that attract people who are trolling for new and interesting music....

So far I have responded to two personals ads. Nothing in return as of yet. Maybe I should stop telling the story of Abe the Baby Scabie....


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February 12, 2002

Walks on the beach, and poppin' caps

Yesterday I hung out with my former boss, Shelley, her beau, Ron, and her dog, Dixie.

We had lunch, and then went to the beach for a bit of a walk. The sun was setting by the time we headed back to the car


. The best part was that there were a kazillion dogs there, and many of them were very friendly and actually interested in human beings. I guess that it's the beach thing. Get a dog to a dog park and all of a sudden it's as if all human beings instantly transformed into books about human beings.

I have been mouldering around the apartment ever since I got home.

A bit of excitement ensued tonight in my 'hood. It is not unusual for me to hear things that sound like gunshots around here. Well, several hours ago, I was sitting here at the trusty 'puter, and I hear four bangs that sounded as though they had to be reports from a gun. I decided to hop on my skateboard and check it out, since it was literally right behind my apartment, on mission street. By the time I threw my shoes on and grabbed my camera, I could already see that there were cop lights flashing. Sure enough, some guy had been shot, but was fortunate enough to have only been hit in the forearm. From the sound of the gun, he was lucky to be alive. When I arrived, he was holding his t-shirt around his arm, which was raised above his head. HE was obviously in agony, though he was still standing as he waited to be put into the ambulance. He left his jacket and outer shirts in a blood soaked pile on the sidewalk

It's funny, because the reason that I never assume that i am hearing gunfire when I have heard those noises in the past was because I never heard sirens after them. Little did I know that the cops and paramedics don't actually use their sirens at night around here. If I wouldn't have gone to look, I would have had no idea that there were two fire trucks, four cop cars and an ambulance only a half block away.

. Oh what a flavorful area I live in.....

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February 11, 2002

Comics and Bikes

Yesterday, my friend Russell


and I spent the day hanging out. We rode our bikes through the city, and along the waterfront to the Alternative Press Expo, which was basically a big dorko comicfest


. It was an interesting experience, as I knew that there were many people there that i would like to meet, but just not in that context. There were some people there whose work I enjoy, such as Scott McCloud, and Jonen Vasquez (who, by the way is responsible for one of the coolest t.v. animated shows to hit the airwaves- "Invader Zim", as well as many great comics

), but I just couldn't bring myself to say anything to them. It was just a freaky environment that made me nervous and uncomfortable, but I am glad that I went. I had a good time hanging out and talking with Russell, and I bought a tiny painting

. Afterwards, we rode out to a sculpture called the wave organ

. The view from there was terrific- you can see both the golden gate and the Bay bridge, as well as alcatraz and the city. Not many people know about it, which is fine by me



From there, we went back to the mission and met up with Russell's fiancee, Deborah. I always enjoy my time with them a great deal, because we have really great conversation that goes on and on. They keeno.

I am going bck online to try more of the personals thing again. We'll see what unfolds this time...

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February 10, 2002

Puppies and Porn

Another Puppy night was had. we shared it again with Merritt and Paul.

Paul is Kevin's roommate. Here he is in the background, tying his shoe and hating my digital camera


. As a professional opera singer (and a fellow weirdo), it's fun to have him be a guest star in Puppy.

Merritt came over to have a meeting with us about the porno that she is producing. Yep, that's right- We are writing a porn flick, and we gonna shoot it and distribute it. Since Merritt is the main person in charge, i fear that even though there will be honest to god sex in it (no.. neither of us are actually going to be in it...), there will be little that will actually turn anyone on. It should be inneresting though.
Funny too. She brought Pius, and I took this picture of him on the way to the car


. I didn't doctor this photo to make him look all crazy. He just came out that way on his lonesome.

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February 09, 2002

I went to see "brotherhood of the Wolf" with yesterday.

The movie was really crappy, but I didn't hate it.

I went a li'l spend happy today as well, which isn't very smart, given that my financial future is in question. I ordered an iBook, a keyboard/midi controller to turn said iBook into a de facto keyboard, plus a midi interface for my full-size workstation keyboard. Now I should be good to go in the noise making category for some time. Sheesh! You'd actually think I was a musician or something. Now THAT'S a laugh....

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February 08, 2002

Meals and swill

I thought that those of you who are unwilling or unable to get o a Carl's Jr. and buy their equivalent to a happy meal might be interested to know how the show that I was working on is polluting the minds of todays youth.

Here is the front of the bag


. Notice that there are only two kids pictures on the front. There are four kids on the show. Who are the two kids that aren't shown? could they be the black kid and the nerdy "ethnic" (a.k.a. Jewish) kids? Hmmm..... quite possibly so... (the nerdy kid isn't even pictured on any of the displays or promo stuff in the entire restaurant).

Here is the side of the bag


. I enlarged the print of several of the words in the word search. I bet that the Christian Coalition will love this show, Doanchoo?

Tonight I hung out with my fellow Pushbyite, Dave


. We had fun swillin' at a local watering hole. I had fun blabbin' wit heem.

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February 07, 2002

Pictures from the trip..

I was looking through my pictures, and I though I'd bust out a couple from my trip to see my mom, since her setup wouldn't allow for me to put up any pics from there.

I was looking through my pictures, and I though I'd bust out a couple from my trip to see my mom, since her setup wouldn't allow for me to put up any pics from there.

Here she is


. She is happy because she donut have cancer. Here she is finding out the she donut have it



There you go.

I have returned to my nocturnal ways. I get to bed around 5:30 A.m., and rise after noon. I cannot help but to have some sort of guilt about it, because sleeping in past noon is so often thought of as a sign of sloth, whether or not one is actually up late working . I really do hate how much crap I internalize from the world at large...

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February 06, 2002

Slam Bamdisco

I have decided that I want to have some sort of social contact with a friend every day, or nearly every day.

Even though my work environment was very emotionally uncomfortable, there is something to be said for having some significant human contact every day. Yesterday was the second day of freedom from my previous job, but I was already struck at how easy it is for me to go an entire day with no real human interaction. Fortunately I had dinner with several friends, so that broke the solitude. I feel extremely fortunate to live in a city that I have found such a large number of people that I am interested in spending time with. It's quite terrific, considering that in Boulder or Austin, I only had a small handful of people that I spent any time with at all. I love San Francisco. People bitch about how it was ruined in the last five years or more, but it still is my favorite place in the country.

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February 05, 2002

Free at last!

Today I spent the majority of the day recuperating from yesterday (I hit my snooze button for three hours).

I am finding that being free from the restrictions of an 11 hour a day work week is already a great thing, even one day into it. I got to hang out with Merritt for a long time, which was something that I have been unable to do aside from one day a week. Now I am really having to face how much I will miss her when she moves to France. She my bestest frin, and I will be very sad.

I am giving myself a bit of time to just be mellow before I get into rigidly structuring my time in order to get things accomplished. I am more than a bit disoriented by the changes that have gone on in my life in the last couple of weeks. Before I could really get used to the idea that I was going to be finished with the T.V. job, I was consumed with concerns of my mother's health, then the moment that the job is over, I fly to Denver to be with her. Now she is okay, and here I am, back in San Francisco with a new life. I will also be looking for another roommate, as my current one has found a more optimal circumstance to plant herself in, so things is wacky in my li'l worl'.


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February 04, 2002


I enjoyed myself a great deal tonight.

The bad part is that Merritt came with me, and I pretty much left her to her own devices for the entire time. I am really glad that she was there, but i feel bad that I didn't spend more time with her, though ultimately I suppose that I don't feel TOO bad, given that I had some great conversation with two bright and attractive people. The photos that I shot tonight weren't the most flattering of anyone, though I can say that there were some moments that one doesn't usually get on film, namely shots of bottockness


, and certain other "areas"



I really didn't document the event in any great detail, but it was pretty cool. We saw a couple of episodes of the show on the big screen, and the place was packed. I really wasn't expecting the turnout.

The show held together well with the soundtrack and all of the post production done. It was fun. After the lights came up, I was totally overwhelmed with stimulus. We proceeded downstairs to a bar/club/restaurant that was reserved for the occasion. There was food and drink, and too many people that I wanted to interact with. The wall behind the bar was a huge bank of video screens playing the episodes that we had seen upstairs. The sleep deprivation, the swilling of hooch and the sensory overload conspired to grip my noggin and give it a good squeeze until I heard bone cracking. I think I got a bone fragment lodged in my frontal lobe. Luckily, the company was really fantastic, so all was well. Here are a few of the mountain of folks that were there:



I found myself at odds, not knowing how to respond to many of my coworkers, who were not only dressed nicely, but who were also actually happy. It was a real treat, every way around. The great conversation, the filth and the happiness..

I am running on only four hours of sleep in the last 24 hours, so my brain pan is rattling quite loudly at the moment. I must become unconscious soon...

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February 02, 2002

Homewurb bounb.

I leave for San Francisco this morning.

It's been a good trip. I hope to make it back again before the end of the year. The MAIN thing though is that my mom is okay (or okay enough....). I really love her dearly, and am glad that she innut gonna shovel orf dis myrtle coal. Quack.

Tonight I am gonna be attendining the 'wrap party' for my former job. It should be fun, as it will be a private party at the metreon, and we will be watchin' a coupla episodes of the show in a screening room. El neato.

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Well, I ws kinda wrong about my connection to Boulder. Sorta, but not entirely.

It felt as thought I had just been driving around there yesterday. I do like it there, though it is still super bland as always. It's very much like much of Marin county. 'cep
fer no ocean.

I really enjoyed seeing Gabriel (my ex). It was a brief visit, but it was really nice to spend at least a bit of time with her. She is back in school, and thinkin' of being a
lawyer to try and fight the good fight. I think that is good, and I wish her the best.

I had a good visit with Birdy. We hung out and caught each other up on our lives a bit, played some ritual video games, and watched a movie or two (Hedwig and the
Angry Inch, and the dinosaur scenes from Jurassic Park 3). It was good to reinstate contact again. I enjoyed hanging out with him and his wife, Marie, and I'm looking
forward to more in the future.

Time to snooze. Well, maybe a bit of Doom on the gameboy Advance, THEN snooze.

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February 01, 2002


Some of you know that my my mom is a duck.

Oh sure, many of you are fooled by her human-like form, but trust me, she is really a duck, I swear. I have found a bit of
corroborating evidence here in her office. I found this duckist propaganda on her wall

ducktmb.jpg src="http://www.pushby.com/ian/archives/ducktmb.jpg" width="37" height="13" border="0" />

. My sister can verify it's existence. When you meet my mom, she comes across as a very sweet human being- but DO NOT BE FOOLED! She is in cahoots with many
other ducks on this planet to take over and rule the world with an iron wing. That's why she is into all the blood and gore and stuff. Some call warmongers "hawks", but it
is my position that they should be referred to as the ducks that they truly are!


What was I saying? Um.....

Oh yeah- I have been upgrading my mom's computer system all day. We got her a bunch of new hardware and backed up her files. Then we watched "Momento". I had
seen it already, but I figured that my mom would like it acuzza all of the mayhem. She nodded off through the whole thing, so I played sleep nazi and jabbed her in the ribs
with a stick every time her eyelids drooped. That is what sons ore for, no?

Tomorrow I go to Boulder to see my ex-wife and my frin who I ainut seen in a while. Yurp. I'll prolly get home very very late, so I may not enter an entry. Who knows?
Neither you nor I...

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January 31, 2002

This is where the "YAY" comes in.

We went to the doctor today.

My mom is gonna be kickin' around fer some time
yet after all! He said that he was about as 100% sure as he could be that it isn't cancer,
and it's not fatal. It turns out that she had whooping cough as a child and it damaged
part of her lungs, so areas will be more prone to infections. I never thought that I'd be
happy that my mom had pneumonia, but i'm a happy now! Yayayayayayayayayayayay!

We went to see my grandmother tonight. It was good to see her. She has become quite
the specialist in misery, so i got to hear about all of the things that she hated in her life,
but once I got her talking about the past, it was enjoyable. I'll prolly drop by and see her
once more before I split.

My mom and I went to another movie tonight. It dint hab no blood, so my mom was
pissed. She kept kicking the chair in front of her until the guy that was sitting in it
turned around to tell her to cut it out. That's when she popped a cap in his ass with her
A.K. and ran around the joint yelling "Anyone else want a piece of my
pneumonia ridden ass? Huh? Huh? Just try me, muthatfukkaz!" I was really
embarrassed. The movie was terrific though. "A Beautiful Mind" is what they are
calling this fine picture. I haven't cried at a movie in years, but I had it in me fer this
one. (It was prolly acuzza my hair-trigger mom gettin' me all riled up in the first place.
Seriously though- I really loved the movie. You'll prolly hate it though and then tell me
how little taste you think I have. Damn you.

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January 30, 2002

Blood shooter

As I believe it will be for the duration of my stay. today was uneventful.

One point of interest for me was that I wanted to go to a coffee shop that I used
to frequent in lower downtown Denver (called Saint Marks place) and it had recently shut it's doors. I trekked all the way out to it for nothing, so I ended up
just navigating around Denver in a half assed manner, looking fer a place to eat or get coffee. Needless to say, the writing that I was planning on doing didn't
get doneded. Remember when I said that I missed it here? Well, that lasted about a day. Now it sort of bums me out. There got to be a point when I lived in
colorado that my favorite things here were my memories. Now even those have faded enough that I really have no connection anymore.

My mom and I went to see "Black Hawk Down", which I enjoyed well enough. It's a good movie to take yr mom to. My dad went to see it and a guy in
his aisle actually passed out at one point (it is true). My mom dinna pass out. She likes tha blood shootin' all out and gettin all over things. We came home
and had a really good talk, and now it is super late and we have to go in to take her to the doctor man tomorrow. Maybe I will shoot blood out of my eye at
him. My mom would like it. I bet yours would too.

P.S. I find using a super slow internet connection to be about as fun as continually dripping battery acid into the eye for several straight weeks.

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January 29, 2002

In the boonies wit good newz.

So here i am in Colorado


It's nice-n-cold, like it should be. I find that I really do miss being here, aside from the
fact that nothing really happens here, and aI would wither if I remained. I miss the smell of
hepatitis -infused urine, and the clouds of wafting crack smoke to brighten my day.

The really great news is that things are not as bleak as once thought. My dad contacted
some higher-up in the HMO dealie to find out WTF is going on, and it seems as though
it's not ruled out, but they are really thinking that cancer is not considered to be the primary
culprit here. I am very pleased at this, as you may well expect.... Her doctor has been
replaced by one of the leading doctors in the field, so things are looking up.

Tomorrow I will be going to Boulder. I am going to hopefully meet up with a dear
friend who I had a falling out with a year ago, and I am looking forward to it.

Good times.

I was right in thinking that I would be dealing with antiquated technology. I cant scan
anything at the moment, and for various reasons, I can't upload any pictures either, so I am
left to drawing crude pictures with a mouse. Yay.

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January 28, 2002

Glass revisited

I don't know what it is, but I can never seem to get any sleep the night before I catch a flight.

I am leaving for Colorado in about four hours or so, and it doesn't look as though I am going to get any sleep.

Today was the first time that I have blown glass in about a year. I picked it back up again fairly quickly. Very much like riding a bike, except that you get blisters and cuts and other bits of hilarity.

While I was downtown, I ate at a fast food joint, and was struck by the high volume of completely insane people down there. I typically don't get much of a protracted view of it , because I am on usually on my bike or skateboard when I am out and about. I felt for the guy working behind the counter. It's like working at a halfway house for a psych ward, but instead of handing out meds, yer a french fry monger in a Wendy's uniform.

I am not sure if I am going to be able to post any photos while I am away, so my posts might be even less interesting than usual.

We'll see.

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January 27, 2002

Pigeons, music and last daze

Still no real news from the mom department, but I intend on making things happen when I get to Colorado.

Still no real news from the mom department, but I intend on making things happen when I get to Colorado. Friday was officially my last day at work! I had this huge flashback to the last day of school when i was a kid. The main difference was that I had a giant mound of crap to bring home with me since I had basically been living there for the last seven months.

Merritt and Pierre picked me up from work, which was a stroke of good luck, since I had so much stuff to take home....

From there, we went to an art opening in Berkeley, which was nice. We met up with a husband and wife team, who were two of the main folks showing. I liked them a lot more than their art, but it was really cool to get to know a bit about them. The only reason that I met them in the first place was that Merritt so actively did not like the guy's work, that I had to hunt him down and ask him what his motivation for it was. I also ran into a woman who is a friend of Sean's who I met originally on New Years at the warehouse party in Oakland. It as a very cool bit of coincidence... Here is Merritt gittin the lowdown in the info from the arteest couple:


Last night was more Puppy. Kevin's roomie, Paul, sat in with us. He is a professional opera singer, and his addition to the mix was really fun. We got a lot louder than we usually do, because we usually keep it down so as to not drive Paul crazy. I believe that we we will be have a practice space soon, so we will be able to really cut loose in the noise department. There's really nothing like volume to inspire me when I am doing music with others.

There is an apartment building where i catch the train. In order to keep the pigeons from roosting all over it, someone decide to put up netting around all of it's ledges. last year, I noticed that there was a hole in the netting that a few pigeons had gotten through and had built a nest. I only noticed it because I saw that one of them had become entangled in it. The poor thing was there for at least two days, though it must have gotten out eventually, because it was gone the following week. Today when I was catching the train to go to Kevin's I noticed that one of them had not been so lucky this time


. what was creepy was that behind it was what i assume to be it's mate, sitting in the nest that is still there.

Tomorrow is my last day before hitting the road to Denver. I am looking forward to being with my mom, and hopefully I can help expedite some of the HMO sluggishness.

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January 25, 2002

Stupid Hmo, and Phantom Investigators

My mom is still getting the run around.

The doctor that she is seeing really seems to be incompetent. The long and short of it is that she has already been seen by a doctor, who conferred with another and came tot he conclusion that she has tumors on her lungs. Even if this new doctor is right, and she has pneumonia, he is ordering all sorts of superfluous tests that really won't get to to the heart of the problem. My dad (who is a retired doctor for those of you that don't know) is going to help me to get to the bottom of all of this. When I get there, Ima gonna drag my mom in and I will not leave that fucking hospital until we get some answers. We have a really shitty medical system, compared to what it should be.

My DSL connection has been down for the last two days, so if you have tried to e-mail me, you should try my goatmeal@hotmail.com account until further notice. I updated my blog yesterday from work, and will do so again tomorrow. I am so reliant upon the internet. I can certainly imagine being without it for a length of time, but it is really where I spend the bulk of my time when I am home.

There was no puppeteering yesterday, so I was the official nose powdere for one of the actors. It was boring, but I basically got paid to play with my gameboy all day. Not so shabby. Today we will shoot the last of the puppets, and then I am free. YAY! I will be going in on Sunday to blow glass for the first time in almost a year, because Merritt has gotten a big order, and wants osme help filling it, plus we have a meeting set up with a new distributor while I will be in Colorado. Hopefully it will mean enough added business to absorb the stock that I will make.

I am getting more inclined towards making a go at being a full time puppeteer. After seeing Art make his way at it (and a profitable way at that..), and hearing stories of others through him that are doing the same, I am thinking that it may be something to shoot for. I do love performing. We'll see... pulled in a million directions as usual...

Tonight I went to see the display of Phantom Investigators at the Metreon. For those of you that don't know what the Metreon is, it is a space mall downtown that is funded by Sony. It is kind of a tourist attraction as well. I go to see movies at the theater there quite often. This is the view crossing the street and going up to the displaymetreontmb.jpg, and a close-up of itdisplaytmb.jpg. I took some shots of the episode that was showing on the screen. These are two of the main charactersdaejeritmb.jpg. Most of the characters have this two dimensional head, three dimensional body action going. Here is the main baddie of the episode, he is a demon car that i built as well as performedcartmb.jpg. It is gratifying an a cheesy way to see something that I made, and brought to life in a window of a prominent building, even if it was bankrolled by a megacorp like Sony. This is a acquaintencey- type friend from work, who was also one of the animators on the showmishatmb.jpg. He plays a role in the demon car's existence in the episode. It really isn't much, but it gives ya a teeny idea what I been doing for the last seven months.

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January 24, 2002

Goodness and Winnebagoze

Some promising news!

My mom went to the hospital yesterday, and the doctor that she saw seemed to think that she doesn't have cancer after all. Due to the way that he communicated, I don't necessarily trust him, but at least it is an opinion that is on the opposite side of the spectrum from the first doctor. He ran some blood tests, which he says will give him info that he feels that he needs before ordering more invasive procedures (i.e. a biopsy). I'll take this bit of relief for what I can for now- it's just nice to know that there is a decent chance that things are okay. He said that he thinks that there is a good chance that she has pneumonia, and that was what was causing the spots on her lungs. Before I can really feel relaxed, I need to know more though. (Obviously). But anyway- YAY for now.....

I think that my concern and sadness conspired to make me sleep in yesterday. I must have turned off my alarm and fallen asleep, because I woke up 4 hours late for work. My coworkers were really worried- so worried that they dispatched one to come and check on me, which was nice. I felt like shit, because I really do enjoy the performing, and I complicated the shoot today by not being there. Shit happens though...

I went to lunch with Andy and Phil, the head of the model shop yesterday. We went to the car wash taqueria, which is exactly what it claims to be. Phil pointed out a decaying winnebago bagotmb.jpg

in the parking lot. He said that it has been there since he first went ate there nine years ago, and that the same guy has lived in it the entire time. He said that the deterioration has progressed mainly in the last two years. Evidently the guy gets to stay in leu of payment for keeping the grounds clean and doing odd jobs around the place. I love this kind of thing.

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January 23, 2002


Today I was in a good mood overall.

I was surprised, given the current circumstances. I am the proud owner of a mood swing though. When i left work, I was feeling really upbeat, but I have had some weepy moments tonight. I just get scared for my mom. She is in more pain today than she has been in before. This pain thing only started a week ago, and it seems to be ramping up quickly. We'll find out more about what is going on with her soon, as she goes in for a biopsy tomorrow. I appreciate you guys, Sean and Locke, for your words of encouragement. It does mean something to me. I suppose that it is just offset by Marcus, (for those of you that don't know him, I'll go into it at a later date). I know that at this point we really don't know exactly where the situation stands, but I just want my mom to be happy and pain free, and to be around for a long, long time. If I have anything to say about it, she will be.

Today was even less eventful than yesterday with the puppeteering. Art got all the good stuff again, and I think that I'm gonna try to piggy in on summa it tomorry. Today I snapped some pictures of Andy, who though i am not absolutely certain, I believe that his position is that of assistant director on the unit that I have been working on for the last two days. I snapped this one of him in the scissor lift. Someone got at the sign on it with a marker. It was rented from "Big4Rents", but now has a less seemly origin


. At one point during the day, I became a giant and stomped around the place, barking out orders and stinking the place up. I grabbed Andy, which took him quite off guard


. I demanded that the scenes be shot with me as the star. At first he resisted, but I crushed his spirit


and he relented. Now I will be famous and begin my climb up to the ruler of all the world. Then I will eat my bean. Eat it whole.

Merritt is pushing for me to be freer with my content on the site and pony up with the off-color exposs on my personal world. Still thinkin' bout it. We'll see.

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January 22, 2002

It's late, and my stupid computer is acting up for some reason, so I am going to post a quick note, and an unfinished drawing.

My mom is still in good spirits. She is going in for a biopsy on Wednesday. If it weren't for the current shitty system of HMOs, she would already be on her way to treatment right now. I bet that I'll have to call them up to harrass them in order to get things done right, like I had to when she broke her pelvis a couple of years ago. Bastards. Piss me off.

I haven't told anyone at work about what's up. There are a few people there who tend to be prone towards high drama, and I am not really in the mood for their brand of it right now. What I want form people is some support, but ultimately to be themselves as they always are. Sure, things are weird and scary right now, but I still need my poo jokes, or what's the point? Isn't that why we're ALL here? Innit?

Today was uneventful in the puppeteering world. Art artootmb.jpg

got all of the best puppeteering, though he deserved it, because I feel that I usually get all of the best stuff, and he needs to have some fun too (though I wonder if he'd classify it as 'fun'...). I really like him, and I hope that we get to be better friends when the show is done.

Now it's bed time.

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January 21, 2002

"C" is for cookie

At least I hope that it is in this case.

I got a phone call form my mom today. As many of you know, she has had chest pains on and off for about fifteen years or more, as well as a minor heart attack. For some time now she has been doing well in that department, but recently she has been feeling some unusual pains that were unfamiliar. She decided to go in and have it looked at. They found that her heart is in very good shape, but the pains were still there, so they took an X-ray. They found what they believe are multiple tumors on both of her lungs, though there is a chance that it is not cancer. There are some rare conditions that can cause masses such as this, so we will have to see how things go. She will be going in for a biopsy this week, and we will know more then. Obviously this is some huge fucking shit, which is quite overwhelming. She is doing fairly well, all things considered, though it is a pretty powerful roller coaster ride, which I am on as well. Fortunately, she has some really great friends that are there for her, which is helping her keep her spirits up. I am going out there in a week to be with her. This sher be crazy coo coo. I guess that one thing that is good is that she and I have discussed these types of possibilities on numerous occasions, so we have explored this a bit tin theory, though one never knows how things will unfold until one is in the middle of it all. I'll keep you informed as things develop.

Okay- so on a lighter note, I went on another hike with C today. We took some wrong turns and ended up on a beach


that we hadn't originally intended, though it was really cool none the less. We came upon what I believe to be a condor that was snacking upon a sea lion


. It flew off as we approached, but hovered over us for a bit, as we eyed it's snack



I think that C was a bit disturbed at how I got right up to it to photograph the chewed out eyeballs



Don't get me wrong about switching casually to the topic of my hike. For those of you that don't know, I am very close to my mom. She is one of my best friends, and of central importance to me. This whole thing is just kind of huge, and I'm sure I will need quite some time to sort it all out, ya know?

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January 20, 2002

You may find it dorky, but..

Yesterday, I arranged for "band practice" to be earlier than usual, because I wanted to go to a birthday party


. You may recall that I went to a party at Locke's and Tomas' pace and met up with a woman that I had met while performing a puppet at cellspace. Yesterday was her 33rd birthday. She evidently is involved with very theatrical people, because the party ended up being several hours of theatrical improv games, which were really fun I took a lot of quicktime movies, but they are dark and I can't yet post movies to this sit (but I plan on it soon). there are two still photos of the shenanigans that I took. One was of Julie, being an alien that didn't speak (she only grunted and growled) who had come to our planet to get a few flowers


. (The game that we were playing at this point was one in which a volunteer would make faces at the facilitator. He would tell the volunteer to freeze their face at a certain point, and they had to then construct a character out of that, the facilitator would then interview said character). The Other was a game in which two people were given a scenario to act out, and each person would have another person sitting over their shoulder playing the part of what their inner voices were saying


. It brought back some memories of Junior high, because I was involved in all the school plays, and afterwards, there would be cast parties which were always a blast. Parties that involve people REALLY interacting with each other and playing are usually my favorite kind.

Today (when i wake up), I am going on another hike with C, which I am looking forward to. Now I must get to bed

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January 19, 2002

Blobbo McFatty

Today I drank coffee and beer, and ate Doritos, granola bars, chocolate, corn dogs,and a ham samwich, all care of my employers.

They treat us in the saltiest, fattiest way. *urp*.

We saw a rough cut of one of the episodes that we have been working on all week. I found that even though I felt as though i was overdoing my performance with my puppeteering, I should have actually pushed it a bit farther. Learn learn learn.

I also learned that there is a lighting implement called a "tweenie snoot". That will be the name of the next puppet I make.

Here is a picture to give you an idea of the kind of electricity that is running along the floor at my workplace:

i mireztmb.jpg

Now is time for bed.

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January 18, 2002

Work. Play.

Today I got doused with water and nearly got electrocuted.

We were shooting a scene that involved spraying water, and there are about a bajillion wires all over the floor with a mammoth amount of volts pumping through them. I was asked to help make sure that water didn't drip onto them during the shoot ( I was in between shoots myself). What they didn't take into account was that the water would pool up on the stage itself, which is full of holes that the animators drilled to tie their puppets down onto the set with. The pooled up water promptly emptied through the holes and down onto a voltage regulator, which fortunately didn't short out before the power was cut. It was fun.

I started my day out by visiting a couple of folks from my department in the makeup room


. They were applying prosthetics to an actor who would be playing a blue creature with horns. I was set up with my blue screen sleeve that I wear when we are shooting scenes that will have a background composited into them in post



I have been thinking a lot about how much I like performing, and wondering if I will ever put together a stage show involving puppets, music and human actors. The best thing that I have seen involving these elements was "Shock Headed Peter", which I saw thanks to Tomas. I send a mountain of thanks his way for giving me tickets to see it. It was a musical recreation of a nineteenth century German book of cautionary tales about children who misbehave and consequently die in horrible ways. The band that did the music is called the Tiger Lillies. They are terrific. They are an acoustic band (drums, accordion and bass if I remember correctly) with a lead singer who looks like a meaty mime-faced skinhead and sings in a beautiful falsetto. All the stories were sung and played by them and enacted with various types of puppets, some huge, some small. The production value was very high. Se it if you ever get a chance.

I am now brain dead, and must head to snoozeville.

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January 16, 2002

My job

I am really enjoying my job these days.

The live action shooting is really what I consider the real pay for working the job that I do. it sucks that the fabrication part sucks out my soul. I like performing with puppets that I have actually made, but I'm afraid that there is little to no chance that I will go back to that job again. I do plan on performing for the live shoots, and i hope to fabricate at least one of the main creatures if there is a next season, but that is it. It's unfortunate, because with some personnel changes, and some redirecting of priorities (such as taking at least a few steps to make sure that the place was even a bit less harmful on the lungs for one...), it could be a terrific experience all way around. Oh to be the one in charge of hiring.....

My days aren't terribly interesting to write about. I spend them sitting under a table, spacing out between shots


, looking at the camera dolly


and people's legs as they run about


, endlessly setting up lights, props and stages


, (which, unfortunately, I am not allowed to show)

and watching my puppeteering in a monitor

. My arm gets really tired. Oh yeah- I perform too, but it really takes up the least amount of time over the other activities.

That's about it with my day these days. Sometimes it's marionettes, sometimes it's hand puppets, but it is usually fun (for that 25% of the time that isn't filled with the hell of char fab that is...). I wish that I could show you the cool sets and props in their glory, but I would get sued, and that would be that. I will take pictures of the display at the Metreon soon though. I can show that at least.

I have found myself frustrated by my self editing in this here blog. I will continue to do it, though there are things that I get tempted to write about that I don't for fear of giving bit more insight into me and my life than they bargained for, but there will inevitably be periods that I will bust outta my tight sphincter. I think that I would end up with a more compelling thing to read, but there are a lot of sides to it that I am still mulling around. I guess another thing is that I like leaving some mystery. Kind of like the Meep Mystery. If I was flashin' meep around all the time, he wouldn't beckon you forth as powerfully as he does- ya know?

Bed time...

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January 15, 2002


About thirteen years ago, I brought a finch home to live with me.

His full name was Jesus Meep Upholstery, but everyone called him Meep. He is pictured here with his roommate, Meow


. Meep lived with me for about four years until his untimely demise in the early nineties. I would go into the details, but suffice it to say, I was a shitty excuse for a guardian at the time, and have probably racked up quite a few notches in the bad karma bedpost. over i (and no he didn't starve to death, or die of dehydration!). It was the middle of winter when he passed away, and the ground outside was frozen solid, which prevented an decent burial, so I wrapped him in a burial shroud, along with some flower petals, some bird food, and a crystal (Meep was a hippie).

I kept putting off burying him until he became freeze dried in the freezer. Because he had made such a name for himself in the world (certainly you have heard of him!), I decided that rather than bury him, I would would build a shrine to him and put him on display, much like that Russian guy- you know.. Lenin, or McCartney or whatever... Anyway, I have been toting his body around for almost a decade. His current place of rest is in the arms of a cutey li'l toy.


I think of it as "Meep's wheezy li'l friend". Tonight, I have decided to unroll his shroud


and display his remains to the public. There will of course, be a mandatory fee, but I'll just send some thugs over to collect later, soze ya can git allah the fun now.

Here he is unrolled


. He has lost his crystal, and most of his food, though the flower petals are still there. I will have to make sure that he gets a new supply of his missing things...

Here is li'l Meep laying on his left side


, and on his right



As soon as i get him a proper shrine, I will make sure to have a gathering, and everyone can pay their respects by filing past his crystal casket, and swilling hooch.


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January 14, 2002

Pigeons are our friends.

Today was all about work.

It sped by, and nothing really stood out much one way or another. At one point I was running between two stages, doing double duty. As soon as one stage was done, the other was ready to go. The day sped by, which is my favorite kind of day, as far as work is concerned.

I performed and ate too much. There is a table of fattening junk food that they keep stocked all day for the people involved in the live action shooting. It does have a bit of fresh fruit on it, but the majority of it is things like M&M's, chips and breakfast bars. I nibble all day long and swell up.

I was going to do an interesting post tonight, but I realized that there is a photo that I left at work that I want to be be in it, so it will have to wait until tomorrow. Check back. It'll be like visiting Ian's own discovery channel!

There is an 18ish year old kid in my neighborhood who sells small homemade comics That he and his friends write. My roommate bought a few. Here is most of one that I liked


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January 13, 2002

Another weekend vanished.

I have decided that I am going to look into all of the different programs to find out what it would take to get licensed as a therapist in this fine state.

I keep getting pulled in that direction, so I figure that I need to look into the particulars of it. The idea of going back to school full time is something that makes me shudder on many levels, but I just might find myself there. All I know is that I am going to be going back to school soon for something- whether or not I approach it in terms of getting a degree is open. We'll see.

Today not terribly interesting. I won't bore you with the details Tomorrow begins my last full week of my job. I saw a coworker at the gracery store today, and she told me that the display is up in the window of the Metreon. Evidentally they are showing the first episode in it's entirety, which is cool since I built and performed the main monster for it. I'll go down there some night this week and snap some photos.

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Birthday fun.

First off, I added pictures to yesterday's entry. Maybe you might find them to be of interest.

Tonight I celebrated Merritt's birthday with her. Her birthday was actually yesterday, but we celebrated today.

She, Pierre and I went out to a french restaurant and ate a ton of seafood, which was quite delicious. The place was upscale and trendy feeling


, but it was a good time


. We sat outside in the chill and pigged out. From there, we went to Kevin's place to open presents and have birthday cake. Merritt and Kevin got along famously, as usual


. The birthday fairy treated Merritt exceptionally well this year. She got a motorcycle


, an iPod


(which is a small digital walkman that can hold about a thousand songs in it's memory), art, and a jar fullah chocolateness with a plastic statue glued on top


. There was some battling in chocolateland, but it ended up in the land of love (or filth, I can't remember which..)


. We ended up trying to do some music, but it was too difficult with everyone there, and we floundered.

Now it is supah late and I am going to sleep.

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January 12, 2002

Boring addition

So tonight, there isn't much of a posting.

I'll post more soon, but I am sleepy and I need to go to bed.

Here's what I will say about today.

Today went well with the show. After work I hung out with a few coworkers and learned more of the toxic troublesome history of the building that I work in. I went from there to my home, and then from there I went to a party


thrown by a friend and coworker


who is an animator, and is moving away (along with many of the other animators). After the party, I hung out with Sharon


, and she gave me my Xmuss present, which was a really cool Ganesh sculpture that she made with her own mits

. It is really pretty and neat and stuff.

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January 10, 2002

Today I performed an evil looking koala, and a demon marionette.

I shared performing duties with a fellow puppeteer from Sacramento, by the name of Art


. I performed with him during the last round of live action. We always have a great time joking around and giving each other shit all day. After the show is over, I am planning a trip down to see him, and do a bit of improv in his studio. He has invested in some video gear, and I will bring my own. Hopefully we will come up with some fun stuff. I am sure that something fun will happen. There was a shot that we were doing today, in which the two marionettes that we were performing were having a scuffle. The director put them into a position that was rather compromising, and Art sort of went with it. I was laughing so heard I was crying, though I was not making a sound because we were running way behind schedule (due to difficult lighting and staging- not us), and I wanted to maintain the illusion of professionalism. He just kept going and going, until the director was finally chanting stopitstopitstopit. It was so beautiful.

For those of you that are interested, and live in the area: The main entrance of the Sony Metreon will have a display featuring the show in their main display window for the next month or so. It will have some of the puppets from the show as well as a video loop running. I am interested in seeing it. I'll post pictures for those of you that don't live here..

Okay. bed now.

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Puppet workout

I am exhausted from a day spent puppeteering.

I am actually as tired as I would get when I did my brief stint as a landscaper, hauling buckets of rocks up and down a step hill. Whew! The puppet that I performed was a two person puppet- one person for the arms and hands, one (me) for the head and mouth. It was cramped and heavy, but fun Here are some pictures: werktmb.jpg

. My arms are really sore, as we spent the better part of five hours in there. That isn't a lot by some standards, but it was enough to poop me out. My co-puppeteer and I gave each other a lot of shit and laughed a bunch, but I think that i had a more enjoyable time, as this is one of the things that I set out to do in my life. After work, I went to a Pushby meeting, and now I am home, needing to get my ass in bed. I guess I will take the rest of me with it.

My sister sent me a box of food for Christmas. So did my mom. Most of this food is candy and cookies. This is proof of their devious diabolical minds. I foresee dieting in my future...

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January 08, 2002

Snoozetown Ahoy!

I am super tired and ready for bed.

Too ,many nights of limited sleep (even over the weekend! Ugh....) have left me spent. Tonight I am comitted to getting to bed at a reasonable hour for once.

Today was my last full day in character fabrication. I will miss the pure joy that working in the department brought me

. As a matter of fact, towards the end of the day, I was so high on the fumes and toxic dust particles in the air, that i was taken to char fab nirvana

. Oh how I will miss it. *sniff*.

Now I am off to bed. Good night.

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The way that I am going, I will never get enough sleep again.

Tonight after work I went over to Have dinner with Merritt, Pierre and his two cousins Lea, and Jeremycoozinstmb.jpg (there is a possibility that I am not remembering his name correctly, though you would never know..). We had a terrific meal that was created in it's entirety by Leadinnertmb.jpg. She evidently had gotten an upgrade to her bionic arm, as it now has a food processor as well as a flamethrower attachment. Preparing the meal was a snap for her.

She and her brother had spent a lot of time making origami sculptures recently. She gave me this one to remind me of my meal
oinkotmb.jpg. It was good enough to take my mind off of the drudgery of the final days of my term as character fabricator this season. If there is a God, tomorrow will be may last day before live action shooting. I hope I hope I hope I hope.

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January 07, 2002

Outdoors is a great place

Today C and I went on a hike.

As usual, I can't remember the name of that we ended up at, but it was really great. We took a path out to the beach, (the beach was very small, with intensely thundering waves) and then we hiked up the side of a steep hill until we were at the top of a cliff that looked out over the ocean. On the way up, I stopped to shoot a picture in an abandoned WWII bunker that was full of graffiti

, and was surprised to find that it didn't smell like my neighborhood. That was one of the only pictures that I took that really turned out. Though I made a half hearted attempt to get a couple of the view from the cliff, they just didn't convey the vista that lay before us.

Getting away from the city is something that I think I'd like to make a regular occurrence. I love it here, but I do miss more "natural" settings.

We encountered numerous ravens as well

. I love ravens. They aren't quite as fond of me, though.

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January 06, 2002

Puppy breath

I was planing on doing my monthly site redesign, which is almost a week late already, but Puppy practice went very late acuzza Merritt being there.

She is a guest member of puppy, and when she plays with us, it almost always runs late. She and Kevin almost usually end up abusing each other

, and I just climb under the furniture and wait it all out.

I drove Merritt home, due to the gallons of wine that she was storing in her body, and we talked until all hope was lost of getting much done tonight. If I only didn't have a life, I would get so much more done with this stupid bloggy crap.

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January 05, 2002

Tied one on...

There was a stage set up tonight after work, and karaoke was unleashed.

I shot a clip of every act, almost all of which were golden. I might post a bit of 'em here in the fyootcha. Afterwards, a big group of us met up at a local watering hole and watered our holes
. Now I am a tad sloshed, yet I am still compulsively fulfilling my duty to bore anyone to death who might stumble in here.

One of the things that bugs my braim hole is that on nights like tonight, i am just gonna cop out and pull out an old drawing, rather than come out with a new one. Luckily almost no one has seen the suff I did months ago. Wait... is that lucky?

Uh. Um.....


Speaking of work- I am so burned out, I am ash at thish point. Sherioushly. I am Ash.

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January 04, 2002

Last night I only got four and a half hours of sleep.

I need more that this tonight, so I'm gonna keep this shorter than I am ideally inclined to, though I have some thoughts that I wanna put down.

I went out tonight with some coworkers, and had a couple of conversations that were revealing to me. The particulars of what was revealed- or hinted at at least, I won't go into in depth right now. I will say that they have to do with my desire to find a mate, to have a family and the choices that I make and have made to date in how I let that side of my life unfold.. Most of what was revealed are feelings rather than thoughts. I will keep it at that for now.

Off to bed I go..

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January 03, 2002


Today I spent a good part of the day erupting in explosive fits of sneezing and mucous ejections.

I sneezed the better part of me head off sneezytmb.jpg

. I haven't had allergies like this for a decade, maybe two. Is crazy.

I was all excited acuz i thought that I would be finished with my role as fabricator as of Friday. As it turns out, the animation is running over schedule, so I will be a fabricator until next Wednesday. *sigh*. I suppose that it's actually a good thing, because there is still so much work that our department needs to get done before the live action can get fully under way. I am finding that it is amazingly difficult to focus while I'm on the job. Everyone (myself included) is so burnt out. Oh- and I also found out today that the debut of the show has been pushed back until march. *more sighing*.

I have various other thoughts in my head that you would almost certainly find interesting to read about, but I am keeping them to myself so that your reading experience can be as dull and lifeless as possible. You can thank me later.

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January 02, 2002

Happy New Ear

My night last night didn't end until 9 o'clock this morning.

That is when I got to bed. I hit three different parties, and enjoyed ushering in the new year a great deal.

Before the parties started, I met Merritt at the park to watch Pius run around. He ran so fast that his head became permanently blurred


The first soiree was hosted by the lovely and personable Julie, who as it turns out, is neighbors with Merritt. The view from her back porch was rather amazing, though of course, i forgot to take a picture of it.

Locke and I got into a rather heated argument

, and I ended up popping him one in the jaw for his insolence

. I rushed over to the second party, which was in Oakland. I took the subway

over there, hoping to make it in time for the stroke of midnight, but missed it by a minute and a half. Figures.

At this, the second party, I met up with my dear friend, Sean

, and we toasted in the new year
. I enjoyed hanging out and talking with a number of really great people, one of whom was a writer by the name of Shannon. At one point, Sean acted out the part of Shannon's magical pony

. It was a very inspired performance.

From there, I caught the subway back to the city, and hit the third and final party. I had a brief talk with Merritt on the phone just before the train went underground. She had attended a feast with Pierre and his two younger cousins (pronounced "coo-zins"), and was a li'l loopy.

After getting off the train, I rode my bike to the third party, which was at my friend's (who shall remain nameless at the moment) house. He has christened the place "wonderland". It is a very large, beautiful Victorian house, and there is not a lick of furniture in the entire place, aside from his bed. This provides more room for parties, which are far from uncommon there. There must have been a mammoth whipped creme feast, as there place was full of spent cartridges that are used in the dispensing of said cream